Amateur gay cock sucking party fun

Amateur gay cock sucking party fun
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So, this girl and I have been texting for a while. Talking about sex mostly, just like most horny twenty somethings. We have this attraction to each other but we've never acted on it till tonight. I can't believe that she is actually driving over here now. I'm so excited! She's told me about some of her dreams. Dreams of her sucking off one or two guys in her room.

How she liked the feel of their hot, hard dicks in her mouth. Not that she's. ever actually done it. Tonight though she says she wants to do everything. To give herself fully to me and never let the word 'NO' come from her lips. I, unlike her, have been around though.

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Sex, of any kind, is nothing new to me. Still, I can't wait till she gets here. I want to kiss her, which I have once before, hold her to me, run my hands up and down her body. Watch her eyes as I take her shirt off and kiss her neck and breasts. I can hardly wait, I'm so hard. I want to make it the most memorable experience she will ever have. For her never to forget it, or even want to forget it. I see her pull up. I'm at the door waiting on her, she doesn't even have to knock.

There's no time for words as I pull her in and pin her against the door to kiss her. She scared at first, but then relaxes to my kiss and kisses back. Its wet and hot. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths. My hands in her hair, hers on my back. I move one down to her back and pull her even closer as I kiss her check, then her neck and her chest above her low cut shirt. She arches against me as I move back up to kiss her neck and suck her ear.

We move into the room. We stare at each other in deep anticipation. I move to her again and kiss her lips softly as my hands pull off her shirt. She's not wearing a bra and her breasts hang free.

Slowly I take one into my mouth. She let's out a moan from deep inside. Yes, tonight she will hold nothing back. She will do everything she's ever wanted. My shirt is off. Her hands rub my chest as we kiss again.

I grab her ass and pull her tight to me. Our bare chests meet and the warmth is amazing. She's so hot. So ready. I kiss her neck again. Going down to kiss her breasts and suck her nipples into my mouth. As I let each one out I give them a nip with my teeth.

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She moans again. She wasn't expecting that. With her nipples now hard I get on my knees to kiss her stomach and start to undo her pants. I look up and her eyes are closed tight. The pants are undone. Slowly I pull the down and off.


I kiss her legs. I work up each one till I can feel the heat coming from inside her. I kiss her there through her panties. She opens her legs and moans as I kiss again, harder. She wants them off. She's waited for too long.

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She pulls them off and stands back up, waiting. She's beautiful standing there naked in front of me. Just a little puff of hair above her clit and I can see the wetness all over her. I lean close and mouth to her lips. She gasps.

I let my tongue explore her. All around the outside till it slips inside her. She rocks back against the wall and opens up even more. I push my face to her with my tongue deep inside. She's breathing heavy as I start to eat her out and finger her clit.

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With my other hand I squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. Her hand is on my head. Pulling me inside her even more. She's close. Her breathing is ragged and she's thrusting herself out to me. I feel the walls of her sweet virgin pussy clasp around my tongue. Her orgasm is hard.

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It comes from deep within her. Her first ever that wasn't self induced. I stand up and kiss her while my mouth is still covered in her juice.

She tastes herself and kisses even harder. She rubs me through my shorts and pulls them down. Her hands wrap around my dick and I love the heat of it. She moves down to her knees and looks at it. She's never seen one so close. She has to have to. She opens her mouth while still holding it and takes the head in. Oh, it feels so good. So hot and wet. I can still taste her and I love it. She goes deeper.


She wants all of it. She starts to move her head back and forth. Getting it all wet and warm. With her hand she starts to jack me off in unison with her mouth. I hope she never stops. With her other hand she's rubbing her clit. She knows what's going to happen soon. She's going to feel this hard dick that's in her mouth pulsing deep inside her tight wet pussy. Before that though she's going to get a taste.

She's wanted it for so long. She starts to go faster and faster. I put my hands on her head as I start breathing heavy and tell her I'm close. She doesn't stop. She looks up at me and moves her hand as she takes me all the way into her mouth. I can't hold back. Its been building for too long. She does it again and I feel the first shot hit her throat.


She keeps going. She loves the heat and wetness of it.

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She wants it all. Another shot and another unload into her mouth. She hasn't swallowed, but looks up at me with my dick still between her lips. She pulls off to show me her prize and then closes her mouth and swallows all of it. She opens again and its empty. She licks it clean and stands up to kiss me. We can taste ourselves on each other. I pick her up and she wraps her legs around my waist as I carry her to the bed. We've been kissing, touching and rubbing each other.

She's gotten off again and I rubbed her clit and sucked her breasts. Its time. She opens her legs as I get between them. I reach down to guide it but she takes my dick from me and puts it on her pussy.

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She rubs it up and down, up and down, up and down, then puts it at her opening and guides me into her. We both moan. She's so wet. She's so tight. She's so hot. I go all the way in and kiss her hard and deep. This is what we've wanted for so long. Slowly we start. Getting used to each other. Then we both begin to speed up. Our bodies pound against each other as I kiss her neck and breasts and she digs her nails into my back.

Her legs come up and wrap around my waist with her feet digging into my hips pulling deeper into her. We're both close. Our breath is ragged and we keep driving it deeper and harder and faster. She starts to cum. Her pussy tightens like a vice around my dick and I can barely move as she screams out in her orgasm. The pull of her muscles is all I need. I start to cum inside her. She can feel it again and it sends her into another climax. Her eyes are tight as I finish cumming in her and she can feel herself being filled with the warmth of it.

We lay beside each other. Not knowing how she will feel in the morning.

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But for now, with my seed in her belly and pussy she is happy. She never wants to get out of my bed. I kiss her. Tell her I love her. Then we slip into a deep and peaceful sleep.