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Big booty virgo voll hd video download link in beschreibung
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So. a little about me &hellip.I'm 19 and a little soft around the middle, but my boyfriend Randy tells me all the time, wherever we go, that I am the best looking girl in the room (it gets tiresome!).

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I have beautifully large boobs that cost me heaps in bras to keep the girls restrained. I go to the gym a lot so I am very strong and have a tight ass, all in all, a hot curvy girl! He says I carry my weight well and he says he prefers his girl a little that way. more to love. I have only just broken up with Randy, as in a couple of weeks ago.

Now this may or may not be because of a guy I work with, Jared. He is 26 years old and engaged to a lovely girl from England. Jared is about 6 foot tall and a big 140kgs, smokes and is hairy - everything I don't like in a guy (except for the height).

But WOW! He sure does something for me.


Maybe it's just the fact that he is about to get married? His fiancé is 23 years old, a swimmer and so she has big shoulders and a lean body. She's blonde and has a really cute ass. (Yes, I like a bit of pretty girl too, occasionally.) The beginning of this story starts off with Jared and I flirting on Facebook (probably the greatest relationship destroyer known to the modern world).

I'd had a couple of drinks. The long and the short of it was that Randy and I have each other's Facebook passwords and I got busted. And Randy made me see sense - that I was to go find a normal boy my own age that I could date and be happy with, not "some fat bastard, who just wants to put another notch on his belt".

And Randy was right as usual. Jeez, I hate him for being right all the time! A few days later I got chatting to Jared's fiancé and we visited a few local attractions together. It was so good to just have fun without any constraints. freedom. It was when Jared came to pick his fiancé, Pat, up from my place.

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We were sitting in the kitchen. it turns out that Pat and Jared have shared passwords on Facebook too. which meant she knew. She sat there calmly. You could have cut the air with a butter knife. As a fellow woman, I could sense something big was about to happen. After a long, awkward silence she sternly asked what happened on Facebook that Friday night. Both Jared and I knew what she meant and that it was time to come clean. Really what could she do?

Nothing had happened, just some drunken chatting and sexual innuendo. The truth was that Jared and I had always had a love/hate relationship at work. Bottom line, he was an ass most of the time, but something inside of me found his arrogant anti-women attitude irresistible. Because Pat and I had become good friends, I decided I would spill the beans. I told her straight up that I had left my boyfriend Randy of four years a week ago and, that Jared had made a comment on Facebook about me trying to ride a scooter at work the day before.

something about me trying to reach the ground with my feet and the seat rubbing me up. I explained that I had had a couple of drinks (I usually don't drink at all) and this gave the effect of magnifying the longing. I don't think it was sex so much but a longing to be held by a big man and feel his embrace, and that we needed to do something about it and find somewhere to go together.

Jared sat there sheepishly staring directly at me in disbelief as I said the words. He visibly gulped at the secret being aired. It was at this point we both finally looked at Pat. She was cupping her breast, dragging her finger nails up her leg and fidgeting in her seat. With a shaky voice, she asked quietly "And." So then I continued that Randy had had my password for my Facebook account and he went off the planet, while I was in class.

I had tried to deny it, but he had the page open in front of him on the screen. Caught out in another lie. F#@K! Pat asked, "So nothing happened?" We both said no in unison. She then asked me sternly if I had feelings for Jared. I eventually, and slowly, nodded and then I said probably the dumbest thing I could ever say, "You can't help what the heart wants!

Right?" I thought I heard Jared's heart stop and he looked at me in disbelief, as in to say. WTF?! There was a long silence and Pat put her hands on her knees and leaned in towards us. She spoke sternly and succinctly… she looked at her fiancé straight in the eyes, shaking slightly. You could see in her eyes the hurt as she said "You're a DOG!" She then turned to me and said, "And you're a SLUT!".

Both of these comments hit us like a huge stinging slap to the face. You could see Jared's face start to fall apart, tears in his eyes. She sat back with her arms crossed across her chest, breathing heavily and slowly.

You could tell she was formulating a plan, and neither of us knew if it was something to do with the end of our lives or just to maim us. "Well, if you're going to fuck behind my back, then get it over and done with. Get it out of your system and let's move the fuck on." She added in a low mono tone, "We get married in six months, so let's get this over and done with, so I can have my man back." She told Jared to stand up and take his clothes off, which he sheepishly did.

WOW! he had some rolls. I wasn't ready for what stood in front of me. Even though he was naked standing in front of me, I couldn't see his cock. I was quite taken aback. This is a guy that plays rugby, and well at the very least, he had heaps of padding. She told me to get on my knees in front of him and play with his cock.

