Sexy amateur uses her rabbit vibrator in this video meant for her fuckbuddy

Sexy amateur uses her rabbit vibrator in this video meant for her fuckbuddy
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Tammy had met Master Steve on line, they had talked for months. But this would be the first time she had met him. She had lied to him and told him that she was well versed in the art of BDSM. She had told him she had practiced it now for four years, and that she was twenty-five. She was only twenty, and the most she knew about BDSM was what she read on line.

But for the first time last night they had traded addresses, and she had thought he lived a few states away, but to her surprise he lived in the next town. More to her surprise he wanted to meet her. Tonight she was going to his house for their first meeting. He was very stern in how he wanted her to dress, short skirt, no panties, stockings, blouse, and no bra.

He told her to leave all the information he had gave her with two of her closes friends, and he did not want to know who they were, as a safe guard for her. He told her the door to his house would be open, and to go inside. Tammy arrived on time, and went into the house; the location scared her a little for it was very isolated. She went into the living room it was sit up just as he said it would be, she went to the chair facing the front door, she had printed out the instruction he had sent her on how he wanted to find her when he walked in.

She carefully knelt in front of the chair, facing it her knees slightly spread, her back straight, her head held high, her ass sitting on her crossed heels, her hands laying on her knees palm up and waited. Steve stood just out of sight, he had been waiting for her arrival, and smiled as he heard her car drive up, she was on time.

He was stunned when she walked in, she was a lot younger then she said, with her hair up in piggy-tails as he told her, she looked sixteen. She stood about 5 foot nothing, and had a fit trim body, high breasts, big enough to fill his hand but not overly big, her legs were in great shape. He had to bite his lip to keep from moaning as she knelt in front of the chair, he caught the sweetest look at her bald cunt.

He did not approach her right off, he wanted to see if she would stay put. He went into the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee and took his time drinking it, peeking around the corner to make sure she was still there. Tammy had no clue how long she had sat there before she heard footsteps approaching. She remembered in the instructions she was not to look at him, her eyes were to stay on the floor until he was seated.

She felt him move up behind her, then without warning his hand was pushing her head forward, until it touched the floor in front of her. She fought the urge to fight. Steve took his time walking up behind her, knowing she could hear his steps on the hard wood of the floor. He smiled, as she did not move as he neared her. He had told her he would be inspecting his property and she was not to move, or resist in any way.

He bit back the moan as he seen her tight little pussy and ass hole. She had shaved herself bare, for him as told. Without warning he reached out and slapped her right ass cheek, smiling as the loud SMACK echoed, and her whimper that fallowed. "You have a few questions to answer slut." Steve said as he moved to his chair in front of her, and sat down.

"I expect truthful answers, and let it be known, you are going to be punished for lying to me on line." "Yes Sir." Tammy said, kneeling up, and getting back into the position she had been in. "How old are you?" Steve said. "I know you are not twenty-five." "I turned twenty a week ago Sir." Tammy said.

"How long have you been in the life?" "Since I was eighteen Sir." "That is twice you lied to me on line." Steve said. "Yes Sir." Tammy said. "Have you fucked before?" Steve said. "And how many times." "I have been sexually active since I was fifteen Sir." Tammy said.

"I am not sure how many times, I would guess next to 100 times." "How many different boys? Any men?" "I have had six different boys, no men Sir." Tammy said. "Have you had anal?" "No, but I have experienced with sticking my vibrator in my ass Sir." "Get up slut, it is time for you to start your punishment." Steve said. "Fallow me." Tammy get up from the floor, not sure if she was terrified or excited by the thought of this man being given full control of her body.

He stood well over six foot tall and though in his early forties had not one ounce of spare fat on him.

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His voice was deep and rich, and he had the bluest eyes she had ever seen. She fallowed him down a set of steps and into the basement. She stopped dead in her tracks as she seen the room he led her to. Steve loved his basement dungeon he had saved many years to fix it how it was today.

It was sound proof; he had all sizes and types of whips lining one-wall, dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs on another wall. But the tables, cross and horse was his pride and joy, he had worked hours building them. There were eyebolts, chains and rope everywhere in the room. He maneuvered Tammy where he wanted her; she had a few more questions to answer. "Do not move, you have a few more questions to answer." Steve said. "Did you do as I told you?

