So damn sexy Colombian MILF blowjob

So damn sexy Colombian MILF blowjob
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Kareem is a 22-year-old college student. He has sort of a pretty-boy face; he keeps his facial hair lined up very smoothly. He's about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, with a slight build, and his skin is the color of lightly creamed coffee.

Kareem has long since his teenage years accepted that he's gay, but he isn't the "faggot" type of gay that walks and talks funny and wears girly clothes.

He's just a thuggish type of guy who really loves the cock; a "trade," so to speak. Well, in his junior year of college, he's in for way more than he anticipated when he develops a man-crush on his wigger roommate… Kareem's POV: I was a little nervous at the start of the school year when I met my new roommate; this crazy-looking white boy named Chris.

He's 25 years old and taller than me, about 6 foot 4, and has this really rough look about him. I guess my best comparison is that he looks like the type of nigga that goes out every other night and comes home wasted and beats up his wife. With his buzzed haircut, his torso covered in tattoos, his icy, dark blue-gray eyes, and his slender but muscular stature, I won't lie, he scared me at first, especially seeing as how he had just gotten out of prison; he did three years on some drug-related shit.

But after I got to know him within the first couple of weeks of school, he turned out to be a really cool dude. He might look rough, but he's really laid-back and chill, and loves to toke up that dank ass weed every day. He wasn't selfish; he always shared with me, and we'd get high as fuck and watch funny movies, just like any bros would. As time went on though, I started getting uncomfortable around Chris.

He didn't know I was gay (I had my orientation hidden from my Facebook page), and he didn't know that I was becoming more and more attracted to him by the day. I have a thing for niggas with the bad-boy look that Chris naturally had. I knew damn well that he was straight, and I was scared that if he suspected anything he'd beat me within an inch of my life.

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So I tried my best to keep my lust on the down-low. I'd wear shades in our apartment whenever he walked around shirtless so he wouldn't notice me staring at his body. I'd wear cups so he wouldn't notice my dick getting hard.

Luckily, he didn't notice anything. Or so I thought… Chris's POV: A couple of weeks before midterms, I got back to the apartment one evening. I was about to go grab my bong and smoke up, but then I heard my name come from my nigga Kareem's door. He was on the phone talking to someone, I don't know who, but out of curiosity, I snuck over to the door and listened… "My nigga, it's good that this dude Chris can't read minds, cuz if he could, I'd be in trouble… You wanna know the dream I had about him a few weeks ago?.

Man, I dreamed that I was his new cellmate in prison, and he… he… he made me his bitch. He was smacking me around, beating me up, and then he started raping me, harder and harder until I couldn't take it no more… and I woke up and I thought I'd pissed myself, then I realized it was nut… Yeah my nigga, I had a wet dream about that nigga Chris fucking me like a prison bitch… I know he'd never do it, cuz he likes women, but damn I keep having fantasies about him every time I beat my meat… He's too damn sexy… if I had my way, I'd beg him to rape me, hard, rough, and straight up VIOLENT, just like in that dream, haha you know I'm the type of nigga that likes it rough… Nah, I ain't seen how big his dick is, but I always imagine that shit is hung like a horse… I ain't tellin' him a goddamn thing yo, he'd fuckin' murder me…" My mind was racing.

At first I was a bit disgusted to hear another DUDE talking like this about me. I'd heard bitches talking like that in the past, but this was something else. My own roommate? The nigga I let hit my bong and shit? But then again, I was recently starting to get a little suspicious about the way he was acting around me. Not only that, but he didn't know that I'd fucked a few dudes while in prison. Yeah I was straight, but damn some of those prison dudes were pissing me off, and I made an example of them by doing exactly what Kareem had described.

Abusing them, degrading them, and fucking them so hard that I left them feeling stupid. Even when I fucked girls, I DID like to get violent and dominant.

And ever since I got to this school, I hadn't found any girls that really liked it super rough. There was only one that I had fucked, but then she cold-shouldered me and wanted nothing more to do with me. Now my roommate was saying he wanted to get a rough fucking. It had been nearly a month since I'd gotten some pussy, so I was pretty frustrated.

Even so, as I heard Kareem continue to talk on the phone, I felt an evil grin spread across my face, and I felt my dick getting hard. I decided to play it cool for a couple of weeks and then if he was willing, I'd let his ass have it… Kareem's POV: It was Friday, and we were all finally done with midterms and ready for the extended weekend of fall break in mid-October. Around 7:00 that evening I was in my room chilling, when I decided to go get something to drink out of the fridge.

