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specton - 2 1/2 minutes minton - 2 1/2 days quant - 2 1/2 years heckson - 2 1/2 miles Toton - 2 1/2 hours Bill - Lion clan King Tomco - Bill's father King Tobias - Bill's dead brother Twitty - Grey Tabby clan Glenna - Bengal clan Mikos - Chartreux clan Commander of star cruiser - Wire hair clan General Roth - Leopard clan Theta - Cheetah clan Niaco - Tiger clan Cornelius - one of Bill's Uncles Conrad - Bill's other Uncle Assassin group - Jaguar clan The General stepped up to Bill a moment later.

"Sir, do you think that the palace is safe enough now? You really should be crowned to help allay the fears of all." Bill thought about it for a moment then told the General, "No, at the present moment with this new threat that is posed I really don't. We still need to weed out all of the traitors. First though I am going to have to handle this problem with the Jaguar clan. I know it would stabilize the kingdom more but with the constant attempts on my life, I think we should wait.

Besides it would afford you the time to find the other three. Don't you agree?" General Roth sighed as he suspected life with this new king was going to be anything but dull that was for sure. "I guess sir, though I am still not sure that any of them will agree to this. As I told you we all were glad just to do our duty, for the kingdom and your father.

Though the allure of being a knight does sound good, it also brings further responsibilities. It is THOSE that I believe they will balk at." "Hmmm perhaps you're right Roth, maybe I should prevail upon their sense of duty?" Bill suggested. Roth was scratching his head staring at Bill with a suspicious look.

"Uh huh. Just how do you presume to do that?" "Oh, something I remember my father telling me. I'll just throw them in the dungeon 'til they agree." Bill said nonchalantly. Roth began to smile widely shaking his head. Yes he remembered when Bill's father had used the same tactic though for different reasons.

He'd been worried that they might hire themselves out to his enemies. He had therefore summarily thrown all four of the swordsmen in the dungeon. As he remembered it was far worse back then. No where nearly as nice as they were now. "Yes I think it might work, though I have to ask. Are you thinking of also including me in that group?" Roth asked. Bill thought a moment then said, "I might if you continue to refuse Roth, I just might." "Lucky for you I am not against the idea.

I might be able to convince one of them, though the other two, I am not so sure of. The one I hope will join with me could actually convince the others to concede. I wouldn't hold my breath though." Sighing Roth shook his head, "I am afraid that you just might have to throw them in the dungeon." Bill began to smile, "I was thinking about the same thing.

The thing is though I am not sure just how many men I should send. Suggestions?" Roth seemed to be lost in thought a moment then looked up. "Might I suggest all of them? I of course will lead them. They were and somewhat are still loyal to me. They parted ways after your brother took over years ago; it wasn't under their terms either.

I think they are still angry about that, all three of them have extremely long memories." Bill smiled then nodded.

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"Make it so, then as I said if they refuse throw them in the dungeon. Oh, not the new ones but the older ones. You know the vermin infested ones. A short time there might convince them otherwise." Roth smiled so the young one had indeed done his research, "Very good sir." Roth headed for the door pulling his com as he started to bark orders. Bill looked behind him at his mates and soon to be Queens.

Both of them had a smirk on their faces. "You really think that they will agree?" Twitty asked a more amused look starting to dominate her face. "I have to agree and ask the same thing," Glenna said. "These are after all the greatest sword masters of the kingdom. You really think they are going to agree with the brother of the king that threw them away, as if they were nothing?

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No I think you are in for a long battle with them." Sighing Bill replied, "I am relying on their sense of honor to overcome their anger." "Ha!" Twitty shouted. "They are, please forgive me sir, they are males. Pride is far too great in them for them to overcome it. No I think they will fight claw and fang to NOT help the kingdom." Bill stared at both of them with a shocked look. Did they have so little faith in males? "So then I take it you also consider me within that group?" Both Twitty and Glenna smiled widely as they both shook their heads no.

