Lesbian threesome with mistress and slaves

Lesbian threesome with mistress and slaves
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Well this is the story.

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(; once apon a time there was a young couple and they were going to Hawaii because the guy saved up enough money to take them. So they hvent ever met in person but skype was good to them. And well Ryan (that's the guys name haha) sent up her ticket to her because Brandi (the girls name.

Haha) lived in Washington. So Ryan arrived to the hotel an went to the Check out counter and asked for his room key. And the tenant told him that mrs brown (Ryans last name) has already checked in. So Ryan was really nervous and he starts to sweat in the palm as he presses the elevator number 15.

Top floor. Suite. (; He gets to his door and just stops. He is second guessing everything about this trip. He is about to turn away and walk away but then he put in his key in and opened the door and walked in. brandi realized that was the door and jumped up and started to try to straighten herself out. She was also nervous and was running her hand through her hair alot.

So Ryan finally steps into view and his jaw almost dropped. There stood the angel he has been talking to for a year now. She had on a white tank top where he could see a hot pink bra through and she was wearing a mini skirt.

She had extensions on her eye lashes with very beautiful loose curls. Brandi stood there and couldn't believe that this man Ryan was standing infront of her he looked a lot bigger in person than on skype.

He was muscular. Tall. Blonde hair blue eyes and just as she was looking him down he smiles. She melts on the spot and runs to him and jumps into a long passionate hug. She was shorter than him so Ryan looked down as she looked up and Ryan gave a quick kiss on her forehead and said "I have been waiting ages to kiss an angel". Brandi was speechless and all she could was smile.

So she got up on her tippy toes and laid a kiss on his lips. They just stood there kissing for 10 minutes. Both of them really liked each other and just wanted to have him and her all to themselves. Brandi finally broke the kiss and pulled Ryan by his tie. (he was wearing jeans nice pair of shoes a long sleeve collared shirt that was rolled to his elbows with a tie.) She looked very seductive in her eyes as she pulled him to the bed.

She let go and then laid on her back on the bed. Ryan stood there at the end of the bed and smiled at the beautiful angel he had before him. With one swoop Ryan was on top of her, hands behind he back, and passionately kissing her. But this time Ryan broke the kiss and started to lightly kiss her neck.

Brandi started to run her finger through his hair as he did this. She loved the feeling of him kissing her neck and having him nibble on her ears. Ryan looked deep into her eyes as he slowly kissed to her chest and Brandi threw her hands above her head and with a swoop Ryan took off her shirt. Brandi had on the most sexy hot pink bra he ever saw. He kissed his way between her breasts down her belly button.

Ryan then stuck his tongue into her belly button and Brandi was very surprised that she felt a weird itch deep within her when he played with her belly button. (; Ryan then started to slowly move back up to her wonderful breasts and undid the clasp in the back and slowly took off her bra.

Ryan hovered over the breasts just to take in the sight and when he looked up into Brandi she was biting on her finger and had a little school girl look on her. Ryan smiled at her and she gave a little smile back but she has never been so turned on this much in her life and she just wanted him to start. So Ryan finally kissed right in her cleavage and licked up her cleavage and kissed around the base of her tits.

Brandi had very sensitive nipples and it was agony for him not to even touch them! She was during within her self and she was letting out little moans that told Ryan he was doing something good.

(; Then all of sudden Brandi felt his mouth plant down on her wonderful nipple. She let out a loud moan and then felt his hand on her other tit. She couldn't really understand why this experience was different from the others. But she loved it.

Ryan switched tits with his mouth and then started to run his hand down her stomach very slowly. Brandi was in pain from anticipation. Ryan finally got to her mini skirt and instead of taking off her skirt he just pushed it up and had it around her belly.

Ryan noticed she had a very sexy black and red Lacey panties.

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He started to noticed the rock hard member he had in his pants that was growing rapidly. Ryan started to rub her inner thighs and Brandi had her hands in his hair and was pushing his head down hard on her nipple. She was hurting from the anticipation. Until she felt the feeling she wanted. Ryan finally gave in and started to rub her protruding clit through her panties.

Brandi couldn't take it anylonger and starting moaning louder and louder! Ryan knew she was very close. Ryan gave a quick but hard bite down on her nipple and that sent her over the edge.

She was screaming and shaking and just yelling "fuck!!!!". Ryan finally started to slow down and let her calm down from the orgasm. Gave her a minute until she said she was fine and said continue. Brandi couldn't believe the amazingness Ryan was having on her. Ryan then slowly kissed down her belly skipping over her skirt that was still around her belly.