As soon as I opened the door, Chris came into the apartment. "What up my nigga?" I said. He nodded but didn't say anything, and went straight to his room, looking really pissed off. He shut his door with a snap. I was caught off-guard, wondering what I had done to Chris to make him mad like that. But damn if he didn't look even sexier when he was angry like that… He then opened his door and came back out and went up to the fridge, still looking rather stony.

"You okay, bro?" I asked nervously. "I'm good, man," he said, and I was relieved that he didn't sound mad at me. "Just some fuck niggas tried me at the gym. Tried to jack my car and shit. Anyway, I took care of them." "Beat that ass, huh?" I asked. "Damn straight," he said, grinning. "Had them niggas cryin' for mama." "Cool!" I said. "Oh yeah, check it out," he said, and he ran back into his room for a second then came back out.

"A whole ounce of some medical type shit!" he said, holding up a bag of bright green weed. "Damn, nigga!" I said, my face scrunched up from the potent smell of the bud.

"That shit stinks! I bet it's gonna get us super fuckin' high!" "Yep!" he said. "Let's get smoked out, nigga." Half an hour later, the room was filled with smoke and we were blazed as fuck. We were laughing and coughing at each other's crazy stoner stories. "Man, I'm glad we finally got a couple days off, bro," he said. "Yeah nigga," I replied. "Too much work and shit got me stressed out.

I need a break." We both laughed again; we were so high, that everything was just funny as fuck. "Alright," said Chris, setting his bong down on the table. "I gotta ask ya something, man." "What's up?" I said.

I wasn't expecting this, and didn't know what he was about to say. "I want you to be honest with me, alright?" he said. "I ain't gonna judge you or nothing, cuz you and me are gettin' to be cool ass niggas, right?" "Um, yeah," I said nervously. Where was this conversation going?

He looked at me, and even though he was grinning, there was a hard look in his eyes. "You been checkin' me out, homie?" I did a double-take. "Wait, what?" I said, caught off-guard. "I think you been checkin' me out, man," he said.

"What, no!" I said, a little too quickly. I could feel myself starting to sweat. He knew. I had no idea how, but he knew! "Look, man," he said. "You my nigga. Like I said, I ain't judgin' you or nothing. But lately it's become pretty obvious. You're always liking my pics on Facebook and shit, you wear shades so I can't see your eyes, and I think you been peekin' in my room tryin' to see me naked." "Bruh, you trippin'!" I said, now sweating even harder.

Dead giveaway… "And you sweatin' like hell." "It's a little warm in here." "Bullshit, nigga." He put his hand on my shoulder. "Listen man, you ain't gotta hide shit from me, okay? Like I said, you my nigga. And nobody else has to know anything." "But—" "You think I didn't hear you talkin' on the phone a couple weeks ago, talkin' about how you were havin' dreams about me and shit?

You been thinkin' about me when you jack off?" It was at that moment I knew I was busted for sure… "Whatever happens in this apartment stays in this apartment, man," Chris said, still grinning. "But, I thought you were straight," I said.

"I am, but I ain't gonna lie, I've fucked a couple of dudes on the low. Fucked them just like I fuck the hoes. Hard, rough, leavin' them sore." I couldn't believe he was telling me this, and I could feel my cock getting hard, remembering that wet dream I had weeks ago… "Niggas always tell me, if you see an opportunity, take it. We got a perfect opportunity right now, bro. We're the only niggas in the building.

Everyone else is gone, man. Nobody would hear shit." "I… I don't know if—" His eyes suddenly turned mean, and he looked SO fucking SEXY.

"Cut the bullshit, dude. If you're down for a little something, just say the word." I was quivering under his deathly stare, between fear and excitement. His eyes still held that mean glare, but he was grinning again as he put his arm around my shoulders.

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"You ain't gotta think of this as no gay shit, my nigga. Think of it as… as another level of bromance." Both of us laughed again. And finally I confessed. "Nigga, I been down for something ever since I seen you.

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You DAMN sexy!" "See, that's what I thought, bro," said Chris, an evil grin spreading across his face, and he bumped his fist against my shoulder. "Now why don't you get your little bitch ass down here and suck my fuckin' dick." He was talking mean, and my lust skyrocketed.