"You were taught to ignore pride and use your knowledge to solve problems, well most of the time." Holding up her hand Twitty continued. "Our world is a savage place as is the realm and there are truly times that aggression is the only answer." Bill was shaking his head agreeing, "So you agree with all of my decisions?" Both females shook their head no. "Almost all of them yes we do, though the killing of the house head seemed a little much." "So the killing of traitors that would spill my blood is fine with you?" Bill growled in a low dangerous voice.

Turning he watched as several of the servants made their way through the room. "NO!" Both of the females hissed back. "We could have used her to find others. Now she is but a bad memory." Glenna growled also. Bill smiled as he grabbed both of the females around their necks. "I am not to be questioned in front of the lower caste.

I can forgive this for now; but I do not expect it to happen again though. I hope I am making myself clear on this." Both females smiled as they nodded as best they could.

Lowering them to the floor both started to purr and rub against Bill. "We have to make ready for this meeting. Though I do not expect them to not bring weapons, I don't expect a lot of their followers either." ____________________________________________________ The next day Bill and both of his mates were on their way to the same small village that his third mate was in.

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Finally on the outskirts they stopped awaiting the arrival of the Jaguar clan's leader. It was one quarter of a toton later that they heard the approach of another transport. Pulling up to stop a good distance from them Bill moved closer feeling that the clan had a trick up their sleeve.

"I thought you wished to parley. I advise you right now that if I do not return, the devastator canon is trained on your home.

I know that you don't wish to lose almost all of the clan." Bill spit into the com that was tuned to the one the Jaguar clan had.

A sigh erupted from the com, "you truly aren't like your brother. We will meet you." A few moments later they were beside each other. "Hail Jaguar clan!" Bill gave the traditional greeting. The leader's eyes went wide as he replied, "Hail Lion clan and king elect. It is good to hear one as young as you respect the old ways." Bill smiled.

"I was taught by my father for a time though many consider me a bastard, as my mother was of a different clan." The leader nodded, "We are all familiar with the story. We ourselves cannot dispute this. Many of us are also of two clans." Here he looked at his daughter. Sighing, the Leader shook his head, "I am afraid that it will be some time before my daughter can move her arms again. Though I do thank you for the honor of sparing her life." "I take it your physicians are still unable to readjust her non-broken arm?" Bill asked.

A shocked look appeared on the leader's face as he nodded. "This is true a great skill you have shown I am sure they will figure it out one day." "If I may I can reset it; though I will require something for it." Bill replied. Again the leader's eyes went wide as he bowed to Bill and motioned him to his daughter. As Bill drew closer the young female started to hiss and growl. Bill slapped the hell out of her. "If you attempt to bite, claw or kill I will do far much worse!" Grabbing the arm that was in a sling Bill twisted slightly as there was a sickening pop then the female screamed.

Backing away Bill watched as the female's face registered surprise then shock. "She should be fine in another day. That was a simple thing to fix." Bill told the leader. A new respect started to show on the leader's face. "I haven't seen such skill since your father was king! That brings back many memories, your father was a great king, a good friend." Bowing low the leader stated, "The Jaguar clan would be honored to help you sir, king elect.

There will not be any other attempts by the clan on your life." With that both of the startled Jaguar clan members left. Bill turned to his mates who were nodding. "They had obviously planned trickery but shut it down. Mate, think it wise to let them go?" "We may be somewhat savage but honor always comes first. I will repeat it again, I DO NOT like deception.

They weren't traitors they hold honor almost as high as I do. Today I was hoping for an alliance, I believe I have one." Sighing Bill thought well that's two, no three down only everything else to go! Returning to the palace Bill had a sudden thought as he called Mikos.


"I need you and a tech to come to the palace. We may have cleared it of traitors but knowing my uncles, they have devices in place in case the traitors failed." "I'll be there in a specton.

