Stepdaughter Zoe Clark Gets Banged By Daddy

Stepdaughter Zoe Clark Gets Banged By Daddy
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If I had you for a night, I would start with some hot and heavy petting, as we made out on you bed. Taking your tongue in my mouth, massaging it, teasing your lips, sucking on them as my hands fondle your teats, tweaking them, squeezing them supporting them, making you wet as I manipulate your body like a sculptor with clay.

As I break our kiss, I look into your eyes as I slip my hand from your tits to your soaking panties, cupping your steaming cunt in my hand, mashing my palm into your clit, using the roughness of your knickers to stroke your nub.

When you gasp and moan, I devour your mouth with my own again while slowly masturbating you, picking up speed until suddenly I stop, making you whimper through our kiss until I shove my hand down the front of you pants, pushing two of my fingers into your wet pussy while my thumb strums your clit. You began to hump up into my hand, as I press another finger up into you, with my other hand I grab your boob and pick up where I left off, pulling your shirt down, using my rough hands to tweak your nipple.

You feel it, welling up inside of you, a hard orgasm, climbing its way through your very being. Suddenly as it breaks over you, I tear my mouth and hands away from you and as you wail from orgasmic bliss.


Like an animal, I tear your underwear off of you and devour your cunt with my mouth, sucking your clit, both my hands back on your boobs, massaging them, Kneading them, as you ride the wave of you orgasm. Your back arches off the bed, your legs come together, trapping my head between your moist thighs, your hands digging into the bed spread as the crushing wave of your orgasm breaks over you. I refuse to stop, continuing to suckle your most intimate places, I remove one hand and place it on your quivering abdomen, and use my thumb and forefinger to hold you open while I delve my tongue into your most inner regions, smelling your musk, drinking your juices as if they were the nectar of life.

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As you come down from the clouds, your back comes back to the bed, your breathing hard and rough before, turns into panting, then to soft moans, as you return to the earth. I slowly ease up on you, giving you a chance to breathe, but only for a moment, before I pull my head back and replace it with my hand, while my other hand lifts your legs into the air, exposing your pink pucker to me. I bury my thumb into your pussy, searching out your G-spot while my fingers work your clit.

I dive my tongue into your puckered anus, rimming you out, the naughtiness of the act giving you butterflies. Soon you begin to climb to another orgasm, my calloused hands sending new pleasure through your hot box, as my tongue tickles your nether region. Your moans climb higher as you feel another orgasm approaching when suddenly I stop.

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I pull away from you, removing my hands from your steaming quim, my tongue from your tight ass, I let your legs down and spread them wide. As you look on with hunger filled eyes, writhing on the bed in need, I remove my clothes, slowly, so as to torture you with your own need.

As the bulbous head and veiny shaft, of my cock comes into view, you moan, wanting it buried deep inside of you.


I approach you on the bed, taking my cock in my hand, slowly rubbing its head along your vulva and you clit, getting it coated in your juices, further igniting the flames of your desire. You hump up at me, trying to get it in you, but I pull back, smiling at you with a devil's glint in my eye.

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Suddenly, I grab your hips to hold you still, and slowly push the fat head of my tool into your love hole. You try to move again, to get more in you, but I hold you steady, look you in the eye, then reach down, grab you by the neck, and place my hot lips against yours. As my tongue enters your mouth, I hunch forward and bury my entire cock into your wanton pussy.

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Your whimpers and pants as we kiss only ignite my own need, and I began to piston in and out of you, faster and faster, harder and harder, as your legs come up and lock around my back, my hands grab your tits and squeeze and rub your nipples. I break our kiss, still thrusting like an animal, your eyes boring into me with an unspoken need, I reach between us, and rub my thumb over your clit, as I bend down and take your nipple into my mouth.

It hits you suddenly, a powerful orgasm, soon followed by another, your pussy, spasms and clenches around my thrusting cock, bringing me closer and closer, until finally, with an animal grunt, I explode deep in you, my warm cum spraying your insides, triggering your next orgasm, both of us moaning, clawing at each other through the sheer power of it.

I collapse on top of you, your hands wrap around me as I place kisses on your neck and face, and finally on your lips, as I slowly continue to grind into you, maybe to get ready for another round?

As I continue to grind into you, my coarse chest hair tickling your tits, my dick stays hard, a fact not lost on you, as you slowly start to hump your insatiable pussy up onto my cock.

I answer your hunger by beginning to slowly stroke out of you only to bury my cock back in your folds while rubbing my pelvis against your clit, reigniting your passion. As our movements become more adventurous, I pull away from you, and stand above you, my cock jutting obscenely from my body, glistening with our juices.

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I stare into you eyes, passionate fire returning to them as I look upon your sweaty body, chest heaving from the utter lust the view gives me, watching as you press your tits together, a hand snaking down to where we were coupled, cupping your pussy, missing its fullness.

With an almost animal quality, I reach down and grab your legs, and with a strength and speed most unexpected, I lift your lower body into the air, flipping you around, until your ass is facing me, its cheeks quivering from the sudden motion. Bending down, I spread you ass cheeks apart and admire your pink pucker yet again, with the added bonus of watching my cum drip out of your swollen pussy, watching as it begins to make a pool on the sheets of the bed.

Seeming to know what I am looking at, you squeeze your cunt muscles, pushing our fluids out of you, further staining the bed with our combined juices.

Smiling wickedly, I get an idea, and quickly release your butt cheeks, grab you legs yet again, and swing us around until your face is directly above the stain you had just made. Before you can react, I bury my face in your ass, tonguing you from pussy to ass, flicking my tongue across your anus, swirling it around your taint, only to dip lower into your cunt, tasting the remains of our earlier lovemaking as I massage your ass cheeks. You groan as a new heat feels your loins, climbing into your stomach.

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You bury your head into the mattress, only to feel wetness by your lips. You realize it is my semen and your cunt juice you taste on your lips, and without further thought, in a lustful frenzy, you bury your tongue into the combination, sucking the sheets themselves, trying to get every last drop, as my tongue burrows deeper and deeper into you.

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Writhing on the bed, your nipples rubbing against the covers, you wonder how this can get any better, when you feel my fingers at the entrance of your pussy, then suddenly they are in you, as you gasp at there welcome intrusion, wriggling around, pistoning in and out of you at breakneck speed as I bury my tongue in you ass and wiggle it as deep as I can. Moaning loudly, you can barely take the stimulation, as you start to build to another orgasm.

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You scramble to your knees, inviting my fingers deeper into you, but I have other plans. I climb up behind you and sink my meat into your steaming cunt yet again, taking you like an animal in heat, pumping your cunt for all I am worth, grabbing your hair, I pull your head back as you scream in pleasure as this biggest orgasm yet hits you.

As your orgasm overrides your senses, leaves you hot and cold, blind, yet full of white light, you shut out everything around you except for the feeling in your fiery cunt.

So gone are you in your own pleasure, you don't even feel me pump an even bigger load of cum in you than before, yelling out my self with the sheer force of it. We both collapse to the bed, exhausted, falling blissfully asleep, to dream of the next morning's adventures.