Sexy slave in cage has a hard lesson

Sexy slave in cage has a hard lesson
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Welcome back fans. This is the third series with Guy and company. It's the second week of October, and school year started and has progress nicely for me and the girls. My family finally took our vacation that was meant for the early summer and while I had a good time my Dad and I aren't talking much. Mom tries to keep us both communicating but with Dad wanting complete control of my life and me just wanting to have some say in the matter it's getting rough. In August the school districts changed the district boundaries for the high schools, it was good and bad because Lajita had to move to another school but Mathilda got transferred in which caused some celebration among the crew.

Katy and Jun got her caught up on credits and for the past two months I've been dealing with people who are trying to sit close to our table in the lunch room in case I decide to recruit anymore people. I think the balance is fine but Katy doesn't, I'm letting some of Jun's friends sit at the table since they're all part of the same tutoring group but honestly not one of them has impressed me.

Kori has been looking as well and Natsuko has been following me around like a secretary in case I make some decision. The patch on my jacket has people calling us 'Pariahs' when they think we can't hear them. I'm not sure if that's what I'd want to call this motley crew but I am more concerned with my studies. It's Monday and everyone but Mathilda and Tracy have 2nd lunch with me and we're all piled around the table talking, everyone except me thanks to boredom with the whole recruitment nagging I'm getting from Katy.

"Guy you need to seriously think about getting yourself some back up here," Katy nags on," Jun is willing to fight but he's not exactly and force to be reckoned with." "Fuck you Katy, I'm sitting right here," Jun says offended.

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"Well I think we could start bringing people around and see who Guy likes for himself," Natsuko says trying to be diplomatic about it. "What you're all missing is that I really am not interested in making a big deal out of this," I tell them finally joining the conversation," So we all wear hoods and aside from being some kind of non-dork looking tutoring we don't do shit." My observation gets everyone to quiet down about the recruiting and we all finally finish lunch and head off to fourth period.

My day is quicker than most and it's only in my homeroom class that I start to feel a little out of place as I enter the room and see twenty kids all dress damn near the same. A sea of with button up shirts and blouses with either black slacks or khakis for the boys or long skirts and black dress pants for the girls. All eyes turn to me as I enter and it's my new advisor who is the one to address me.

"Mr. Donnelly, we're currently having a club meeting so here's your pass unless you are wanting to join," Mrs. Kelley tells me. I see some of the students size me up and a few start whispering to themselves.

I take the pass and am almost out of the room when nearly run into Heather in the door way. She warms up as she sees me but it's the pretty boy behind her who has more of my attention as he stares at me. He's white kid, blonde hair and I'm guessing on a decent build. This guy is all style too, done nice hair and shined shoes with his name brand button up shirt and dress slacks. "Oh Guy I'm so glad to see you here," Heather say happily," I was wondering if I could talk to you about joining up with our club." "No thanks Heather," I tell her pushing through the two of them," I don't wanna join the Mormon religion." "This isn't a church group," the pretty boy 'informs' me," This is a school activities group with a purpose." "Great, so go use your purpose to find some individuality," I tell him before heading off to the gym.

I can hear pretty boy stop Heather from coming after me and I'd almost thank his smug ass for the favor. I get half way across campus when I see a few of the jocks chasing a guy out of the locker room laughing. I'm not sure how but the kid is covered in a white powder and carrying most of his clothes in his arms and his backpack is hooked around his leg.

I see the jocks head back inside but the guy's not stopping and I let him pass me before getting a good look at him. He's large, not so much fat but big as hell and standing about six foot three.

I let him get passed me and catch that he's crying a little before shaking my head and finally getting into the gym where girls' basketball practice is going on. Tracy is running the new girls through drills and my presence isn't noticed by anyone until Mathilda takes a water break and waves a little to me.

I watch the girls and finish my homework on the bleachers as school finally lets out. I grab my gear and head out to the parking lot to see who is riding with me on my bike today.

Jun and some of the Asian geek brigade are watching a video as they walk up. "Hey did you see the big guy go running through the school covered in baking soda," Jun asks showing me the guy I saw earlier. I nod and they banter on about how funny it looked with the exception of Lilly who doesn't find the guy's situation amusing.

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I see Kori and Liz come bounding up with Liz's boyfriend Greg and I get a kiss from Kori while Liz tries to get a kiss goodbye from Greg.

He finally gives her one on the cheek before heading off to his own car. "Seriously I think he's gay Liz," I tell my sister getting a death glare. "He's not gay he's a traditional Christian," Liz 'informs' me," He doesn't believe in sex unless you can prove that you are truly in love." I stand there with the best 'wow that's idiotic' look on my face and get punch to the shoulder from Liz for my mockery.

I agree to take Kori home and let the girls take the family care that Katy gets to drive since she caught up on her credits this summer; Mom was really rooting for her on that one. Kori and I are down the road and home fast thanks to my near intimate knowledge of the route to her place. Her Mom is still at work as I park the bike and notice Carl is working his magic in the kitchen.

I say my hello and follow Kori upstairs where apparently she's not done with the lunch time discussion as she starts in. "We need to get some more people baby," Kori tells me sitting me down on her bed," there are just too many girls in the group." "Babe I've been over this with everyone, I don't really want the group to be honest," I tell her getting a look of unpleasant woman in front of me.

"Okay, Guy, let me explain," Kori says sitting down in her computer chair," You had this great thing last year and you did nothing with it, then you went away for the summer and got really out of touch with things.

You're back home now; you don't have to be someone else anymore you can be you again." "Kori, I got betrayed, I got mad, I got my ass handed to me and then I got revenge," I explain to her plainly," honestly I'm more interested in just getting all of us through the school year and then just getting out of school next year with a possible vacation at some point." We sit in silence for a few minutes when Kori finally stands up and gives me a kiss on the forehead before getting out her homework.

We spend an hour getting her work finished but she's not in a mood to play girlfriend right now. I barely get Kori to hug me before I grab my bag and head back home on my bike. Katy's on her phone at the table when I get in the door, I can tell she's talking to Jun about her class work and even Liz is looking over the work trying to help. I drop my bag in my room and pull up my usual pages on my computer, mildly skimming through facebook and making a comment on Mathilda's page about her awesome practice.

I catch a notice on the school site of the big guy getting bullied in the locker room. I ping a message to Jun asking if he posted it and he tells me his friends are clean. I shake it off as I get a knock on my door.


