Handjob loving amateur makes cock spray cum

Handjob loving amateur makes cock spray cum
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This is a story which starts as a true story, but eventually evolves into a personal fantasy of mine. A girl tries teasing her boss into a better position in the company. Things do not turn out the way she planned… The story contains violence and rape. If you are offended by this in any way, please do not read the story any further.

Also, the story is rather long and descriptive on the sexual acts. If you prefer a 'Wham, bam, thank you ma'am' story this might not be for you. Oh, and it's my first work; constructive criticism would be most appreciated! What comes around, goes around… He massaged his temples slowly while staring at his polished shoes.

Everyone had gone home for the day. Another Thursday had passed. She had been giving him a headache today. She's been giving him a headache since the moment she first set foot in his office. A headache ? a hard dick. He smiled at his own thoughts, but quickly went grim the moment he looked up from his pondering. A photo on the wall of the private office showed a group of smiling faces. One woman and two boys. The man sighed deeply, now torn between both his wants and needs, which seemed to embody water versus fire.

But he already knew his decision. He decided since the moment she first set foot in his office. "I'm sorry, Liz…" he whispered nearly silent at the photo.

Symbolically he took the picture and turned it to lay it down flat in his drawer. He stood up, walking out of his private space with his coat in his hands, taking a last look around the empty office and left. Ryan Stoker was a man in his mid-forties, the kind that had it all figured out. He was tall, easily passing 2 meters with short brown hair and blue eyes.

He had a slight muscular build aswell as a slight tanned skin, but he was still unsatisfied with his looks. "Liz, this weekend I'm going to start working out!" he told her every week while looking at his naked body in the mirror in the bedroom. She just smiled, knowing he'd never get round to doing so. Married at a young age with a woman named Elizabeth, they lived together for a while before they considered children.

By now they lived in a grand house with the four of them. Five, if you would include the dog. The kids had been hassling Ryan for weeks to get a dog, but as kids tend to do, they quickly tired of walking it and let daddy take up that chore every evening. Ryan didn't really mind, he enjoyed the walks with the happy golden retriever barking and chasing leafs falling off the trees. It was his way of clearing his head after a long day at the office. Or at least he attempted so.

Lately his mind was occupied by a woman. A woman who was not his wife. Not in the very least. Alex, short for Alexandra, was a young woman. By the age of 21, she already grew to be a smart little lady. Working her way through high-school as any ordinary teenager she decided one day to work her way up fast, and did so with vast determination. Leaving her simplistic job at the local supermarket she swiftly obtained an office job in a small international company near her home.

With a great lack of experience or education she knew she had to take advantage of what she had to compensate this lack. One being her natural intelligence, secondly her smarts.

From an early age on she knew how to manipulate the people around her to get her way. This made her self-confidence grow, up to a point where she feared nothing.

Her big mouth had only worked to her advantage until now, and surely got her the office-job she had up till this day. A third influence which might have brought her to the point where she was now, however 'informal', was her appearance. She wasn't too tall, 168 centimeters last time she measured, but well proportioned.

With a slim waist and slightly bigger hips she was able to get the most out of skirts and dresses (and men for that matter), but as a post-teenager she still considered her natural curves a nuisance.

What also attracted many men weren't just her deep green eyes and her long wavy dirty-blonde hair, but, as may be expected from men, her breasts. A full D-cup on her slim figure made every blouse or shirt bulge out enough for every man to nearly sprain their necks as she walked past. She was no fool, she knew this, and used it to tease her way to success. Fridaymorning, eight o'clock on the dot, most people were present at their desks yawning while switching their computers on and grabbing their second or even first cup of coffee for the day.

Ryan walked in, seeing several surprised faces pop up from behind the screens. "Goodmorning!" he smirked at the confused faces and walked straight to his private office.

As a CEO he was allowed to 'drop in a little later than the normal folks'. But today he came in early, with no particular reason but a slight tingle which had kept him up most of the night. Still, he wasn't tired. Adrenaline took part of him hoping this Friday would not be like other Fridays.

Before walking in to his office he took a sly look to the left and rolled his eyes. Alex's desk was empty, as it always was at that time. He sat down, switching on his computer and grabbed several papers spread out on his desk. "Good morning well-appreciated colleagues!" he heard a happy voice sing outside his office. Ryan looked up at the clock. Ten past eight. Alex had made a reputation for herself by coming in late every day, but for some reason (Ryan knew only too well why) she always got away with it.

However, she wasn't just a simple flirt. She did her work exceptionally well, being fast and accurate at everything she did. That made her a valuable employee for the office, and of course she knew that as well. He remembered the last thing she said to him before leaving the office yesterday.

"You know you can't live without me. The company that is", she mentioned on her way out his office, "I'm too good for that". "Cocky bitch…" he muttered while looking at some scribbling on the papers about the costs over the last month. A moment later he smirked at his own comment. The day went on as it usually did. Quiet and calmth signed the office. Until about eleven o'clock, when Alex would be properly awake.

With her being one of the very few women in a mostly man-dominated office, she'd always get all the attention she wished for. She was smart enough to lay low when authority figures were around, but Ryan did not seem to be part of that world to her. The click-clacking of heels announced her first entrance to Ryan's office for the day, eleven o'clock on the dot. Ryan didn't look up on purpose.

He wasn't planning to give her too much attention during the day; frankly he'd rather drop off a cliff than granting her the pleasure of seeing him drool over her like the others did. Even though he didn't look up, he caught a glimpse of her middlefinger subtily pointed at a random person in the office.

She walked in the office, wearing a big smile. "Don't stick up your middlefinger at employees, Alex…" he said, faking complete disinterest at her presence and attempting to add a bit of discipline to his tone which could be recognized as nearly parental. "I wasn't sticking up anything. Are you?" she shot back within seconds. He looked up at her grin and her daring eyes and decided not to give in, looking back at his papers.

Alex appeared to have other plans than to leave, and leaned on his desk casually reading off his private to a normal employee's eyes- papers, giving a good clear view in her tight and partially unbuttoned blouse.

Ryan looked up with amusement, knowing she was trying to provoke him, but kept himself as disciplined as possible. Nevertheless it took him great effort not to look in her blouse. "What is it? I'm busy!" he said with a fake irritated tone. Alex stood up straight again. "Just wondering if you'd like some coffee, Mr. Stoker" she said in a friendly yet professional voice. "Yes. And for the millionth time, call me Ryan… 'Mr. Stoker' makes me feel old!" Alex snickered and bent over him from the side, instead of moving around his chair to grab his coffee mug on the other side of the desk, replying mockingly "Yes.

I know." Ryan felt his cock stir against his will by this young woman leaning over his lap and shoved against the desk quickly to hide any other unwanted reactions in his office-pants, leaning against Alex in the process. She pulled back. "Well, aren't you frisky today!" she laughed and walked off to get the coffee. Ryan sighed, irritated that again he gave her what she wanted; the damn attention.

But that didn't matter much. Not today. He gave his cock a small stroke under his desk. She came back a minute later, put the coffee down and walked right out. He took a sip of his coffee with milk and made a face. [i["Bitch"[/i]. She knew he drank his coffee without sugar. The day had its usual routine. Therefore most knew that the innocent games of the morning turned into the teasing during the afternoon.

For Ryan Alex always seemed to have a little extra attention in her own special way. She seemed to make a sport out of making him feel irritated and even insignificant as an authority figure at times. That first moment of the day appeared as he had a serious conversation with a colleague on general profit increase at the man's desk. Ryan heard a cough behind him and saw Alex standing beside him with crossed arms and a pout from the corner of his eyes.