I slid off the couch and positioned myself in front of him, kneeling down. "Yeah nigga, you wanna be treated like a prison bitch, I'll do that shit, yo." He took his shirt off and reached in his pants and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. As he lit one up, I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. "DAMN, NIGGA!" I said. Chris's dick was fucking HUGE! That thing had to be at least eleven inches and was thick as fuck!

And his balls were nearly the size of golf balls and hung low from his dick. "Yeah son! Never seen a dick that big before, huh?" he said. "Hell, no," I said, wrapping my fingers around that monster cock and stroking it slowly. I looked up at him to see him taking a drag from his cigarette. "Man, you look sexy as fuck when you smoke, nigga." I said. He laughed and said, grinning "Nigga shut up and suck my dick, man." Mad with excitement, I stuck my tongue out and started licking that massive dick, licking every inch of that flesh, until I finally wrapped my lips around the head and took him into my mouth.

"Ooh yeah," said Chris in a low voice."That mouth feels so damn good, bro." "Mmmm," I moaned through the thick cock in my mouth. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He just looked so SEXY, smoking his cigarette, sitting there all buff and shit.

I sucked harder and started running my hands all over his torso, rubbing his hard chest and ripped stomach, and playing with his nipples. "Yeah, you like that shit, you little bitch?" he said, scowling down at me. "You like sucking that big fuckin' dick?" "Ooh yeah," I said smiling up at him. "Keep talkin' dirty to me, nigga." I was really digging the verbal domination. "Yeah?" he said. "You want me to be mean, motherfucka? Bitch, suck that dick like you fuckin' mean it, fuckin' dirty little freak!" Harder and harder I went, loving the taste of his dick, letting his mean talk fill my ears.

Every now and then I'd grab hold of his dick and slap it against my face. "Come on, nigga, suck my fuckin' nuts," he growled, scooting up to the edge of the sofa and pulling his dick up out of the way, so his hairy ball sack hung in front of my face.

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Glaring hungrily at them, I started licking his sack all around, tasting his sweat, inhaling the dirty, musky scent coming from his crotch. The feeling of being at Chris's mercy was fucking awesome. Then he lunged forward and tackled me to the ground, pinning me, and turned to face away from me, positioning himself so that his nuts were hanging low right over my face. "Open up and take them, ya little faggot," he said.

Laughing, I opened up as wide as I could, and he lowered his sack right into my mouth. I sucked and licked as Chris now started to get a little violent; he was lightly jabbing his fists into my gut and he continued with the nasty talk. "Yeah nigga, you like that shit, little bitch? Suck those balls, fuckin' suck them!" "Mmm-hmmm!" I moaned, muffled through his sack, as he continued to gutpunch me.

Taking his balls out of my mouth I said, "Come on dude, hit me harder!" He gave an evil laugh and started punching harder, driving his heavy knuckles into my flesh. Grunting in pain, I directed his dick back into my mouth. He started facefucking me, moving his hips up and down, plunging himself deeper into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat, his balls slapping against my nose.

He continued to verbally abuse me and punch me as I gagged and choked on that big prick. The lack of air plus the high from the weed had me very light-headed by now. I felt like I was in paradise, and I really felt like I was his little bitch!

"Goddamn, that throat is fuckin' tight!" Chris said, and he pulled himself out, and stood up, but not before grabbing me by the shirt. "Come here, fucker!" He gave another sinister laugh and pulled me up into a kneeling position in front of him, roughly pulling my shirt off. Then he started slapping me in the face and all around my head.

Not hard enough to hurt, but to display his sense of dominance. "What up, nigga? Huh? You like that shit?

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Yeah, you like that abusive shit, don't ya?" "Yeah, I do," I said with a grin. "Ha, get over here," he said, and he reached behind my head and pulled my face back to his dick. "Open," he demanded, and as I opened my mouth, he thrust himself in nearly all the way, cutting off my air.

Choking, I looked up with streaming eyes at his scowling face. His teeth were bared in a snarl, which turned me on even more. "Fuckin' dirty little cocksucker," he murmured, and gripping the back of my head hard, he began facefucking me again, pressing the knuckles of his other hand into the top of my head in a power noogie.

Real "brotherly" move right there, but his knuckles were sharp and the pressure was really starting to hurt, but I liked it. Deeper and deeper he thrust himself until finally, his balls were resting against my chin, all eleven thick inches of white meat buried in my mouth and down my throat.

