Busty big ass Milf fucks in bathroom

Busty big ass Milf fucks in bathroom
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Fbailey story number 532 Sex Slave To My Best Friend Hi. My name is Bethany and when I turned twelve years old my best friend Tammy told me that I was going to become her sex slave.

I did not understand the full meaning of the word. I had heard about sex in school, Mom had had the talk with me, and Tammy had shown me how to masturbate. However, when she told me that I was to become her sex slave, I did not hesitate to ask what I had to do. She told me that all I had to do was follow her instructions to the letter. That didn't seem all that bad and somehow it excited me. First she had me undress completely in my bedroom, walk naked down the hallway past my mother's bedroom and into the bathroom.

On the way back I was to walk past her open door again and then into my bedroom. It wasn't exactly that easy because whenever I was in front of Mom's bedroom door I had to stop, turn all the way around slowly once, and then proceed to my destination.

Fortunately she was at her computer both times and was too busy to notice me. The next day Tammy had me get naked and go out in the backyard, walk all the way around the house slowly, and then go in and up to my bedroom.

That time however, the man that lives across the street saw me. He smiled and waved at me so I smiled and waved back at him. I was only twelve and had almost no tits at the time but he sure seemed interested. When I told Tammy about old man Perkins she laughed and asked me how it had made me feel.

I had to admit that it had been exciting. I told her that I didn't even try to cover up, that I just smiled and waved back at him.

Not covering up was one of her rules. I was told to put on a tiny bikini that I had outgrown the previous year. Then Tammy took me across the street. We found Mr. Perkins in his garage fooling around with his lawn mower. He smiled when he saw me coming. Tammy said, "I understand that you saw Bethany here in her birthday suit a while ago. Would you like to see her naked right now up close?" Mr. Perkins replied, "Yes. As a mater of fact I would." Tammy told me to remove my bikini and hand it to Mr.

Perkins to hold until he had had a long enough look. I had been told to do as I was told and to keep my mouth shut unless Tammy asked me to speak. So I reached back and untied the string around my back and then I lifted my bikini top up over my head and politely handed it to old Mr. Perkins. I then hooked my thumbs into the strings of my bottom and just pushed it down toward my feet.

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After it got to my knees it fell the rest of the way by itself. I stepped one foot out and lifted my bottom up with the other foot. I took it off my foot and then handed it to Mr.

Perkins. I stood there on display until Tammy told me to get up on his workbench, spread my legs wide, and pleasure myself for him. She told me to give myself one orgasm, wait, and then give myself another one.

After the third orgasm I was told to open my pussy lips using two fingers from each hand. Then both Tammy and Mr. Perkins took turns looking at the puddle of cum that I had inside my pussy.

Tammy put her lips over my pussy and licked out some cum then she kissed old Mr. Perkins right on the lips. I was pretty sure that they French kissed and swapped my cream between them. Mr. Perkins handed me my bikini and thanked me for coming over. Tammy told him to expect us ever Friday. I dressed and we went back to my bedroom. It the most exciting thing I had ever done. That summer I actually looked forward to my Friday afternoons in Mr.

Perkins' garage masturbating for him. My breasts grew a whole cup size that summer but I still had to wear the same tiny bikini whenever I went over. I started to grow hair on my pussy and Tammy told me to let grow and never to cut it or trim it.

She was a few months older than I was, so she had more pubic hair than I did, but she never showed Mr. Perkins her pussy…nor her bigger breasts for that matter. That fall Tammy and I were in all the same classes.

In the seventh grade we got to change classes like the bigger kids. Whenever she reached out and grabbed my elbow I was to straighten up and then spread my knees as far open as I could to show my teacher my panties.

I had to hold that pose for a full five seconds. We managed to get front row seats in every class because no one really wanted to be up front where the teacher might call upon you. That first day Tammy made me do it whenever the teacher was turned around and writing on the board. It was exciting thinking that they might turn around and catch me with my panties showing.


However, the second day Tammy did it four times in Mr. Young's English class. At first I was mortified but then I couldn't wait to feel that little squeeze on my elbow. When class was over Mr. Young asked both Tammy and I to stay seated. I was ready to be scolded and sent to detention but instead he asked Tammy if she had been giving the signals for me to spread my legs. Tammy smiled at him and told him that I was her sex slave and that yes, she had been telling me to do it.

He then asked her to make me do it again. Tammy grabbed my elbow and I opened up my knees real wide sliding down in my chair to allow him the best possible view.