He ignored her and continued his conversation hoping to make it clear to her he wasn't planning to interrupt his conversation. "Excuse me!" she said, her voice a little louder than normal.

He turned sideways slowly, speaking with real irritation this time. "What!?" "You're in the way, I need to reach the map in that cabin." she said with a semi-annoyed tone. "Why don't you walk around the desk and reach the cabin that way without interrupting me?" he sighed. "No particular reason.

This is a faster way." she said, turning away and walking back to her seat, without taking the map she originally came for with her. Ryan turned back to his colleague, realizing he completely lost concentration and forgot what he wanted to say. He glared at the girl who now smirked back at him, raising her eyebrows mockingly.

Ryan returned to his own desk letting out a small growl. "Stupid bitch. Stupid arrogant bitch" resonated in his head while throwing a stapler back in a drawer. He was tired of being pushed around like this. "Who the hell does she think she is?" Ryan then laughed loudly, not caring if the rest of the office could hear him. They would probably think he just heard something funny on the phone.

If they only knew the delicious yet malicious plan he had in mind. And little Alex would be on the front row.

The end of the day neared. Many had left the office already, taking some free time to spend the last few hours in the sun. The ones who remained just looked either tired or enthusiastic, ready to go home and celebrate their weekend. Even the end of the day was predictable. Alex pulled the same trick every other day, and Ryan started to see a pattern. On the days she gave Ryan a hard time (be it literally or not), she'd always stick around a little longer. Usually until they ended up being the last ones left in the office.

Ryan wondered why for a long time. Was it just another tease? Was she there because she actually wanted to finish work? He was convinced it was just one of the many mind-fucks she was pulling off. Ryan stood at the end of his office, watching her through the blinds. "Or maybe you're just a masochistic bitch", he whispered softly at her, not caring that she had no clue what he was saying. "Yes, that's it, isn't it?

You're daring me. You're daring me to make a move on you. Not long now, sweetheart." Ryan sat back in his chair, picking up his pen to scribble some small notes for the coming Monday. After a few seconds, he dropped his pen again and sat back with a sigh. His mind was not cooperating with him in the very least. That or the blood had begun streaming towards other destinations in his body than his brains.

He looked down as to confirm, surprised to see a big tent forming in his pants. His head drifted off again. If only thoughts could already do this to him&hellip. He smiled. He looked up at the clock. Quarter past five. If his estimations were correct the office should be empty now. Empty, besides Alex and him. He knew how the bitch's mind worked, he was convinced of it. He stood up, finally having tamed his dick again and walked towards the exit of his office.

There she was, as he expected. He looked around to see an empty office, as he expected. He smiled at both his prediction and her predictability.

He walked towards the exit of the office with the empty mug, towards the kitchen, as he usually did before he'd finish up work and go home. He looked at Alex, she didn't look back, but he was sure he saw a suppressed smirk forming on the corners of her mouth. He put away the mug, looking at a row of filthy mugs on the counter. The cleaning lady was not coming today; he received the memo yesterday afternoon.

Apparently the rest of the office didn't know that. Or they didn't care about the filthy mugs standing there. He guessed the last. He leaned over the counter and took a deep breath, looking in the mirror as if to assure himself that he was convinced that this was what he wanted.

He saw his mirror image form a smile. One he never saw on his face before. One he didn't know he could have. It was an emotionless smile. A smile which spoke a thousand words. He wanted to confront the little slut with her behavior. Confront her, show her, take her, break her, hit her, fuck her. Not necessarily in that order. He walked back inside the office, and smiled seeing Alex still on the computer. He walked up behind her. "Hello" she said emotionless, without looking back, clearly unimpressed by his presence.

Ryan didn't reply, but put his hand on her head and brushed her hair slowly. Alex didn't move, nor react in any way. He moved his other hand towards her jawline, following the outline, dragging the finger over her neck and shoulders, enjoying the curves. Suddenly she moved her chair back with such force that Ryan received the chair in his stomach with a smash.

He coughed and moved a few steps back. Not out of fear, out of curiosity on how she'd react on his 'new approach'. She stood up and turned to look at him, the chair separating the two.

Seconds passed by, but she was the first to speak. "Well, well, look who's coming out of his shell." she spoke mockingly.

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He smirked at her. "Apparantly so. Like it?" She smiled. "Does your wife know, Ryan?" This was a question he wasn't expecting. His smirk left his face as soon as it came. "I'm sure she'll be very interested to know you're hitting on young women at the office.

And so will the big bosses. And if I decide to press charges, this could mean a very nasty lawsuit for you…" Ryan was stunned. He had a small sparkle of hope she'd want him as much as he wanted her. However, he was aware there would most probably be some resistance from her side. But this was not what he expected. It took him several moments to structure the whirlwind of thoughts taking over his head.

If she wanted the gloves off, that could be arranged. "Why don't you skip the games and tell me what you want, you little cunt?" She didn't stop smiling and it was creeping him out. "What I want? I want what you have. Let's start with a decent raise and extra chores as your P.A.

I want to know what you know. I want to do what you do she said determined -You work me up in this company and I won't press charges. Capisce?" Ryan stood completely blanked out, stunned.

She was using him! Alex tapped her nails on the desk. "Well? I don't have all day…" That comment was all it took to make something inside him snap. Ryan looked at the ground and then looked up. Grabbing the chair and smashing it to the side he looked at her furiously.

How dare she… How does she fucking dare to put up that tone to him? The next few moments passed in a haze. He launched forward, grabbed her upper arm tightly and dragged her with him towards his office. She yelped by both the force of the tug and the shock of the sudden change in temper and instinctively punched the arm holding her. He turned around and slapped her in the face also feeling a determination taking over him.

"Calm the fuck down! If you behave this might not get as painful as it should be." he growled back at her, continuing the journey towards the office. After a small struggle she was in, trapped between the walls and Ryan in the doorway. He pulled out a key, and locked the door. Walking up to her he hit her on the head with such force she smacked against the wall, going dizzy.

Ryan took his time to hide the key on a suitable and safe place, before he turned to the girl. "Not such a big mouth now, are you?" he laughed while taking off his tie and undoing a few buttons of his blouse while he watched her amusingly in her dizzy state.

Alex moaned in pain and reached for her head, the other arm leaning at the wall to keep her up. "Playtime's over. That little show you put up just then was very convincing, but I'll cut to the chase. I'm going to have you as I please, in any way I please. That eternal teasing of yours is to thank for that.

I don't give a fuck whether you're enjoying it too but if you're a smart girl, which I know you are, you do so." he whispered as he moved in closer to her, trapping her in a corner between the side of a cabin and the wall, moving his hands over the sides of her face.

He tilted her head up in his grip and looked at the beautiful face of the woman who had made his job hell. She looked back, still dazed from the smash against the wall. He smiled as he let go of her face and let his hands rove down, following the curves of her breasts down to her hips. Moving the same path up again he now went to the middle of her neck, feeling the need to do something he never did before.

He pressured the soft skin slightly. Feeling the difficulty to breathe the girl panicked, and Ryan saw fear in her eyes for the first time she set foot in his office. His voice got raw in anticipation, not sure whether it was the suffocation which just gave him that extra boost. He moved in closer to her and took in her scent. "It's time you learn to acknowledge authority figures." His fingers were now gliding over the buttons of the blouse, undoing them in a teasingly slow rhythm.

