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Stepmom nd teen slut threesome session with pervert bf young old and pornstars
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Clara arrived at church one hour before service start time as she had been instructed by the priest.

She crept in slowly; unsure of what would be waiting for her. She didn't know if anybody else arrived early to prepare the church for service or whether it was just to be her and the Father for a while.

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She didn't know which scenario she'd prefer more. Her ass was still sore after the brutal fucking it had received just a few days ago. She didn't think she could take any more of that treatment.

The church looked different today. One of the ladies had dressed it with flowers and this beautiful sweet scent permeated the air.

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It was a vast difference to the stench of sweat, blood and sex from the other night Clara thought. She looked around to find the Priest. He seemed to be busy setting things up for the service though he beckoned for her to follow him. She moved quickly. Not wanting to anger him in anyway. She knew what he was capable of.

Little did she know it was only the half of it.

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"Clara. Come with me. There's something I wish to show you." Clara didn't answer but followed behind him. There was a door leading out of the main body of the church that led to a corridor with many doors off of it. Clara wondered if the Priest actually lived in these quarters. He led her to a door at the end of the corridor on the right and waited in front of it, gesturing for her to go in first.

The rooms were small in size and height. The Priest was close behind Clara as she entered; he was enjoying their closeness. He towered over her in this room Clara thought he seemed to enjoy that too. He shut and locked the door behind them muttering "just in case" under his breath.

"I've a surprise for you Clara." Clara wasn't sure she wanted to know and remained silent. "The chastity belt. I've got one ready for you now. I want you to put it on before the service." Clara's eyes followed the curves of the room, searching for the belt.

Her eyes fell upon a few hooks on the walls. One of the hooks had a leather panty kind of arrangement hanging from it.

Clara breathed a sigh of relief. It didn't seem that bad… now did it? The Priest caught her eye and spoke. "The very one Clara. But first thing's first." Clara knew what he wanted.

She fiddled under her dress, lowered her underwear and bent over; supporting herself against the wall. The Priest approached her methodically; inserting his finger inside her and feeling for her hymen. He seemed pleased to feel the resistance against his fingers. "Mmmmm good slut". Clara moaned in response, her pussy moistening. The Priest could feel her excitement and decided to tease her.

"Good idea Clara. It'll be much more fun this way" he said as he chuckled to himself. He removed his finger from her pussy and played around with her clitoris, circling it.

Clara moaned in response and spread her legs further apart, thrusting her ass in to the air. The priest used two fingers, clasping either side of her clitoris and rubbing on it, tugging slightly and creating friction.

He kept this up for a couple of minutes. Clara's clitoris felt engorged and begging for release. "Please Father, let me cum this time." "It's not that easy Clara. You've done nothing to earn a reward." The Priest withdrew his fingers, feeding them to Clara to clean off.

"Taste your slut juices whore." He looked around for a moment. "Now get on that table. I want you to sit up and pleasure yourself for me." Clara was surprised. She hadn't expected this. She wondered if pleasing him this way might help her to earn the sweet reward of release she so longed for. "Yes Father" she spoke, getting onto the table as gracefully as she could.

She tugged her underwear right down to her ankles and then took it off, leaving it on the table beside her. She decided to make an act of this for him. She knew that men liked to watch women pleasure themselves. She did pause to herself slightly remembering him telling her that the self-pleasure was to stop.

"What's the problem Clara?" "I remember you telling me there would be no more self pleasure Father" Clara said bravely.

She was feeling strangely powerful knowing he wanted to see her play with herself. The Priest laughed. "Oh Clara, it's not self pleasure when it's all for me now is it?" This turned Clara on immensely.

She spread her legs far apart and started to play with her clitoris, circling it as she liked to do. She threw her head back and groaned "yesssssss".

"Naughty slut." Clara's circling became more furious.


She decided to drive him wild and trailed a finger on her other hand down towards her asshole. It was still sore but she thought it could manage a finger if it would please the Father. The Priest seemed to enjoy this.

His Hand reaching for his cock; rubbing on it slightly from the outside of his clothing. Clara could see his erection pronounced through the cassock and decided to penetrate her ass.

She slid her finger in and out slowly. It felt surprisingly good she thought and very naughty. "Mmmmmmmmm. Thank you for teaching me how good it feels to have something in my ass Father" she said seductively. The priest rubbed his cock again, for longer this time. "Get yourself close to orgasm for me Clara.


You must ask my permission before you cum." It didn't take long. Clara's moans were uncontrollable, her legs were stiffening up. "Pleeeeaasse, Father, pleeease" she gurgled as coherently as she could. "No. More" "Oh god, pleeeeeeeease" "Pull your finger off Clara." "But&hellip. I can't. It's so fucking goooooood." "Clara. Pull away NOW." "NOW Clara" he bellowed so hard the walls felt like they were shaking.

Clara still didn't respond. The Priest wasn't going to wait any longer and he lunged at her, pulling her fingers off her clitoris.

He was mad. "Not off to a great start are we whore?" He pulled up his cassock and released his cock. It sprung upwards; solid as a rock. He grabbed Clara by the nape of the neck and pulled her forwards. She knew what he wanted and she wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked eagerly. "Mmmm thank you Father". The Father groaned in appreciation.

"Fucking greedy little cock sucker aren't you?" "Ohhh yes, Father. I just love your fat clergy cock. Mmmmmm" "Too much talking, not enough sucking slut. Lie back on that table. I really want to fuck your mouth this time." Clara really felt cock hungry and wanted to please him. She laid herself back on the table wondering how much more she could take.