"Son I'm coming in," my Dad says before entering. I don't move from my spot and keep flipping through the pages as he steps inside and watches me for a second before starting a conversation I don't want to have with him. "So I was thinking about you and me going camping thanksgiving weekend on black Friday so the girls can shop and we can have some guy time," Dad tells me laying out his idea. "Do I have a choice in the matter because I'd personally rather stay home and enjoy the weekend indoors," I tell him without looking away from my screen.

"You can stay home. I just thought it'd be good if you and I had some bonding time since you've started working out on your own," Dad replies a little disheartened by my dismissal of his plan. I've been distant with him since I got back from the summer down in Texas. I really tried to forgive him for not telling me about the court case and the visitation hearings. Ever since I got back I feel like everyone has this plan for what they think I should be doing.

It's annoying to say the least but I turn my attention to my father who is still waiting for some sort of hopeful response to his camping trip. "I really don't care what we do after Thanksgiving Day," I tell him plainly," You tell me to camp I'll go camp, you tell me to stay home and do nothing I'll do that too. Doesn't really matter much to me either way." I see him nod a little and mention dinner at seven as usual before exiting my room and closing the door.

I don't have much to do really once homework and my computer is a temporary distraction. I head back into the rest of the house and see Katy has her homework almost done and is off the phone.

I move past it and head straight into the gym/garage and taking off my shirt and taping my hands start in on the speed bag. I'm keeping a good pace and I know that someone just entered the room but I don't really care until I lose my rhythm and finally turn to see Katy standing in a pair of green trunks and black sports bra with her hands padded up. "Okay so you decided to go all MMA this evening," I say starting to move to the heavy bag. "Nope I'm gonna kick your ass," Katy tells me smiling.

"Yeah, I don't fight girls and you know that. You win," I tell her starting in with a few jabs to the bag.

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"Well you need to talk to someone and either I kick your ass then you talk or you talk then you show me what Dad hasn't yet," Katy says bobbing around like a boxer. Well that explains what Dad has been doing since he and I stopped working out together. The two of them have been showing Katy the finer points of self defense.

I put on some punching pads and get a groan of disappointment from Katy but she puts her fists up and starts tagging my target hands while talking. "Kori called Liz who told me that you're giving up on us," Katy says almost swinging at my head.

"No I'm just not interested in this whole organization you seem so keen on me running," I reply ducking. "Maybe this 'organization' is what keeps these three girls of yours around," Katy says tagging my right hand hard," Maybe it shows people that you can't fuck with the little guy and get away with it." "Yeah, I'm some sort of anti-bullying role model. You don't believe that and I know it," I tell her keeping the hand pads up as Katy continues her strikes.

"Fine, you don't want to be a role model, well what about your Dad," Katy asks dropping her hands a moment," He is trying hard to figure out what happened between you two and honestly aside from him actually trying to a good parent I don't know what he did." I back up and take the hand pads off, it's becoming aggravating that every conversation I have is ending up with everyone questioning why I'm doing things my way and not doing what they think I should do.

Katy wants to talk but I'm done as I exit the garage and decide to head out on my bike even though dinner is almost ready. I grab my coat and I can hear my Dad trying to call to me as I start up my bike but it does little to slow me down as I head out into the evening. I must have been driving for about an hour and for some reason I'm outside a Circle K gas station, THE Circle K station that I first came to when I got left for dead by Derek and the same one that I called him out to and he died at.

I cruise my bike on the trail till I get to the rock field before parking my bike and sitting down to look at the stars. It's a cold night and I can feel it in the ground under me. I don't know how long I'm sitting there but I can hear someone walking up to me, I don't turn to see who. I figure if they found me here they must have something important to say. I listen as the mystery guest sits down next to me.

"Wow, something really changed you back into a little shit didn't it," I hear the guy next to me say. "Well first off you don't know me and second I'm who I choose to be," I say turning to see that Derek is sitting next to me. I don't know why but I'm not running as much as I should be considering my former best friend, who has been dead for a year now, is talking to me in the moonlight. I can see the bullet holes in his chest, the blood pooled on his shirt, his face is a little pale but generally it looks like he's not too upset considering he's dead.

"What the fuck is this," I ask wanting to move. "Well maybe you died out here with me? Or maybe you're dreaming and your subconscious is trying to tell you something? Or maybe I'm a zombie and I'm gonna eat you," Derek says jokingly cryptic. "Well since you're here what's being dead like," I asks trying to turn the subject off of me. "Nope, no answers about the dead," Derek says wagging finger at me," Besides I think I'm here about you." "Well nothing is wrong with me," I say standing up.

"Bullshit, I'm fucking here cause you need to fucking do something instead of just trying to make the shit better," Derek says getting in front of me," You fucking killed my ass cause I didn't kill you first. You destroy Kamran and his friend's lives just to prove a point. Then what did you do NOTHING.

You sat around and kinda enjoyed shit and when a big situation came around for you to stand the fuck up for yourself you decided to make a deal like everyone else instead of just owning the whole fucking situation and making everyone know that you are the fucking man of your own damn life." "Fuck you Derek," I yell in his face," I didn't make a deal, I got me some good shit for my time down there and maybe some decent people." "Fuck yourself Guy," Derek retorts calmly," You took the easy way and not the right way and then you decided to become someone's personal bitch and handle all their problems for them.

Used to be you saw something wrong you figured out how to fuck it up then you fucked its ass up." "And I do what, just start walking around till I find someone I trust to betray me then I just make their life hell," I more yell than ask. "Maybe you let someone make themselves into an ass. Maybe you try standing up for something and you die so I can talk to someone I know," Derek says backing away in the dark," Or maybe you just had your one great moment and now you get to fade away." The buzzing in my coat startles the shit out of me as I jolt up from my seat on the ground.

I must have fallen asleep but I'm wide awake now and I check my phone, it's dark but I've got a few messages and a couple missed calls from the girls and my folks. The only one who didn't message me is the one I need to see the most, Kori. I get my bike out of the field and as soon as I hit asphalt I am a black dart in the night. It's about one in the morning as I pull in front of Kori's house, I kill the engine on my bike and park it out front before shooting her a text asking her if she's home.

It sounds goofy but if I'm dreaming of dead former friends goofy is right about where I should be right now. No response so I text her again, and keep repeating it for about ten minutes when my phone goes off with Kori calling me. "Baby what the hell is going on, you woke me up," Kori says quietly into the phone. "I'm out front, where is my girl," I ask her moving to the front door.