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He started to kiss her inner thighs and she loved his big lips on her thighs. Brandi grabbed his hair and tried to push his face into her wonderful freshly orgasmed pussy. But she was failing. She finally retreated her hands to her breasts to pinch and pull her tits to try to get off again but just couldn't. Ryan finally thought it was time to stop Making her wait so he planted a kiss on her panties right at her clit.

she let out a long and deep satisfying moan. Brandi was in pleasureville and loved that Ryan was tagging on to give her the ride of her life.

Ryan stopped and brandi looked up to see what was wrong when she started to feel her panties being taken off. So she lifted her amazing ass and let him slip the soaking panties off. She was cleanly shaven and Ryan loved that.


Ryan kissed his way up her inner thighs to her her pussy. He planted down onto her now exposed clit. Brandi loved this so much! He was so talented with his tongue she couldn't even believe it! Then she felt the warm wonderfulness fill her pussy. His tongue was as deep as it could go into her pussy and she couldn't handle it! She started another orgasm! Ryan planted down and drank every last bit of her cum and she tasted sweet. (; Brandi love the effect Ryan had on her and wanted more.

So Ryan was eating out her very wet pussy for a little while until Brandi pushed him off her and flipped. She had Ryan on his back and was starting to undress him. With her teeth. (; She got off his shirt and started to kiss his freshly shaven chest. He loved it when girls sucked on his nipples and Brandi found that out fast and started sucking. Her hands made their way down his 6 Pac down to his inner thighs and started rubbing and teasing.

Ryan was then regretting that he teased her. He now knows what it is like to be teased and hated the agony. Brandi then undid his pants and got them off. Ryan was laying there in his boxers with brandi rubbing his thighs and his belly.

She then takes off his boxers and springs free his 7 inch cock that she has been waiting for ages to have.


She then kisses her way down his belly and kisses each muscle of his six pac. She finally reaches his wonderful cock and just starts breathing hot air from her mouth on it to tease him. Ryan was throwing his head back because he didn't like the anticipation! Just then Brandi plants her mouth on his cock and starts working it.

With out using her hands she sucks hard on him. Ryan just couldn't take it anymore and cums. He puts his hands behind her head and pushes her all the way down and she starts gagging. To have her throat gag on him only made him cum more and more.

He poured his cum deep into her belly and filled her up. She was pro and took every drop! He released her and she threw her head back gasping for air. But loved the feeling. (; Now the amazing thing was for Ryan was that his cock never went limp. It was still perfectly hard and Brandi knew it.

She shot a devil smile to him and Ryan knew. Ryan knew he was going to let brandi be his first. Ryan laid her on her back and positioned himself at her pussy entrance. Ryan stopped and said he didn't have a condom.

Brandi said "I'm onthe pill. We are okay. (;" so Ryan asked if she was ready and she nodded but said to go slow.

So Ryan started rubbing his head on her pussy lips to get it nicely lubricated. He then pushes forward just enough to get his head in. Brandi gasped! She couldn't believe how big he felt to her. It was big and it was taking her awhile to losses up. She finally loosened up and nodded to Ryan to say she was okay. So Ryan finally started to push very slowly.

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Brandi was moaning long and deep moans the entire time. Ryan finally got all the way in her and she though he was going to poke his heart! Ryan just held there to make sure brandi was okay. Ryan felt her pussy muscles start to loosen and so he started to slowly fuck her. Brandi moaning the entire time was living the best fuck she has ever had. But this was just any fuck. It was a love fuck. She knew it because of gentle he was.

She knew it was a love fuck but she knew she needed FUCKED! so she told Ryan that. "Ryan I know this is a love fuck. But baby I need your cock now. FUCK ME!" So Ryan started to fuck her. He was getting a good pace down and brandi knew she was going to last long. Her laying on her back Ryan grabbed her tits and started pinching and pulling her tits while he fucked her tight pussy. This put brandi over the edge and she screamed!!! And her pussy clamped down on Ryan dick but Ryan fought to keep fucking because he knew It would only intensify the experience.

She could only say "fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCKKKKKKK!!!!" Ryan was still hard but had her pussy juices all over his luscious cock. He let her regain her strength before he put her on her hands and knees. Ryan got behind her and started to POUND her tight pussy. His balls slapping her clit with every thrust. Ryan knew he was going to last very much longer and he knew Brandi wasn't either. So he started to pick up his pace and was just fucking the living shit out of her. He was getting close so he licked his finger and got it nice and lubes up.

He knew he was going to cum in about 5 seconds so right then he sticks his finger in her asshole and brandi was like "WTF?!? OoO!!!!! Fuck!!! In cumming!!!!!" and so was Ryan. Ryan starting his huge load and brandi felt his cum deep in her pussy and started cumming harder! They both came for a long time but to all great orgasms there is an end.

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So both of then ended and they fell on the bed in the spooning position with Ryan's cock still her tight pulsing pussy. She turned to Ryan and kissed him on the lips and both of them fell asleep from the long day of orgasms. THE END.