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He helped me a little by holding his belly up, but I still had to search for it. OMG! It was uncut! and it was flaccid! It looked like a shriveled up, dead leaf. I thought surely it would grow to an 8 or 9 inch member, after all, he wore size 11 shoes?! But no, NO amount of playing with it made it rise.

I was starting to wonder if I had made a grave error. Pat said, "You're gonna have to lie him down to get your mouth to it." It was the weirdest scenario I could ever have imagined. We all went into the bedroom and Jared laid down. It was at this point that I realised that a scent seemed to emanate from between the rolls.

Just then I heard Pat behind me bringing in the dining room chair she was sitting on in the kitchen. What the?! Anyway, I had better access now and could get my mouth around the dried up leaf, and I could play with his sweaty salty balls… Big balls too, bigger than I was used to.

But to my great disappointment still nothing… Not even a stirring, no matter how much I tried. and it didn't matter either how much I tried to get Randy out of my mind, I couldn't.


He was lean and muscular and had a beautiful cock that I could always get hard, any time, any place. with no hair anywhere on his body and he always smelled so damned fine. This guy in front of me had hair everywhere and all his creases had a funky odour, and to top it all off he wasn't getting hard. Pat said, with a sneer on her face, "What's the matter? Can't you get it to stand to attention?" "Get naked!" she commanded.

I kicked off my white Converse, but left my white socks on (force of habit from my ex - he loved seeing me in nothing but little white socks). I then begrudgingly slid my skirt down along with my panties, thanking the Gods that I had shaved my pussy that morning. Then I slowly peeled off my top leaving my bra on.

Still nothing from this big, round guy. Talk about knock the wind out of your sails! It was then that I heard a quiet moan from Pat from where she sat on the kitchen chair. I thought for sure that this was the end to this sordid little affair but Pat had other ideas.

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Pat, still seated in her chair, shifting uncomfortably, said "Maybe he needs more visual enticement?" I looked over to her as she spoke. She removed her panties which, I could plainly see, were wet down the middle of the gusset. She pulled her heels up onto the chair, slid her bum forward a little and hugged her knees to her chest, exposing her glistening, beautifully shaved pussy.

Pat then announces seductively and quietly, "I saw how you were looking at me - staring at my ass, trying to look down my blouse, all day yesterday at the sanctuary. Now crawl over here and suck my pussy, home wrecking slut!" I couldn't believe what she had called me, and that I had been so transparent with all my looking and that I had been caught out. It was like a dream come true. I wasted no time at all in moving towards her on my hands and knees.

When I arrived I was dumb struck by how sweet she smelt. A quick question came to my mind of when was last time that Jared's cock had released into this gorgeous pussy.

Noting me thinking rather than getting on with the job, she sternly commanded, "Eat me bitch! Suck my pussy!" I kissed her inner thighs and worked my way down to her pussy, arriving at the top of her perfect slit. I stuck my tongue out and licked her from her dripping hole to her clit with the tip of my tongue. Pat shivered, lifting her feet off the chair and tilting her pussy upwards begging for more.

The heat off her pussy was amazing. I found myself licking her like a girl possessed. I licked deep and hard into the sweetest folds I had ever had, trying to climb inside of her, pushing as far as I could reach with my tongue. My mind was doing back flips. I so wanted my Randy right beside me while I did this to this beautiful English pussy. We had always talked about this, and here I was, alone without him. The whole situation just overwhelmed me and a tear rolled down my cheek.

I felt my pussy leaking down the back of my legs. Pat told Jared to stay where he was and stroke his cock. "But don't come!" I tried to turn my head to see but Pat used her feet on the back of my head, driving my face deep into her pussy. "YOU… suck!" she commanded.

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I did more than that. I slid my fingers inside her pussy and curled them up, feeling for that magical spot of pleasure I knew so well inside myself. Once I found it I went to work, concentrating on her clit while I fingered her frantically. It worked… I could tell by her legs clamping down on either side of my head and the sudden release of fluid from deep within her soft, warm pussy.

It was working - she was well on the way to an orgasm. As her body tensed she said in a very low voice, "Ohhhhhhh myyyyy fuckingggg God!" She was well on her way to a shuddering climax and I was rewarded for my efforts with a rush of pussy juice.

mmmmmm soooo gooood!! Then I heard a guttural roar from behind me and a splattering of something warm on my back and pearl drops on Pat's belly. Oh my God! It was Jared's cum and it was all in my hair. sooo wrong, ewwwww! All of a sudden Pat was bought back from whatever parallel universe I had transported her to, and she stood straight up, pushing me out of the way, yelling at the top of her voice "You fucking fat loser.