"Like hell you are!" she suddenly sprung back to life, recovered from the dizziness. Alex brought her hands over his and raked her nails over his hands to stop him from undoing more buttons. Whack! The sound cut through the silence of the room as he hit her face again. "Move you hands, slut". Her hands didn't move. "I said; like hell you are…" she said again darkly, while leaning forward and away from the corner.

Whack! "Move them!" His voice now turned into yelling, enjoying her resistance as much as he verbally denied it. No reaction from both her hands whatsoever. "Fine, have it your way then." Ryan grabbed a hand full of hair on the back of her head and tore painfully at her skull, slamming her head against the cabin once.

He did it again when he noticed the first slam had no effect. Her hands moved down, away from the buttons he was so eager to possess with his own hands. Whether it was a conscious decision or weakness because she became increasingly disorientated he didn't know. He continued to open up the buttons until he had reached the last one.

After opening that he opened her blouse gently and caressed her breasts, which were now only captured by a lacey bra, with a soft touch. Slowly and lovingly he let his hands glide over the round mounds he knew all too well by her continuous showing off.

He moved his hands up and pulled her towards him effortlessly. Her face buried against his chest he felt her hot short breaths on his skin. He took off the blouse and threw it in a corner. The bra wasn't difficult to undo, the clip was slightly bent by the amount of times it had been opened and closed over the months it had been in her possession.

He straddled her back, following her spinal cord down and back up, moving to her shoulders to slide the bra off. The moment he wanted to push her back he noticed she held his half opened shirt tightly.

"Let go, Alex" he said calmly. Just to check if she understood that he was the boss yet. She didn't let go, so apparently she didn't. He moved his hands down to bend her fingers back painfully. She yelped and let go the moment the first crackle sounded. "Good girl.

I wouldn't want to break your fingers." he said mockingly while pushing her back against the wall. The bra fell off on its own by the sudden movement, revealing her big breasts. Ryan stood back admiring them for a moment, ignoring the daggers her eyes shot at him while she held one hand protectively over the other, her fingers paining still.

They looked so different from Liz's, the only breasts he had seen in a long, long time. She had little breasts, with equally small nipples. Alex's were the completely opposite. Round, big and still firm as may be expected from a girl who still had her youth.

Her nipples were equally big, which was a new phenomenon to him. Sure he had seen those on women from the porn he watched every now and then, but none of the women he had been together with. He was mesmerized. He wanted to caress them, hold them, squeeze them, lick them and bite them.

He breathed in to brace himself. "All in due time" he thought. "And time we have" he continued, saying it out loud as to confirm it to the girl who now pushed herself into the corner of the wall and the cabin.

He moved in closer to her again. He let his fingers follow the curves of her breasts, symmetrically slid them over the sides and over the front, drawing circles around the nipples. He was pleased to see they immediately came to life. He ripped his eyes off her hardened nipples and met her eyes.

He smiled at her, amazed by how hateful she was able to look at him. "If looks could kill…" he said tilting her head up with a single finger under her chin. He wondered why she kept such a low profile, her resistance had been less than he expected. "Most probably not in the mood for more slaps, clever girl." he thought to himself.

He moved his eyes and his hands back down resting them onto her hard nipples. Ryan didn't have to look down further to know he was rock hard since the moment he finally got to glance at those tits which had been keeping the whole office in a tight grip.

He smiled at the thought that even though all the men were drooling over them daily, he had the pleasure of seeing and even touching them. With that thought he squeezed the left nipple hard.

Alex yelped and moved her hands to protect them from the unwanted violence. Ryan slapped her hands away like annoying bugs. "Two can play this game" he grinned while pinching them both harshly, twisting them between his fingers.

Again her hands moved up, and again Ryan slapped them off. "Stop that or I'm going to have to punish you again…" This time he twisted the nipples until he was nearly convinced the skin would rip.

Strangely enough that thought turned him on thus the more. Her hands moved up yet again, as a reflex to stop the torture. He already anticipated that. Ryan grabbed himself a hand full of hair again despite the several no's and yelps and smashed her head against the wall twice.

"I warned you, didn't I? I believe that was fairly kind of me seen your behavior." The girl didn't respond but buckled through her knees and slid down the wall groaning. On the place where her head had been there was a small stain of blood on the wall. He looked at the blood rather emotionless; it didn't seem to worry him much. He hadn't seen much blood in his life, besides the small injuries from the kids or his own in his younger days, but the color fascinated him.

Ryan caught Alex in time and lifted her up. He was amazed how light she was, then again, she wasn't too big a girl. With one hand he stroked the hair out of her dazed face, put it behind her ear and smiled her into the face.

"I thought I could never do anything like this. Punish you the way I fantasized about all these months." Again the lock of hair fell on her face as her dazed face fell forward on his shoulder.

He shook her body back roughly, making her head tilt backwards painfully. "I guess I was wrong. I'm hurting you, and I'm really really enjoying it" he laughed. Then he looked around pondering. "I always wanted to do this before…" he said, to no one in particular. With one violent shove he threw a number of things off the desk; papers, pens, staplers and other random office-supplies fell on the floor. He laid her down on the desk, pulling her back to him.

He stood next to the desk and rested his hips against hers, as he pulled her legs on either side of his while straddling her hips. He leaned over her to kiss her breasts causing the hard bulge in his pants to push against her still covered "for now", he snickered- pussy. He stroked her cheek, amused by her futile attempt to turn her face away from his touch. He ignored it for now and stepped back, unbuttoning and unzipping her pants slowly. Her shoes were easily taken off.

Black leather stilettos. "Her favorite pair…" he imagined. She wore them often, the click-clacking of the heels were all too familiar to the ears of the employees at the office. Although he loved the shoes, he was actually quite annoyed with the rest of her clothes.

She had been wearing hot skirts and dresses all week, and today she came in pants… it was as if even her choice of clothing was designed especially to piss him off on this particular day.

With those thoughts he tugged off her pants with so much force her whole body shoved with towards him. Not caring whether she could be blamed for that, he forced a tight grip on her throat again, while tugging her pants off. Every pull forced his hand tighter around her neck. She moaned in a disorientated state by the grip and moved her hands to her throat to defend herself from the second attempt of suffocation.

Ryan laughed. "Don't worry. I'm not going to kill you. Although I have to admit it seems tempting right now. You're no good to me dead though, I'm planning to fuck you when you're alive. I want to make sure you feel it…" Finally taken her pants off, he stood back and looked at her.

Her arms lay sprawled out on the desk near her head, her slightly spread legs hung over the edge of his desk. Her thong didn't match her bra - it was pink lace; her thong was lime-green. He laughed, he finally found a flaw in her seemingly perfection. He moved back towards her, meeting her slightly twisting body.

The snaking around made him even hornier. He wondered how she would move if he fucked her. He wondered how far he could bend her limbs to meet his wishes.


He moved his hand over her smooth flat stomach while daydreaming of things that did not seem too impossible anymore and moved his fingers down to the edge of her lacey thong.

He tugged at the edge a few times, enjoying the moans which served as resistance to his plans to come. He heard the scraping sound too late, was too slow to react to it. Her body shot up and together with her scream he felt the jolts of pain sear through his body.

He jumped back in horror, slammed back against the wall and fell on his knees, his face turned to the source of the pain which came from his shoulder. The letter-opener, the long sharp object he had always used to open the white and blue envelopes which were marked as private, and thus were not allowed to be opened by the administration. Blood streamed past the object and stained the sky-blue blouse with deep red spots. He screamed, as if the pain only just reached his brains. He grit his teeth and pulled the opener out slowly.