Mr. Young was cute and my first male teacher. I enjoyed letting him see my panties. Then Tammy asked, "Do you want her to take them off? Do want to keep them? Would you like to touch her?" Mr. Young replied, "Tomorrow have her wear a pair of red panties, then after class I want her to remove them for me, and give them to me to keep." They were talking about me as if I were not even there. I guess it didn't matter, it was just between the two of them…but it was about me.

Suddenly the bell rang and scared us. It was the bell to signal that the busses were being loaded with students to go home. Tammy and I were walkers since we lived just a few blocks from the school. Mr. Young said, "Tammy I want to thank you for a most interesting day. Bethany I want to tell you what an amazing young woman you are. I'm looking forward to our class tomorrow and hope to see more of you then. You two may go now." All the way home Tammy and I giggled.

She knew that I didn't have a red pair of panties but that my mother did. So we devised a way to get those panties out of Mom's drawer and into mine before bedtime. That should have turned out to be easy. I kept Mom busy in the kitchen while Tammy went looking for them. They were nowhere to be found, not in her panty drawer and not in the laundry. The only place she had not looked was up Mom's skirt…there they were.

Tammy told me to get them in the morning and to have them on when she picked me up for school. I managed to get them off from Mom's bedroom floor but what a mess. They were wet and they had a big gob of Dad's cum in them.

I just slipped them on and ran out to meet Tammy. When I told her about the big gob of cum in Mom's panties she reached under my short skirt and pushed them up into my pussy. She had some idea about my father's sperm impregnating me and made sure that it all got up inside me. That gave me something to think about until my next period. Well, I got through the day and was in my last class when Tammy leaned over and told me to open my knees anytime that Mr.

Young was looking toward the class. Most of the time he was sitting at his desk looking at me and talking to the class. Right after the class Tammy and I sat there until the other students had left. I then stood up and started to remove my panties when Mr. Young asked Tammy if he could remove them himself and she said yes. Mr. Young squatted down before me and reached up under my skirt to get a hold of the sides on Mom's red panties.

He pulled them down slowly as Tammy closed the classroom door. He smiled because they seemed to be stuck up inside my pussy, but he already knew that. Tammy then explained to him that the panties were my mothers and that dad's cum was in them when she stuck them up into my pussy to see if she could get me pregnant. He left them just below the hem of my skirt, smiled at me, and then he took his cock out. Tammy and I watched him jerk off right there in front of us. He fired several gobs into the gusset of the panties and then let Tammy shove them back up inside my pussy.

They both had a smile on their faces. I just rolled my eyes, I felt that maybe Dad's cum was too old but I knew that Mr. Young's cum was fresh and swimming around up inside me. He might better have just fucked me directly. Every day I opened my legs for Mr. Young. Some days I didn't wear any panties. He started buying panties for me to wear for a day so that he could take them off and sell them on the Internet. For Halloween I was allowed to wear a full mask which covered my face completely but then Tammy sent me to every house on my block where I was to open my robe and expose myself to whomever opened the door.

I had to count to ten slowly then close up and walk away. I just prayed that no one grabbed a hold of me and called the police.

Most times it was the husband that had been left behind while the wife took the kids around, that wasn't so bad. A couple were women that lived alone and they scared me. However, when Tammy made me knock on my own door I almost peed myself. My father was the one that opened the door. I never said a word because I didn't want him to recognize my voice. He smiled as I counted to ten but when I finished he was still staring at my nude body so I started to count to ten again. Dad asked me if I wanted to come in, so I shook my head no.

Since I didn't hold out a Halloween bag, Dad put the bowl of candy down. I must have stood there like that for a minute or possibly longer. When I heard a group of kids coming up behind me I closed up and rushed off. That night after I was in bed Dad came into my room to say goodnight. He asked me if I had gone out Trick or Treating that night. He asked me what I had worn. He asked me if I had come to our house on my rounds.

Then he asked me if I had ever exposed myself or if I were an exhibitionist. Dad leaned over me and kissed me on my forehead, he told me that I had a nice body, and then he told me that he would love it if that Trick or Treater would come and visit him again. Tammy smiled when I related the story to her. That Friday Tammy stayed at my house after school and invited herself to spend the weekend.

When Dad came home from work Tammy greeted him in the driveway and took him for a walk down the street.

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When she came back we went to my bedroom. After a while Dad came in and then Tammy told me to strip. I smiled at my father and started to undress. He smiled when I was naked and standing there in front of him.

