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MY YOUNGER SISTER BLOWS MY MIND ! I was in Monterey, California. 36 years old, broke as usual, and living in a vacant chicken coop where I was writing and rewriting a novel that the future would show, was never going to sell. The chicken coop was in the back yard of the house my brother-in-law, Bill, and younger sister, Kathleen, owned--or at least were making mortgage payments on. My living situation wasn't really as bad as it sounds, I'm good at building and fixing things, and my sister, Kathleen and her husband, Bill, fed me enough to keep me alive, and gave me free rein to do what I wanted with the old chicken coop.

I'd fixed up the coop-- somewhat-- (and cleaned it with a solution of bleach). The walls of the old building were made of one inch thick, by 14 inch, redwood planks. I'd borrowed a reciprocal saw and a couple of new blades from Bill, to cut a large rectangular hole in this front wall to install a used window. The addition of the window allowed enough natural light inside to keep the coop from becoming too claustrophobic for me to work in.

The space inside measured 18 feet by 12 feet, so there was enough room inside to hold quite a few used pieces of furniture and even an old sofa that made into a pretty comfortable bed. This story takes place in the days before PC's arrived on the scene.

My method of writing was on an electric typewriter. I'd brought power into the coop by a long, orange colored extension cord plugged into a 15 Amp power box at the rear of the main house.

The power cord also allowed for a small hot plate, a couple of lights, and a cheap electric coffee pot. I'd also scrounged up a small discarded pot-bellied wood stove and some 4- inch stove pipe. With only a little effort I'd installed the stove in one end of the coop and set it on some old discolored fire bricks with the stove pipe going out the wall and then up over the roof.

The stove was now crackling away merrily, and warming the coop enough for me to be down to my t-shirt and white jockey shorts.

I'd placed a small pan on the stove with drinking water in it to heat for some instant coffee. The coffee maker was too much trouble to wash and clean, so I used it only for the first coffee in the morning. It was starting to get dark outside, and I wanted some caffeine to perk myself up for a few alert hours of working on the novel. As I was pouring some of the boiling water into a large ceramic mug and stirring in some instant coffee, there was a sound outside and then a knock on the plywood door.

It was my sister, Kathleen. She's nine years younger than me. I'd left home for college and then the Army, when she was just a nine year old kid, so we'd never had a chance to really get to know each other the way I knew my older sister Daphne.

I might as well let you know right here, that the BIG thing in my life has always been to get off. Yeah! Sex.

Jeez! I love it so much. Daphne had been four years older than me and I'd tasted her pussy at a very young age--but that's for another story. I opened the door and Kathleen stepped inside, and looked around, She was wearing pink flip-flops on her bare feet, and had on one of her husbands long- sleeved white shirts. Her dark hair hung down to her shoulders and she smelled of soap, like she'd just stepped from the shower.

"Wow," she said, as she looked around the inside of my little makeshift home, ".a stove and everything. It looks a lot better in here now then it did when you decided to camp out here instead of in the house. Brrrr, it's starting to get chilly outside too, it's nice and warm in here." Kathleen scanned my t-shirt and jockey shorts, and PERHAPS her glance checked out my package-- or maybe it was just my imagination-- Or wishful thinking.-- Or both.

Kathleen had matured into a pretty 26 year old woman. She wasn't beautiful by any means, but she was certainly pretty, and took care of herself with proper diet and exercise. She was very healthy and optimistic, and gave off a nice energetic feeling to all those around her.

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She had a lot of friends, and men especially, went out of their way to befriend her. Kathleen was a brunette, and wore her hair down around her shoulders. Her legs were a little too thick at the ankles, she had a round schoolgirl face and wore large horn-rimmed glasses. I'm six foot two inches, and Kathleen came up to the bottom of my chin, probably making her 5-7 or about that.

I imagine she weighed about 130. She was a nice looking, healthy, young woman, not a ravishing beauty, but certainly one that any man would be happy to be with. She was way above average in smarts too, and I was about to find out how far above the average she was in a lot of other things. I motioned to a small overstuffed armchair with the fabric a bit frayed but still serviceable ( and one I found very comfortable), for Kathleen to relax in. I was lonely and hoped she wouldn't run off back to the main house, but would sit and talk with me for awhile.