Did you give my information to two of your friends?" "Yes Sir." Tammy said standing at the foot of what looked like a doctors examining table. "Give me their names." Steve said, testing her. "No Sir." Tammy said, whimpering as his hand connected with her ass cheek. "You told me not to tell you no matter what." "Very good slut." Steve said. "When did you say you would be home?" "I told them if they did not hear from me by work time Monday they were to go to the police." Tammy said.

"Did you check me out?" Steve said. "Yes, and everyone I talk to had nothing but good things to say." Tammy said. "Very good slut." Steve said, then leaning in close to her ear. "Now your punishment begins." Tammy could not suppress the shiver that went through her at his words.

She tried not to fight has he took her by the hair and lead her to a dark corner of the room.

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She watched as he bound her hands over her head, using a rope hanging down from the ceiling. She watched as he moved away, then she felt her hand being raised, and did not stop until she was standing on her tiptoes.

She heard him moving again, she whimpered as he came up behind her and placed a blindfold over her eyes. "Now slut I will be back later." Steve said after the blindfold was in place. Tammy had no way of knowing how long he was gone or the strange noises she heard were from a tape he had started playing as he left the basement. At one point there was heavy breathing in the room, the person sounded like they were right behind her, then she heard a rat squeaking.

There was constant noise in the room with her. Then her own imagination kicked in, making the slightest noise louder. Steve only left her alone for minutes, but knew the tape would work wonders. He could hear her quiet sobs as he stepped into the room. He walked over to her, and chuckled as her body jerked at his touch, she calmed down at his chuckle.

That making a smile break out on his lips. Without saying a word he started stripping her. First off was her skirt, it buttoned up the front so it was easy to remove. Her blouse after unbuttoned was another matter, without much thought he cut it from her arms. He would replace it. He stood back looking at the young body in front of him.


In all ways she was perfect, her ass was tight and white, her breasts high and firm, and her waist could be spanned with his hands. Tammy whimpered as her blouse was cut off, she wondered what she had gotten herself into.


Everything in her told her she had to get away, but she was trapped. She felt him move away again, it be almost like her sense of hearing was super tuned. She wondered if he was going to leave her again. She licked her lips, tasting her tears, the cool air of the basement causing her nipples to tighten, the sense of suspense causing her to get wet.

Steve hadn't gone far, he moved to his chair setting against the wall, to watch her, and to decide what to do next. He wanted to fuck her, but knew the time was not right. He wanted to whip her ass, and watch it turn red, but knew it was not the right time.

He knew her arms were getting tired, for she had been hanging there for almost an hour now. Getting up he moved to the well padded vaulting horse, and rolled it over to her. With little effort he had her on the horse, her legs, one on either side of it, with a little pressure he had her laying flat her breasts pressed against it. He untied her hands and using the leather cuffs he had bolted to the horse legs bound her to it. Tammy almost yelled when her arms were relieved of the pressure of her body and the blood rushed back in them.

Pain raced from her fingertips to her shoulders. She knew she was on something but did not know what. She felt him moving around behind her, and felt something pressed against her pussy.

When she tried to lay her head down she found nothing under it, whatever she was on was only long enough to support her body, her head hung over the end. Steve stood back and looked over his handy work, little did she know it but she was a bout to suck his cock. If she would try to slide way, a dildo with the width of a baseball bat would stop her, or be in her one. With the slightest movement back on her part would cause the dildo to penetrate her, for it was strapped to the horse with the head pressed against her tightly.

Later he planed to use a smaller dildo on her, with a butt plug, but first his pleasure. "Have you ever sucked a cock slut?" Steve said walking back to her head. "No Sir." Tammy said. "I thought not, most little boys just want to get their pecker in a female." Steve said.

"But today you will suck me slut." As Tammy opened her mouth to say something she felt something push into her mouth, she tried to pull back but felt something press into her, the pain in her pussy has whatever it was tried to go into her was too much and she jerked forward, hearing his hiss as more of the thing slipped into her mouth. Steve moaned as the head of his cock stretched her lips before popping into her mouth. Her lips forming a tight seal around his shaft.