The cold metal didn't stay red, but formed a Dalmatian-like pattern of red beads on a silvery background. He reached to the side, grabbed her blouse to push it against his shoulder. The marks left on her blouse were smaller than the stains on his; the wound was painful but not lethal.

The blood loss would be minimal. He let his head rest back against the wall, closed his eyes and silently thanked nothing in particular that the injury wasn't as grave as it could have been.

This reminded him of her, of the one who did this to him. His head shot right towards the noise coming from a different corner. The moment she had stabbed him she knew she only had this one shot of preventing her boss from raping her. Her instinct told her to go for the door. Alex started to pull at the door as if she tried to break the door handle off. She screamed for anyone to come and help her, but she already knew it was useless. The office was empty since 2 hours, she knew from the clock she looked at the moment she went for the door.

The key! She needed the key. "Where did the son of a bitch hide the fucking key!?" she tried to figure out in panic and anger. She jumped back on the desk, frantically opened drawers, looked in plants, anywhere she could imagine he hid the key the moment she blacked out the first time he threw her against the wall.

One of the plants fell down off the desk by her rough movements, making a loud noise. It triggered her to think rationally. Panic would not save her out of this situation. She needed to calm down, use her brains to think where it could have been hidden. She forced herself to calm down and pondered where the key could be. That's when the cold metal touched the back of her neck, feeling it pierce the skin.

She froze. "You…stupid…bitch…" he breathed heavily behind her, holding her blouse against his wounded shoulder, the letter-opener on her neck. "You have about 10 seconds… to give me… a damn good reason… for me not to slit your throat…" She didn't move.

She knew he'd only push harder the moment she tilted her head forward. Accepting the hole he was drilling in her neck she took a deep breath and answered calmly; "Because you want me to feel it when you fuck me." He took the opener away from her neck, but not further than inches.

"Yes… Yes, that's right. Good girl. he replied surprised but determined. - But seen as you're not done playing games yet, neither am I. I could've made this so easy for you… You ruined it yourself, bitch. Get on the floor." She climbed off the desk slowly, cautiously, unsure whether she should turn to face him. He read her mind. "Turn around, face me." She turned, unaware of the smile she formed on her face the moment she saw her blouse pressed against the open wound she caused.

Whack! Alex reached for her burning cheek and eyed him with frustration. "On your knees" he growled, while throwing the blouse aside.

The wound was very fresh, it glistened with blood but at least it stopped bleeding heavily. He kept his eyes on the girl while he opened the last buttons of his own blouse and took it off, assessing the stains. How he would possibly explain this to his wife was a worry for later. He threw his blouse on top of hers and looked back at Alex, who still stood motionless in front of him. "I said get on your knees!" he yelled while throwing a full fist at her face now.

She fell back, hit the wall and dropped down at his feet. Ryan grabbed a familiar handful of hair and dragged her up onto her knees. He tilted her head to the side with his other hand, seeing a painful red mark on her jaw which would become blue or maybe even purple in the near future. He wasn't quite happy with her position just yet though.


Shoving her body backwards with his foot he kept a firm grip on her hair. After a few moments of repositioning he towered above her, while she knelt in front of him, her head being pulled up by her hair, her back towards the wall. He let go. She fell down, but regained posture, holding herself up fiercely against the wall. He expected nothing less. It took him mere moments to unbutton and unzip his pants. She wasn't in a kneeling position for nothing. He shoved his pants down a bit, but didn't take it off.

Fucking her with half his clothes on was exactly what she deserved. He smiled. Fear showed in her eyes for the second time, her eyes had now moved from his face towards the tent in his boxers. He stroked his dick, while growling softly at her: "Are you curious? You know you gave me a hard cock so many times during working days… You must be relieved that you finally get to see it.

To taste it." he added behind it. Those last words made her eyes shot back to meet his. He paused his words, he expected her to beg him not to anytime soon. She didn't. It pissed him off. He reached his hand inside his boxers, grabbing a hold of the shaft of the throbbing hard flesh, while his other hand shoved his boxers down. His dick immediately sprung to full length the moment it was set free, causing Alex to gasp. She had hoped he would have a small dick at least, but that didn't seem to be the case.

It had to be 9 inches for sure, enough to cause some trouble for her petite figure. She whimpered, tried not to let him hear her fear, but his smile foretold her he knew. He held the shaft and came in closer to her. She leant her head back, but got blocked by the wall. She could see a bead of pre-come form on the front and it disgusted her. That wasn't about to stop Ryan from amusing himself. He allowed her to turn her head to the side for now, smearing the pre-come on her cheek as he rubbed the head on her face.

He laughed as he saw her squeezing her eyes closed, trying to block the view of his dick getting near her. After a few more moments of rubbing he wanted more.

"Enough with the games… you know what to do, don't you?" he spoke amusingly as he took his dick a few inches from her face. She didn't move. "Listen up you little slut, I'll make it simple for you and tell you what you will do. You are going to wrap those beautiful lips of yours around the head of my cock and allow me to slide it in.

If you try to take it out in any way, I'll start carving my initials on those pretty breasts of yours. And if you try to bite me… let me correct that. If I so much feel a hint of teeth on my cock he said, emphasizing words - I'll pop your eyes out.

Do I make myself clear?" He swung the letter opener menacingly in front of her face. She followed the piece of bloody metal carefully with her eyes.

An unexpected slap landed on her still clean left cheek. "I said: Do I make myself clear?" She nodded, looked straight at him as a silent provocation. He feasted on her fierceness. He grabbed her hair at the side of her head lightly, forcing her head to look forward.

He led the hard piece of meat towards her face. "Open your mouth". She hesitated, but after a swift look of the metal glancing near her face she parted her lips, if only slightly. He pushed against her lips softly, guiding her with his voice.

"Good, now take in the head…" He felt her lips tremble as they closed around the first part of his anticipating dick. He expected her mouth to be dry, but it was very moist. The heat of the inside of her mouth felt amazing. He stepped forward, letting his shaft disappear in her mouth until he had it in three quarters of the way.

He was satisfied to feel that her jaws made a good effort to open as much as possible not to let her teeth touch any of his sensitive flesh. He rested inside her mouth like this for a while, looking down to admire the view. She still had her eyes closed, but he didn't care. He wasn't interested in her eyes right now, as long as her mouth pleased him.

He pulled back until only the head was between her lips and then pushed forward again. Even though her tongue felt divine he wasn't entirely satisfied yet. "Suck it." he ordered, while scraping the letter opener over her cheek. She complied immediately. He went on like this for a while, in a slow vast rhythm. The silence was only broken by soft sounds of suction and laughs of a pleased man who amused himself by the disgust on his employee's face every time she tasted some pre-come.

Her hands were balled into fists which turned white at the knuckles. "Open your eyes" he grunted, "watch me fuck your mouth." She opened her eyes to face him and felt tears form in the corners. She didn't move, she didn't make a sound, but the tears started running down her cheeks silently.

This was the first time Ryan started to feel a sparkle of remorse. As much as he wanted her the tears struck a nerve. For some reason it reminded him of the past week when his son Tim entered the house crying because bullies had been picking on him.

He felt pity for the pile of human being in front of him. He withdrew his dick out of her mouth with a hint of irritation at his conscious ruining the fun. "I hope you learned something from this." She held back a sniff, looking at the ground.

"Monday you will head straight for Human Resources and you will tell them you're leaving this company. I'll personally make sure you will not get a job in this area ever again. You made the right assumption thinking I have a lot of influence in this company, but also far beyond that. It will do you good to spend several more years in the supermarket…" She looked up with teary eyes, only these tears now consisted of fury and anger.

