Lesbische Teen Streifen mormonische Unterwäsche für den Arzt aus

Lesbische Teen Streifen mormonische Unterwäsche für den Arzt aus
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Her Daddy's Harem by BrettJ © 2010 Watching from her bedroom, 16-year old CJ Bennett watched her father eagerly fucking her best friend Rachel. Olive-skinned Rachel was howling and moaning, her bikini long discarded as the 37-year old football coach screwed her poolside. CJ's fingers were flying in and out of her horny, teenage cunt.

She had discovered sexual pleasures 2 years earlier and masturbated every night. Her pussy was constantly horny and as her body matured, she became insatiable for sex. All she could think of was sex and being fucked.

The person she wanted to have that honor first was her well-hung Daddy, Brandon. She knew Daddy was a good fucker he had fucked most of the cheerleaders, several of which were CJ's close friends. Those who knew how perverse the sexy brunette was told her of her father's fucking skills in great, explicit detail.

The girls offered to fuck her, but the furthest she would let them go was suck her tits and mutual masturbation sessions. That wouldn't last, CJ knew … she was very sexually attracted to women and Rachel topped the list. But she wanted her first all-out sexual experience to be with Daddy.

Now on top of her father, Rachel's body began to roll and writhe, she was no shy little virgin. Rachel had lost her cherry to her college-age cousin last summer and she promised CJ that once Claudia Janine had lost hers, she would set her up with Danny.

As Danny was a 6'4" Adonis who played several different sports, her pussy warmed at the thought. She'd had a crush on Danny since he played on the Basketball team her father had coached for years. She bet he would give a girl a really good, strong fucking and Rachel guaranteed that he would. Rachel had come over to visit that afternoon and CJ and she went swimming in bikinis that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

CJ could feel her father's eyes watching them as they swam and she knew that the second she was out of sight, he'd bury his cock in Rachel's tight little cunt. Being a voyeuristic little slut, CJ wanted to see that, so she made the excuse she'd been out in the sun too long and wanted to take a nap.

She ran upstairs and looked outside to see Rachel on her knees, gobbling Daddy's cock. CJ knew her Daddy had a nice, thick cock. Rachel wasn't the first of her friends that he had fucked; she was the latest in a string of many. CJ's mother had returned to Colombia 2 years ago and Brandon wasted no time in mourning his wife. He loved pussy and there were a lot of naughty teenage sluts available for him to fuck.

The little nymphets practically threw themselves at him. Most schools would have fired him on the spot, but Carleton High wasn't like a lot of schools.

CJ had caught a few of her teachers making out with fellow students and she herself had flirted with some to get better grades. Not that CJ was a bad student, but with her new sexual obsession, she was often distracted. The school had sexy teachers and even the principal, Miss Mills, was a gorgeous brunette stunner. There was a rumor that Nancy Mills had made a few porno films in her youth. The way the 5'8" woman carried herself, with just the slightest swagger to her walk, CJ didn't doubt it in the slightest.

Nancy Mills was on CJ's "to do" list. Nancy was a single parent and her 17-year old daughter Bettina was one of CJ's closest friends. Bettina was the first of her friends that CJ was aware of fucking her father.

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The strawberry-blonde oozed sex; she was 5'4" and an adorable little nymph. When paying an overnight visit to CJ, Bettina oozed the charm in Brandon's direction. Later that night, when Bettina was supposed to be sleeping in the bed next to CJ, the sensual brunette teen heard bedsprings squeaking down the hall.

She padded quietly towards her father's room, knowing exactly what she would see when she got there. She peeked in and had her suspicions confirmed. On top of her father, looking like a sexy, naughty porcelain doll was Bettina.

She was really screwing Daddy and for the first time, CJ got a good look at her Daddy's cock. It was so big, so thick and delicious-looking; CJ knew she had to have it! Daddy knew how to use it too; he was thrusting in and out of the tiny girl, but not so hard that she was in pain.