It takes a few minutes but sure enough Kori answers the door in her bathrobe, even tired with her hair messed up she looks damn good. "Guy it's one in the morning, what happened," Kori says stepping out of the house and closing the door. "I'm guessing my folks called," I ask quietly. "Everyone has been wondering where the hell you were," Kori says leaning against the door jam. "Everyone except you. I don't have a single message from you on my phone," I tell her plainly.

"Well maybe I figured that if you wanted me to know or were going to listen to me you'd tell me what was going on first instead of just brushing me and everyone else off," Kori says a little upset. "That's the problem, you all want me to lead but you want me to do shit your way," I explain to her," I'm not doing that, I'll listen to everyone ideas but they need to either accept what I choose and like it or leave." "Fine but make a real choice then, don't just sit around doing nothing while we all wait for you to do something," Kori says showing she's a little upset by the time for the conversation.

"I am, first thing on the list is making sure all of you understand that I'm in charge and that things are going to be happening my way," I tell her opening up my coat. "And how are you planning to do&hellip.," Is as far as I let Kori get. I cut her off quickly slamming my mouth against hers and pressing her body against the front door. Pure shock of what I'm doing has Kori tensed up but I'm not stopping as I pull her bathrobe open, I can feel the bed tank top in my hands as I start squeezing her soft breasts.

I'm half hard and a little tired but I'm not stopping as Kori tries to shove me off her, it doesn't stop me as I keep working my tongue in her mouth. I don't know what switch flipped in Kori's head but she finally starts rubbing her hands against my body under my coat and kisses me back hard and fierce. I feel Kori's hands working her way around my jeans and finally to the front where she gets them undone and starts stroking my cock. I feel her try to move down but I keep her standing and start to pull her panties down off her ass.

I let her break our kiss but I keep kissing Kori's neck and the top of her breasts. "Guy, we need to go inside or something," Kori whispers almost gasping. "No, right here and right now," I growl back nibbling at Kori's neck. I can hear her moaning as I hike one of Kori's legs up and start lining my cock up with her slit, slowly rubbing the head against her lips before jamming half my cock deep inside her.

Kori gasps and I'm pleased that she's wet and soft inside. The velvety feeling has me thinking about taking a slow my pace but that thought lasts for about three seconds before I start thrusting hard and deep into Kori. I keep Kori's leg up as I fuck her against the door jam, her arms wrapping around my back and neck.

The sweet softness of her being pounded hard and methodically has Kori moaning into my ear. "I don't know what got into you but get some in me too," Kori teases in my ear. I'm close but not close enough as I speed up my thrusts and stop biting her neck. Kori grabs me by the back of the head and has me locked in her gaze; her usually sweet grey eyes are begging and demanding release at the same time.

If I ever needed a moment to cum that was it as I thrust my whole cock deep inside Kori's pussy and quietly shoot my load. Kori feels it and pulls my head forward jamming her mouth onto mine and moaning as we kiss.

We stand there intertwined for I don't know how long when she finally decides to speak. "That was quicker than usual," Kori tells me coyly. "Yeah well maybe I'll fuck you again tomorrow when we wake up," I reply smiling. I see her face get confused as I pull out of her and fetch her panties from the ground. Kori takes them and starts to head inside and when I follow she turns and gives me a 'what are you doing' look.

I smile and close the door quietly before taking off my boots at the door and tip toeing after her up to her room. Once inside she's still looking at me like I'm insane while I strip down to my underwear.

"We're going to get into so much trouble," She whispers to me. "Maybe we will, maybe we won't. If we do it'll be fun either way," I reply climbing into her bed. I can tell she wants me to leave but more so she likes that I'm staying and curls up next to me on her bed as we drift off to sleep.

The next morning I wake up to Kori's hand over my mouth and her trying to get me out of bed and dressed quietly. I smile and watch her face get the 'oh no' look as I throw on my clothes and head downstairs to where Kori's parents, Mary and Carl are sitting with breakfast.

As soon as I come around the corner and start to fix a plate for myself and Kori the both of them get quiet. "Good morning Mary," I say politely to Kori's mom giving her a shocked kiss on the cheek as I set plates down," Morning Carl, thanks for breakfast." "Well good morning to you Guy," Carl says chuckling," When did you come over?" "Last night, I needed to see my girl," I reply in between bites of eggs.

I know they're wondering what happened to bring me over in the middle of the night and I'm just hoping that Mary doesn't have a fit over my being there.

Kori comes down the stairs in her bathrobe and I hop up and pull her chair out for her before sitting back down to enjoy my morning meal. "Okay so do you want to explain to me why you're coming over here to visit my daughter in the middle of the night," Mary asks finally getting her feet under her.

"Yes, I love her and I really needed to see her right then," I plainly state. "And you didn't think about waiting till this morning when we were up to do this," Mary asks a little put off.

"Baby you need to understand something. When a man needs to see his girl it's not a matter of convenience it's a 'right the hell now' moment," Carl says in my defense. "Okay but we're her parents and you should be talking with us before you do these things," Mary says trying to keep her high ground.

"Yes I should, so from now on when I come over in the early morning I'll just wake you both up freaking you out to let you know that I'm currently sleeping with your daughter," I reply jokingly," Honestly I figured that just coming down this morning and being honest would probably go over better." "Boy you are dangerous, but at least you're not stupid and lying to me," Mary says finally cracking a smile as she finishes her coffee.

We all relax at the table, especially Kori who was waiting for her parents to kill me or throw me out. I shoot a text off to Liz asking her to grab my bag from my room and bring it to school so I don't have to take a trip home. Not four seconds later my phone proceeds to self destruct under the text messages and a phone call from Dad. "Hey Dad, what's wrong," I ask calmly. "Son where the hell were you last night," my Father asks me trying to remain calm.

I go through my events of just heading out and sleeping under the stars before dropping in on Kori late at night.

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I can tell he's trying to absorb everything but his paternal instincts are beginning to take over. "Well you need to come home before school so we can sit down and talk about what's going on," my Father tells me holding in his anger. "I can't do that Dad; I'll be late for school if we talk now.

Here's what I can do, I'm going to school today, once I drop Kori off at home I'll come straight there and then we can have our conversation," I tell him countering his offer with my own. "Guy its Mom," my Mom says suddenly into the phone," I want you to promise me that you'll be here after school, no excuses." "Yes Mom, after I bring Kori home I'll come straight there and let you guys tear me apart," I tell her getting a look from Kori as we head out the door.