Her mouth, which had been keeping his dick in a tight grip, only a minute ago, was closed. A moment later her head had violently shot forward, once again opening her mouth to let his dick inside. Only this time it was not to please him. She closed her jaws, biting down on the still hard shaft while putting her nails in his thighs with full force. Ryan screamed, punching his fist on her head several times desperately to make her let go.

After the fifth or sixth hit her jaw loosened and she fell back against the wall disorientated. He buckled through his knees, bending forward to deal with the immense pain which was searing through his body for the second time that evening. He reached on the desk for the letter opener he let go of while enjoying the innocent bobbing of her head a little while ago. His face radiated anger as he bent forward to stab the girl with the weapon. Again the opener got stained with blood, but not his this time.

A large cut spread out across her left shoulder and her right breast. Several beads of blood formed on the straight cut, some dripping down to form a small current. Still dizzy from the blows to the head she whimpered. "Fucking bitch. Fucking little bitch!" Ryan screamed leaning over her small figure.

"This is how you repay my fucking mercy?!" He grabbed her hair and tugged her up on her knees again, getting to his feet. He pushed his fingers violently past her lips, parting her jaws.

He wasn't afraid of another bite, because he knew it would be the last thing she'd ever do. He wasn't feeling the pain, because fury and adrenaline replaced every other feeling he should have felt.

The only thing he wanted now is punish her. Reduce her to nothing. He shoved his dick past his fingers, while putting the letter opener on her cheek, puncturing a small hole.

"One bite, one fucking touch of those teeth and I'll slice your cheek open before I start on your eyes!". He hardly concentrated on his words anymore. With one violent shove he slammed the full length of his dick into her mouth, feeling it touch the back of her throat.

He heard her gag, making pleading sounds, pushing her hands on his legs to make him back off. "I'm sorry, does that make you uncomfortable?" he still yelled in anger pulling his dick back out until only the head rested on the tip of her tongue.

The first assault caused the girl to cough heavily, but he wasn't planning to give the slut any time to recover. With another violent shove he smashed the full length back into the tiny throat.

He built up a rhythm; pulling his now sore but rock hard dick out and smashing it back in. "Suck, you stupid whore! Take it all in!" Every time he moved back inside her he yelled another obscenity. He put both his hands on the wall, leaning on them as his hips moved in a faster and faster recurring movement, his swollen member keeping her head impaled and in place.

The faster he started moving, the more violent his movements became. Every time he forced the full length back in her mouth her skull smashed back against the wall painfully, partially forced back off the wall by the suction of her mouth, to end up being smashed against the wall with the next shove. He felt an orgasm built up, but he wanted to hurt her more. Punish her for biting him.

He moved one hand down and wrapped two fingers around her nose and closed it with a good amount of pressure. She instinctively stopped sucking, opening her mouth to gulp in precious oxygen. He left his dick inside her throat, the shaft cutting off any openings past her throat. "Suck it or ill make a new hole" he threatened while he pushed the tip of the opener in the soft flesh of her cheek. The first bead of blood dripped past the puncture, the red color matching her bright red cheeks.

He pulled his dick back, allowing her to take one deep breath before he slammed the shaft back in her mouth. "The faster you suck the cum out of me, the faster you get to breathe, baby" he laughed and groaned at the same time, moving his hips back and forth again.

She sucked hard, panicking by the lack of oxygen and dug her nails deep in his upper legs. Her head started throbbing by the continuous bouncing off the wall.

Peeping and whimpering sounds seemed to be stuck inside her throat as Ryan slammed in harder and harder. He moaned loudly, feeling the orgasm nearing. He was going to end it with a bang, in all senses.

He used his other hand to pull her head back together with his dick and smashed his hips back against the wall with full strength. Alex, dizzy by the hit and lack of oxygen couldn't do anything but wait, while she felt the moist on the back of her head drip down.

She felt his cock swell up before shooting what seemed to be loads and loads of cum in the back of her throat. He groaned in pleasure, breathing hard and irregular. Finally he pulled back out, ordering her to suck softly to take off all the excess cum left before he took his well-satisfied cock completely out of her abused mouth.

Alex coughed trying to take in the air she was so long deprived of. He let go of her nose, kneeling down, holding his hand forcefully in front of her mouth and whispered menacingly "swallow it… all of it." She held still, hoping he'd remove his hands in a few seconds, ready to spit his seed back in his face.

He was on to her. He moved his hand on her throat and squeezed it lightly to feel whether she obeyed him. "I'm not an idiot… you're not pulling any pranks on me anymore. Swallow it!" Finally he felt three slow but forceful swallows. He didn't necessarily had to feel to have this confirmed, her eyes spoke a thousand words. Disgust, hate and shame seemed to dominate the young girl now. He let go of her and moved back to lean back on the desk.

He breathed hard but he felt great, finally he made the first step to break her. Alex just sat back, pushed herself in the corner as if trying to disappear inside of it. He looked at her, the tears in her eyes no longer bothered him, nor did the blood coming from her cheek and cut on her breast.

There was a long silence before she spoke in a tiny voice: "Will you let me go now.?" He smiled at her. "But we only just started, didn't we? Don't you want to know what my cock feels like in your pussy?" he spoke in a calm voice. She looked at him with a mixture of anger and hate. "Let me go… I learned my lesson. I'll behave from now on. Just stop…" she pleaded. He growled back at her "You should have thought of that before you stabbed me.

Or bit me. And what are these?" He pointed at the nail marks on his legs. She looked at them sheepish, realizing he wasn't planning to stop any time soon. Ryan leaned back against his desk casually, recovering slightly from the anger and pain.

Ten minutes passed without either of them saying a word. His eyes were fixated on her violated body, her eyes were turned away towards the wall. Ryan spoke first. "I think we will play a little game in the meantime, to both catch some breath.

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The game is called 'I want to know…'. I will start with 'I want to know…' and ask you a question. You are going to answer me. And it would be a very stupid idea to lie to me", he added menacingly. "So let's start. I want to know… how much you weigh" he grinned, knowing every woman hated that question. "63 kilos" she answered with an irritated voice. "Glad to hear I don't have to hit you in order for you to do as I say for a change" he smirked at his sexy employee who now lay on the floor broken.

"Next one… I want to know how many guys you fucked before." He smiled again, knowing this question had to equally painful.

She looked up at him and went mute. "I'm going to count to three…" he said with a determined voice, as if speaking to a five-year-old. A soft sound escaped her mouth which he couldn't distinguish. "Cant hear you, Alex." She spoke louder this time. "One." He looked at her stunned, unsure if she just lied to him. He expected a list. Hell, at least over five, the girl was a walking sex-bomb. "Don't lie to me, young lady" he spoke in the same fatherly voice. She continued to look at him with a determined look and answered as calm as she could, although her voice trembled.

"I only had sex with one person." This threw Ryan completely off-balance. He knew she had a boyfriend since a while; she introduced him to the office once. It was a shy, slightly geeky boy, apparently younger than she was. He was surprised when he saw him; he did not seem to be the type he'd imagine her with. "Him?" he laughed mockingly, "You only screwed that… child?" He saw she was insulted by his comment, and smiled to see she withheld herself from verbally attacking him.

"So, you never have been handled by a real man before? Is that right?" She stopped answering and turned her head to the side demonstratively, angry at both his criticism on her boyfriend and his arrogant stating of facts. "Well, isn't that interesting… Guess I have a lot to teach you then." Ryan smirked while he started stroking his dick again. The idea he was the first man to take her excited him. A boy like that could never know how to decently fuck a woman, besides the same rabbit-like bangs he remembered from his own youth.

