Stud assfucking tight twink at dorm hazing

Stud assfucking tight twink at dorm hazing
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&hellip.Our mom was very secretive. She never talked about our dad or about the strange goings on in our house. When my brother and I were little, she would send us out to play in the back yard, but locked the door for us to get back in. We noticed strange smells afterwards in the house and on mom. Sometimes she would be all hot and excited when we came home from school. We lived right by the school and she would watch out the window at the guys. .She would ask my brother about certain guys.

Sometimes she would go outside to the school fence and talk to some guys. We never knew what they talked about. &hellip.I was walking home from school when I noticed two guys I knew, running out of our front door.

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They took off running and smiling to their car and drove away. I smiled because I was sure knew what was going on. &hellip.This started when my brother and I wondered if my mom had a thing for teenage guys. Our mom was what guys called a 'Looker', she was real sexy looking.

My brother and even I thought so too. We got to see her almost naked all the time. She had all the things guys liked, (and me too). A hot body, nice full tits, long hair down to her waist, and eyes that made guys get boners.

. Some of my girlfriends even got wet around her too. My brother and I, we were very close to each other. My poor brother had to ignore our mom to keep from getting boners. I giggled to myself, but the fact was, I too got wet sometimes watching her. The first time I told my brother that I got a little wet looking a our sexy mom, he said: "You too?' mom makes me almost get a boner all the time." We giggled and compared feelings we got from her sexy ways.

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We compared that she had never made a sexual move on us, but now that we were older, we kinda wish she would. …The first time we watched a 3some video together on the internet, my brother got a boner and I got really wet.

We both instantly wished it was us and mom in that video. …The video was about two teenagers, a guy and a girl, making their mom all hot and aroused in her bed. She had been asleep and they woke her up by feeling her up. She enjoyed it so much she just let them play with her body.

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They both played with her tits, licked her pussy and then the guy put his cock in his mom. The girl put her pussy over their moms face as mom ate her pussy. The guy felt his sisters tits. Finally the guy pulled his cock out of his mom and shot cum on her.

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His sister immediately went down and sucked his cock as he shot a little more. …That video got my brother a rock hard boner and me the wettest pussy I had so far. The hottest scenes kept repeating themselves in our minds. …That was the first time we got aroused together. We sat there together and re-watched parts of it again and again. Our mom was at her mom's house for the night. As we sat and discussed the parts that make us the hottest, my brother turned the computer off.

… It was all dark in his bedroom except for a lone hallway light.


He had on loose shorts as I looked at his big tent. I had on my robe and was naked underneath. .Something happened to us that night. I wanted to be held and felt up. He told me later that he wanted to feel me up, but not get in trouble with mom if she ever found out he felt me up.

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… I knew him so well,… so I just reached over and took his hand. I spun my computer chair around the other way beside him. I put his hand on my tits and closed my eyes. He caught on quick and took my hand and put it on his rock hard boner.

That was our first real contact as now our hidden wishes were becoming real. We didn't say anything at first, but just let our hands enjoy us.

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Pounding hearts, heat, and excited breathing were all part of the feelings we got. …I love the memory of that night. Slowly we got more and more turned on. We didn't even try to stop ourselves from getting bolder and bolder with our hands.

He pulled me close to him as we felt more of our bodies. Thoughts of having sex with my brother were not new to me, or to him, I found out later. The driving force was on to get closer and feel us more. .We stood up together and pulled ourselves tight to each other. It was the high point for me as boyfriends never got me this aroused. I realized now I had desires for my brother I had ignored. Now they came to the surface in a rush. I finally now got to feel his warm body and that boner I had only seen tent before.

I now felt it between my legs pressed tight against my pussy. .My legs quivered as his nice hands felt my tits and played with my nipples. I spread my legs some to feel more of his boner which was now hard for me, not some other girl. Our hips began to move as I felt his boner slightly sliding between my legs.

With each movement his boner pressed on my clit. Something I knew arouses me faster that anything. My hands squeezed his butt as I felt dripping in my pussy. He parted my robe and I lowered his shorts some…oh yes…there…we felt skin to skin between us, all warm and wet between my legs. His warm hands went in my robe and felt my body up and down.