She did not even try to use her tongue, but that would come later, the feel of her tight lips around his shaft was enough for now.

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He grabbed her hair as he shoved more of his cock into her mouth, hearing as well as feeling her gag as it pressed for entrance in her throat, he backed off before pressing forward again, this time feeling her throat accept him, the muscles gripping and releasing as it tried to expel him.

The feel of her lips ad throat did not take long to have him spilling his seed deep into her throat with a deep groan. Pulling out enough to let her taste his seed, finishing the last surge of seed on her tongue. "Swallow it slut." Steve said as his cock came out of her mouth with a pop. "Get used to the taste for it one you will taste a lot before the weekend is out." Tammy whimpered as the blindfold was removed a little later, having to blink a few times to adjust to the dim light in the room.

The first thing she noticed was his cock, for it was eye level. Even limp it was huge. She watched has he moved around her, never touching her just looking. Twice he reached out and ran a finger over her ass cheeks, pressing against her asshole but pulling back as he felt it give a little.

She felt the pressure of the thing pressing against her pussy ease a few minutes later. "Your pussy looks so inviting slut." Steve said moving around behind her, smiling as he heard her whimper. "I will be using it later, but for now I have something else planned for that pretty little hole." To Tammy amazement he released her from the horse and helped her to the doctors table, and onto it.

Arranging her, as he wanted her, she whimpered as he pulled out the stirrups and placed her feet in them. Then moved away. She watched as he moved to get a few things and then came back to sit between her legs. He lowered another portion of the table, making it easy for him to move in very close to her pussy and ass. "I am not going to bind you to the table slut." Steve said, as he reached out and ran his fingers lightly against her slit.

"But one movement and I will tie you down." Tammy let out a whimper at his words, placing her hands on the table at her side, she clutched the table.

His next touch almost sent her off the table. She had never felt anyone touch her asshole, other then herself when she washed and whipped herself. But now not only was he touching it but also he was pressing against it.

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She tried to relax, knowing when she fallowed him down the stairs she was giving him the right to do almost anything he wanted. "Tell me slut." Steve said, pressing his finger a little harder against her puckered star. "What was one of the most important things we talked about on line." "We talked about a lot of things Sir." Tammy said, her mind racing.

"Wrong answer slut." Steve said pressing harder against the star, grinning as the tip of his finger broke through. "Try again." "We talked about a safe word Sir." Tammy whimpered.

"Very good slut." Steve said, moving his finger a little, knowing she will be thankful for it when he inserted the plug. "Did you pick one out?" "Yes Sir." Tammy said, relaxing a little as the pain eased. "What is it slut?" Steve said pressing a little more of his finger in. "Skeeter Sir." Tammy whimpered as more of his finger slipped in. "Skeeter?" Steve said, grinning as her anus took his finger too the first knuckle.

"My cat Sir." Tammy said. "When are you too use it slut?" Steve said pressing more of his finger in, not stopping this time until his hand rested against her firm ass. "When I feel you have pushed me too far, or I am scared Sir." Tammy said fighting the urge to move away from his finger and hand. "Very good slut." Steve said. Tammy moaned as his other hand came up and slid up her slit, from her pussy opening to her clit.

It rubbed around it, careful not to touch it until it was hard and throbbing, at the same time his finger in her ass started moving in and out. Tammy felt like he was torturing her, the pain in her ass faded, and was replace with a pleasure that kept building as his finger rubbed around and over her clit.

Steve watched as her pussy pulsed, and her juices started to flow, wetting his finger as it moved in and out of her ass. He smiled as her ass muscles started squeeze and release his finger, slowly he added another. Hearing her whimper as the second finger joined the first. But her anus readily accepted the second finger.

His cock started to stir as he thought of how tight her ass was going to be when he finely took it. Tammy felt her orgasm building, once the second finger was in and the pain had eased, her pussy was screaming for release. But has she opened her mouth to tell him it hit without much warning.