If that was all she knew, she was practically a virgin. New to what real sex is. Suddenly a thought jumped up in his head and he laughed at his own evil thought. Alex looked up at him, both curious and fearful of what the sudden laugh could mean. "I want to know…" Ryan started slowly "…if he ever made you orgasm before.

And I'm talking about him doing all the work, none of your help" He raised his hand and wiggled his fingers to imply what help he meant. She was stunned by his question. She felt her head turn red against her will.

This gave him enough of an answer, but still he wanted to hear it from her mouth. "Answer me…" he commanded calmly. She looked to the right and kept quiet.


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Then I'll find a way to make you talk" he replied and opened a drawer, messing around to find the new torture device which just popped up in his head.

He smiled as he pulled out a long plastic ruler. He rather used the long iron one he kept on his desk when he had to draw a straight line, it was more stabile. This weary old thing he simply never gotten rid of, and right now he was glad he didn't.

She looked at him with determination, telling him she was not planning on answering through the look in her eyes. "If you want to play it that way… turn around" he ordered.

She shot a last hateful look his way and turned around, facing the wall, her back towards him. He stood on her left, and let the ruler land on her back harshly.

The whipping sound cut through the silence. Alex let out a small peep but remained silent. Ryan continued to let the plastic ruler land on her back, her ass and her thighs until she was covered in red marks. Her shrieks only made him hit harder and he felt that same odd excitement again.

"Very pretty" he praised his own work. "Ready to answer me yet?" Her eyes were filled with tears by the pain and shame but still she shook her head slowly. Ryan was completely hard again; the strokes made a nice headstart, the whipping did the rest. He took her hand and pulled her around towards him. He smiled as he softly wiped away the tears with his hand.

Then he took her left hand and put it on the desk, holding it on the wrist. With his other hand he took the letter opener. "This might hurt a little…" he said, while he kept the sharp object above her hand. She gasped as she discovered what he had in store next and fell to her knees. "No!" she burst out in tears. "No what?" Her body shook from the sniffs and her voice trembled. "No, he never gave me an orgasm before." Ryan smiled and let go of her hand, causing her body to fall on the floor completely.

"Then lets change that, shall we?" he replied to her enthusiastically, like an excited schoolboy. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. Thinking he was about to fuck a girl who had been fucked and came many times by half the town, he never could have anticipated this delightful twist in events.

He eyed Alex, who now curled up into a ball on the floor. How would he handle this? He had no doubt he had the ability to give her an orgasm, the women he been with had always came. Liz still loved being eaten out by him regularly. Her screaming orgasms were proof that he still had it after all these years. Eating pussy. That should do the trick on this little nymph as well. He picked her body up gently which had gone limb, maybe on purpose, maybe not, and put her on her back on the desk.

He took his trusted letter opener and placed it near him in case she was up to no good. He towered over her and stroked her face. "Now what I want you to do is relax, and you might get some enjoyment out of it too." The girl looked to the side emotionless. He figured it would only be fair to add insult to injury after what she pulled on him.

"After this, you can tell your friends you got your first orgasm from your boss! Isn't that a lovely story to share?" he laughed and moved back towards her stomach, straddling it. Then he moved both his hands to her legs, moving them inwards towards her thighs and pressuring them apart. The light resistance offered by the ragdoll in front of him was no challenge to his muscular force. He was satisfied seeing how she kept her hair tamed. She was shaven, with a few stubbles here and there, but furthermore well taken care of.

She had left a small strip. "Good girl… glad to see you keep yourself pretty for me." He traced his finger from her bellybutton down, over the small strip of trimmed hair towards the hood, finding the button. Alex shot up and locked her legs immediately. "Now don't worry, I know what I'm doing. Lay down." he comforted her friendly. She froze. He removed his hands from her body and put them down on either side, leaning over to meet her eyes menacingly.

"How much more am I going to have to hurt you?" he threatened while moving his hand back on her upper leg. He smiled feeling the girl shocked by the touch, and moved his hand inwards to push a leg aside, releasing the lock. This time her resistance was far greater; one hand wouldn't do the trick. Ryan was not in the mood to warn her anymore. "Hell, the bitch wouldn't listen anyway." He moved his head downwards and shot forward, biting down on a nipple hard.

Alex screamed and Ryan felt nails digging into his head. However, he didn't let go until he could taste the blood which entered his mouth in small amounts, withdrawing his head slowly.

The nipple was red with blood which found it source in the teeth marks just above the scarlet flesh. The lower bite wasn't directly under the nipple but slightly more down.

He had no intention of biting the nipple off. That would have been a waste. Alex had gone pale, her breath hasty, her eyes fixated on the bloody mess on her left breast.

Ryan kept a firm hand on her upper leg, using his other hand to push her upper body down on the desk by her neck. "Stay down, you little whore, or I'm biting the other one clean off!" His threatening worked, she spread her legs slightly and didn't move the moment he touched the lips of her moist pussy.

He moved his fingers to follow the contours of the lips, keeping a sly eye on Alex's face. She was still pale, her head moved to the side. Her eyes were as moist as her pussy was, he grinned at the irony in that. He pushed his index finger all the way inside her with one shove.

Her eyes squeezed closed, her leg moved up, then relaxed and went back down again. Ryan enjoyed seeing her like this. His revenge was so much sweeter than he ever imagined. Not to mention how much it turned him on to see her like this. He wanted to dominate her even more. He worked his finger out of her, only to push it back in the next moment.

He worked a steady rhythm, eventually adding a second and a third finger. Slowly he felt her body starting to react to the stimulating, his movements got slicker by the wetness which was flowing freely down her hot snatch. Ryan couldn't hold back, he wanted to taste her.

He took his fingers out and licked them off slowly. She was sweet, a little musk. He wanted more. Taking the letter opener in his hand he leant over her harshly, pushing her legs on either side of him.

"Now it's time for some fun. Relax and I'm sure it will be over pretty soon." He straddled her hair, removing several locks from her face. She looked beautiful laying there, her bloodshot eyes and flushed cheeks only made her more attractive to him. "On a side note, if you decide it's time for another one of your jokes I won't be fucking you with my dick…" he mentioned in a dark low voice while letting the letter opener cross her pale neck. "I think you get my point, you're a smart girl." He didn't wait for a reply; he wanted to taste her more.

Ryan slid back and slowly buckled through his knees.

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Because he was such a tall figure he could easily reach above the desk this way, and had a perfect angle to do what he pleased. He leaned forward letting the tip of his tongue touch one of her lips. He felt a shock from her side and saw her legs move back and forth in uncertainty. He ignored it, he was too eager to continue.

He curled his arms under her legs to hook them around over the top, holding them in a forceful grip. Ryan continued to explore the dripping wet sensitive flesh, satisfied with the shocks he felt every time his tongue passed her clitoris, which was now red and swollen.

He leaned back and looked at her pussy, satisfied to see her lips were now bright red. He heard her breathe harder, faster and irregularly, knowing she was doing her best to not let him know. Suddenly a thought jumped to mind. "This must be new to you…" he thought grinning while moving his head forward and forcefully forcing his tongue inside her. Alex shrieked and moved her legs instinctively.

He dug his fingers painfully in the flesh of her legs to keep her in place while roving his tongue inside her. Slowly taking his tongue out again, he moved it back in repeatedly, fucking her slowly.