"Stop being melodramatic Guy," Mom warns me," Be home, we'll be waiting." Kori and I head into school a little faster than I normally ride but it gives us enough time to sit on my bike and tell her about having to talk with my folks after school. Mathilda is the first person to get to school and Kori gives me a playful shove in Mathilda's direction.

I note Mathilda's attire, plain pink t-shirt and blue jeans with her grey hooded sweater jacket. "Hey Matty, how are you holding up," I ask covering the distance between my bike and her car. "What the hell happened to you last night? Your parents called me asking me if I was hiding you," Mathilda says a little upset," I had to swear to them I didn't have you over then you don't respond to any of my messages and now you're standing here all biker boy with your hood up like nothing happened.

Are you losing it?" It's never easy having a girl who is not only taller than you but just as muscular as you when you want to do something bold. Regardless of her size I pin Mathilda up against her car and push my mouth up into hers hard forcing a kiss out of her which causes her to almost lift me up into her mouth and hard against her body.

Kori is sweet and tastes like cherries in the morning but Mathilda is salty like sweat and the contrast as me fighting a hard on in the parking lot when we finally break the kiss. "What the hell happened to you," Mathilda asks breathing heavy. "I'm still trying to wonder if we should ask or just go with it," Kori says joining us against the car. The girls chat a little about me like I'm not there and Kori relays what happened last night which get's Mathilda all sorts of hot and groping me as we wait for others to show up.

Finally Jun, Lilly and Natsuko arrive walking up and shortly after them Liz and Katy pull up in the family car. Katy is all decked out like a bad school girl with her pleated skirt and tied on white shirt, her own leather jacket with hood option on. Liz tosses my bag at me angrily and heads off to find her boyfriend while Katy stares at me like I just killed a puppy.

"Are you running away," Katy finally asks timidly. "Oh girl do I have some work to do on you," I tell Katy pulling her almost on top of me and onto the hood of the Matty's car.

I grip the hair on the back of Katy's head and Jam my tongue in her mouth hard which gets her own tongue slamming back into my mouth in reply. We wrestle for a few moments when Katy pushes off me and we get off Mathilda's hood before we cause too much of a scene.

"Okay, I'm feeling really left out here," Natsuko says sheepishly. "Maybe later Natty, I girls I need to borrow Jun and we need to get to class before I actually get into some real trouble today," I say to the girls as I let them get ahead of us.

"You need me for something big," Jun asks as I admire the line of girl asses in front of us. "Yeah, big guy from yesterday? I want his name, homeroom and when and where he eats lunch and I want it by the time I'm done with second period," I order Jun like I'm in the military.

"I'll get it," Jun says pausing," Are we going to make an example out of him or something?" "Of course we are, the best kind of example," I tell him smiling as I head to my first class. I get a text on my phone at the end of second period from Jun. Devin Gibson, sophomore transfer from some high school in Farmville USA. He's got second lunch with us but he eats a home lunch and usually out by one of the ball fields with bleachers.

As for his homeroom I don't recognize the teacher but Jun says she's a decent one. I roll into third period and park my ass right on top of Natsuko's desk before the class starts which gets her attention really fast. "Okay I'm guessing you want me to do something boss," Natsuko says smiling up at me.

"Yes my sexy little secretary. I need you to go out before lunch and find that big guy from the video yesterday and bring him to the table today," I tell her watching her get a confused look on her face. "Are you sure, he's kinda big and I'm not gonna be able to move him," Natsuko says like I'm asking her to pick up a piano. "Girl, just get him," I reply smiling as I take my seat.

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We get out of third period and I head quickly into the cafeteria and grab my food before the rest of the crew gets in and by the time they're all seated I'm finishing my milk.

Nobody really says anything about my quick eating and I get Kori on one side of me and Katy on the other when I see Natsuko leading the mountain in by the hand. Everyone at the table watches in a mild shock as she sits him down. I sit with my hood up keeping my face obscured from the big boy across from me; he's nervous and very scared as he takes out his paper bag lunch.

"Don't eat that," I tell him causing the whole table to get quiet. "But it's my lunch," Devin says nervously. I back my chair up and walk slowly around the table; I hold my hand out to Jun who hands me his cell phone. It takes a second to pull up the video and show him running across campus. His face gets red with embarrassment and I toss the phone back to Jun. "Why are you scared," I ask him coldly. "Cause you're gonna make fun of me," Devin says choking up. "Only if you let me," I reply shoving Devin as he sits in his chair.

I can hear Kori saying something but Katy stops her from getting involved as I push Devin again. He's back into a corner metaphorically with everyone watching and now some more people in the lunch room starting to pay attention. Devin tries to stand up but I shove him back into his chair. "What are you gonna do kid," I ask him coldly," You got nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, I'm gonna embarrass you in front of everyone here and you can't stop me on my worst day. Stand up." I watch as Devin tries to stand up before I shove him back into his chair.

Kori is whispering to Katy and the two of them get quiet as I shoot them a glare before turning back to Devin who has tears running down his face.

"You want out you gotta go through me," I tell him getting in his face," you can't because you're just a scared little ball of fat and shi…" Devin cuts me off by grabbing my throat with both hands and lifts me up before slamming me down onto an adjoining table. Kids clear out a space and I don't fight him as he tries to squeeze the air out of me on the table, Kori and Katy are yelling and I wave off Jun who really wants to help.

I finally make eye contact with Devin and in his rage I let him see me smiling at him. I watch his eyes go wide with the shock of what he's actually doing. I feel his body start shaking as he lets go of my neck and backs off slowly, I get up off the table and grabbing him by the arm I lead him out of the cafeteria.

We get to one of the fields when he stops and starts to break down. "Stand up Devin," I tell him watching the rest of the crew follow us up. "I can't, I nearly killed you, I'm gonna get into so much trouble," Devin babbles on his knees. I calmly tilt his head up and give him a light slap shocking the shit out of him. Kori is a little freaked but Jun and Katy look like they understand what I'm doing while Natsuko and Lilly are confused as all hell. "I've been left for dead Devin, still here," I tell him holding my arms out," You are dead, you wanna stay dead or do you want to live for once in your life?

Look at the people around you; we're all outcasts, pariahs and the unwanted. We didn't fit in cause they said we didn't and now where we go they move out of our way, when I do something nobody says shit cause they worry about what I'LL do when I find out. STAND UP!" Devin stands up and still has tears running down his face but I wave Kori over who rubs his back a little calming him down.