It shouldn't take too long on each room, though the whole palace will take a few hours. Any place we should start?" Mikos asked.


"Yes, I suggest the King's bed chamber. Then move outward from there." Bill responded. "Yes sir. We'll be there soon." Mikos said. Bill and his first two mates sat outside waiting for Mikos and the tech to appear. Within moments Mikos and the tech had entered and were scanning. "Alright sir, bedchamber started anything I should look for?" Mikos asked. Opening a channel on the private com Bill told him, "Silence mode." "Affirmative sir." Mikos said and switched over to a secure line.

"Yes sir," Mikos replied a moment later. "I don't want you to say anything. I am sure that there are listening devices all over the palace. Find all of them use both the narrow and wide band width locators. If I know my uncles and a few others they have the palace loaded with them. Remove all from the bedchamber and adjoining rooms. After that I'll advise you as to further action." As quietly as he could Mikos replied, "Yes sir, I'll notify you of amount." Bill smiled as he clicked off.

"I guess we wait for a bit 'til." About that time Bill's com went off a call from Niaco. "King elect, I have further news," came her voice. "Yes Queen Niaco, anything you can supply before I ascend the throne will help." Bill said, observing tradition of her being the Queen 'til such time as he was crowned. "It appears that many of the nobility are starting to grow a little anxious. There are many grumblings that you will not ascend the throne 'til such time that they have lost their holdings.

I have started spreading rumors that you are clearing the traitors before you do. It hasn't served to allay many of their fears. I am afraid that you may have to accept the crown sooner than you wish." Queen Niaco told him. "Ah! My dear Queen what you have said is after all nothing but the truth. I believe that you might want to start rumors that the king elect is upset that they are ignoring you. You may only be the Queen but you still wield at least half the power of the realm.

If I may suggest," Bill asked her. "By all means king elect." Niaco responded. "Perhaps you should let it slip that you heard that the king elect will have the streets flowing with blood. Before all of this over, there will be far more executions the way things are going. Also let it perhaps slip that the king elect wouldn't want a generous portion of that blood to be that of the nobility." Bill told her a wry smile on his lips.

Niaco the Queen tried to stifle her chuckle as it slipped out. "I do believe that would be a most excellent idea king elect. 'Til we see each other again, hunt well husband to be!" Both Twitty and Glenna smiled hugely.

"I have to say she will make a fine addition to our pride husband." Twitty told him. "Yes, I find I am starting to like her more and more with each passing half minton!" Glenna said as her smile grew larger. Bill eyed both of his mates with suspicion, what had both of them been up to? Another thing, was his future mate and queen also in on it? It was perhaps half a toton later that Bill saw Roth and a hell of a lot of troops leading three men to the castle.

Bill's face took on a huge grin, so it appeared that they had refused after all! Perhaps a few days in the dungeon would make them more agreeable.

Then a sudden thought hit Bill causing him to shake his head. They had been there for almost a month before his father had threatened to behead them with dishonor that made them finally agree. Stroking his whiskers Bill nodded his head yes it just might work! Bill was about to head to the dungeon when he got a call from Mikos. "Silence mode." "Affirmative," Bill replied. "What did you find?" In a hushed voice Mikos told him.

"We found 45 in the first sweep, another 25 in the second. I fear that there may be more. May I bring in another two techs?

One with another sweeper device and one for retrieval. At the rate we are going I am afraid it is going to take a week just to do the two rooms around the bedchamber." Bill growled at the treachery and deception that his uncles had and were using. "Alright, I suggest three more. I assume you have been documenting?" "Yes sir. Though I have to say it appears that there are at least four different types of listening devices here.

Should I try a trace back to the actual listener?" Mikos asked after a moment of pondering. "At present see if you can get a direction on them. If you can trace without them noticing, then attempt to.

Under no circumstances venture near where you suspect they may be. These are obviously desperate and lower caste fools we are dealing with here. If you do get a location on my uncle Conrad, I am to know immediately!" Bill advised.