Steve watched has her ass come off the table as she started to grind against his finger. He slipped two fingers into her as her hips bucked, not being as careful as he was with her ass. He moaned as he felt how tight her pussy was. His fingers barely able to move as he fucked her, her cunt gripping and releasing.

Just as the milking on his fingers eased, he jerked his fingers out of her ass, and replaced them with the plug he had chose, a thin one, just a little thicker then his two fingers.

Smiling as her body jerked, and her pussy clamped hard around his fingers again. "Very good slut." Steve said, standing up and leaning over her, pulling the plug out until an inch still remained in her, then slamming it home again.

"DO NOT LET THAT PLUG SLIP OUT slut." "Yes Sir." Tammy whimpered as the plug sank home again. "You will thank me slut for loosing the tight ass when I fuck it slut." Steve said getting up.

"Your cunt is very tight slut; your past boyfriends must have had pencil dicks." Then moving up to stand beside her head. "I do not have that problem." Tammy moaned as she turned her head and seen for herself what he said was true, his cock stood hard, sticking straight out from his body. It was at least 8 inches long and 2 ½ inches thick. She felt her pussy give a twinge of anticipation at the thought of it fucking her. She whimpered as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the table again.

She had to clamp her ass muscles around the plug to keep them from pushing it out as she moved. "Get down on all fours slut." Steve sad. "It is time you felt your masters cock in his cunt." Tammy did as he said, getting on her hands and knees, bending her elbows a little so her ass stuck up in the air, her knees spread apart, giving him access to her pussy. She could hear him moving around behind her, heard the sound of something ripping, but knew better then turning to sere what it was.

She assumed it was a condom wrapper, for she had told him she was not on anything. Steve stepped between her spread knees, grinning at the look of her that way with the plug in her ass and her pussy gaping open slightly. He thought about not using a condom, but knew with as tight as her pussy was it would be a mistake.

Smoothing the condom on as he knelt between her knees, spreading his own to spread her wider. Knowing the plug would make her even tighter, but knew she was not a virgin, placing his hands on her hips he thrust all the way in, all at once. Tammy screamed as his cock ripped into her, his width making it seem almost like she was a virgin again. Thankful when he did not move for a second to let her pussy adjust to him.

She had never felt so full, the plug in her ass, pressing down through the thin membrane that separated her anus and pussy. Steve had never felt a pussy so tight, it fit him like a glove. Soon he felt the need to move, gripping her hips he pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in. Each time his cock was in all the way Tammy would whimper. But soon the need was building in his balls, and he no longer could hear her over the rush of blood in his head.

He felt her pussy gripping his cock, and then releasing it, and knew she soon would cum to. Tammy couldn't believe when her pussy started to build towards another orgasm. Soon she was pushing back against him, grinding her hips against his. She could feel his cock pulsing inside her, the flair of the head where it met the shaft rubbing against her as he moved in and out.

But when his cock swelled inside her, she came. Screaming as her pussy started milking him, gripping and releasing him as his seed pumped into the condom. Steve collapsed over her as the last of his seed was milked out of his cock. Never had he came so quick, he had always prided himself with enough control to hold off, making his slut beg before he allowed her to cum. But her cunt was just too tight. Finely he pulled out of her, hearing her whimper as his cock head popped free.

Removing the condom as he moved to her head. "Clean me slut." Steve said pressing his semi limp cock against her lips. Tammy did not even think, when she felt Steve's cock against her lips she sucked it in, using her tongue to clean his cum off.

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She collapsed to the floor as he pulled away, his now flaccid cock lying limp against him. "This is going to be an interesting weekend slut." Steve said getting to his feet.

Turning to point to a small cage in the corner. "That s your home for the weekend. You will be let out only to satisfy me." "But." Tammy started. "You will eat there, and sleep there slut." Steve said. "Until I think you have earned the right to sleep elsewhere." "Yes Sir." Tammy said. "Go to your cage slut." Steve said.

"I may come back later to use you," Tammy moved to the cage and got in, curling up on the blanket inside. "Do not let, or take the plug out slut." Steve said. "Yes Sir." Tammy said, watching him leave. Knowing it was going to be a great weekend.

She went to sleep thinking about how he would next use her.