She sat down in the chair I'd indicated and I sat on an old kitchen chair a few feet from her. "You've made this place really very nice and homey, David. Dad would be proud of you!" "I doubt Dad would ever be proud of me," I said. Our father had passed away two years before, at the age of 92.

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I hoped I would live as long, and be as healthy as he' d been for most of those 92 years.But he and I had never really gotten along. I'd never been able to talk with him as I grew up. I'd found myself being attracted to boys as well as to girls in an early sexual way, and I'd wanted to talk with him about things like what being normal meant.

I was the third child of four. Kathleen was the youngest. I'd sucked off my older brother's cock when I was still a kid, and tried to fuck my older sister. I was over-sexed from the time I'd been born. Fortunately I was also able to keep secrets very close to myself, and the things I'd done as a kid remained secrets. I'd never been molested, or violated in anyway, but I'd stumbled into situations all my life that had ended in sexual adventures. Those happenings just seemed to be my destiny.

"Why do you think Dad wouldn't be proud of you ? Kathleen asked. She was wearing one of her husband's white shirts and I noticed with the way she was sitting, she only had white cotton panties on. The white shirt had been long enough when she was standing to come down almost to her knees, and I thought she was wearing shorts under it.

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But no, she wasn't wearing a bra either, and I could see half the pink nipple of her right breast as I looked down at her from the greater height of the kitchen chair I was sitting in. This sight made my cock jump a little under my jockey shorts, and I started to wonder why she'd come out here half undressed and seemed in no hurry to get back to the main house. Like I said, Kathleen is a smart girl, and she knew by my expression and the way I'd glanced at her legs, what I was thinking.

A little red appeared in her cheeks, but she held eye contact with me and her blue eyes were twinkling a little, or perhaps that was from the fading light (it was starting to get dark out now), and she made no effort to conceal the nipple. The water in the pan I'd replaced on the wood stove was bubbling over and making a hissing sound. When I got up to take care of it, Kathleen couldn't help but notice the tent in my jockey shorts. "Would you like some of this cheap instant coffee?," I asked her in order to take some of the tension out of the air between us.

I didn't want to tell Kathleen why Dad and I never got along, so I'd changed the subject and she was fine with that. "Yes, please. Just black is fine." "Good," I laughed, "since I don't have any cream or sugar." Kathleen laughed with me and the tension was broken for the time being. I realized I 'd never been alone with my little sister. The setting we were in now was loaded with sexual energy.

My cock kept getting harder. "YOU and Dad were very close weren't you?" I asked her. "Yes, very close, " she said as she carefully took the hot cup of coffee I handed her. I was quiet as she sipped a little hot coffee from the cup and then carefully set in on the plank floor by her bare feet. She'd kicked off the pink flip-flops she'd been wearing when she sat down. "Bill's a nice guy," I said just to change the conversation. "You KNOW he's got to try every kind of drug he can get don't you, David?" This really surprised me, not that I didn't know Bill was a druggie from the first time I''d met him, but that Kathleen would tell me.

"Wow!" I said. "I DID know of course, but I didn't think you wanted me to know anything about it." "Truthfully, I don't mind that much." Kathleen said with a smile, " He sells his art and sculpture and takes really good care of me and he's a gentle and --sweet--- man, but he's no good at all in bed. He has absolutely no interest in sex, and I haven't seen him with a hard dick like you have how"--and she smiled at me--" in probably two years." "Oh, ummm, darn, I guess you must miss that a little!" I was completely knocked off my usually calm demeanor by this revelation, and shifted around on the kitchen chair to keep my hard dick from facing her.

"I miss it a LOT." Kathleen said.

"I need sex as much as YOU do, David. And I know a lot of things about YOUR sex life that Romyna told me. In a way, I envy you. I think you and I are alike in a lot of those ways, although I've never been with another woman the way you were with Charlie and some men!" " GOD damn," I said," I didn't know you even knew Romyna (my x-wife).

I shifted on the chair and then got up and walked around the little coop. ." Well, it's true, I like just about everything about sex WAY too much" I said.I finished off the rest of the now cold coffee in the my mug and set the empty mug near the stove. " Probably too much for my well-being and adjustment in life" I continued as I sat back down near Kathleen again.