Her legs were still squirming in his grip, obviously she wasn't agreeing to what he was doing to her. Hell, that only made it more fun. He stopped his work and got up, leaning over her again, grabbing her chin forcefully to jerk it towards him and kissing her deeply and forcefully.

She screamed in his mouth and tried to push his head away with her hands. He moved his head up inches in front of her, amused by her frantic rubs over her mouth. "Don't you like the way you taste?" She looked up at him, then spat at his face.

"Don't you like the way I taste?" she mimicked him sarcastically. Slightly stunned by the sudden change of heart he smiled, leaning over her body heavily to indulge her into another kiss while holding her hands down by the wrists.

But he wasn't planning to make her feel too comfy yet. Biting down on her lip hard he tasted that same sharp taste of blood in his mouth. He leaned back up, heaving himself off her. Catching a last look at her punctured lip and hateful eyes he smiled. "I'm going to need my hands now, so I suggest you behave with your legs, yes?" He buckled through his knees again and immediately started to feast himself on her delicious lips again.

While sucking and licking, he shoved two fingers back in her moist pussy. He waited for her breath to fasten before he started to add more pressure to his tongue. One arm solidly hooked around her leg again for a better grip. He rammed three fingers inside her now, focusing his tongue on her clit more. He felt her body dance against her will in the rhythm nature told her to go. He knew she wanted more deep down inside. She wanted him deeper, harder and faster. He felt her tighten her muscles around his fingers.

Not because of an orgasm, but because she was fighting to have that orgasm which she knew was coming. He knew how to push her over the edge though. With one hard shove he forced his thumb in her asshole, despite the resisting whimpering. The orgasm was inevitable. Ryan felt her entire body starting to shiver, her muscles tightening up and to his surprise he heard a loud moan escaping her mouth.

A gulf of juices escaped past his finger, dripping on his desk. She was breathing hard, as if completely exhausted. Ryan got up and held her hips. His young sexy employee was laying in front of him.

He smiled knowing he just gave her her first real orgasm. "Now you should be ready for the real work…" he said with a sly smile, hardly able to hide excitement. Ryan didn't waste any time, he knew she wouldn't be paralyzed by that post-orgasm feeling for very long. And truth was, he could not wait any longer. He took his throbbing dick in his hand and guided it to her welcoming slit.

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With one forceful thrust he rammed the full length inside, meeting her cervix earlier than he thought. He only reached three quarters of the way in before he felt he couldn't go any further. Meanwhile Alex had shot up with a yelp. Her eyes had gone wide and she opened her mouth to scream. By that time Ryan already punched her hard enough to fall back down. She groaned, ready to come back up, but Ryan held his hand firmly over her bleeding left breast to hold her down.

"Stay down…" he growled while leaning forward. He stayed still inside her like this for a little while. She felt amazing wrapped around his cock. She was as tight as he had hoped, but it didn't surprise him. No one really had the chance to stretch her up yet. "Time you learn what a real fuck is like, little girl" he whispered while straddling her face lovingly before he moved his hand down towards her neck. He pushed down to ensure she wasn't going anywhere. He ignored her hands which made futile attempts to free her neck.

Then he moved his hips back, letting his dick slide out teasingly slow until only the head was in. She threw her legs up in a desperate attempt to fight back.

Ryan laughed. "You're only going to make it more pleasurable for me this way, sweety," He pushed back in fully, then withdrawing again. Alex threw her legs up again, pulling them back against her chest easily, to Ryan's surprise. He could've seen the kick coming. He hit the wall, but it hardly hurt. The kick was weaker than he expected of her. Either she was growing tired, or the adrenaline-rush was preventing him from feeling pain.

Alex immediately rolled aside to escape from the desk Ryan had made her squirm in ecstasy only minutes ago. "Where the fuck you think you're going?!" a voice behind her roared. Alex had rolled onto her stomach trying to slide forward off the desk.

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Ryan was much quicker than that. Two strong hands grabbed a hold of both her hips, sliding her back again. The dry table rubbed her torn nipple painfully, causing Alex to let out a cry. "So you prefer being banged from behind, don't you?

Fine, then I'll fuck you like a bitch in heat!" He slammed his full weight forward, as the girl had nowhere to go then slam into the desk. The force of his assault caused Alex's legs to slam against the hard edge of the desk painfully and both the desks moved slightly forward.

He was accurate enough to be able to enter her immediately. Repositioning himself to his likings he leaned forward and put his lower arm horizontally on her neck, pushing her head onto the desk. Leaning his full bodyweight on his arm he straddled her back again, while gradually picking up a rhythm, sliding his dick in and out of her pussy which was now welcoming him with an overload on juices.

Alex couldn't do anything besides frantically claw backwards, hoping to reach anything. "Hmm… so you want to see more blood?" Ryan casually asked while slapping her hands away. Ryan was still moving in and out of her slowly.

He wanted to delay the orgasm as long as he could, which wasn't an easy task. "Your back doesn't match the front of that pretty body of yours, maybe I should decorate that aswell." He felt her body twitch under him.

He picked up the letter opener and moved his upper body upwards to have a clearer view on her back. The tip was now dragging along her spine, leaving a red line. Immediately the clawing hands settled down and he thought he heard a whimper. Ryan smiled. Moments later he was pushing inside of her violently, feeling his dick crashing on her cervix. A moan and a yelp were the recurring results. "There we go, wouldn't want you to wiggle around too much… you might get hurt. Keep your hands to yourself, or you'll experience what it's like to have your hand stuck to your back with a piece of metal." Ryan grinned at his own comment and moved the tip of the letter opener back on the soft skin of her back, carving small bloody lines.

Whimpering was the only thing Alex could do, trapped against the desk. The blood turned Ryan on even more. His thrusts became more forceful but his knees were sore.

The desk was too low for him to stand normally in order to fuck her. He put the letter opener on the cabin behind him and stretched his knees with a relieved sigh, pulling the girl still impaled on his dick up with him. He hooked his arm around her hip and onto her stomach as far as he could to prevent her from sliding off. Her lower body was now partially lifted off the desk, her lower body dangling down. His arm could easily lift the weight of the girl; he assumed he also had the adrenaline to thank for that.

Rocking his arm back and forth he found it was a pleasurable way of letting the limb creature dance on his dick the way he pleased. A soft cheerful melody cut through the silence which, until now, was only broken by the sounds of Alex's ass slapping against his hips before. It startled Ryan who dropped the girl down, hearing a thump coming from the desk which were most probably her hipbones crashing into the desk. "That should leave a bruise…" he thought, quite content with the painful groans coming from Alex.

He turned around to find the source of the familiar jingle. His phone was vibrating on the same shelf the letter opener was placed on. He took the noisy device and checked the screen. The screen showed a little phone with an exclamation point in the top corner, meaning he already missed a call. He didn't recall hearing his phone before.

Then his eyes went downwards to see who was calling him. An icy shiver crawled down his spine seeing three letters blink. Liz. "Fuck!" Ryan yelled out without paying too much attention to Alex. Liz called. And Liz most probably called before too. He forgot to mention he was coming home later. If he picked up, she would definitely hear Alex. The moaning wouldn't help either, nor would his hastened breath.

If he didn't pick up… he was in trouble tonight. And the rest of the week. "Fuck!" he yelled again. He acted instinctively, grabbing the letter opener, turning around and pushing his hand together with the cold metal against her mouth.

"If you so much as give a squeek, you will not make it out of this office alive!" he roared at the girl who started to tremble, obviously intimidated by his sudden burst of aggression. He took a deep breath and picked up the phone. "Hi darling, I'm so sorry I forgot to call you… Yes, still at the office… No, alone. The sane people already left." he laughed into the horn while putting more pressure on Alex, squeezing her cheeks together.

