All male sex orgies and sexy dope gay black porn Krist amp_ Jacob

All male sex orgies and sexy dope gay black porn Krist amp_ Jacob
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Chapter 5 The Meeting Rani had reached Delhi. In due time she was contacted by Alka and asked to go to a hotel where she would meet Walt.

She reached the hotel and the room as instructed. She was wearing a sexy black saree with a red sleeveless blouse.

She didn't wear any panties. Her hair was in a stylish bun held together by pins. She was excited beyond belief.

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This was the first man she would fuck after Bikram. She had fantasized about a lot of guys but had never acted upon it. She entered the room. A man was already there. "Hello Rani. I am Karan" It was him. It took every amount of her self-control not to jump him at that very instant. He was young, around 25. He was tall with a boyish face.

He looked like an ordinary guy, one you wouldn't look at twice in a crowd. But Rani knew how extraordinary he was. "So we meet finally, Karan". Rani liked the sound of his name; it was perversely intimate to call this man by name. This man, who had abducted Anjali, who had humiliated Bikram; this man whose action had caused her to fantasize raping Meera; it was all she could do not to tear open his trousers and take his cock in her mouth.

"You have seen me Karan, now I want to see you". Karan couldn't take his eyes off Rani. She looked ravishing. She was right. He had seen her naked but she hadn't. He wanted to tease her a bit first. "Tell me about your fantasies Rani, your dreams which you have been having". "I want you to fuck me Karan. Fuck me hard. Take me in all my holes. Be as rough and brutal as you can because that is the way I want it. Ravage my cunt, tear apart me asshole, fill my throat with your cum." "Tell me about your family Rani".

"Yes, yes, my family. First we can deal with Anjali. She would be so happy to see her 'Mausi' here. She would think that I have come to rescue her. We will show her that hope first Karan, and then snuff it out. We would fuck in front of her, we would tie her up and fuck on her. I would fuck her hard with a dildo and then after breaking her completely, we would throw her to your men.

She would be their special cunt to fuck." Said Rani. "Then?" "Then Bikram, the useless piece of shit. You will take me in front of him, his beloved wife. Fill my cunt and ass with your cum. We can kill him after that." Saying thisRani herself was shocked. Before this, she hadn't thought about killing Bikram.

Karan couldn't control himself. He was almost bursting. But still he wanted to hear Rani's plans for her darling niece, Meera.

"Then?", he asked. "Then Meera. Oh my Meera". Rani moaned." I want you to rape her, rape her in front of me with my blessing. Rip her apart. Fuck her like an animal. And once when you are satisfied, I myself will cut her throat. I have raised her, so her life is mine to take. We will fuck in her blood Karan and make crazy love". Rani wasn't surprised to hear herself about killing Meera. She had already fantasized about raping her.

Snuffing her was just the next step. She knew that she would do it for Karan. But first they needed to fuck. Karan pounced on Rani. Their lips met and there was this battle of dominance between their tongues. Their tongues wrestled against one another, exchanging spit and saliva. They were trying to suck each-others souls out.

They separated when finally they couldn't breathe any more. Rani's red lipstick was smeared all over her chin and also was on his lips. Karan opened his pants freeing his cock. He had a stout 7 inches cock. He was hairless as he liked to keep himself smooth. It was dripping pre-cum. Rani licked her lips.


Karan pulled open her saree, pushed her against the wall. Rani was facing the wall. Karan inhaled the smell coming from Rani's hair bun. It drove him mad with lust. He fumbled with the pins but couldn't open them. Rani smiled and pulled open the pins. Thick hair cascaded down her back, giving out a rich aroma. Karan had fucked girls before but none had turned him on as Rani.

He buried his nose in her hair and inhaled. He removed her hair to one side of her shoulder. He wanted to see her smooth back. He tore open the blouse and the bra. Rani's smooth back was in front of her eyes. He licked her back; kissed and bit her neck; licked her earlobe; even inserted his tongue in her ear-hole.

Rani was shivering with the pleasure. It was something she had never experienced earlier. Karan went down, kissed her hips and opened her petticoat.

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He was happy to see that Rani wasn't wearing any panty. He kissed her ass cheeks; licked and bit them all over.