"--I mean look at me, no money, and living in your chicken coop. This is pretty low for a 36 year old man to sink." "If you hadn't--"-Kathleen paused, and then looking directly into my eyes continued very slowly" --if you hadn't sucked off your brother-in-laws cock, and fucked your wife's sister-- Martha-- Romyna probably wouldn't have divorced you, and you'd still be living in your house in Sherman Oaks." "Jesus!," I groaned, "Romyna told you all of this?" " Yes, Romyna did." What Kathleen had just revealed was the truth, I HAD done exactly that, and had loved the little drunken orgy Jose, Martha, and I had had.

And yes, I Had sucked Jose's cock--what I could get in my mouth. (That kid had the largest cock I'd ever sucked on!). "I didn't even know you and Romyna talked about anything," I said, and then continued slowly, "Well, there was one good thing coming from of all of this--- it made me give up drinking, and as a bonus I gave up cigarettes too. " I hesitated and then said, "About the cock sucking thing, I do like sucking once in awhile, I suppose that really upsets you, that your brother is part fag.

" "Not too much, " Katleen said. "You don't act like a queen, and don't lisp, or act feminine."Romyna said you'd never let a man fuck you in the ass, so I guess you're just a nice looking cock-sucker!

" and she laughed in a wicked way while looking directly into my eyes with HER blue eyes sparkling behind the lenses of the black horn-rimmed glasses, and then reached slowly out with her right hand and put that hand on my bare knee and slowly rubbed my knee upward toward my thigh in such a way, that I was pretty sure --I mean I was REALLY sure-- that I knew how this was all going to turn out."I like sucking cocks too," Kathleen said very slowly while staring down at my straining cock under the white cotton of my jockey shorts, and then, my sister added," I like sucking off cocks A LOT.

It's been two years since I've tasted one, and I want some-- right now." I was 36 at the time of this story, I'd been around the block a few times. I had--and have--the sexual morals of an alley cat. I didn't need more of an invitation from a pretty--not beautiful--but pretty--and very desirable 26 year old woman, even if she was my own younger sister----- to move into action.


The trouble is I moved too fast, and my size 14 foot caught the edge of the flimsy kitchen chair I'd been sitting on, and dumped me on the plank floor. Kathleen laughed but had the presence of mind to remove her glasses and put them on a nearby table and to remove the white shirt she was wearing and fling it on the sofa bed. I could see from my spot on the plank floor, where I was trying to untangle my foot from the damned chair, that Kathleen's white panties had a wet spot over her pussy.

As I watched her from the floor, where I was now stretched out, Kathleen removed her cotton panties and stroked her pussy with her right hand, she had a small, clipped patch of black hair on her pussy, and I knew she trimmed it. Back in those days, a woman trimming her bush was unusual, but something I liked a lot. Still on the floor, I wiggled out of my briefs, and Kathleen came down on the floor with me and grabbed my erect penis. "I want it, " she said, and she sounded breathless.

"Cum in my mouth, I want it, I want it, I want it. " and her hot mouth engulfed my penis. I felt it slip down her throat with no effort and without her gagging in the least.

Kathleen curled around me as she sucked my cock. We were both on the floor and her hand was playing with herself as she sucked my penis, and Kathleen was sucking my penis so perfectly, that I could feel the cum building along my backbone and I was getting ready to spurt.

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I saw in a frenzy of lust how perfect Kathleen's cunt was. Of course she'd never had any children, and that had added to the perfection of her pussy. The outer lips were of a perfect shape and beautifully engorged now with a pink glow to them, Her inner lips like the petals of a flower called to my mouth and I tasted her like the juicy fruit of the Mango.

She was delicious. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" I said, and couldn't hold it any longer. Kathleen shook and moaned and trembled as I sucked on her clit, and then I came into her mouth.

"Oh God! Oh God! that's so good, so good," She whispered and sucked the last drops of cum from my still erect dick. Later that same evening, I fucked her, and I rimmed her.and licked her pussy and clit until she came, and until she moaned for mercy, and for me to give her a breathing spell.