"Who? Sure I know them, why? Dinner? Hmm… should check my schedule for that…" He felt a jerk on his arm. Alex had grabbed the ledge of the desk in front and slid herself forward full force. Ryan had trouble concentrating on both his wife on the phone and keeping Alex with him. He grabbed her face as hard as he could and slid her back to him, while cursing her with his eyes. "This'll teach the little cunt." He moved back behind her and slid his dick back into the warm and wet hole.

"Sure&hellip. I don't know, sweetheart, you're the queen in the kitchen, you can decide…" It took Ryan all the discipline he had to keep his voice stabile. He started fucking Alex again, but deeper this time.

Pushing as deep as he could, he'd move himself out to the last bit before fully entering her again. "I guess… The phone? Ask the kids… Brats? Well that's what they're supposed to be, it's the age!" Ryan laughed especially loud and rammed inside of his employee hard when he finished the sentence.

Suddenly another delicious thought jumped to his mind. He knew it was wrong, but hell, it sounded too appealing not to. "So… what are you wearing right now?" he grinned slyly in the phone. "No no, I mean under that… Me?

No reason, just a little horny…" The longer the silence lasted, the more Ryan picked up the pace. "Sounds? Nothing. Must be the printer… Yes, some work left… Fine… I'll be home in about an hour okay?" Ryan looked down at his throbbing dick which was glistening with pussy juices by now "Oh, I won't be long.

Promised&hellip. Okay darling. See you soon&hellip. Love you too. Bye." And with that, he hung up. He threw his phone onto his chair. "Well, that was a pleasant surprise!" he smirked while grabbing a handful on Alex' right asscheek. "I'm sure the Mrs. would have said hi, but if I mentioned that you were here… Well… she might not appreciate it as much as I do." The girl softly started sobbing again. "Stop crying, you little bitch, if you behave it will all be over soon." He slapped her ass hard, causing her to sob even louder.

"I said, stop crying!" He heard her go silent, but felt her body shock by the surpressed sniffs. A moment later she burst out, unable to keep the emotions in. "Fine, then I'll give you something to cry about, stupid whore!" Ryan shoved her forward over the desk harshly and climbed on the desk himself aswell. He pulled her ass up and towards him, positioning himself and ramming inside of her once again.

But this time he didn't start slow. The moment he got inside of her he started jack hammering the frail and bleeding body as if there was no tomorrow. One hand he kept firmly on her ass, grabbing the meat and pulling it towards him, the other grabbed another handful of hair and painfully tilted her head backwards.

The thrusts got deeper as the seconds passed by, while Alex started yelping louder and louder by the beating she received from the inside. "Finally loosening up, are we?" he grinned sadistically as he pinched her nipple harshly. He was so close. He didn't care about anything but his orgasm now. Birth control, Liz, even if the fucking police would drop in right now, it wouldn't matter to him.

But Alex had no more energy left. Everything was sore. The cuts still bled and stung.


Her skull felt like it was about to crack into a million pieces. She collapsed forward on the desk, sliding off his dick, unable to keep herself up any longer. Hissing "Fucking weak, worthless creature you are" at her, he tried to pull her ass up towards him again. But she couldn't keep it up anymore. She lay there in a pile of miserable flesh and bones.

Ryan contemplated of flipping her over, but then changed his mind. He dragged his hand over her ass towards her pussy and stuck his thumb in. No reaction from Alex, but that was irrelevant. Taking his thumb out it was dripping wet. He traced it upwards towards the puckered up asshole and smeared the liquid around, allowing his thumb to slide in with difficulty once. Alex simply started crying.

She had no more energy left to fight back. She was officially broken. "Please don't… please" she pleaded with a tiny voice. "And why would I? Oh, of course… you've never been fucked in the ass before? Is that it?" She nodded submissively, continuing her pleading. "Well, you should have thought of that before you bit me. Before you stabbed me. Before you set foot in this office for the first time and teased the hell out of me ever since." He leaned over her whispering menacingly "Now you'll know what it feels like…" while licking a tear off her cheek.

He grabbed his cock and put it in front of the entrance, slowly pushing himself in, ignoring the frantic pleading coming from the girl. The muscle didn't give one little bit, despite the lubrication. He pushed harder and felt the muscle spasm, knowing it was forced out of place with violence.

He looked at Alex. Her face was wet with tears and wrinkles which appeared as she was contracting every muscle on her face to deal with the immense pain. Ryan grabbed both her wrists with one hand, just in case, and held them as he used his hand to support his weight. The head of his wanting cock was now halfway in.

One firm shove should do the trick. He rammed it in fully with all the force he had. Alex screamed. He felt and saw every part of her body spasm in pain. All Ryan was focusing on was his dick. It felt like it was being squeezed to half its size in there.

He moaned as he tried to move it back out with difficulty. He never felt such a tight area wrapped around his shaft before. He wouldn't last long, and he wasn't quite done with her yet. He started to fuck her ass slowly.

Not to comfort her, but to delay his own orgasm. He needed to release some of the pleasure to be able to do so. He pushed his head forward and bit her earlobe harshly, causing the paralyzed girl to cry even more, still unable to move.

"You like that, you little slut?" He rammed his dick all the way back into her ass again, then withdrew it slowly. "Tell me you like it… tell me to fuck your ass." Alex didn't react.

Ryan growled and licked a tear from her cheek again. "Say it. Tell me you love me fucking that virgin ass of yours. his tone turned more aggressive - Or I'll bite your ear straight off!" Alex attempted to speak, but all which came out of her mouth were squeeks and groans. "Say it!" Ryan yelled, plunging into her harder and faster. "I l-love… being…" Alex started, in a raw and tiny voice.

"Say it…" he whispered menacingly. "being f-fucked in the-e ass by y-y-you." Alex finished off the sentence and finished off the last of what was left of her pride. Ryan was about to finish off something different, and withdrew his dick out of her ass, which was left behind as a gaping hole. He flipped her over harshly and grabbed her hair with one hand, holding her skull and resting it on the desk. He moved his body forward and positioned himself just in time.

It took him two strokes in total before his orgasm hit him like a truck. A what seemed to be unending stream of sperm shot out of his satisfied cock, ending up on her already wet face.

When he was finished he smeared what was left on his dick over her lips. He admired his work. He admired her. Her eyelids, lashes, nose, cheeks, lips, chin, every part of her face was covered with his semen. Only a minute later he already had his blouse on and buttoned up. The red stains dried up. He would have to keep his jacket on until he reached the bedroom, so that Liz wouldn't start to ask difficult questions.

He fixed his hair and grabbed his jacket. He turned around. Alex was still laying on the desk. naked and covered in sperm, blood and her own juices. She wasn't moving, but her eyes were open. Tears were still running down. Ryan walked up to the desk and kneeled down, leaning on his arms on the desk, staring her in the face and talking softly.

"Monday I expect you to hand in the spreadsheet I asked you to make this afternoon. And you'll be wearing skirts from now on, only skirts. And clean up this mess… Tell anyone about this little episode we had, and I will do it all over again. And kill you. Understand?" She didn't speak, she just looked at him. Ryan smiled at her, stood up and walked towards the door. He turned around one last time with a sly smile.

"Next time, I drink my coffee black." and with that left his employee behind, naked and broken. He was looking forward to an evening of snuggling with his wife and kids on the couch. And who knows, maybe have his way with little Alex again next week.