He's looking around confused and just as scared as when he sat down at the table. "Here Devin you can belong, I want you here with us. You're big and strong, just too soft," I tell him calmly to show that I'm not angry or upset," We take care of each other here, you want in then come find me during homeroom, I'll be in the gym." I walk past him and grab my bag from Natsuko who grabbed it for me as they left the cafeteria.

I rub my shoulder a little, he slammed me down hard and Kori is the first person to comment about what happened as we're passing the library. "Guy that was too much," Kori says concerned. "No more than what Jun went through trying to step out from his Mom, or Katy or even me," I tell her," We are here because we had shit we didn't like and all I do is make you take that first step to fix your shit." "Okay but he's still standing in that field scared," Kori tells me softly.

"A good master doesn't force a student to learn from him, he simply opens his door and lets the rain bring the student inside," Jun says cryptically. Everyone including Natsuko stops and just stares at Jun for a second before I smile and nod to him.

Jun just earned a good portion of respect from me and the girls with that one but Kori seems unconvinced as we head off to fourth period. The rest of my classes pass without incident and as soon as I get to homeroom I see the sea of white shirts and have my pass filled out in record time.

I pass Heather by about ten feet in the hall and she almost looks like she wants to try to talk but the pretty boy walking with her and a kid I haven't seen before keep her straight ahead and I make it to the gym to see there is no practice but my friends are all here and either working on some homework of talking as I make my way up the bleachers.

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We're all sitting me with my head in Kori's lap when I get the feeling I'm being watched and nudge Natsuko. "Need something Guy," Natsuko asks politely. "Yeah, someone is here and I want them found," I tell her. I watch her bound down the bleachers and make her way around to the doors. After a few moments I see her come back and shake her head. I sit up and start looking myself and still can't shake the feeling but ignore it when I hear doors open and see my new mountain come walking in quietly.

I watch Devin get to the base of the bleachers and look up expectantly. "Oh God man, get your big ass up here," I call down to him laughing. He smiles a little and makes his way up to the rest of us and after we go through the introductions and explanations I can tell he's confused by the fact that I have three girlfriends. "So you have three girlfriends and nobody says anything about it," Devin asks trying to wrap his brain around it.

"Guy let me get this one, you like sandwiches Devin," Kori asks plainly. I watch him get embarrassed by the question but he nods in response as she starts in.

"Well you eat sandwiches till you're full right? Well all four of us have Guy, he keeps us happy," Kori says getting a nod from Devin. "And full, he keeps us very full," Katy says causing Devin to blush.

I watch everyone laugh at Devin's red face and after a few moments he starts as well. Final bell rings and we all head out to our vehicles but I stop Devin as he heads for his bus and let him know that he needs to get a jacket with a hood and preferably something that makes him look tough.

I see him think about it and he nods before bounding away from the group. Liz starts to head up with Greg and seeing me stops and detours over to his car and says her goodbye there before joining up with us.

"Hey Katy, can you give Kori a ride home, I need to head straight there so I can hash things out with Mom and Dad," I ask her politely. "Sure, want us to hang there for a while till things get settled," Katy asks getting a concerned look thrown my way from Kori.

I nod my head before starting my bike and almost get my helmet on when Lilly stops me and gives me a kiss on the cheek before running off to catch up with Jun. I look at Kori who smiles big and wave them off. I sit and think about how my parents are going to act when I get home and figure it's just better to get it over with and head towards home. I can see Mom and Dad are already in the living room and both of them perk up as I pull into the driveway and park my bike. I get my feet in the door and set my bag down in silence as they both sit and watch me waiting for me to make some sort of explanation.

I calmly sit down and try to relax when Mom decides she's going to break the ice. "Guy your father and I've been talking, and I know this isn't what you want to hear but we're thinking you should try to see a therapist with your father," Mom says shocking the hell out of me. "I need to see a therapist with him about what," I ask dumbfounded. "Well we used to be close son," Dad says chiming in," and now ever since you got back from Texas with Loretta you've been distant and don't want to be a part of the family let alone talk with me about anything in your life." "We care about you Guy and you are a part of this family, but we need you to open up with us and since you haven't been willing to do that maybe a mediator would help," Mom says trying to keep the situation calm," It seemed to help with Loretta down in Texas and if it was so effective there then maybe you need some of that up here." "You want to know what my problem is, everyone keeps making all these choices for me and I'm finding out about them after you've already decided that it's going to happen," I say getting upset," I don't need a fucking therapist, what I need to be given some fucking say in what the fuck happens in my own damn life." "Guy watch your language we're your parents," Dad says standing up.

"Watch what I say? You tell me you care about me but you don't respect me," I say getting in his face," You know what, Loretta was wrong. You don't need me to take it easy on you because guess what Dad, I'm not a little boy anymore.

I have women and people who look to me like I'm some god damn leader and when I figured I could use someone who would be able to advise me on how to handle shit I'm not even remotely close to understanding you pull this therapist bullshi…" My head is ringing, I don't really know what happened but I can hear my Mom has her voice raised and while I'm still standing I'm not really sure where I am.

My vision starts to come back and my hearing as well but it's the stinging in my face that literally hits me the hardest.

I step back and can finally see the scene in front of me and it dawns on me. Mom is standing there with her hands over her mouth terrified, Dad is tense but wide eyed and ready to go. Dad just slapped me. No pads, no training, no safety net slapped me in my fucking face. I stand there and move my jaw in pain and rub my face gingerly as the two of them stare at me waiting for something to happen. I don't know what to do about this considering I've never been slapped before by him.

"I'm going to my room now," is the only thing I can say as I slowly walk to my bedroom. I quietly close the door and can hear them talking in the living room but the ringing in my ear is still prominent. I move to my bed and take my coat off, sitting down facing away from the door I look over my jacket. I can see the nicks in the leather from wear and tear, been wearing it almost everywhere for a year now.

I think about maybe trying to get a new jacket and switch the patch over but that just sounds stupid as soon as I think it. I didn't get rid of Kori when I found Katy, and I didn't get rid of either of them when I finalized things with Mathilda either. So why get rid of the coat now? I get up and hang it on my computer chair and take my seat on the bed and think about my own personal 'shot heard around the Donnelly home'. I can hear my phone going off in my coat but I leave it alone for now.

