Camilla Cum in my ass

Camilla Cum in my ass
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I woke up and noticed that I had fallen off the bed again. It had been three days since my family had left the three story house to camp in Montana for a month, leaving me and My cousin Amanda here alone.


I am 14 years old, with brown hair and chocolate eyes. I've been living with my family and and a few of my aunts, uncles, and cousins since I was born. But being left alone with Amanda has been a nightmare, mainly because I've had a crush on her since I was 8.

Amanda is 13 years old, has brown hair like mine and sea blue eyes. She started to grow early and so she has B sized breasts and an amazing lower body. Whenever I'm out of my room I wear a robe or a blanket to hide my aching erection. Amanda like to wear her skintight pjs all day long and since it was the middle of summer we had no school, and thus no retreat. One part of me wants to hide in my bedroom and only go out at night but the other wants me to tell her how I feel and then have sex with her.

Today I decided to take a risk and went out without my robe. I went to the kitchen to fix some cereal and then sat down on the couch to watch disney XD. A few miniutes later a felt the couch move and saw Amanda sit down beside me, in her pjs as usual. She looked at me and said, "Is it okay if I change the channel. A movie I've been dying to see is on nickelodeon." I gave her a smirk before raising the remote where she couldn't get it. "You'll have to grab it first." I teased, she leaned over but couldn't get it.

She finally won when she moved over to the right a little and accidently put her breasts on my arms. I gave her the remote and said that I was going to take a nap. I ran to the bedroom and locked the door behind me. I sat down on bed and noticed that my erection hadn't gone down. I tried masturbating but that didn't work either.

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There was one last option, I opened my closet and pushed through the clothes to a door. I opened the door that led to our gigantic backyard.

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I looked around and saw the animals in the enclosures wake up. A few years ago, my dad a zoologist had busted a circus that had taken the teeth and claws out of their animals and didn't feed them too well. We had started taking care of them and today I quickly fed all the animals by putting their watered down food into the giant upside down bottles that resemble those that are used for hamsters and other small rodents.

I waited a while and saw that my boner was still standing proud. There was no other choice. I walked over to the are that held the orangutan, Susie.

I opened the door and she crawled on my back.

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I shut the door and took her back to my room. I had decided that I would have sex with her and hope my erection would go away.


Once I was in the room I made sure all doors were locked and then fumbled with my belt until I got it off. I pulled of my shirt and threw it in a corner, it was quickly followed by pants and boxers.

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I wasn't as big as some of the men I had seen in my older sisters porn videos, only about six inches. I sat down on the bed and she came and sat on my lap, her special place rubbing against mine.


I grabbed one of her breasts and started to massage it. A put my mouth on her other furry breast and sucked her nipple, surprised to taste milk on my tounge but remembered that she had a baby that was still nursing.

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After a little foreplay she lay back on the bed, I approached her slowly and parted her hair to help me line up for penetration. After a few misses I finally managed to hit the target. I sheathed my cock all the way to the hilt. I started thrusting and wondered if Amanda felt the same. My brain suddenly played tricks on my mind and put Amanda's body in place of Susie. I started pumping harder and 10 miniutes later I came inside of the female ape.

I took her back and quickly changed into my clothes when I heard Amanda scream my name. I ran out in just my boxers to see Amanda, panties off and a hand in her sex, laying on the couch.

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She hasn't noticed me so I tried to sneak back but accidentally slipped causing her to turn around mortified. "Oh crap!" I yelled in my head. "Did you see that?" She asked. "No!" I lied, but my rock hard shaft betrayed me.

"Oh really? Your thingy seems to say otherwise." She said with a coy smile and walked over to me, "Now tell me the whole truth don't leave anything out." "Okay, I've had a crush on you and so when you pressed your breasts to my arm this morning I ran to my bedroom to take care of it, and I started pulling my boxers up when I heard you scream my name so I ran in here and saw you masturbating and tried to run but fell down and ILOVEYOU!" I said in a blur, but she understood.

"Oh good, so I'm not the only one." She sighed. "Wait does that mean." "Yeah.

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So do you want to watch a movie?" I said I would love to and fixed us some ice cream while she picked a movie. We ended up watching "Luck of the Irish". We finished our frozen snacks about 15 miniutes into the movie, I looked at the beautiful face of my cousin and brushed a blonde piece of hair out of her face. I leaned forward and licked some ice cream off the corner of her lips. She grabbed the remote and hit pause before grabbing my head and our lips collided.

At first it was just closed mouth kisses but eventually we started kissing with more passion, and by passion I mean tongue. I asked her if she was sure she wanted this and when she answered yes I carried her bridal style into my bedroom where we got rid of all clothing articles. Amanda snaked her way down and kissed the head of my penis lightly, she then licked it and blew air on it. I gripped onto the bed sheets until she finally relieved my suffering and took my whole dick in her mouth.

She used lots of tongue and saliva. It was too much, I came in her mouth and watched as she swallowed it all. "My turn." I said and quickly rubbed her clit with my hand making her gasp as I descended upon her slit. Flitting my tongue out quickly and licked her opening slowly before completely going down on her.

I rubbed her clit with one hand and rubbed her rock hard nipples with the other one. She was thrashing around before she screamed in bliss and erupted her womanly fluid. I kissed her and then looked at her, asking permission before I went the whole way. She nodded and I slowly went in, thrusting once I reached her virgin barrier and stopped while she got used to the sensation.

Rubbing her breasts and sucking on her neck and earlobe while the pain went away. Finally she started moaning and I started thrusting.

Her insides were wonderful, it was much better than my hand. 15 miniutes of moaning and thrusting later I felt her walls clench down on me and we came at the same time. We rolled on our sides and she pressed her mouth gingerly against mine. "We forgot to use protection!" I exclaimed worriedly.

"I'm not fertile till next week, don't worry." She said. Falling asleep in my chest. I looked down and noticed her virgin blood mixed in with our fluids. I kissed her forehead before pulling up the sheets and falling asleep. Myself still entombed within her. End of chapter 1 I hope this is good because I have never written anything like this, and I have never had sex so yeah. Anyway this is multi chapter and the next one will be posted in the next month. Hope you enjoyed. Also make sure to clean up your mess.

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