Once when he felt that he had covered every square inch, he separated the globes and inserted his tongue in her ass-hole. Rani had always imagined this but to actually feel someone's tongue there, it was an out of this world experience.

"Yes Karan, lick me … lick my asshole … it is all yours … lick hard". Rani blabbered.

Karan inserted two fingers in her cunt and started masturbating her. He threw her on the bed and dove into her cunt. She has been teasing her over the video all this time. He would have his revenge. He started licking furiously.

Rani held his hair tightly, hurting him. "Yes … yes … eat me Karan. I am yours, you are mine". Karan touched her sensitive clitoris with his tongue and Rani came like a waterfall. It was the first time Rani came so much during sex. Karan sat up on the edge of the bed, pulling Rani to the floor.

Rani grasped at his cock and looked at it closely. She blew on the cock, took her tongue out and pressed against the pee-slit. Karan had never felt such sensation before.

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He took hold of Rani's silky hair and held tight for support. Rani licked his cock totally from the tip to the base. She took hold of his balls in her soft hand and pressed lightly. It was as if Karan felt an electric shock.

She took the balls in her mouth, as much as she could. She couldn't have enough of his cock. She started sucking on the scrotum. She moved on to the cock head and removed the skin softly.

It was a clean cock. Rani took her tongue and licked all over the cock head. Karan couldn't hold on any longer. He came; Rani swallowed the entire load. Even after cumming so much, his cock was rock hard.

Rani took his cock and rubbed it on her breasts, touching the cock head to her nipples. Karan pulled her up and kissed her hard.

They could taste themselves in the others mouth.


Kissing her, Karan pulled Rani on top of her. Rani positioned herself on top of Karan and sat, slowly inserting his cock in her cunt. Rani's cunt was tight, much tighter than one would expect from a married woman of 12 years. She started bouncing on Karan, fucking him hard. Karan looked at this divine slut on top of him, hair messed up and flying around like crazy, lips parted slightly, a haze in her eyes.

Karan caught hold of her tits and squeezed hard, pulling her nipples. After some time they changed position. Karan was on top pounding away at her cunt, his mouth at her hot tits, suckling at them, biting them.

Those nipples had become erect and he bit at them lightly. Rani moaned and came the second time. Karan was about to ejaculate. "Cum inside me, Karan", Rani said. Karan exploded in her. They held each other tightly and snuggled. Each felt that they had found the soul mate. "Are you serious Rani? About raping Anjali and Meera together? About killing Bikram?" asked Karan. "Yes my darling. What are they? Nothing but the sexual fodder to satisfy our depraved lust.

We will do it together.

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I will give you Meera's routine. You can have her kidnapped and then we can rape her together. Even snuff her if you wish so". Rani said. Thinking about raping her dear niece made her wet again. She needed his cock again. Karan was in a similar situation. He had never thought that he could find another who could match his depravity. His cock was hard again.

He wanted to fuck her ass. He turned Rani and placed his cock head on her ass-hole. It was super tight but slowly he inserted half his cock. Rani got off on that pain. Her face was against the pillow, her ass high up in the air. Karan pushed hard and started pounding. Rani started fingering her cunt.

After fucking her for 20 minutes or so, he took his cock out and offered it to Rani.

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Rani gobbled it up like an ice-cream and started jacking him off. Karan was about to come. He wanted to come all over that sexy face. He pointed his cock towards her face and came all over. Rani wiped her face with her hands and sucked every bit of his cum. Karan wanted to pee and got off the bed towards the toilet. "Where are you going?" "To pee".

"I will also come" Rani went with Karan into the toilet. As Karan stood in front of the urinal, Rani sat in front of her, turning his cock towards her. "What are you doing Rani?" "Pee Karan. Pee on me. Mark me as yours." Said Rani. Karan was ecstatic.

He let loose a steady stream. He first aimed on Rani's face, then her tits and then her face again. At the end Rani took his cock in her mouth and licked it dry.

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They went to take a shower together. They fucked again in the shower stall, Karan taking Rani from behind, holding her tits tightly. Finally they went back to the room and slept together peacefully.