I am stunned by the events of my afternoon, the day as a whole were going so well then BAM! I'm slapped silly by my Father just because I'm trying to get some damn independence. I think about going back into the living room and fighting him but that would be like Jun trying to fight me for Kori, it'd be over very quickly and there'd be a lot of pain involved. Why hasn't Jun learned how to fight? I start trying to shake random thoughts out of my head when I get a knock at my door.

I don't answer and finally I hear it open and listen as my Mom comes into the room and after moving my computer chair in front of me sits down. I can see she's been crying a little and is definitely hurt by the family in fighting. "Guy is your face okay," Mom finally asks quietly. "Yeah it's fine Mom," I reply numbly. "Can we try to talk, just you and me," She asks leaning forward and taking my hand.

"Sure Mom, what is bothering you," I ask her feeling really weird about the situation. "Well about half an hour ago I just watched the man I love slap my son in the face," Mom says almost forcing the words out of her mouth," Now I feel like I'm going to lose my family and my husband is sitting alone in his garage staring into space.

So I'm feeling really messed up right now." I sit quietly, I'd talk but I don't have anything to say about getting slapped thanks to the fact that it shocked me as much as the both of them. I can see she's trying to read me and figure out what I'm going to do next but I'm not sure about what I'm going to do as she tries to get me into the conversation. "Can you tell me what Loretta told you about your father," Mom asks me quietly. "Yeah, she asked me to take it easy on him since he still thinks I'm his little boy and he doesn't like losing," I tell her feeling my face ache.

"Well that was nice of her to say. Do you really feel like we are holding you back," She asks keeping her tone calm. "I honestly don't feel like I'm trusted. Last summer you kept the whole court thing from me for months and I only found out days before I had to leave," I explain to her getting exasperated again," Then I come home and Dad wants me to be happy with the fact that he's going to make all my decisions for me whether I like it or not." "Well he is your father Guy," Mom calmly states rubbing my hand.

"I haven't forgotten that but is it really so hard for him to look at me and see I'm not a scared little boy anymore and that I don't have major hang-ups with my birth mother," I say trying to explain myself," It feels like he wants me to be quiet and subdued until I'm thirty and that's not me." "Okay, so you feel repressed or just don't feel like we're telling you everything," Mom asks patiently. "Yes, and it's like no matter how much I show you that I have control of me and my school and my life nobody can let me have a decent say in what happens," I tell her finally getting it out.

"I want you to think about something for me," Mom says softly," I want you to think about your father and I trying to protect you from things that will upset you and possibly make you run away from everything. Then look at how you were when you came back and how cold you've been with your father. If he hasn't opened up it's probably because he's afraid he's lost you even though he won't tell me he feels that way." I sit quietly and think about what Mom said as she exits my room.

Maybe they were trying to protect me but when people hide the truth I end up hurt anyway as far as I can tell. Same with Heather and Derek, people want to do what they think is best for me but end up hurting me since I have no time to prepare for the news.

It's like finding out that your doctor knew you had cancer but didn't feel like telling you till it became terminal. I know I came back a little different when I got back from Texas but I'm getting me back in touch with my inner asshole, the same one Kori liked when we were in the car for the first time. My phone starts going psycho again but I'm not bothering with it, Mom asked me to think about some things and I'm not going to let her down regardless.

I know I love my Dad and I respect him but I just don't think he respects me. And why the fuck did he slap me, for standing up for myself or just because he thought I'd go back to being a nine year old boy. Whoa, said by my inner Keanu Reeves, he really could be afraid of losing me. Mind blown, I never thought about my dad ever being afraid of anything and now here it is slapping me in the face, literally. I get up from my bed and head back into the living room, my mind racing, and see Dad's there and is a little shocked to see me looking for him.

"Okay, first off I'm not gonna hit you cause I'm not stupid and second I'm not gonna hug you cause this doesn't feel like one of those moments," I tell my Dad frantically trying to get the thoughts together in my head.

"Okay so what are you doing out here," Dad asks sitting up in his chair. "I don't think you respect me," I tell him fast and rambling," I love you and trust you but I don't think you respect me enough to let go so when I stand up for myself to you I get slapped in the face.

I am not sure where I'm going with all this but I just need you to understand that I have to be able to have a real choice in what happens in my life over the next year so I can at least feel like I have some direction of my own." I can feel my Mom behind me staring but it's my Dad in front of me with a questioning expression on his face that has me waiting for an answer.

I finally get a nod from Dad and while it's not a celebration I can tell he's a little relieved. "Okay, so after dinner I need to go out and see Mathilda, is that cool," I ask Dad.

"Yes but no staying the night at a girls place without talking to her parents first," he tells me turning on the TV. I turn around and see Mom standing there with a plate in her hand and smile at her before heading back into my room and grabbing my phone. I check the messages, mostly the girls checking on me even though it's only been an hour and a half.

I stare at the clock and shake off my shock before texting them and letting them know that everything is cool and to come home. I shoot a second text off to Mathilda asking her if she's at home alone tonight, she replies yes and I tell her I'll be there after dinner. Dinner with the family after a fight with family is one of those moments that make everyone really nervous because everyone is still waiting for it to blow up again.

I'm fine and Dad isn't too out of place but all the women are quietly staring between us and even more so at the welt on the side of my face. Finally I get tired of it and stare across the table at Liz till she gets nervous.

"What Guy," Liz asks confused," Why are you staring at me?" "I could ask you the same thing sis," I reply not breaking the gaze. "Well fine, why does it look like you got hit in the face," Liz asks getting defensive. "Because Dad slapped me when I got in his face," I tell her plainly getting back to my food.

"Wait, Mr. Donnelly slapped you," Katy asks taking a really defensive tone in my direction. "Yes, and we're going to just get this out of the way now," I say standing up to address them both," Dad wants to make sure I'm not screwing up my life or doing drugs and I want more personal freedom and information when it comes to what happens in my life. Dad wanted me to see a therapist with him and I didn't think it was a good idea, still don't. Dad got on me for my language which is not negotiable in his home and when I got in his face trying to defend myself he slapped me because he thought I was being an obnoxious little shithead." "He's not wrong I am concerned about choices he makes without telling me and yes I slapped him," Dad says interjecting," Not the best move on my part but we're still talking and this family isn't going anywhere on anyone.

Do we all understand this now?" I sit back down and feel Katy's hand on my leg, I see she's wants to make sure I'm okay and I nod with a little smile. I still don't fully understand dad slapping me but I figure it was the only move he had at the time considering we both misunderstood a little of where we've been coming from for the past few months.

