Girl enjoys the pleasure of a sybian

Girl enjoys the pleasure of a sybian
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This story / fanfiction contains sex between a Human Ranger and all sorts of Female Pokemon. This story includes Femdom, Reverse Rape, Forced, Sex, Female Pokémon x Male Human Ranger. If you've missed the full introduction, please click on my Profile to get a overview of all chapters. Chapter 02 - First Encounter As I grew closer to where I saw the object fall, a sun-like warmth started to wash over my exposed skin.

Not exactly hard, considering how much of me was exposed. The glow helped light my way as well, the forest otherwise blocking out the light above using its thick branches and wide leaves. This worried me. A full heat and a bright glow are usually the signs of a fire. A fire that, without a Water-type by my side, would be hard to put down. With almost nothing protecting me, I'm throwing myself into some serious danger here.


But someone else could be worse off if I don't! The nearer I got, the more I was relieved by the lack of violent flickering from the glow. I did see a tree that had been knocked from its roots, the forest floor littered with leaves and splinters, but the light coming from the point of impact was a steady, pulsing one, like the mating glow of an Illumise.

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Still, judging from the crater I'd started to see, it was possible someone could have been hurt in the impact. I stepped into the crater, and the sunlight was shining from the wounded canopy above. It was as quiet as it was at the edge of the forest, save for this constant, low hum coming from nearby. A quick glance showed me where the sound came from. It was also the source of the bright, pulsing glow. Resting in the roots of a toppled tree was a crystal, bright and beautiful.

It reminded me of a Dawn Stone, with its blue outer core and its luminescent, white center that looked large enough to be an oversized egg. It was damaged, however, cracked and splintered to the point where shards were scattered near the tree it had impacted. I'd never seen any crystal that huge. I walked up to it and let my fingers slowly creep forward, ready to pull back if the stone was still too hot.

I made contact, and it was pleasantly warm, the feeling of the smooth glass of a light bulb that's been left off for a few moments. The warmth travelled up my arm, a serene calm flowing across my thoughts. I reached down to pick up one of the shards, and noticed it had the same warmth to it, as if something was heating it from within. This is no ordinary stone.

A sharp rustling sound whipped my head behind me, my body quickly reminding me of just how defenseless it was in an area where wild Pokemon are likely to roam.

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The familiar brown, fuzzy face of an Eevee peeking out from the brush set me right back at ease. Eevees were much easier to make contact with than other Pokemon! I turned my body and knelt, the crystal shard still in one hand while my other beckoned towards the Eevee.

I kept my eye contact with it, smiled and combed my fingers through the air. Some Pokemon respond more to eye contact than others, and Eevees in particular appreciate eye contact more than, say, a Houndoom.

I didn't have my Styler, so traditional methods are my only options. Luckily, the Eevee responded with a smile. It walked towards me slowly, but with a lot less trepidation than I would have expected from a wild Pokemon. Was it used to humans? Even better! As it padded nearer to me, I noticed there was a faint shimmer across its fur. There was even a strange glimmer in its eyes, though it could all just be the gleam from the crystal behind me.

I smirked as it brushed its cheek against my palm, rubbing against me the same way a pet Pokemon would. "Hey there," I said quietly, getting its ears to twitch with the sound of my voice. "You're a lovey thing, aren't ya?" It trilled a happy response as it curled the rest of its body across my hand, not-so-subtly demanding more of my attention. It was a female Eevee, judging by what I saw when it twisted her body and batted my wrist with her tail.

I took this opportunity to look again over the shimmering edge of its coat, and I started to think that this crystal meteor had it under the same calming influence it seemed to have on me. I couldn't tell, but maybe my skin had its own little shimmer to it… "Well, at least I'm not alone anymore," I said to the little darling, who playfully pushed her wriggling form into my lap.

I continued to pet her as I looked up into the open canopy where the meteor had fallen. This wasn't the first Eevee I'd ever seen, but I knew they weren't native to the woods near my home.

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They were common near larger cities, which tended to breed them as pets because of how well they behaved near humans. Seeing another Pokemon comforted me, but the fact that it was an Eevee also troubled me… Either I was much farther away from my home than I originally thought… or I couldn't even remember that I lived near a big city. Strange, I thought, that I still have all of this knowledge about Pokemon, but I couldn't even remember my own name.

Maybe amnesia affects the least important parts of your brain first? The stuff you rarely think twice about?

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.It didn't matter much. I'll find my way back one way or another. For now, I should be grateful that no one seemed to be hurt. I was warm. I was comfortable.

I felt great, in fact! I felt… .Wet. A shudder ripped up my spine as my groin felt a wet heat flick against it. I jolted and looked down to see the Eevee's face half-buried in the slit of my boxers, a motion of her jaw following another sudden flash of wet heat. She was licking me. I nearly bit my tongue fighting back the urge to shout at her, knowing that wouldn't be too smart with fangs so close to very sensitive pieces of flesh. "H-hey now," I stammered a bit, moving my hand to the scruff of her neck to hold it.

"Not on the first date. I'm classier than that." I joked to myself, knowing it was probably her instincts pushing her forward. If she were in heat, that'd explain why she was attracted to the scent of testosterone. Pokemon or human, we're all just animals in the end. It wasn't her fault. I tried to tug her away with a squeeze on her scruff and a steady pull, and all I got for my efforts was a desperate whine and a wet, kissing suck on my sack.

My lungs filled with air at just how good that felt. "Alright, that's enough," I said, a bit sterner as I managed to pull her free with the next tug. Her eyes sprung to mine, the glimmer in them much brighter than before. "None of that. You're gonna have to get your fix from another male. A Ranger can't fraternize with a wild-" "Please…" The word stopped my tongue. Did she just talk? No, it was a trill. It probably meant the same, but- Her paws reached for my bare chest, claws making me wince as she sat her weight down on my half-tensed groin.

"Please!" She said again, her hips desperately grinding against me. "Is it because I'm small?

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That's okay! You can be as rough as you want! I don't mind! I can't take it anymore!

The burning has to stop! It'll only stop if it's you!" My mind could barely process any of it. I was used to communicating with a Pokemon's heart using my Styler, but this was verbal communication with a wild Pokemon!


This couldn't be possible! What sort of wet dream am I being forced into! Every thought I had was giving her more time. She was wriggling and pushing herself against me, and my groin didn't care what my mind was thinking. My boxers were stretched with my length, and she was desperately trying to fit her sex around the covered tip of my member.

My toes were curling. If she kept shifting like that, she'd slip me right out of the slit in my boxers. I had to act fast, but I didn't have a way of forcing her off of me without hurting her.

Even then, I didn't have a way to defend myself if she got even more violent.

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A Tackle attack wasn't exactly the softest thing to have hit you, especially while you're not wearing anything! .But if this could help her. Maybe I should just. ~No!~ A worried, feminine voice whipped over my thoughts.

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A Psychic-type? Who is~ Use the crystal! Quickly!~ The crystal? The shard I picked up? I lifted my hand away from my boxers to see it, feeling its warmth and watching it shimmer as it did before. But how… Choices: The next part of this story splits into two choices.

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