MILF with natural boobs and hairy pussy

MILF with natural boobs and hairy pussy
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Lucky dog Ch6: Video Gamer Girl. Kelly was a video game fanatic. She lay on her stomach in her home with a controller in her hand staring up at the screen. She was playing a fat paced monster onslaught type game. Monsters were bum rushing her from every direction and she was taking them out left and right. She was practicing for the tournament, and she had to win.

She was up against a lot of boys and she had a lot of money riding on her winning. There was the prize money and then also there was the money she had wagered on top of that. "Insane Slaughter!!!" the game told her. Kelly got a little moist between her legs. The violence got to her. She kicked the difficulty up one level and started the slaughter again.


Kelly could win in her own home, but she didn't do nearly as well in "Arena Zone" where she was supposed to play. She was always too distracted.

She needed to focus on her "A" game. She had woken up today and loaded up her game.

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She was wearing her bath robe and her most tattered panties. She would be getting sweaty and had a tendency to cream herself if she got too worked up in a game. She would take a shower after. The only thing that she did to improve her appearance was to put her hair in two tails. She was too absorbed to cut it, but she didn't want to lay on it if she was on her back or have it fall forward if she was on her stomach. That should explain why she ignored it when the cats scattered.

She heard something scrambling in her window. It was a really big dog. It wasn't being stealthy.


"Leave me alone Lucky, I'm busy." Kelly knew her neighbor's dog. He was the vet's dog. He still had balls, but Angela said that the thing couldn't knock up any dog in the neighborhood. Poor Doc Angela loved the creature, but he must have been a pain to deal with. He was wicked smart and kept getting out. Being pregnant and single but refusing to stop working had meant that Lucky got bored a lot.

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This wasn't the first time that Lucky had gotten into her house. Kelly usually left the windows open a crack. He had last gotten in when Kelly was first qualifying for the tournament. He had crawled on top of her and tried to hump her. Even through her panties she had felt his cock head enter her about a half inch. The dog was aggravating. He had even cum on her panties that time.

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He spent most of his time humping her legs. Kelly had been forced to wash her panties about a dozen times since then. You couldn't even tell what color they were.

At the time Kelly had warned him, "If I don't get through the prelims because of you I will take you somewhere and remove your balls with pliers." She did get through though.


She had gotten her highest score ever there. She was one of the scores to beat in the tournament. She knew she was in trouble, but she had forgiven Lucky. If anything he was her good luck charm. "You Got Murdered!" The game taunted her. She wasn't focusing. Lucky wandered around in front of her and began licking her face. Kelly lifted her head and tried to move her controller to the side.

"Damn it Lucky!" She pushed the controller down onto the top of his head so she could see the screen. That pushed Lucky's head into Kelly's robe. He licked her nipples and all around her C cup breasts.

Kelly gasped. She got excited when she played. Some guys she knew got hard ons when they got power boosts or some particularly sweet weapons and kill combinations. "You Got Murdered!" She lifted herself up and leaned to one side to avoid the hungry tongue.

When it followed she swayed to the other side. Her breasts swung and jiggled in time with her movements. Kelly would be a popular girl if she had time to take out of her game. Lucky's tail began to wag in front of the screen, but Kelly was getting used to the distraction. She moved in time with the tongue. It actually felt good when it was simply something happening to her in the background.

She was good enough that she could normally play blindfolded, but she had the difficulty way up just now. "You are a MURDERER!" Three kills in a row!

Lucky moved around behind her and began sniffing at her crotch. Kelly's legs were slightly spread and she was laying with her hips on top of a pillow.

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She had been sitting on the pillow, but this was more comfortable. Her character was moving around in stealth mode now. Kill, Kill, Kill! "I'm an assassin baby! An assassin!" Her crotch was wet now and Lucky smelled it. Lucky crawled on top of her like he had before the prelims. His blood thirsty cock had made a run at Angela's unused crotch once before and hadn't gotten anywhere. "Ram my panties all you like. You aren't getting through." Lucky pushed and prodded.

He knew the exact angle he wanted to shove in at. Practicing had given him a good idea where to find the human cunt, but he hadn't mastered the subject. He simply rammed away until he thought he found a tiny opening. Have you ever heard the sound of a small piece of fabric ripping?

That's what this sounded like. Kelly was superstitious. These were the panties she had worn the day before the preliminary tournament and had done well.

She had washed her panties quite a number of times to get the cum out and then every day for the last week while she was practicing. There had been a small hole in them before. Now the hole wasn't small any longer. "You are taking Damage!" "No, Duh.

Really?" Kelly was a fanatic though.

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She knew that she was about to get fucked and all she could think about was how much of a distraction this would be. She refused to pause her game or reduce the difficulty. She NEEDED to prepare for the tournament. No distractions. Not even if the house was burning down.

She did squirm around a little. Just because she wasn't going to spend all of her effort getting the dog off of her didn't mean that she wanted to give up her hymen. She might need it to get a pre release on a game she wanted.

Lucky shoved forward and the tip of his angry red cock bumped her maidenhead. She didn't know how much this was going to hurt.

She had heard stories from some of the boys who hung out at Arena Zone. She didn't know if any of them had ever seen a vagina though much less had a virgin. She didn't know if she was going to be a bleeder. She hoped not. The world went red with pain. Kelly's eyes watered up. She was going to be a bleeder. Unlike many girls, Kelly had never played with her self. She wasn't really a sexual being.

Sex was simply something that people who had nothing better to do did with their time. Kelly's mind went on auto pilot. That meant that she still played her game, but that she wasn't consciously aware of the world around her. "Blood Bath!" Kelly was in pain, but her tension was going away. She was playing better than she ever had in her life. She found that she had lost about fifteen minutes in wonderland, but that she was playing amazingly.

The blood on the screen wasn't hers and the action was getting her wet. She didn't know it, but Lucky had been unable to enter her all the way. Kelly was tight and her vagina had been steadily contracting around his cock. His knot built up but he was unable to lock the two of them together. "Unholy action!" Kelly orgasmed. Her body shook all over. She passed out on her controller. Her face had landed on the pause button. When she woke up she was still impaled on Lucky.

He was trying to pull out of her but his knot was tied up in her panties. Kelly eased her panties off and the pressure in her crotch lifted. She had just had her first orgasm and it was with the neighbor's dog. She began to suspect the reason that few guys ever showed up at the neighbor's house.