You were told NOT to cum! One little request and you can't even do that!" As she yelled at Jared, I turned towards him and watched his bottom lip tremble. With his hand still on his little cock, his arm sort of bent around the roundness of his belly, a little bit of white cum dribbled off the end of the foreskin. Even at full tilt he was a very disappointing size, and I just couldn't understand why I couldn't get Randy out of my head.

Randy was the perfect size for me - 7.5" cut. This guy had size eleven shoes and a five and a half inch cock! So much for the foot size thing! But I was determined. maybe, just maybe, I can get it bigger. So I crawled over and, still with the juice of his fiancé on my chin and the taste of her cum on my tongue, I pushed him down on his back and went to work on what he had to offer in the way of a hard cock.

At least laying down his belly was out of the way. I smiled to myself and had a little giggle - at least I can deep throat this guy! I felt the bed move as Pat mounted his face and started to grind her pussy into his face watching me suck her soon-to-be husband. But soon Pat sat there with a disappointed look on her face. "Jared? Why can't you suck pussy properly? It's not like you don't like putting stuff in your mouth any other time!" Maybe we need this slut here to teach you properly?" Then all of a sudden, I realised what was happening.

His little cock swelled slightly in my mouth and I heard that shortness of breath. He was going to cum again. I prepared myself for it, and yep, there it was. I was surprised at how much actually came out for the second time. Ropes and ropes of cum, so much I was having trouble swallowing it all.

It didn't taste too bad either, not very unlike Randy's. Pat realised what was happening, that I was swallowing his cum, and she let out a shrill "Ewwwwwww you're kidding? That's fucking disgusting!" I kept swallowing and thought to myself. No wonder the poor guy is still looking around!! But here he was. still hard, but hey, I was used to that from Randy. I made my way up over his belly and licked his hairy nipples. This was sooo weird and different to everything I had known before.

I worked my way up Pat's flat stomach, then on to her perfect tits, with the most beautiful little hard nipples.

They felt so good in my mouth. I could feel Jared hard beneath me as I rubbed my pussy on his cock. I was so hanging for this big guy to fuck me. I wanted to feel the power of his arms and torso, as he shoved his cock as far up me as it could reach. This would only be the third cock I had ever experienced in my 19 years of existence on this planet.

I put my hand down and directed the head of his cock towards the entrance of my aching pussy. The head had hardly even entered me when Pat pushed me off yelling "What the fuck do you think you are doing. CONDOM! you stupid slut. We don't know where you've been and how many other homes you have wrecked! The last fucking thing I need is some fucking disease you've picked up from some random!" I thought to myself. Fuck, if she only knew what her soon-to-be husband was really like, with his cheating ways.

But she was right. I didn't need to catch anything from his unprotected cock. But I had no condoms. Randy and I had never needed them. I lay there at the foot of the bed as Pat jumped up and turned around and slapped his face.

"Is this what you do, Dog? Let the skanks sit on your cock without protection???" It was at this point that she yelled at me to sit on his face. She would sit on his cock. I did as I was told and faced her so I could at least watch her and what she was going to do to his cock. In one swift motion she had sunk down onto his it and raised herself up onto the balls of her feet and started a bouncing rhythm, that sort of bouncing that only skinny girls can get going and keep going.

Girls like me, we can start to do it, but it's too hard on the knees and ankles to keep going. I straddled his face, and the first thing that challenged me was the full beard. I was used to Randy's goatee beard, but this full beard was itchy and scratchy. weird. And as far as eating pussy? For someone that made a sport out of eating at the Sizzlers all you can eat bar, his tongue and lips just weren't working for me, so I slid my hand down, and started to rub my clit in an effort to achieve some type of release.

Then I made a fatal mistake. You see, Randy loves eating my pussy and he is a wizard at it. He loves to eat my pussy as much as he loves to eat my ass, and I love it when his tongue is on my chocolate star fish. So I inched forward a little. As I was about to cum with my fingers, I placed my ass on Jared's tongue. and all of a sudden hell broke loose! He pushed me off his face like a rag doll, coughing and spitting and in the process throwing Pat off the bed and onto the floor.

He stood up dry retching. Pat jumped up and ran to him and they talked briefly in lowered tones.


They both leered at me without any words, looking at me like I just detonated a bomb under a childcare centre. And before I knew it they were dressed, sort of, and out the door. Nothing was said. I was laying there wondering WTF??, with the taste of his and her cum in my mouth, staring at the roof. The first threesome I had had in my life and I hadn't even cum. I had dropped the guy that loved me and looked after me, for this shit? Then my phone buzzed with a text message. I had a sinking feeling in my chest as I opened the message that it was Randy.

The message simply read, "Sweet cheeks, are you all good?" Somehow this guy knew when things were bad in my life. I turned the phone off and lay there crying.

and yelling at the top of my voice "What the fuck have I done?"