It was wonderful. She was the most responsive, the most passionate woman I'd ever been with. I loved her now much more than as a sister. She was my mate in sex. My equal. I was going to fuck her in the ass but the head of my cock is large, and I didn't want to hurt her, the only lube I had was my spit and she was too tight in the asshole. There would be plenty of time for all that on another day. Instead she sucked me off again.

Very slowly this time because it would be my third climax, and I knew it would be all the cum I had for her for awhile. But she was so good at cock sucking and could actually squeeze my cock with her throat when my dick was all the way to my balls, with my balls against her chin, that I came with force for the third time, and again she moaned as I shot in her mouth and trembled with her own matching orgasm.

I wanted her to stay with me all night and opened the old sofa bed. "No, David." she said. Bill is my husband and I love him, I won't sleep with you." "But, I protested, I love you more now than a sister. My God, you're the most passionate woman I've ever been with, Come on, you can sleep with me.Bill is probably knocked out from something he's taken," and I patted the now open day bed next to me where I was sitting. Kathleen came over and sat next to me on the open bed, and grabbed my face by the cheeks.

"Oww," I said. She moved her hands to my ears and shook my head while peering into my eyes. Her glasses were still on the table where she's placed them before our session of intense sex had begun.Without her glasses her eyes were beautiful, they were mostly blue but had flecks of green and gray in them too. "Listen very closely to me David. I've thought about this for a long time. When I knew you were going to stay with me-- with us.

I even rehearsed this next thing I'm going to tell you. I'm a planner David. I plan the shows for Bill. You have to understand that I LOVE Bill and will NEVER leave him for you. I know this will hurt you but you are my whore now. You are going to keep me from cheating on Bill with someone who would make a lot of trouble for us.

My own brother--you, David--are a perfect cover for us. I've planned this with Bill. He knows I had to-- HAD to-- have a sex life, and he can't give it to me. Even when he's NOT on drugs, he's one of those men, and I know there's a lot of women too, who are ASEXUAL. Bill is very creative, and very, very intelligent. He can understand my needs from a purely intellectual point of view, but he has no understanding about them from any of his own desires.

He's hardly ever even masturbated. He just has NO interest in sexual things. Kathleen still had me by the ears, and her face was only inches from mine, as she whispered to me, she shook my head with her intensity. Shook my head by her hands on my ears. God damn, I thought this was one of the most extraordinary things that had ever happened to me.For once in my life I was completely quiet as Kathleen slipped her panties back on, slipped on her pink flip-flops, and buttoned up the long-sleeved white shirt, and had her hand on the door of the coop to return to her husband inside the main house.

Kathleen stood with her back to the door and looked down at me as I still sat on the bed. "Thank you David, " she said, and she had a wistful expression on her face, and had replaced the glasses. "You've been everything I hoped you'd be. For the first time in years I feel satisfied and I know I can sleep peacefully tonight." "You mean this is it?' I almost felt like crying. I felt rejected and I suppose in a way even used.

Kathleen came rapidly to the bed where I was sitting and grabbed me by the hair and kissed me with passion, her tongue came into my mouth and I sucked on it. God, I wanted her again! I couldn't believe it. "Poor, baby. " She said. "Of course this isn't it. I want you every day from now on. Can you cum each day? I'll suck you off anytime you want, but never in the main housethis will be our place to fuck.

I'll even bring you a young man to suck off, if you want. " "Jesus," I said," you're even more into this stuff than me. How did you learn all these ways of managing a secret sex life?" Kathleen had stepped back to the door to go out, and turned to me once more.

"Oh, I had a great teacher, " she said. "Who the hell was that?" I asked. "Why, Dad of course." Kathleen said as she opened the coop's door and a cold breeze blew in. "He even told me to come to you if I ever needed someone to give me all the sex I wanted--he knew everything about you, even about your sucking off Charlie and licking off Daphne when you were still a kid.

He was proud of you." and then she was GONE. Back to the main house. Holy royal hell !! I thought. Here I'd always figured I was pretty up on things. My little sister was going to dominate the holy fuck our of me, and I loved it. I lay down on the day bed, pulled a blanket over me, and was almost instantly asleep.

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Of course you all probably know I dreamed of Kathleen. THE END by Stardust 8937.Written 9-23-10