He held himself there and gave a few short thrusts. Just when I thought I would suffocate, he threw my head back and I fell to the floor, coughing and retching, tears flowing from my eyes. Turning away, I quickly wiped them. Then I heard him snickering and he knelt down beside me. "Yo, my bad, man. Guess I got a little carried away." I looked back at him, my eyes wet, but I was smiling. "Nah, nigga.


I like that shit. I like gettin' skullfucked rough. That shit was fuckin' hot," I said. And it was true. Even though I had never taken a dick that big down my throat before, even though I had nearly suffocated, being at his mercy was the best feeling ever, and I wanted more!

Somehow he could guess this from the look on my face, because he grabbed my head tightly again and shoved his dick back into my mouth, now fucking my mouth deeply so that his balls swung back and forth, constantly hitting my chin, and again he was slapping me and boring his knuckles into the top of my head.

I choked and retched and groaned in pain, feeling like I was going to end up puking all over him, but I managed not to, and I was enjoying it so much, that I unzipped my pants, pulled my dick out, and began stroking it.

He paused and looked down at me. "Nigga, you REALLY like that shit, don't ya?" "Hell yeah," I said, muffled through his thick cock, and then I started deepthroating him myself, sucking him off like a whore.

"Oh shit!" he moaned, throwing his head back in pleasure. I sucked him in deeply and continued playing with myself for a while, but then he pulled himself out. I looked up, and he was blushing and breathing deeply. "Nigga you do that shit too good," he said, grinning. "You gonna make me nut too soon! I'm tryin' to save that shit, man." I laughed too. "Sorry, bro." He laughed and said "It's good, homie. Wanna take a smoke break?" "Yeah, I think we earned it," I said. He laughed again and we sat down on the couch, Chris grabbing the bong and his weed.

He repacked it and lit up. We smoked for about fifteen minutes, re-boosting our high. Finally he looked back at me. His eyes were red and glazed, but that hard, dominating look was in them. "Think you're about ready to get fucked, man?" he asked. "Fuck yeah," I said. "I been waitin' for this!" "Well then come on in my room," he said, standing up. I got up and followed him to his room, which was decorated with posters, mostly weed-related, but along with his favorite rappers and girls in bikinis.

He sat down on the bed and pulled me down beside him. "Suck my dick again, nigga," he said. "Get it hard for Daddy." This REALLY got me going.

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He was talking like a real prison dom now! Hungrily I leaned down and took his dick, which had gone limp while we smoked, back into my mouth. He laughed as I sucked, and he started lightly punching me again, this time in the head. Feeling like a nasty bitch, I sucked harder, and in minutes, his dick stood big and firm.

"I wanna get FUCKED, nigga!" I said. "I wanna get fucked HARD!" He flipped over onto me and pinned me down on the bed, at the same time grabbing a small bottle of lubricant from his bedside table. He leaned in close to me, GLARING at me with a sinister grin.


"Nigga, you're in fuckin' trouble," he snarled in a deep, dangerous voice. "I'm gonna make you my little bitch tonight." He then pulled my pants and underwear down, and I lay naked in front of him.

I pulled my legs up, grabbing behind my knees, and presenting my asshole to him. "Oh fuck yeah, I'm about to WRECK that shit!" Chris said, and he started slapping his giant dick against my ass and balls, teasing me and making me hornier.

"Come on, nigga. I want that fuckin' dick up my ass!" I said, staring at him hungrily. "Yeah? You ready for it, homie?" He rubbed a decent amount of lube onto his dick and pressed the thick head up against my hole. "You ready for Daddy's dick, ya little bitch?" "Give it to me, man!" I moaned.

Slowly, he started pushing forward, and I felt his dick stretching my hole open. It was pretty tight, and I groaned in pain as it gave way to the thick slab of beef. "Yeah nigga, open that shit up, let me have that booty," Chris groaned as he slid himself in further, stretching my walls as they had never been stretched before. "Tight fuckin' ass you got, bro." "Yeah, you gonna beat it up, man? Oh SHIT!" I moaned as he shoved himself in several inches.

I could feel the head of his dick pressing up against the second hole in my ass, but he still wasn't balls-deep yet. "Damn nigga, you got a fuckin' BIG dick," I groaned as Chris began slowly back and forth, warming my ass up, jabbing against my inner hole. "Give me that fuckin' dick. Yeah that shit feels so good!" "Yeah," growled Chris, grinning down at me with that sadistic glare that made him look super sexy.

