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Sunny leone ass lick lesbian
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Ruby kicked at the van door, screaming through the gag in her mouth along, hoping that someone, anyone, would hear it. But there was no one else other than her abductors sitting in the front to hear her pleas. All she could hear was the laughing of the two men discussing what they'd do with her and the sound of the road underneath the tires. The brunette had been sleeping in her bed one minute and the next two men pulled her out, gagging her and binding her hands before piling her into the back of a van.

She quietly wept tears running from her green eyes hoping that it was all just a dream and that she'd wake up any moment. Her hopes being dashed as the van stopped and one of the men pulling her from the truck. "On your feet bitch!" he demanded dragging her up and forcing her towards a warehouse where his colleague stood, the door open.

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Ruby began to futilely scream pass the gag for help as she was pushed through the door thrashing about losing all hope as the door closed behind her. The man with the tight grip on her neck directing her towards a bed as the other wandered along beside them, eyeing her up and down, eyes lingering on her long pale legs.

"Fuck you're a noisy one aren't you." he said to her, her eyes widening as he spoke. "They always are before breeding, you know that." the man behind her replied.

Ruby's heart leapt into her throat "b-breeding?" she thought to herself, beginning to shake with nervousness. The man behind her noticing, leaning down to her ear. "Don't worry everyone's scared at first but they give in, they all give in. The sooner, the better." he whispered as he pushed her down onto the bed.

Sitting up she looked around noticing a chair with a table sitting nearby but apart from that the room was empty. The men stood at the end of the bed eyeing her over. "I think it's my turn to break her in isn't it?" the man who led her in said his partner nodding taking off his mask to reveal an oriental man with short black hair. "Sure is James, give me a good show hey?" he said as he walked to the table taking a seat and staring at the girl.

"Sure will Peter" the other muttered before taking his mask off his revealing a anglo-saxon man with short brown hair. Ruby franticly looked between them, James wandering over to her and taking her gag out of her mouth, only able to whimper forth a "p-please" James grinned as he reached out and began to grope her, his hands running up beneath her shirt to along her stomach, feeling her tremble at his touch the man grinned and pushed her back kissing at her collarbone his hands moving to her panty line fingers brushing over them.

"No, w-what are you?" the brunette said on another whimper. James sighed heavily "I'm preparing you, trust me you'll thank me later." Before she knew it his fingers had disappeared down into her panties, wriggling their way into her damp warmth.

One finger, curling around testing her before another was inserted the pale girl writhing around from the sensitivity. James sat up as he began to curl his fingers back, slowly at first but quickly picking up speed, immediately eliciting a reaction. Ruby's body beginning to jerk, thighs aching as he went, moaning out in reaction to his touch. "How you like that?

Pretty good isn't it you little slut." The brown haired man growled as he vigorously curled his fingers, her juices beginning to release. "Ah, ah ah ah, oh my god oh my god, oh my god! no please you'll make me-" Ruby yelled out on the brink of ecstasy as he quickly withdrew his fingers, her body tensing in denial.

The men only laughed at her Peter leaning forward with a smile on his face, a large bulge visible in his pants. "I think I heard her already begging for your cock in amongst all that." Ruby still quivering at his words "W-what n-" she protested before James interrupted her, "Its alright just accept it, your body's telling me you want it." His hands gripping the waist line of her pants quickly ripping them off in one tug leaving her panties.

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Looking to Peter, the oriental man gave him the nod of approval as he brought his hands to his belt line, unbuckling himself slowly and lowering his pants, Ruby mesmerised, both curious and nervous about what was to come. As they descended pass the pubis she saw the root of his cock more and more being revealed until finally the almost 11 inch monster of a cock sprung forth, swaying around.

"So what do you think?" James asked her with a grin the brunette sitting there motionless. "There's, n-no way, t-that's." Before she could finish James grabbed her by the legs and dragged her over to the edge of the bed splaying her legs wide. "It'll fit, you'll see." Peter said to her as she felt James' tip, pushing pass her lips stretching her tight hole as it entered deeper, "Oh my god she's tight." he groaned, Ruby a gasp, whining in pain a fresh tear running down her cheek.

His massive member filling her like never before, she breathed heavily trying to get used to the new sensation during the short respite. She wasn't allowed long before the well endowed man began to pump away at her tight cunt, his hips crashing heavily against her thighs, Ruby's heat beginning to throb and tighten around him. Making James groan out in pure pleasure. "Oh my fucking God, man it's like she's already trying to milk me dry." Peter laughing from the table as his hand dipped down into his pants, to retrieve a similarly sized cock.

Applying long, deep strokes to it as he enjoyed the exhibition in front of him. Ruby could do nothing but squirm, the only things she was able to feel being the mixture of pain and pleasure that emanated from her James bringing his thumb to rub against her clit making her writhe around even more, the bed creaking as her hips subconsciously began to buck back at him, moaning out.


James meat throbbed and pulsed in her burying itself deeper and deeper with each roll of his hips, Ruby's walls constricting around him. "Holy crap do you really want my cum that badly you slut?" James cooed as he leant over her emphasising the control he had over her. The brunettes heart leapt again being drawn back to reality for a moment. "Please no, anything but that?" Peter laughed again as he interjected, "What, it's not like we're just gonna let you go, you're too good, right James?" "Damn straight" he got in return as James buried his head in her neck, biting her hard making her cry in arousal and pain.