… I had to hold on to him tight to keep from falling. I could feel the heat from his breath on my neck. He began to kiss it slightly. I just had to return those kisses.

I had once had a dream about us making out, but tried to forget I had it. .I felt my robe sliding down as I let my arms down and let it drop to the floor. I worked his shorts down and they dropped to the floor. The heat from our bodies was awesome. All warm and exciting.


We got kinda dizzy with all the new feelings we were now both having. Were we going to kiss?…the anticipation was maddening. Our two minds worked at one as our lips got closer and closer together. The warm air of our breath felt so good I got a special tingle in my pussy.

.Our lips just slowly slid together. That triggered us, as our tongues quickly went crazy in our mouths. I felt his boner jump as my pussy just stayed tingling.

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We became animals to each other now and my hands felt his body and then straight for his boner. Our hands met there as I felt his wet boner and he fingered my clit. We stumbled over to his bed. &hellip.Down we went as our legs intertwined and the moaning began. Now our feelings came out vocally.

From…".oh my god." to "oh baby finally"…and many more little emotions came out of us. The rush was on and we wasted no time in getting his cock in me.

I wanted to feel it deep in me and so did he. My hands were all over him as he and I began pumping us together. …I almost couldn't moan it felt so good. Just little peeps of moans came out as we went higher and higher.

I clamped my body around his and drove my tongue deep in his mouth. He pushed his fast moving cock deep in me as we both knew the peak was here. …How do you describe euphoria&hellip.we felt way above it…as I felt warm cum shooting in my pussy.

I gasp for air as more cum kept shooting in…we both shook as I had a body shaking climax and moaned…and moaned and he shot more &hellip.and we just let the euphoria flow. …Our hands couldn't get enough of feeling us for a long time. We were going to keep the feelings between us going for as long as possible, and we did just that,… as time just seemed to… stop… …We had the hottest sex we'd ever had all that night.

We talked about everything, our hot desires we'd had for each other and now we were fulfilling them to awesome highs. …We talked about our mom. We were both sure she was having teenage guys over while we were at school. We got a plan.

The computer had a camera built in it. We got a motion sensor that would activate it. The computer appeared to be off, but motion turned on the camera with no sound and no light. My brother got a mega stick with all kinds of gig memory and installed it in the back. &hellip.Monday mom went early to her work, and brother and I went to school after setting up the computer up. The camera test showed the couch. For 3 days…nothing happened.

The fourth night late we checked it again&hellip.oh my god… …My brother quick removed the stick and we took it up to his room to secretly play it.

Mom went to bed early and her bedroom was down stairs. Brother and I waited till very late and then we watched it together on his computer. &hellip. Two teenage guys came into view with mom. They started talking quiet and then started kissing her neck and feeling her tits. She had on a long skirt and their hands went under it. They slowly leaned her over on top of one guy, who was now on his back and mom was now on her back too.

Up came her skirt by one guy while the other unbuttoned her blouse. . He felt her tits and then took down his pants. The other guy was taking down his pants. The guy under mom began putting his dick in her pussy.

We could hear her moan. The second guy put his dick in her pussy also. Sis looked wide eyed and said: ("ooh my god!, she can take two dicks in her pussy!") They all fucked as mom moaned and then you could see cum coming out of mom's pussy, lot's of cum as they all groaned and squirmed. Then the guys left and mom started counting some money they apparently had left on the table.

&hellip.Now we knew what she was doing. …That video made my brother and I super aroused. I think we fucked that night all night long. We were so hot for each other we really don't remember&hellip.


&hellip.My sister, she wanted to watch that video of our mom all the time. She would then get me on my back, and she would lay on her back on top of me. She would fuck me like a wild girl as she finger fucked her pussy while we fucked&hellip. Her squirming and moaning was awesome. &hellip. As time went by I had come home from work early that day. I looked out the window at the school. &hellip.There was my sister.

She was in a tiny bikini. I smiled&hellip. as she was talking to a bunch of guys at the school fence&hellip. .