The Priest mounted the table and dangled his cock above her mouth. Clara licked her lips. She really wanted his cock. She remembered what he had said about using her hands though so she angled her head up to meet the tip of his cock. She wasn't able to clasp it in her mouth the first few times and felt a bit silly as it brushed past her lips and hit her cheek. "Mmmmmm" she moaned. She got it on the third try and sucked on it greedily.

The Priest started to thrust his pelvis in and out of her mouth; slowly at first and then faster and faster. He was sliding all the way in and then out again. Clara was so turned on; his cock was driving her mad.

She couldn't help but wish he would play with her again, or better yet, use his tongue on her. She felt so naughty thinking it but she really wished her would lick her pussy with his tongue.

She imagined she would cum in seconds if her were to try it today. The Priest started fucking her throat violently.

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Clara wondered if it might show on her face afterwards. God forbid she went to church with a roughly fucked looking mouth.

"Mmmmmm". 'Choke on it bitch. Choke on my fat cock. You fucking like that don't you?" "Yes, Father. I do." She really meant it.

"Ohhhh fuck. Oh." The Priest pulled out of her mouth. Clara watched as his cock twitched. He rested above her for a moment before clambering off the table and straightening himself out. "Time for the belt now Clara. It's fitted with a vibrating device for your clit that can be controlled via a remote. I have the remote. I don't wish you to lose your virginity so your pussy will remain unplugged. For now. Get off the table and help me get you into this." Clara climbed the table and spread her legs.

She was starting to make a real habit of spreading her legs for the Priest she thought to herself. Upon reflection it felt almost liberating she thought. Like she was being seen truly for what she was for the first time in her life. A sex object. ………… Clara spent the entire church service squirming and fidgeting. The Priest had fitted up the chastity belt. It felt terribly restrictive Clara thought, but exciting.

The Priest obviously enjoyed teasing her up. As soon as the belt was on he had told her to go back out to the church and greet the people starting to arrive. She had done as instructed but knew he was watching her from the front of the church. It seemed every time she had to talk to somebody he turned on the vibrating part of the belt and she garbled all her words.

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It was embarrassing but felt so good she almost didn't care. The Priest only left the vibrator on for the duration of her conversation. It was never long enough. She felt hot and soaking wet. When her family arrived she took a seat with them in their usual spot up the top left or the church. She sat with her legs crossed and tried to discreetly grind her clit by squeezing her thighs together. Clara wondered if anybody else knew what was going. She felt so turned on that she was sure it must read on her face.

Flushed cheeks, perspiring brow, leaking pussy&hellip. The Priest turned her on throughout the entire service.

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Every time somebody else went up to speak he turned on the vibrator for quick and strong pulses. At one point Clara actually moaned out loud. Her parents turned to look at her but said nothing. Clara tried to smile back at them. If only they knew she thought. The church service seemed to go quite quickly.

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Clara had spent its entirety sitting on the edge of the pew waiting for the vibrations to start again. After the service she excused herself to her parents and went up to see the Priest. The Priest seemed relatively distracted but he wanted Clara to wait for him. He instructed her to go into the confession box and wait for him there. Clara thought this would seem a little odd but did as instructed.

After about fifteen minutes the Priest entered the confession box from the other side. He was still standing. He slid aside the mesh window cover and thrust his erect cock through the hole. Clara said nothing. She knew what he wanted. She licked his cock slowly around the tip.

He was dripping with pre-come. She tasted him sweaty she thought. She knew he didn't like hands but she decided she was going to try and make him cum. She reached up and grabbed his balls with her left hand and squeezed them gently. She used her other hand to lift up his cock so she could lick the vein on the underside of his penis. She licked it slowly and gently at first but then firmed up her tongue.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You've done this before slut?" She hadn't… but she had watched more porn then she would care to admit. "You sucked your Daddy's cock like this slut? Did you take the cock that made you into your mouth and suck down on your Daddy's sweet salty lollypop?" The Priest had mentioned her and her Dad once before. She wondered if this was something that really excited him and she decided to play along.

Anything to get him to cum. "Yes Father. I love sucking my Daddy's big, meaty cock. It gets so hard for me." "Mmmmmmm. How long have you been sucking your Daddy whore? Remember this is a confession box and you mustn't lie." Clara hesitated.

What did he want her to say she wondered? "Since I was a little girl Father. Daddy has been visiting me in bed for our special time for years now." As she was speaking she massaged his balls and wrapped her other hand around his length.

Sliding her fingers up and down his shaft.

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She felt more salty pre-cum slide out the tip of his cock. His balls felt full up with cum; cum for her. She groaned out loud at the thought. "Daddy likes to cum all over me Father.

He likes to cum over my sweet face." The Priest groaned out loud and started thrusting back and forth in her hands. "I'd love to taste your cum too Father." This seemed enough to push the Priest over the edge. His cock started spurting hot white globs of cum into her hands. She quickly moved her mouth to his cock so he could feel her pouty lips beneath him catching all his cum. "Mmmmmm" she moaned. The Priest came for a long time. His cock still stayed semi-erect once she had drained him of his juices.

She licked the tip gently; making sure she had cleaned up all his semen. She left the spots of white cum around her lips as they were for now. She wondered if he would want to see them later. The Priest withdrew his cock from the hole and sat back down again. He was able to see her face and the mess he had made of her. "Clean yourself up Clara. There are tissues beside you. Nobody can see you like this." He seemed cold and clinical. Clara was disappointed. She had hoped that he would be pleased and want to make her cum too.

He seemed angry with her. He spoke again. "I'm going to get up and leave the confessional in two minutes.


By the time I do I want you to be gone."