Amazing twinks They switched to Eric laying on his side Diesal

Amazing twinks They switched to Eric laying on his side  Diesal
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Chapter 28 FERTILE Laura didn't remember when she had stopped trying to resist the Mayim Clinic treatment. It must have been after they adjusted her collar to help her keep wet all the time. It had been a month now since her cunt had last been dry. She found it hard to think straight now, and when she did think it was mostly to concentrate on how good her pussy felt or where she could get some sperm from.

The idea of resisting the Clinic seemed silly to her now. The Clinic was teaching Laura how to cum more often from being used by men, and Laura liked cumming. It was teaching her how to get men to give her delicious semen, which she also liked. It taught her how to share her happiness with other girls by raping them and hurting them, and she liked that too.

Laura mostly spent her days under Alistair's desk, naked and sucking his cock now. Her work wasn't getting done, but she didn't care, because she got to taste his cum and piss all day.

Alistair told her not to worry about the future, as he had plans for her, and Laura was grateful to not have to think, and just play with her pussy and suck his dick. Before and after work she would fuck and rape Candy or Katy for his amusement, or, depending on his whim, be raped by them. Neither of those girls had embraced their inner slut the way Laura had - possibly because they weren't required to be horny around the clock - and they still resented their enslavement to Alistair enough to be remarkably cruel to Laura when given permission.

Candy loved to bite Laura's clit hard when made to lick her cunt, while Katy had developed a surprising enjoyment of pissing in Laura's mouth and liked to grab Laura's nipples and pull agonisingly hard on them while she did so. Alistair filmed every lesbian fuck session on his phone, and required the two allegedly hetero girls to masturbate to it for half an hour every evening at home.

Laura's work as a whore was the happiest times of her week. She looked forward to the non-stop fucking now. It was when she felt most like a good little hetero slut. Being fucked by so many cocks in such a short period made her feel like she wasn't a worthless lesbian, although she knew in reality she still was, because conversion therapy didn't work.

She would always be a lesbian, no matter how many men she fucked and how much sperm she drank, and she felt ashamed of that. She spent more time at the Mayim Clinic too - they had expanded her sessions. When Laura arrived now, she would strip naked on the front lawn of the clinic, then crawl inside naked on all fours, to show how much she wanted to be a good girl who fucked men instead of a lesbian bitch. Then her night would consist of five courses of treatment.

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The first was self-identification. They sat Laura in front of a camera, naked, and had her talk about who she was and what she aspired to, while masturbating. Laura would happily talk about what a dumb bimbo she was and much she wanted to be a good fucktoy for men. "I'm a stupid slut. I want men to fuck me," she would say. "I want men to use me for sex. I'm so brainless and big-titted.


I want men to enjoy my titties and fuck my mouth and cum in it. I want them to understand what a useless whore I am and pull my hair and hurt me and I don't want to be able to resist them. I want them to rape me and keep me as their pet." There was no script for Laura - she had to think up these things on her own.

And she wasn't allowed to be repetitive either - she had to say it a different way every day. Amy would give her the recording of herself saying these things to take home and play out loud in her house while she slept, to help the words take hold of her sleeping brain. The second set was anti-lesbian conditioning. This session usually involved Laura being strapped down and made to watch films of lesbian activity, where she would be occasionally rewarded by Amy licking her cunt but more often punished with shocks to her tits and pussy.

This conditioning taught her to be a more acceptable lesbian and less of a bitchy one. For example, Laura learned to tongue-kiss other women with her tongue outside her mouth. She and Amy would lick each other's tongues as their primary form of kissing, with their lips only being actually pressed together for brief periods. This was less fun for Laura, and it resulted in a lot more saliva on her and Amy's face, but it made her activity more visible to watching men, and that was the only acceptable purpose for lesbianism.

Once Laura had learned this behaviour, she taught it to Erica at home. Laura was also conditioned in this time so that she couldn't orgasm from another woman unless a man was present. Other sluts could make her aroused - very aroused - but a course of correctional electroshocks to her clit had left her unable to cum unless she knew a man was watching. Laura had cried when she first realised the conditioning had taken hold. Now when she fucked Erica at home, she hoped for a passerby in the street to look in the window so she could find her release.

Broadcasting her fuck sessions via webcam also worked, but only once she confirmed at least one man was watching. She had come to understand the only acceptable purpose of lesbianism was to please men, and that the sexual satisfaction of women was irrelevant except insofar as a man was amused by it, so it made sense she should be conditioned this way. Thinking about her lesbianism made her feel guilty now, too, and she associated being aroused by women with needing to be hurt, raped and degraded by men to compensate for it.

Seeing other women getting wet from lesbian acts made Laura want to cruelly hurt and abuse them. The third section of treatment was the pain. Here, Laura was beaten, shocked and tortured for her lesbian desires, all the while masturbating or being licked by Amy. She came to associate pain and degradation with sexual pleasure.

It left her confused and in tears most nights. And that was when the fourth course started - hetero fucking. She would be vigorously fucked by Roy, until he came inside her. It was so nice after the pain that Laura would babble thanks at him as he raped her, and tell him she loved him.

During these fuckings, she really did think that she loved him, and when he would tell her her cunt was average at best it would spur her to fuck him harder, mewl more prettily, and suggest ways for him to hurt her for his pleasure. As they fucked, Roy would tell Laura how she needed to learn to submit to men, serve their sexual needs, humiliate herself because she was a stupid lesbian bimbo who could only think with her twat twat, and Laura, horny and in pain, would internalise it and agree.

But in time, of course, the Clinic's treatment of Laura again evolved. The new drugs started on the same day Laura heard from her brother for the first time in two years. Daniel was three years older than Laura and had been working in a remote community overseas, and been unable to visit.

