Funny gay sex stories To sum it all up Lame Richards is perfect for

Funny gay sex stories To sum it all up Lame Richards is perfect for
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Author's Note: For those who have been following The Camp Slut storyline, this final installment may be a disappointment. It is not like the rest, as it wraps up the story.

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It does, however, open up a number of other threads for me to follow up on when the mood hits me. I hope you have enjoyed the tale. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy.


Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events are coincidental. This story is not intended to be an accurate reflection of any particular lifestyle. Night 5 I woke up alone, cold, horny, and grumpy. The last was the only state out of the ordinary. At least I could hear conversation and activity outside, and smell coffee. I stepped out of my tent to see Andy and Bitch tearing down his tent.

Tim and Steve had their tents down, too, and were packing up Tim's truck. I stood there confused, watching the chaos and trying to get my brain processing enough to figure out what the hell was going on. Slut came up to me, knelt, and presented a cup of coffee. I took a sip, closing my eyes as the warm liquid slid down my throat. When I opened my eyes, things started making sense. A fully dressed Andy turned around and saw me.

"Hey, Dave. Sorry, pal, but Dana and I need to get back. We only had a couple days off, and there are a lot of things we need to talk about before we go back to work tomorrow." Bitch- wait, he'd called her Dana again- Dana came over and gave me a big hug, pulling my face down to add a passionate kiss. "Thank-you, Sir," she whispered. "You've given me a gift I don't know how to repay.

I gave Slut my number to put in your phone. Give us a call when you're in the area." She hugged me again and went to finish loading the last of their gear. Andy came over and shook my hand, thanked me, and said his goodbyes. He scruffed Slut's hair as he walked away, smiling. Barker jumped up into the truck, and Andy drove off with a naked and still collared Dana.

I went to sit down. Slut followed and clipped her leash to my chair. Mike was helping the other two load the last of their things when he noticed me. He grabbed his chair and took a seat beside me. "Tim got a call early this morning about an emergency patch for a project we are working on," Mike explained. "He said he could handle it, so I can catch a ride back with you. One of Steve's major clients is having a meltdown, too, so he's heading back." I nodded, petting Slut idly as I sipped my coffee.

Tim and Steve waved as they hopped into the truck and drove off. I looked around, thinking the camp seemed suddenly quiet and empty. My mood was not improving. "So guys' trip was a bust this year, I guess," I grumbled.

"Dude, are you fucking kidding? This has been the best year yet," Mike exclaimed. "Tim is already planning next year's and says he'll be trolling to find us each a girl. I might see if Betsy wants in on the action, too." He blushed, "though that may bring up some other issues." I nodded. "Slut, since it looks like we're closing the week early, if you want, we can call and get you picked up." I got a tightness in my chest when I said that.

She turned and looked at me, and I could see hurt behind her eyes. "You, um, don't want me to stay, um, Master?" I pulled her up into my lap, my thumbs brushing away tears that weren't there. "Gail, I don't ever want to let you go. Ever. But I promised to let your friends pick you up when our trip was over." She lowered her head to my shoulder, whispering, "yes, Master.

I will call." She got up and retrieved my phone, making the call. She stood there, her back to me, arm wrapped against her body. "Hi. Yes, well, kinda'. Everyone had to leave early, so he wants to-" She turned to look at me, her brow creased. "Yes. Just a moment." She walked over to me looking confused, holding the phone out to me. "He wants to talk to you." I took the phone, equally confused.

"He?" She nodded. "Hello?" A deep voice answered. "Hello, David. I am Arnold Jeffries. Is there a problem with my daughter's conduct?" I looked up at Slut, my eyes wide, and mouthed, "Your father?" She nodded and shrugged. "David?" "Yes, sir. Um. No, sir.

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Slu… er… Gail has been wonderful. But I promised her and… the woman I spoke to the first day that I would arrange for her to be picked up when our trip was over." "I see. And you wish to end your contact now." "No, sir. I was actually hoping to make arrangements to see Gail on a regular basis, court her officially." I could see a smile tug at her lips.

"I see. I think it would be better to have this discussion in person. If I recall, it took approximately two hours for us to drive her out to your area.

I should think we can expect you here by three this afternoon, then." I blinked, looking up at Slut. "Um. Sure. Three o'clock should be fine, I guess." "Am I to assume that Michael is still with you?" What the fuck?

I turned to look at Mike. "Yes, he is." "Good. It has been a while since we have seen him. We look forward to meeting you, David. Goodbye." The call ended. I set the phone down on my lap, still looking at Mike. "Start breaking camp, Slut. We are going to meet your parents." She jumped and giggled, clapping, then started scurrying around. Mike started getting to his feet. I snapped my fingers and pointed at the ground in front of me.

"Not you." Mike froze, looking rather frightened before kneeling. "Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do. First, how the fuck does Gail's father know you, or that you are here.

Second, what does he mean that they 'haven't seen you in a while'?" Mike blanched. Slut started moving faster, staying very quiet. "Well, you see. Betsy is their eldest." I looked back and forth between Mike and Gail. "So Gail is your sister-in-law." Mike nodded. "And neither of you decided to mention this little fact?" I was not sure if I felt more betrayed or angry at that point.