It's not good now but it's talking I guess. As soon as dinner is done I grab my coat keys and wallet before heading out the door and taking my bike over to Mathilda's house. Her dad isn't home and I start to wonder about her coming home every day after school and being by herself as I get off my bike and get up to her front door. It doesn't take her long to greet me, she's got a new school tank top on and long shorts with her hair done back in a pony tail.

I get inside and see it's still cluttered in the living room but we head back to her room and as soon as she sees my face I explain that everything is fine and it's just a family issue that we're working out between my Dad and me. We get into her room which since the first time I came over is looking a little more girly. Still has a weight set in the corner but Kori helped her find some of her inner girly girl but I'd never tell it to her like that. I sit down on the bed and watch as she gets back to her weights.

"So you wanted to come over here, aside from the face what's wrong," Mathilda asks sitting up off the bench. "I'm getting things back in order in case you couldn't tell by the kiss this morning," I reply smiling.

"Okay that was a great kiss but I'll be fine on the outside of things like usual," Mathilda says shrugging. That's definitely why I'm here now instead of with Katy. Too often Mathilda gets pushed to the side cause she's in a different lunch or has practice or her dad is home and she can't get away. I've let her feel like she's outside the inner circle for too long and it's time I reminded her where she really is at.

I let Mathilda lay back down before I start taking off my clothes; she doesn't pick up any weights and starts to sit up with a confused expression on her face.

I get down to my boxer briefs and moving over to Mathilda push her gently back down onto the bench. I pull at her tank top slowly lifting it up and exposing her sports bra which I push up along the top till her breasts are exposed. I slowly start to lick Mathilda's nipples eliciting a moan from her, as my mouth works Mathilda pulls her top and bra off before putting her hand on my head and the other pulling me against her.

I slowly trail my tongue down Mathilda's body and when I get down to her shorts Mathilda tries to stop me as I pull them down. "I haven't showered and it's really sweaty down there," Mathilda tells me trying to pull her shorts back up.

I don't stop till her shorts and panties come all the way off and I get to see her exposed mound and trimmed hair.

I watch as Mathilda tries to shield her pussy from me with her hands but I calmly take them and use them to cradle the side of my head as I lean in and gently tongue her slit. I take long and methodical licks, trailing my tongue from her clit down to her hole before shifting my body and settling on her clit. I use my hands to hold her hips in place as I start sucking her clit while my Amazon moans and gently grips my head and ears.

The sweat from Mathilda's body and her juices make for a salty taste but it's so good having her panting like a dog in heat that I start to speed up my oral work getting her to clamp her legs onto my either side of my head. I can feel her body start to tense up for an orgasm which makes me smile a little as I speed up my tongue on Mathilda's clit.

Her orgasm hits a lot harder than it usually does and Mathilda nearly pulls my head off while holding my body down with her thighs.

I slowly lap up her juices and once she relaxes stand up and head out of her room and into the bathroom. I get the shower turned on and adjust it to a luke warm temperature when I hear Mathilda come down the hall towards me. I get my underwear off and I'm still hard as she comes into the doorway still naked. I pull Mathilda into the shower and back her up against the wall with the next to the shower head and kiss her neck. Mathilda grabs at me grinding our bodies together and puts her own leg up and grabs my cock lining it up with her pussy and as I push up a little she lowers her hips getting my cock inside her.

She's soaking wet inside and I can't tell if the sloshing noise is from the water or Mathilda's juices on my cock we slowly bang our hips together. Our pace is slow and I'm feeling Mathilda's tightness from how aroused by tonight and it makes me want to speed up, I feel her balance isn't the best in a wet shower and begrudgingly keep my pace slow but hard.

"I want harder," Mathilda tells me like she's reading my mind. We stop and I pull myself out of Mathilda just long enough for her to turn around and show me her ass.

I take my cock and only need a moment to find again her hole and jam my cock back home. Mathilda's forearms are on the wall and the water is falling straight onto her back as I pound her harder and faster now that I have a better angle. I watch as one of her arms reaches back and grabs my hip trying to pull me harder into her, I take a handful of her wet hair and pull it gently in comparison to the slapping noise of my hips against her ass and turn her head to face me.

"Cum for me my Amazon, cum so I can hear you," I tell her speeding up. I can't tell if she's embarrassed by what I said but I see Mathilda biting her lip. I start pounding harder making a smacking noise thanks to the water that I figure you could hear throughout the whole house.

I bury myself deep and wait a little causing Mathilda's eyes to open widely. I see her looking at me desperately but I don't move. "Guy please keep going," She says but I don't move, I hear her whimper and slap her ass getting her attention, Mathilda glares back at me.

"Who are you," I ask Mathilda as I start moving again. "I'm yours,' Mathilda says letting my thrusting take over. "You're my what," I ask her again squeezing her ass my free hand. "I'm your woman," She moans out over the shower.

"And what does my woman want right now," I ask toying with her as I feel the tingle start to rise at the base of my cock. "I want you to cum in me hard," Mathilda finally blurts out while slamming her hips back into mine. It doesn't take long after that as I let go of her hair and taking her hips fuck fast for a few strokes before shooting my load into Mathilda's pussy, every shot from my cock coming at the end of a hard thrust inside her.

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We groan and grind against each other as my orgasm must have triggered her own. We stand there in the shower still and let the water run over us as I feel it getting hotter. Mathilda turned up the water temp and finally I back out of her and let her stand up before pushing her up against the wall again and shoving my tongue into her mouth. We wrestle our tongues together for a few moments before I back off and we both clean up.

Once out of the shower we get our clothes on and I sit down on her bed to talk a little with her. "You heard I'm molding a new guy in the group," I ask her as she starts to unwind from hers and our workouts.

"Yeah, big guy too. Heard he was being picked on by some of the gym monkeys," Matty says sitting down and drying her hair. "Yeah, more importantly we're going to stand up and be noticed a bit more since I'm looking for more people," I tell Mathilda watching her frown a little. "I don't get that much attention as it is Guy," She says a little depressed," More girlfriends isn't something I can take.

You have four of us already and I haven't even met the other one, if you get more girls around then what am I gonna do to get some me time, take a number?" "Baby I'm not looking to recruit girls as much as some guys to balance things out for now, and definitely not any more girlfriends," I tell her getting a relieved look," You are not some side note for me.