"Yes sir!" Mikos said before he switched off. Sighing Bill could only shake his head sadly. So many had sunk so low into the depths of deception it made him sick to think that honor meant so little now. Growling Bill punched a wall, not much longer! If he had to threaten thousands with execution to stop this he would! Both Twitty and Glenna backed away a bit seeing the foul mood that he was in.

It wasn't often that Twitty had seen him like this but when he was she could only ride it out. Growling Bill walked quickly with a determined pace. Reaching the dungeon Bill roared, "Where are they?

Where are the traitors?" Bill said as he knocked several guards against the wall making his way to the three swordsmen's cells. Arriving at the first cell Bill growled at the male within. "Who are you?" The male said growling back fiercely at Bill.

Stepping up to the cell Bill reached to the male leaning against the door made of bars. Punching the male in the chest, Bill roared as the male flew across the room into the back wall. Still growling Bill said, "I was told that you refused to help the realm." The male got off the floor and roared back at Bill, "The realm I will help, the king elect?

No, I." "Fine!" Bill roared. "Guards take him to the yard! I haven't the time for them to rot here. Tie this traitor to the block I'll be there soon and take his worthless head!" Stepping around the corner Bill looked at the other two. "I take it you also refuse? Fine take them also. I have no time to talk to traitors; I'll be there soon to clean them of their traitorous thoughts!" All three of the males started to yell at Bill.

"Just who do you think you are? Only the king and king elect can order our exe." Bill whirled getting in the face of the one he'd punched to the wall. "I am the king elect! My father was King Tomco, my brother was King Tobias! When I am crowned I will be the next, you filthy traitor!" All three of the men were quiet a moment then renewed their shouting as several troops took them out of the dungeon.

Roth looked on a little concerned as he came and laid a hand on Bill's shoulder; only to find that he was flying through the air.

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Landing on his feet Roth hissed at Bill when he saw the look of anger and hatred on Bill's face. "Are you actually going to kill them or is this a ploy?" Roth asked. "I am through playing and dancing around with traitors and those that do not know how they want to go. As of this moment if they refuse a second time then they are no more.

I am trying to rebuild this great kingdom my ancestors worked so hard to create. I will be damned if I will let it die because of those that do not know." Bill snarled out. Roth stood nodding his head affirmatively. "I shall talk to them. I am quite sure that they do not wish the dishonor of beheading." Taking a huge calming breath Bill leaned back against the wall. "Yes I suggest that you do. I am not in the mood to hear pleas or begging this is their only chance.

After what was found at the palace I am way past that!" "Yes sir. I will tell them you will be along in two spectons. I will also tell them that you are not playing." Roth sighed shaking his head. "I just hope that they come to their senses. I lost far too many in the last civil war when I was with your father." Bill nodded as he watched Roth ascend out of the dark, dank, and putrid older dungeon. Bill shook his head turning to look at his mates. Both their eyes were huge, they both could swear that their mate Bill had been in the middle of a blood lust killing then just as suddenly was normal again!

Neither of them had ever seen anyone with that much control! Both kneeled, "Though you have named us as your mates Bill," here Glenna touched his paw. "I Glenna Nox accept your claim and I claim you also as my mate." Bill's eyes went wide as Twitty also took his other paw, "I Twitty Glax accept your claim and claim you also as my mate." Bill got a huge smile he'd forgotten about their accepting of his claim.

With all that had been going on the last week it hadn't been that hard.

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"Now that we have that in order," Twitty stated. "When do you think that we might start having our first liter for you Sire?" "Yes Sire, though you know that we will remain as your watchers 'til we deliver. Then we will have to think of a nanner to watch them so we can watch over you." Glenna added.

Bill looked at both of them with shock, kits? This soon? Throwing up his arm in surrender he shook his head as he headed for the execution yard.