When I was told to masturbate for him I got on my bed and did the best job that I could for my father. He watched more intently than old man Perkins had. When I held my pussy lips open for him, it was Dad that locked his lips to my pussy lips and forced his tongue into my moist pussy. He drank it all then thanked me before he left.

That weekend Dad would give Tammy some kind of signal, we would go to my bedroom where I would get completely naked, and then my father would knock on the door. Saturday night my father took my virginity. He used a condom and put extra K-Y Jelly on it to get his hard cock fully into me. Tammy watched the whole time and held my hand when he broke my hymen. The pain was sharp but only lasted a minute or so, after that I sort of liked the full feeling between my legs.

At his suggestion I played with my own clit giving myself several orgasms. Since I was feeling so good, he decided to finish himself off inside me and pumped pretty hard until all of a sudden he jammed his cock deep into my pussy and held still as he shot several gobs into his condom.

I remembered what Mr. Young had done on a few occasions and knew what Dad was doing in there.

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It excited me so much that I had another orgasm. He pulled out, removed his condom, and thanked me for letting him "fuck" me. All he thought about his twelve-year-old daughter giving him her virginity, was a "fuck." How disgusting!

The least I wanted, was for him to make love to me. I would have been better off giving my virginity to old Mr. Perkins or Mr. Young who really wanted me badly. How disappointing! Sunday I never said a word to him.

He tried to get Tammy to take me up to my bedroom but she knew that I wouldn't go. That night as I was lying in bed alone he came in. He apologized but he really didn't know what he had done wrong. I had heard him apologize to Mom the same way on many occasions. He really was a louse.

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When he reached his hand under the covers to shove two of his finger roughly into my pussy, I slapped him right across his face. He pulled that hand out and just as he started to slap me with it, Mom grabbed his hand.

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She had seen where it had been, she saw how wet it was from my juices, and she told him to get out. She told him to go to a motel, but to get out. For the next few hours I told Mom everything that Tammy and I had done over the previous months.

She listened intently, she gave me words of comfort, and then she confessed to being an exhibitionist too. She said that she was the one in control of when and where and who she exposed herself too. She did think that it would be exciting to have someone else in control occasionally. I told her that it was. When Tammy arrived to walk me to school Mom informed her that I no longer belonged to her. In fact she told Tammy that she now owned us both.

She removed our panties and wrote us a note for Mr. Young to sign. It said that both Tammy and I had shown him our pussy throughout the entire class that day. He had never seen Tammy's pussy and it made him so hard that he never stood up during the class.

I noticed that he hardly ever looked at me. Mr. Young signed the note and added a big thank you. He also added his phone number. At home Mom called Mr. Young and invited him to dinner with us as the entertainment afterwards. She then called old Mr. Perkins and invited him to dinner too, again stating that we girls would be the desert entertainment. Needless to say they both arrived early. Tammy and I were completely naked when we greeted them at the front door. Dinner was simple and the dishes were left unwashed.

Mom sat us all in the living room with me on Mr. Jenkins lap and Tammy on Mr. Young's lap. Mom asked, "Tammy are you a virgin?" Tammy replied, "No ma'am." Mom asked, "Who took your virginity?" Tammy replied, "My father, ma'am." Mom asked, "How many men have you been with?" Tammy replied, "Only one, ma'am." Mom asked, "How many times have you had sex with him?" Tammy replied, "About twenty-five, maybe thirty, ma'am." Mom asked, "Bethany are you a virgin?" I replied, "No, ma'am." Mom asked, "Who took your virginity?" I replied, "My father, ma'am." Mom asked, "How many men have you been with?" I replied, "Only one, ma'am." Mom asked, "How many times have you had sex with him?" I replied, "Only once, ma'am." When the interrogation was over Mr.

Jenkins asked, "Elizabeth, who took your virginity?" Mom replied, "My brother, sir." Mr. Jenkins asked, "How old were you at the time?" Mom replied, "Eleven, but he was only twelve." Mr. Jenkins asked, "How many men have you been with?" Mom thought a moment then replied, "Under fifty, I think." Mr. Jenkins asked, "So how many times have you had sex?" Mom replied, "Oh God, I don't know, over the last twenty-one years, maybe three or four thousand times. But I was married for fifteen of those years and my husband enjoyed sex as much as I did." Then Mr.

Jenkins asked, "Fifty different sex partners…why?" Mom blushed and replied, "I was pretty wild in high school. I was invited to a lot of parties because I put out.