James began to thrust into her like there was no tomorrow, the sound of his hips and balls slapping against her resounding throughout the room, the pairs moans growing louder and louder until finally James' pelvis began to shake as he exploded into her, several ropes of his hot seed flowing into her. "Oh Fuck!" He yelled as Ruby moaned out cumming at the sensation of the warm semen pushed pass her cervix into her womb.

There was no doubt about it from the amount he'd released she was sure to get pregnant. Peter saw her face drop as James pushed himself up, some of his seed flowing out from her as he jerked his cum covered length, raring for another crack at her. "Don't worry. You're not going t o actually get pregnant, not with the amount of breeding we're going to be doing with you. Anything that starts to grow is just gonna be drowned anyway." Ruby perked up a tiny bit at the notification that she wouldn't be with child before realising that it meant her freedom.

"But if you don't do as we say or fall into line, we're just going to leave you in some cold dark room, all alone with a parasite growing in your stomach, so I suggest you play along." Peter continued with a grin jerking himself, getting off on her submission.

"So tell me Ruby, What do you want?" Tears began to well in her green eyes as she made her decision, "I mean if you're going to be stuck somewhere like this, they might let me go if I'm good and I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Besides what's the worst that could happen?" She thought to herself, as she tried to convince herself of a decision in a situation where she lost either way. One being worse than the other. Opening her eyes and sitting up on the bed she looked to the man at the table again.

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"I-I want to be a good girl. P-please treat me well." she said on a whimper as she decided her fate. "Good. good.

Peter said to himself with a large grin on his face. "You ready to go again?" He queried James who had been watching her all the while, his cum slipping out of her. "Sure am. On your knees bitch." He demanded As he pulled her up before forcing her head down onto the mattress so her pale and meaty ass stuck up in the air.

"Fuck she's got a nice ass." he commented bringing his hand down on it, leaving a red stinging mark behind. the recipient yelping as he did. "Now, where do you want my cock sweetie?" he asked, knowing that despite what she said it was going in her cunt anyway. I-in my." she trailed off "I can't hear you!" Peter yelled. "I-in my pussy!" she screamed in fear of reprisals.

"That's the way, see that wasn't so hard was it?" James cooed as he again lined himself up with her slit. This time shoving it into her with no reprieve, immediately assaulting her. Her cunt already becoming accustomed to his girth, James was able to move far more easily, the cum coating his member and lingering in her, making him slide with relative ease in and out of her.

The tip of his monster hitting her cervix over and over again. Pleasure sweeping over her body, as she moaned loudly, cumming over him once more, her eyes shutting tightly as she squeezed his cock even harder, making him groan with pleasure.

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"God dammit, do you really enjoy being bred that much?" to which she gave in, "Fuck yes!" she yelled, "I love getting fucked by your huge cock!" James grinned leaning over to her, pulling her head up and pointing it towards Peter. "In that case there shouldn't be any problem with him dropping his load in your filthy cunt once I'm done, right?" "No! I love your dicks." she groaned "good now just look at how hard he's jerking himself, just to fill you up even more." His hand grasping her long brunette hair tightly, forcing her to keep eye contact with him.

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His hips unrelenting in their destruction of her hole. Her body being forced forward with each hit, a cry and laboured sigh falling from her lips each time. James throbbed in her, fucking her like a man possessed nearing breaking point. "You about ready to take over here?" he asked Peter who replied in the affirmative pushing up off the chair and approaching his accomplice Ruby now unbeknownst to their exact position took every thrust as a surprise.

When suddenly following a loud groan from James she felt yet another load flow into her, his hips thrusting deeply into her with each burst. "Oh God. Yes! Give me your cum!" Her lovers body shaking and twitching from the intense orgasm. "You heard her Petey boy." James chuckled to his Asian friend as he withdrew from her again, rubbing the tip of his cum covered cock against his to assist his entry.

Soon enough Ruby felt another slightly different cock enter her slutty cunt. Already throbbing and pulsing, desperate to release thanks to the teasing performance it had to deal with. Peter reached down grabbing her around the neck and pulling her up, arching her back and squeezing tightly on her neck as he pounded away. "Fuck I love it when you sluts beg to be bred. You just can't live without our cum can you?" Peter growled into her ear, breathing laboured as he tried to postpone orgasm as long as possible, member violently pulsing.

"I love your cum, I'd die without it! Please give it to me, fill my slutty pussy with your cum Peter!" She screamed in bliss as Peter finally broke, exploding with such force that some of his cum spurted out of her pussy.

Pulling himself from her and pushing her to the bed. The men stood there admiring the sight before them, cocks still hard.


"Have a rest. we'll be sure to breed you again later." James said to her, loosening the binding on her hands before walking towards the rooms door intent on cleaning himself up, Peter speaking up as he left.

"If you're lucky we might bring a few friends next time. Don't forget you're our cum dumpster now, so make sure you act like it." A wide grin curving his lips as he shut the door behind him leaving Ruby lying there, cum seeping out of her slit, her face stained with tears of pleasure and anguish.


Only able to recognise one thing. That she was their own personal toy, free to do whatever they liked with her and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Not that she wanted to anymore.