But now he was in town, and he had called Laura to see if she wanted to catch up. Laura's heart had raced. Wildly, irrationally, the thought came to her that Daniel could save her from her new life. He was a link back to before she had been a slut. He was her big brother and he loved her. He could help make her normal again.

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At the very least he could stop her fucking anyone and getting pregnant. He couldn't see her house, though - it was far too slutty. She couldn't let her brother see her like that. So she asked him if she could visit him at his hotel. He had said, yes, of course, she could spend as much time there as she liked. His voice was happy and loving and normal and it made her remember what things had been like before she had spent every day of her life being raped.

A little bloom of hope began to grow in her heart. But that night at the Clinic, Amy told Laura they would be starting her on new drugs. "They're a new fertility drug we're trialling, Laura. They come in pill form, and will help you get pregnant. Better yet, they neutralise most current contraceptive, so if a girl taking these used the pill or Implanon, it would do nothing for her. She would still be fertile as a bunny." Laura cried as they got her to take her first dose.

She didn't want to be pregnant, but she was being fucked almost every day now, so with these drugs she would almost certainly get pregnant. And that would be a forever thing. She would never be able to go back to how she was before. She would be a fake lesbian who fucked men forever. But even in her distress, it didn't occur to Laura not to take the drugs.

Instead she just asked for extras so she could put Erica on them too. And in the back of her mind, part of her wasn't worried about the fertility drugs, because she was going to see her brother soon, and somehow he was going to save her. But the next morning, there was an email waiting for her on her computer. "Pink-haired fuckpuppet, I hear your brother is coming to town. I hear you are going to visit him. Let's play a game. Let's make a bet. There are a list of rules below for visiting your brother.

I think your brother sees you only as the stupid lesbian fucktoy you are. I think he will rape you if you let him. You probably think he will not. If you are right, and you can follow these rules, and he leaves town without cumming inside you, I will waive the remainder of your debt to me and let you go free.

But if he cums in you even once, you must ensure that he stays in town and fucks you at least three times a week for the remainder of the year, even if that requires you to blackmail him." Laura gasped.

Was her blackmailer serious? Did she really have a chance to end his control over her?

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And all it would take for her brother to be the decent, caring man she knew him to be. All it would take is for her brother not to rape her for a week. She looked at the rules. " (1) Dress like a slut. Your outfit should be at least as slutty and publicly inappropriate as if you were wearing nothing but underwear.

(2) Don't discourage him in any way from any affection or sexual interest he shows in you. Don't say no, or look disinterested or unhappy. If he hugs you, lean into it. If he gropes you, moan sluttily to show how much you enjoy it.

(3) At least once each hour you spend with him awake, you should ask him if you're a bimbo, if you're a slut, if you're sexy, if you're a well-behaved fucktoy, if you're a dumb bitch, if you're a good little cunt, or if you deserve to be raped. You must get him to agree to all of them before he leaves.

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(4) You must sleep in his bed with him each night, naked. (5) You must let him watch you fuck your slut girlfriend at least once.

(6) Give a sexual or degrading answer to any question he asks you. (7) If he hasn't fucked you by the last day of his visit, you must show him your house and entertain him there for at least three hours." Laura felt dizzy.

These were things she couldn't conceive of doing with her brother. He would look at her differently for the rest of his life. But.

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if she did them, and he didn't rape her, she would be free. It would be worth it. And he would never fuck his own sister. She was sure of it. She had better be sure of it, she knew, because if he fucked her while she was on these drugs, he would impregnate her.

She would be pregnant with her brother's baby. In any case, she wouldn't need to see her brother till tonight. She had a day of work to get through first. She dressed, rubbing a little sperm into her tits, and drinking a little, but avoiding putting it in her cunt. She made Erica take the fertility pills she had brought back from the clinic, then took her own dose, and then enjoyed pushing a few condoms of sperm into Erica's cunt. She told Erica what the pills were, of course, and watched Erica squirm in horror.

She thought Erica would look very cute pregnant. It would be the ultimate punishment for her for being such a fake lesbian who secretly liked to fuck men. At work, when Laura reported for her regular morning lesbian exhibition with Katy and Candy, she discovered she was not the only one particularly fertile. Katy was in tears. It pleased Alistair to see Katy horny and crying at the same time so he had Laura lick Katy's twat while she explained her misery.

Her misery was that she was pregnant. Alistair had impregnated her. Katy's Christian faith prevented her from having an abortion, so she would have to carry the baby to term. Her family had disowned her and kicked her out of her house.


She had nowhere to live. She was almost delirious with gratitude when Alistair offered to let her move in with him. She was less delirious, though, when he offered the conditions. First, he told her, she would have to come out to her family and friends as a lesbian. Secondly, she would be required to rape three other girls and bring him video proof. Third, she would pay her rent by going to work at Laura's work as a prostitute.

She would be fucked every night for money, and give the money to Alistair. And fourthly, while at his house she would be forbidden from standing upright, wearing clothes, or making any noise other than a cow "moo" without explicit permission. Laura almost orgasmed when she heard this. It was exactly what Katy deserved. Katy hated it. She cried and pleaded. But her alternative was to literally sleep on the street, which she would be doing tonight anyway, and each night until she had raped three girls.

She eventually agreed to Alistair's demeaning arrangement.

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They spent much of the morning looking through Katy's Facebook friends, and working out which looked most attractive and most vulnerable. Alistair made Katy describe how she might rape or blackmail each of them, and rate how good their cunt might taste.

By the time they let her go, Katy had firm plans on how to ruin three of her closest friendships by turning girls she had known since childhood into her rape slaves. Alistair was particularly pleased that Laura's tongue made Katy orgasm twice during this discussion. He patted Laura on the head, and then a moment later Katy rewarded Laura too by pissing into her mouth. (To be continued.)