"You fuckin' like that? Huh, ya little bitch? Yeah, take it, nigga. Take that big fuckin' dick like the bitch you are!" "Keep talkin' dirty, nigga," I whimpered as he started rocking a little harder. He kept it up as I felt my second sphincter starting to give way. "Oohhhh shit, go deep!" Pressing hard, he finally pushed past my hole and into the inner parts of my ass.

I gave a loud groan of pain as it gave, and felt his balls resting against my crack. "Fuck man," I panted as he leaned in and snarled in my face. "That dick feels fuckin' awesome." "Ahh yeah," Chris said with a laugh, and he began fucking me slowly, but just hard enough that I could feel his big balls slapping against my ass crack. I moaned in pleasure as he "made love" to me, begging him to talk dirty to me.

"Yeah, take that dick, bro. Little bitch ass nigga, you like that, huh? You my little bitch?" "Fuck yeah," I moaned.

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"Say it, nigga." "I'm your bitch." "Louder, I can't fuckin' hear you!" "Ohh I'm your bitch, man! Fuck me, nigga! Yeah, harder!" He increased the intensity of his thrusts and I moaned louder as his dick pumped back and forth, those balls still banging my ass.

He kept this up for a few minutes before pulling himself out. "Turn over on your stomach," he said. I climbed up on the bed and lay on my belly, sticking my ass out for him. "Hell yeah, nigga. Face down, ass up. That's what the fuck I'm talkin' about, man!" Chris climbed onto the bed on top of me and pinned my shoulders with one hand, as he directed his cock back into my ass with the other. "Come on, fuck me, nigga. Fuck me hard," I moaned.

Then he really started fucking me harder. He let his body weight drive his dick into me, bouncing up and down, and the sound of our flesh smacking together filled the room.

His balls hung so low that they were now slapping against my own. "Damn, white boy! Oh yeah, that feels good! Fuck me nigga, fuck me, ahh holy shit!" Now he was letting out low guttural growls as he pounded me, every now and then snarling dirty talk in my ear.

"Fuckin' dirty little freak," he said, laughing. "Fuckin' take it." A few minutes getting fucked like this got me worked up, and once he took a break, I turned over and smiled evilly at him. "Man, I wanna get fucked REAL hard, nigga. I want you to fuckin' RAPE me like a prison bitch!" Chris gave me a puzzled grin. "What, nigga? You want me to rape you?" "Fuck yeah, bro," I said.

Still grinning, he walked right up to me. "You want me to just fuck the shit outta you? Get it REAL rough? Man, I don't know if you're ready for that, bro." "I don't care," I said.

"That's how I like it!" "I don't know, man," he said again, that odd grin still on his face. "I mean shit, if you want me to do it, I'll do it.

But I'm tellin' you, it's gonna fuckin' hurt like a motherfucka." "Nigga, that's what I want." "Man, do you WANT me to just take you and just… I don't know, yo.

If I start doin' that, I'm gonna get violent, nigga. I'mma choke you and punch you and slap you around and shit. I'm tellin' ya, if you want me to do that, then cool. But I'm givin' you fair warning; once I get worked up like that, I ain't stoppin'." I gave him a small jab in the chest.

"Do your worst, bro." "Yeah?" he said. "Well hold up, let's hit the bong first. I think you're gonna need it, man." He walked out of the room briefly and brought the bong in, freshly packed.

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We both took one super-hard hit each, which now had us beyond stoned… Chris put his arm around my shoulder. "You SURE you want me to do this shit, man? I'm tellin' ya, yo ass is gonna feel like it's on fire, nigga. I ain't gonna fuckin' hold back! You don't know what you're gettin' yourself into." "Pretend you hate my guts, and just go BEAST mode on my ass, homie," I said. "Sex ain't good unless it REALLY fuckin' hurts." And I reached out and lightly slapped him in the face.

He froze, his eyes hard and wide, with shock. He started breathing deep and hard, his eyebrows contracting in a heavy scowl, baring his teeth, and looking sexier than ever.

"Fuckin' brutalize me, bro." I said in a low voice. And I bent over, placing my hands on the bed, wiggling my ass tantalizingly at him. "It's all yours." I felt him push his huge dick back into my ass and moaned with pleasure as he grabbed my hips.