The expression on her sweet face was that of pure bliss as she fucked the older man, taking every inch and begging for more. CJ went back to her own room, not wanting to risk discovery. Bettina returned 45 minutes later to find CJ sitting up in bed and looking at her with a bemused smile.

"So, my Daddy's a good fuck?" CJ giggled. Knowing she'd been busted, the other girl sighed and said. "And HOW!


Your Daddy's a real stud; I've wanted to fuck him for ages! When Mom told me how good he was, I knew I had to seduce him. I told Mom I was spending the night here, she winked and told me to go for it!" "Your Mom's fucked my Dad?" "Oh yeah, she and her boyfriend used to swing with your Daddy and Mom and since she left, too. Mom and I don't have any secrets; she knows that her little girl is as big a slut as she is!" Bettina grinned.

"I'm gonna fuck my Daddy," CJ sighed. "After hearing that, I just have to!" "Oh yeah, that's so nasty. Once you succeed, you invite me here and we'll both fuck him!" Bettina grinned. She leaned forward and kissed CJ sensually, letting her tongue lead the way.

"Once we're done with him, I'm gonna fuck you too, slut!" Bettina giggled. CJ watched her father with his next conquest … or conquests, rather. She was impressed with her father's stamina when she saw him screwing triplets, Nikki, Erika and Jackie. The girls were swarming all over her father, he had promised to fuck their hot little bodies if they passed their finals.

The girls had always shared their boyfriends, as well as each other. "When you have sisters as sexy as mine," One of the triplets said "You never have to sleep alone." All 3 girls laughed in unison and one of them lowered her pretty blonde cunt on Brandon's cock, the other on his face and the 3rd girl, who had a tiny mole on her ass, licked the joining of Brandon's cock and her sister's cunt.

CJ watched her Daddy fuck the leggy blonde for nearly 4 hours and she had 3 good cums as she did. CJ discussed her fantasies with most of her friends and it was Rachel who urged her to work to make them a reality. "You're such a cutie CJ; you've got a smoking-hot body. Go out and get some new clothes, some lingerie and heels and bikinis … guys dig all that stuff and your Dad is most definitely a guy!" Rachel snickered.

CJ knew good advice when she heard it. Bettina wore bold, sexy clothes, so she let Bettina take her to the stores in which she and her mother shopped. The owner was a black stunner named Nicole who moved like a sexy panther.

She beamed when she saw Bettina and they kissed in a way that indicated they were more than Store Owner and Patron. "You and Nancy haven't been by to visit me lately baby, don't you love me anymore?" Nicole pouted. Bettina laughed. "I adore you and you know it, you black whore and so does mother.

We'll visit … soon. Meanwhile, this is my friend, CJ. We need to get her wardrobe sexed up, if you know what I mean?" "Don't I always?" Nicole grinned. "Does she play?" "Not yet, but I plan to," CJ smiled. "I'll keep you on my list, gorgeous." "Confident little minx, isn't she?" Nicole grinned.

"With a body like that, can you blame her?" Bettina grinned. "She's got a lot of money saved, so let's go all-out!" "Sounds great!" Nicole grinned and she guided CJ through her store, showing her endless supplies of naughty clothes, swimsuits, lingerie and shoes. CJ didn't think she could afford all of it, but Bettina nibbled her ear and said she was sure Nicole would give her a "preferred customer" rate.

CJ picked up on her meaning and sure enough, when they rang everything up, Nicole had given her a 40% discount.

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"But you have to promise to come back and visit … both of you!" Nicole winked. "Count on it!" CJ laughed. She knew that after Rachel and Bettina, Nicole was next on the list. She put her plan into overdrive that very night. From then on, she stopped wearing jeans and T-shirts and began wearing short skirts, heels all the time, lingerie and skimpy swimwear. She made it a point to work out every day, including swimming, to keep her body toned and tanned.

CJ saw her father looking at her every day and she knew he was hooked. It was time to reel him in. "Daddy, do you think I'm sexy?" CJ asked one night as she served him dinner. She was leaning over and boldly displaying her 36-C tits. "Damn baby, I know I'm not supposed to think of you that way, but you're a fucking sexy little bitch!" Brandon grunted.