You are just as important as Kori and Katy are; you my pretty Amazon are the accepting one. It doesn't matter what I ask of you, you just do it and I am so happy that I can just say something and it'll be fine with you." "Well not everything will be fine," Mathilda says smirking.

We chuckle a little and I let her rest her head on my lap for a while as we just have some 'us' time before I realize it's after nine at night and have to go. I kiss Mathilda goodbye and head out on my bike back home. It's raining a little and I'm not on the road for five miles when I see a girl walking along the side of the road with her thumb out and her back to me. She's got a nice ass in her jeans and is wearing a hoodie on her back to keep the light rain off her head. I pull over and figure I'll be a little nice and take my helmet off before turning to see the girl.

I watch her walk into view and she smiles big as she sees me but I go into a shocked look. It's Heather walking along the side of the road and she's been waiting for me. "Glad you stopped by here, took me a while to get here so I could flag you down," Heather says sweetly. "How did you know I'd be coming this way or that I'd even stop," I ask her defensively. "Because I know you Gi," Heather says with a sickening sweetness," I knew you'd stop just for me and now we can talk a little bit." "Hold on, you waited for me in the rain allegedly knowing that I would come this way and stop just so you could talk to me," I ask her dumbfounded by the coincidence.

"Of course, I'm your real girlfriend," Heather says with a sweet tone. "No, you're my ex," I tell her plainly," You were a cheating slut and now you're just a sad little girl." "I am not a slut! The whores you keep laying around with that have more diseases than a clinic are the sluts," Heather exclaims turning on the full crazy before calming down," Now Gi, we really shouldn't fight right now since we both need to get home and get ready for school tomorrow." "Yeah, we do have school tomorrow but I'm not taking you anywhere," I tell her turning to get back on my bike.

"Stop ignoring me and start listening to me," Heather screams causing me to back off in a little shock," You are going to take me home now so that I can at least have some time with my boyfriend before school where we need to start behaving like proper teenagers." I kick my leg over my bike and pull my helmet on but before I can start the engine Heather grabs my keys and throws them into four lanes of traffic.

I pull my helmet off and can see she's smiling and scared all at the same time. I take a deep breath and get off my bike then turn to the street and scan for my keys. It takes a minute but they are there in the third lane away. I take another breath and calmly walk out into the street, traffic is light but fast and I have to stop at the double yellow line as a truck goes flying past.

I grab my keys and calmly walk back to my bike without having to do any major dodging. My heart is racing despite my calm exterior, but as soon as I'm on the side of the road I can see Heather has opened my storage area and has the spare helmet out. "That is for my real girlfriends," I tell her snatching it out of her hand and putting it back," Not some crazy ex that thinks she's my girlfriend." I sit down on my bike and get my helmet back on before finally starting the engine.

Heather isn't so much scared of being left as she is upset that I might actually do it judging by the look on her face. I can tell she's talking and flip up my visor so I can hear her.

"You are not just going to leave me alone here in the cold rain to walk home? You wouldn't do that to your girlfriend," Heather says clinging to my arm. I shake her hand off my arm and it causes her to back off in shock. I finally realize that I could probably fuck her right now on the side of the road in the rain and be as mean and nasty as I want and her crazy ass wouldn't say shit, at least not now.

But I've got better girls waiting on me every day and this display has me more worried about me than her. "You got yourself out here Heather, get yourself back home," I tell her coldly," And if you ever lay your hand on me or even think about pulling this shit again you'll be very, very sorry." I flip my visor down and pull away from Heather and head down the road. It takes me about twenty minutes but I'm home just before ten and Dad is sitting up waiting for me in the chair wearing his pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.

"Wet outside," Dad asks shutting off the TV. "Yeah, wet and crazy out there," I tell him getting a questioning look.

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"Well I'm not done with what happened earlier and neither are you I take it," Dad ask motioning me to sit down. "I guess not," I reply sitting my wet ass on the floor in front of the couch and taking my jacket off. "Is it wrong of me to worry about you," Dad asks quietly.

"No, just need you to help me with the decisions, not just make them for me and expect me to be okay with it," I tell him trying to explain my point. "Well that's kind of difficult when you already walk around like you know everything," Dad tells me plainly. "Only with my friends, they all look at me like I'm the one who solves all problems," I tell him a little exasperated. "Well look at what you did for Jun and Katy, or how about what allegedly happened with Derek and that Indian boy," Dad says explaining the history," You handled your own problems and other people's and you did it your way.

That makes people pay attention, now they want more." "When this gets all complicated and weird will you help me," I ask quietly. "Yes, I'll help you," Dad says getting up," Did you really want to stay home and not go camping?" "Nah, I'll go but let me see what the girls have planned just so I don't step on their ideas," I reply standing up off the floor.

We don't hug but Dad pats me on the back and I head off to my room. I pass Liz's room and can hear her trying to talk to Greg, then I hear her get upset about something and say goodbye quickly. I keep walking to my room and feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and Liz is there staring at me expectantly. I motion to my room and follow her in, I take note that she has a tight shirt and pajama pants on, her figure hasn't filled out like Katy or Kori but she's finally got an ass on her.

I start to strip down and notice that she's not looking away like she usually does since her and Greg started dating, in fact she hasn't even hugged me much since they started dating now and I take further notice that she has no bra on. "So what's bothering you tonight Liz cause I'm really out of steam with all the problem solving I've done today," I tell her taking my pants down. "Greg won't have sex with me," Liz says with a little embarrassment. "Yeah, we all kinda knew that sis," I tell her smiling.

"Right but I think it's something to do with me and not his 'faith'," Liz says trying to explain her position. "Liz I'm really tired and while I'd love to show you that your still very attractive I don't think you'd like being second for the evening," I tell her jokingly.

"Yeah, didn't need a sex joke tonight considering I'm not getting any and you are," Liz says upset," I just need to know how to get him to accept the fact that he needs to have sex with me cause I'm feeling a little underappreciated by the fact that he hasn't." "Well tell him he has two weeks to do what any man in love should do," I tell her trying to explain a decent approach to the situation," Don't get close with him until he just takes you somewhere and you two get the deed done." "Okay, but what if he doesn't," Liz asks a little afraid.


"Then you leave him Liz and find somebody you like more," I tell her plainly. I can see her nod in understanding as she gets up from the chair and gives me a hug before leaving my room. I close the door and kill my light before settling down in bed and sleep. I don't dream about Derek but I do think about tomorrow. Katy girl, you're next.