Either way, my grumpy was starting to boil over to pissed off. Slut had the sense to look embarrassed as she ducked into our tent. Mike stuttered, "To be fair, you didn't ask." I stood up and exploded.

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"Why the fuck would I think to ask!?! You're the one who asked where I'd hired a whore! You fucked her every which way from Tuesday just like the rest of us! Granted, she isn't biologically your sister, but legally, it's incest.

What the fuck, 'dude'?" Mike was cowering, and I could see Gail taking a long time to fold up the blankets. "I didn't recognize her at first, Dave. I swear. It wasn't until you said her name that I realized who she was. I'm sorry, man. I'd have told you, I swear." "Gail! Did you know?" "No, Master," she squeaked. "The last time I saw Michael was at my seventeenth birthday party. Elizabeth doesn't come home very often, and almost never brings her family." I could hear her crying, could see the tears and pain on Mike's face.

It tamped the rage to a dull heat. I turned, heading for the stream path, calling over my shoulder. "Get the truck packed. I need a minute or two to cool off while I figure things out." I sat on the stream bank, throwing rocks into the trees across the way. Why was I so angry? So hurt?

Did it really matter that one of my best friends had history with the girl I loved? That thought stopped me. I loved her. That beautiful, submissive nymphomaniac. Up until the phone call with her father, I had every intention of taking the little slut home with me, collaring her, even marrying her, just to keep her with me. Had any of that changed? No, it hadn't. Even sitting here fuming, I could feel something missing because she wasn't next to me.

I sighed, getting to my feet. I turned to find Gail kneeling just at the end of the path, her face a mess of tears. Softly, she whispered, "Everything is packed up and ready, Master.

I have a set of clothes set out for you to dress in." "Come here, Gail." She started to crawl over. "No.

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Stand up and walk. The game is on hold for a moment. I want to talk to you." She got to her feet slowly, stopping a couple steps away, still looking down. I closed the gap, lifting her chin with a gentle finger. "Look at me, Gail." She lifted her eyes to meet mine. "It bothers me that you and Mike hid this from me. As soon as one of you knew, you both should have told me. Still, it's done, and it doesn't change the fact that I have fallen in love with you.

I'm still going to try and steal you away and put MY collar on your pretty little neck, and maybe a bit of sparkle on your hand. That is, if you want me to." I could see the excitement grow in her eyes as I went on, her tears changing to those of joy. She jumped, wrapping her arms around my neck. "Yes, yes, yes.

I want that very much, Master." I laughed, hugging her. "Ok, Slut. Let's get back so we can go meet your parents and get things settled." The drive to her parents' home was interesting. Slut sat in the middle between Mike and I, still naked save for the steel cuffs and collar. We had to stop in town to fill up on gas. I made her get out and pump the fuel while I went inside to pay and pick up some drinks and munchies for the drive.

The other customers and the attendant all stared at her.

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Most of the men couldn't help but smile. About half the women made rude comments under their breath. The other half either smiled or complimented her on her bravery. I got some comments as well when I paid for the gas she had pumped. Her face had turned several shades of red by the time we drove off, and I gave her a towel to sit on to keep from staining my seat. We talked about her family, how her older sister, Elizabeth, had become a Dominant and taken Mike as her submissive. Their parents were just as proud of Betsy as they were of her.

She had two brothers, too. They were both in college still, so had not made their decisions as to which way they would choose. Conversation stopped when we pulled up to the gate.

I'm sorry to say that I don't remember much about that first visit to the Jeffries Estate. I was a little overwhelmed, between finding out about Mike and Gail, then seeing the house, meeting Arnold and Felicia.

Arnold was an imposing man, but he doted on his daughter, and she adored him. Felicia was nude, save for a gold and ruby chain that circled her neck. She was the perfect hostess, even if she was on her knees most of the time.

It is said that if you want to know what a woman will look like when she gets older, you just have to look at her mother. If that was true, then Gail was going to be causing men to adjust themselves until the day she died.

The only reason I could take my eyes from Felicia Jeffries was because I had spent the last several days with Gail. At the end of the meeting, I reached to hand Gail's keys to Arnold with some lame excuse about not having earned them yet.

A stern look from the man had me clipping the keys to my belt. We shook hands, I got a hug and rather intimate kiss from Felicia, and the three of us drove to my house.

Mike was still banished from Betsy for a couple days, so, as is typical when she is entertaining, he stayed with me. We unloaded the truck, got things settled in the house, and Gail made dinner for us, eating from a bowl on the floor. I unlocked the leash chain from her collar, but left the rest of the locks in place, hanging the keys with the rest of mine near the door. We spent the rest of the night in the living room, watching TV, filling my pet with cum, and enjoying being home.

Mike was asleep on the couch when I took Gail up to our room. We made love, and it felt special, like the first time. As we lay in the afterglow, my arms wrapped around her as we spooned, she whispered.

"Master? David? What if I got pregnant from this week?


What if the baby isn't yours?" I smiled, pulling her close and placing a hand on her belly. "Gail, my lovely little slut. You are mine, so the child will be mine. We'll get a DNA test, but not to prove paternity, but so we can look for any markers that indicate issues down the road." She smiled and snuggled into me, and we slept.

The end for now.