I'm glad you think of me that way Daddy, because I want you to fuck me. I know you like hot girls my age Daddy and I know you're fucking some of my friends. I don't mind Daddy, but I'm jealous … I want to be one of those sluts you fuck!" CJ told her astonished father.

"Baby, you're no slut, you're …" "But I am, Daddy," Bettina said, guiding her father's hand under her skimpy leather mini. "Feel how wet I am? My cunt is dripping and it needs your cock. Fuck me with your cock Daddy, please!" "Baby, I … okay, I shouldn't, but I will make you a deal. You turn 16 next month. Take some time and think about this, because once we fuck, we can't un-fuck. If you still want me then, I'll fuck you, but I'm warning you baby, I won't want to stop.

God DAMN, you have no idea what you're doing to me!" Brandon groaned. The time had come. CJ had turned 16 two days ago and they had enjoyed a nice party with Rachel spending the long weekend with them. CJ walked out to the pool in a blue metallic bikini, her feet clad in stripper heels. Brandon gasped when he saw his daughter and knew she'd made her choice. "Rache, can we have some privacy? You know why, but please, come back later," CJ grinned and then kissed her friend … passionately.

Once again, Brandon was stunned by the daughter he thought he knew. "My God, you're a sexy, enticing little bitch," Brandon groaned as his daughter straddled his thighs. She still had her bikini on but it left little to the imagination. "Get used to it Daddy, it's only going to get hotter from here on out," CJ cooed, running her tiny hands along his flanks. "Don't be afraid of hurting me Daddy, I want you to take me as your lover with whatever that means to you." Her picked up her sylph-like body and placed her pussy square over his face.

With the skill CJ knew her father possessed from all the fucking he'd done with her friends and other sexy teens, he began to eat her cunt.


CJ had her first orgasm at the hands of a man and they hadn't even fucked yet. She intended to change that in short order, but first, she wanted to show her father just how much she wanted his cock. She scampered away and then came back, wrapping her tiny fist around his manhood and stroking it.

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With an impish smile, CJ took it in her mouth and began to suck. Her Daddy was hard and ready within minutes. "Christ, you're a natural, you little slut," Brandon groaned. "Oh yes I am, Daddy, going to be your slut from now on," CJ purred.

Her mouth left his cock and she grinned. "Time for me to lose my cherry Daddy, you need to fuck me and put that hard hunk of meat inside my cunt. Fuck me Daddy, I don't even care if it hurts, it's time for us to fuck!" Brandon told his daughter to get on top; he was happy the deck chairs were sturdy and would be able to hold them.

CJ lowered her pussy on to his cock and he could feel her tight, wet cunt grip his cock.

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There was initial resistance, as was to be expected, but once he felt that give way and saw the evidence, Brandon began to pick up the pace. Soon after, he and CJ were fucking like they'd been doing it for years. Brandon looked up at his little girl and couldn't believe she had turned into this sex-crazed teenybopper with voracious appetites.

She was really fucking him back and her gorgeous young body was giving him the most pleasure of any of the young girls he'd ever fucked!

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He came, happy that he'd been snipped years earlier, because he couldn't keep from coming inside of CJ's snug little cunt. She was about to go inside and clean up when Rachel ran outside with washcloths and towels.

She saw the grin on her friend's face and knew that Rachel had been watching them just as she had watched her father fuck Rachel. "What do you think, Daddy? Think you can handle us both?" CJ asked, eager to try her first experience with a woman and a threesome simultaneously.

"God baby, I sure hope so!" Brandon enthused. As Rachel scooted away, Brandon pinched his daughter's tight little butt. "You're sleeping with me tonight, young lady," He whispered in her ear. "Any night you want from now on, Daddy," CJ said, feeling like a woman at last.

"I'm just happy to finally be a part of my Daddy's naughty little harem."