"Ooh yeah, tear it up, nigga. Beat that shit up like—AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Out of nowhere, excruciating pain shot through my ass, as Chris began pounding me harder and faster than I'd EVER been pounded before! I screamed in agony as he tore into me. The pain so intense that I was forgetting where I was. The only thing that existed was that giant cock brutally raping me. Now he was screaming at me, shouting profanities as our flesh slapped together with wet, nasty smacks.

"YEAH! THIS WHAT YOU WANTED, LITTLE BITCH?! FUCKIN' RAPE YOU LIKE A PRISON BITCH, HUH?!" "AHHH OHH AAAAHHHH SHIT!!!!! OH FUCK THAT HURTS!!!!" I screamed. "SHUT THE FUCK UP, NIGGA!" he yelled, and he smacked me full-force in the back of the head.

"IT'S WHAT YOU FUCKIN' WANTED!" This was EXACTLY what I wanted, but never had I gotten fucked THIS rough, let alone by a dick so big. I could almost feel my intestines tearing apart! But DAMN, this was fucking amazing! "FUCK ME, MAN!" I yelled.


"FUCKIN' HURT ME, YEAH! RAPE THAT ASS, NIGGA!" "FUCKIN' NASTY BITCH!" he screamed at me. The verbal abuse was just making me enjoy it more, and I'm sure he knew it. Harder and rougher he raped me, shouting profanities at me and slapping me in the head. I was DEFINITELY feeling like I truly was his bitch now, and the more pain shot through my body, the happier I was!

He had stamina like I had never seen before; he was able to pound hard for over a minute at a stretch before pausing for a few seconds, then resuming his brutal rape of my ass. Finally he pulled out and my legs gave way, but barely had I begun to collapse than Chris grabbed me and threw me onto the bed on my stomach again.

Growling like a wild beast he leapt on top of me and shoved himself back into my ass. He resumed fucking me like a dirty slut, and was becoming even more violent now, physically and verbally. He grabbed my neck with one hand and squeezed hard, pinning my head to the mattress, while with the other hand, he continued to slap me in the head and was calling me some of the dirtiest names I'd heard.

Then he started punching me, driving his knuckles into my back, adding even more pain. "FUCK YEAH, SON! WANT ME TO FUCK YOU UP, HUH?! LIKE GETTIN' BEAT UP LIKE THAT?" "OHHH YEAH!" I said a little thickly; the extreme pain was making my eyes water, but I was determined to tough it out. But then he pulled out again and pulled me up with him. "MotherFUCKER!" he said, and accented the second word with a full-force punch to my gut. I doubled over in pain, the wind knocked out of me.

Then Chris backed up really quick, and lunged forward, spearing me with his shoulders, and I landed on the bed hard, on my back once again. And now he got so violent and aggressive, that it FAR surpassed any rough fucking I'd ever taken, or had ever seen in a porno. He began plowing my ass as hard as he absolutely could, and was not only punching my gut and slapping me in the face. He wrapped his hand around my throat and started choking me, and even went a step further and started spitting in my face, his eyes blazing with fury, and my eyes rolling into my head.

He was now truly fucking me like I was a piece of trash, fucking me WAY beyond stupid. The room was filled with the sounds of his roaring abuse in my face, my strangled screams, and the loud, wet smacks of skin.

We were both sweating heavily, and the pain was so extreme that I could feel tears streaming from my eyes. I was half-screaming, half-sobbing as Chris mercilessly raped me. To this day, I have no idea how long he pounded me for during that part; it seemed to go on for hours, even though it was probably only several minutes.

He gave a few more brutal thrusts into my ass, and then stopped, panting heavily, releasing his grip on my throat. I lay beneath him, gasping, coughing, and sobbing, my whole body was trembling.

I looked up at him, and he was grinning. "You alright, bro?" "Oh jeez, nigga," I said hoarsely. "I ain't NEVER been fucked like that. You're a goddamn BEAST!" "Man, I told you that shit was gonna hurt, nigga," he said, and for once he looked a bit guilty. "Man I did too much—" "Hell nah, homie," I breathed.

"That was the best feeling ever!" "What?" he said, taken aback, but laughing. "Bro, you really LIKED that shit?" "I would have hit on you sooner if I'd known it would be like this," I said. "Haha, my nigga!" he laughed, punching me on the shoulder.