No one called me a slut but several of the girls called me doorknob." I laughed and said, "Doorknob." Mom blushed and said, "Yes, everyone took a turn." Tammy and I just burst out giggling. Mr. Jenkins asked, "Any girls…or just boys?" Mom blushed again and said, "Oh I had my share of girls too. My husband loved threesomes and I loved him. We would still be together if I hadn't caught him fucking our daughter without me. We had it all planned out for a threesome when she turned thirteen next year." Mom clapped her hands together and said, "Okay, now for your entertainment.

I placed twelve red and twelve blue poker chips out in the backyard. Pick a color girls and then go get them. Bring each one back to the porch when you find it. Gentlemen, I'll bring you a glass of wine while we watch the show from the porch. Tammy hollered out, blue and then she pushed me out of her way. We ran out the backdoor naked without even giving it a thought that someone might be watching us. The red poker chips seemed easier to find, at least for me.

I took six back to the porch before Tammy got three of the blue ones. I heard Mr. Young ask Mom if he could have sex with me. She told him that even if we weren't virgins that she thought twelve was still too young to be screwing around.

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Then she offered him herself. As I was bringing my last three poker chips up to the porch I saw Mom bent over holding the railing. Her panties were at her ankles, her skirt had been flipped up onto her lower back, and Mr. Young was giving it to her good. I had retrieved my twelve chips so I started helping Tammy find her last two. When we had found them all Mom was getting it from old Mr.

Perkins. She cooed, she smiled, and she said that Mr. Perkins was definitely one of her best all time lovers. He had her blouse pushed up past her hanging breasts and he was fondling them. Mom had nice breasts. I watched as he pushed into her fanny causing it to jiggle. When he cum and pulled out, he was huge. It dangled down semi flaccid but it was still as big as a baby's arm. I was glad that he hadn't put that monster in me. Mom turned around and kissed him a good one before saying, "Mister you can make love to me anytime that you want too.

Are you up to once a day?" Mr. Perkins said, "I think so. Shall we shoot for noon then?" Mom kissed him again and then asked, "Are you up to twice a day?" Mr. Perkins laughed and said, "Maybe, but you will certainly have to help me the second time, after all I'm sixty-two years old." Mom laughed and said, "Good, I'm willing to try for three, that thing felt so good up inside me." Mom then looked at Mr.


Young and said, "I can handle you too. If you spend the night in my bed you can take the girls to school after we have sex and then after you bring them home too." Mom then looked at both men and asked, "You aren't jealous of one another are you?

I assure you that there is more than enough of me to go around. I once wore out the opposing football team the night before the big game, all by myself. We won too." Mr. Young asked, "What about the girls? Do we get to do anything with them?" Mom laughed and said, "I suppose so. How about you can do anything that you want to them as long as it is in my home and you only use your hands and tongue on them.

I get you cock…is that absolutely clear?" Mr. Perkins asked, "Can I start with Bethany? She teased me all summer." Mom said, "Okay, be my guest. Mr. Young, why don't you start with Tammy then. I'll wait for my turn." A few days later Dad stopped in to apologize to Mom and ask her to take him back. Mom said that she would as long as he was comfortable with our present situation. Dad said that he would share her with the whole town if that was what she wanted.

Interestingly Dad started sleeping in my bed so that Mr. Young could sleep with Mom. Dad knew that if he had sex with me before I turned thirteen that he would wake up without his penis.

He was too afraid of Mom to try anything. As too our exhibitionism…Mom would join us walking in the woods naked or down the edge of a busy highway waving at the cars. In the winter we girls would go out in just our coats and flash every man that was by himself. When I finally turned thirteen my father, Mr.

Perkins, and Mr. Young took turns making love to me. Mom had prepared me for Mr. Perkins and she was right he was one fantastic lover. He knew how to blow the top of my head off with that cock of his. Mr. Young and Daddy were so anxious to get their cocks in me that they only managed to satisfy themselves.

Tammy had turned thirteen a couple of months before me and she had been had by them all too. That week when her father had sex with her she just laughed at him, told him that he was a lousy lover, and then she told her mother that she no longer wanted her father to fuck her.


What could she do except to defend her daughter's wishes. That next week Tammy brought her mother over to my house to meet my mother and to let our three men make love to her.

At first Mr. Perkins' cock scared her but once he had it all the way into her, she cried for joy. He certainly spoiled girls for other men, that's for sure. Before the following summer Tammy and her mother had moved in with us and became part of the family. Tammy's mother actually joined us girls in our exhibitionist pranks and loved it. Since she was older than we girls were, she could participate in local wet T-shirt contests. She even won a few. My life was perfect. The End Sex Slave To My Best Friend 532