"But guess what? I didn't even nut yet! You want me to rape you again?" "Yeah, nigga! Bust that shit to pieces, man!" He looked down at me with that deathly glare again. "You masochistic motherfucka," he growled. And then he went again, giving me the roughest fucking ever, punching, slapping, choking and spitting on me, verbally abusing me, making sure every thrust caused painful pleasure. I screamed at him to fuck me and rape me like a bitch, and then I reached down and started jacking myself off, enjoying this brutality.

He fucked me so stupid, that again I had no idea how long it lasted, but before long I could feel an orgasm building within me. "Come on, bro!" I yelled. "Fuck the cum right outta me! Oh man, I'm gonna nut so hard!" "Yeah?!" yelled Chris, pulling me so that my ass hung off the bed.

"SHOOT THAT FUCKIN' LOAD ALL OVER YOURSELF, BITCH!" And as my orgasm drew closer, he jackhammered me so hard and fast that I felt like his dick was going to pull my guts right out of my ass. I screamed and moaned as my dick swelled in my hand, and he wrapped both of his hands around my throat and squeezed hard enough to completely cut off my air.

The combination of choking and jackhammering did the trick; my face scrunched up as I got closer, and closer, and closer… "AHHHHHHH FUCK!" Jizz came squirting out of my cock and all over my belly as the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced slammed through my body like lightning. Chris finally released his grip on my throat, but continued to pound my ass. I groaned and yelled, gasping for air while my body spasmed again and again.

"I wanna see you nut all over me, nigga!" I gasped. "Yeah?!" Chris grunted as he was still fucking me. "You fuckin' want that nut all over you, bro? I'mma fuckin' shower you with it!" His breathing increased and his face flushed, and I felt his dick swelling inside me. "Oh yeah, HERE IT FUCKIN' COMES, BITCH! HERE IT FUCKIN' COMES! OH FUCK!" He yanked himself out just in time. An enormous jet of cum, probably the biggest I'd ever seen, blasted out of his cock and right into my face.

I closed my eyes and heard him groaning loudly, and felt several more ropes of dick juice landing all over my face, chest and belly. "AH, MOTHERFUCKER! TAKE THAT NUT, NIGGA!" Finally his breathing slowed, and I wiped my eyes, wet with tears and cum, to look up at him. His face was red and he was glowering at me again. Then he grinned. "You good, my nigga?" "Oh yeah, man," I groaned.

I looked down at myself, and wasn't surprised to see that nearly every inch of my torso was soaked in cum. I looked back at him with narrowed eyes. "Man, look at the fuckin' mess you made." We both roared with laughter, then Chris reached down and picked up a towel and handed it to me. As I wiped myself off, Chris said "Yo, I was saving that load up for about six weeks, man. I think we're REALLY bros now." "Yep," I said, and I reached my fist out.

"That was a good power fuck, man. Good shit, my nigga." Chris laughed again and bumped my fist with his own. "Thanks bro, I told you I wasn't gonna hold back," he said. "I think I'm gonna enjoy being your roommate a little more." He reached on his dresser and pulled two cigarettes out of his pack, giving one to me and lighting the other one for himself and putting on fresh pants.

I finished cleaning myself off and lit my cigarette and sat up, and groaned in pain; my ass hurt like hell, and my torso was bruised, but at the same time it felt great. "Damn nigga, you got me fucked up, I'm hurting like a motherfucker! I'mma be sore for weeks," I said. Chris scoffed and punched my shoulder, grinning. "Man get yo weak ass up, son. Let's go smoke some damn weed." He grabbed the bong and went back into the living room. I got up, wincing, and walked over to my room to put on fresh clothes.

I could barely walk; every step I took was a pain in my ass, literally. My legs were weakened from the brutal fuck, and I was dizzy from the lack of air from being choked. But I managed it finally, and came back to sit down on the couch with Chris, who had turned the TV on and was hitting the freshly packed bong.

I sat down, still whimpering softly, but it didn't go unnoticed. "Shut up and smoke," he said, grinning as he passed the bong. He also handed me an ice-cold beer. So we spent the rest of the evening smoking, drinking, watching TV and sharing more stoner stories.

The recent fuck session wasn't mentioned, even when I had to get up and felt the pain in my ass. But I knew he was still thinking about it. I loved the way this crazy white boy had fucked me beyond silly. This was going to be an even more awesome school year&hellip.