Two perfect lesbian teen babes love

Two perfect lesbian teen babes love
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Danni and Alexis Danni was over at my house, spending a Friday night to keep me company while my mom was away on a business trip. My dad had run out years ago, and with only one child, and a great job, she saw no reason to remarry so it was just the two of us.

Only problem was she had to travel out of town a lot. No worries, Danni had moved in down the street a year ago and we quickly became good friends. We were senior co-captains of the high school Lacrosse team, she was a goalie, I was an attacker.

We both looked our positions, she was a bit shorter than I was, but with a wider, more filled out frame and bigger, c-cup breasts. She wasn't fat by any means, just a generally bigger girl. She was a natural redhead, keeping this crazy short, spiked looked that attracted everyone's attention.

I on the other hand was taller, thinner, shiftier…more agile. I had three inches on Danni, standing 5'10,'' but at 120, probably weighed 20 pounds less. I had straight easy-to-manage shoulder length hair that couldn't figure out if it wanted to be blonde or brown.

My skinny frame and modest 34B breasts drew a good amount of attention from the opposite sex as well. Only problem was, they didn't draw a lot of attention from me. Even at this point, I hadn't really considered dating and relationships, my mom didn't seem to need them, so why should I? I knew, though, that I definitely wasn't interested in the crude, boorish creatures that passed for guys at my school.

Anyways, we were watching some movie late at night in my basement, with both of us periodically zoning out. A full-frontal nude scene involving two women captured my full attention, as I shifted up in my seat, and slightly closer to Danni. I watched mesmerized as their breasts bounced with every movement and tried to ignore the pubic hair.

I always found mine disgusting, and once I started shaving my legs…well I didn't stop there. I sighed disappointedly as one of the girls pulled a bra out of her drawer.

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"What the hell are you doing?!" I'd been rubbing Danni's leg unconsciously while watching the movie. She looked at me, her face starting to match her hair. I moved away from her on the couch, giving her some space. "Danni…I…I think I like girls, don't tell the team, the locker room is uncomfortable enough already!" "You're a lesbian?" Each word came out slowly, as though she had difficulty getting the sentence out. I nodded, "Yeah…well, I don't know, I've never done anything with girls, I don't know." She got up and started up the stairs.

I was on the verge of tears, a few seconds lapse and I'd killed a friendship, possibly my high school life as I knew it. I heard the footsteps stop for a few seconds, then slowly plod back down. Carefully she sat down on the couch. It was like seeing a turtle without its shell; it was a side of her I didn't know existed. The tough-as-nails goalie I knew was gone.

"I am…a lesbian I mean. I've always known, but, what do you do with something like that?

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I mean you can't really come out with it, not in our high school. And of course you can't find someone without saying anything…" I nodded, but couldn't find any words. Neither could she and we both sort of stared at each other. "You're hot!" I blurted, then immediately buried my face in my hands, I was such an idiot.

She laughed, but not derisively, it was a comforting sound, not quite as arrogant as an "I know," sort of laugh, but close. All of a sudden all these new possibilities were open.

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"You wanna be a couple?" She asked. "I don't know…" Too many things were in my head at once, I was having trouble sorting them out. "You want to be a couple," a statement this time, not a question. Things cleared up a little. I nodded mindlessly for a moment, and then smiled when I realized what it meant. She was watching me, showing the same grin I felt on my face. All of a sudden I was in her arms, kissing her, sliding my tongue around hers in a warm, wet embrace.

She moved to my cheek, quick kisses sliding down until she settled on my neck. I rolled my head back happily as she kissed away.

"Finally," I wanted to breathe, but no words came out. After that burst of passion, we sat on the couch and talked for what seemed like forever, about everything, our lives, how we figured ours homosexuality out, when the conversation suddenly stopped.

She eyed me mischievously, "you want to have some fun?" I didn't get it at first. "What do you mean?" She began sliding her grey lacrosse shirt up her body. My heart began to pound and I froze. She raised her hands invitingly above her head, and I could see her breasts rise beneath her shirt.

For the first time I realized she wasn't wearing a bra. Neither of us was as were decked out in our sleeping clothes.

I slid closer to her and nervously grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She smiled at me, so in one swift motion I pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. The sight of her large round breasts and quarter sized nipples made me stop and stare. She slid a hand in behind my neck and drew my lips to hers. Copying her earlier, I moved to her cheek then down her neck. She moaned softly as I kissed a spot directly under the side of her jaw and kept moving down.

She laid back on the couch and I climbed on top of her, continuing to kiss my way down. Finally I could hold back no more, and moved swiftly to her nipples. Kissing them gently at first, I decided to experiment with my tongue. She let out a pleased moan when it touched skin, and smiled down at me. I circled the areola slowly at first, watching her reactions. Her eyes were half rolled back in her head with pleasure. I started running my tongue up and down over her now hard nipples.

"Ooh," she squealed, "that feels good." I started moving faster and faster up and down over her nipples, and her reactions began to grow more and more chaotic. Her breath grew ragged, and her body twitched with each pass. Her one hand rested above her head, the other gently stroked my hair.

More curious than ever now, I continued my kissing journey down her body. "Yes, yes," she breathed as I went lower and lower. Finally my hands slid under the waistband of her sweatpants, and slid them down her legs. Once they were off and on the floor, she spread her legs to reveal no panties, and a completely shaved pink pussy. I kissed and felt my way slowly up her deliciously strong athletic legs, grabbing everything I could get my hands on, finally nearing her pussy.

I took in her sweet scent for a moment, slowly kissing her inner thighs over and over. Just before I was about to take my first taste, Danni stopped me. She stood up beside the coach and pulled me to my feet also. Standing behind me, she started to slip my shirt off as well. At first I stopped her, I'd never been naked in front of another girl before, well, except the locker room, but no one was really looking then. After a moment, I lifted my arms and allowed her to slide the shirt up and over my head.

I also wore no bra, but when she pulled down my sweats, it revealed a simple black thong. "Cute," she said, kissing my cheek from behind and running her hands through the fabric over my lips. I started to go weak at the knees, I'd never felt anything so good. Too soon, she stopped and slid them off. I stepped out of them, and she spun me around, kissing me, running her hands all up and down my body.

Mine made a feeble attempt to enjoy hers, but I was too frozen, too afraid. Her hands slid down my arms, and she gently pulled me towards the couch, sitting down and spreading her legs. I bent over and gave her a gentle, smiling kiss on the lips before dropping to my knees in front of her.

Still nervous, but curious enough to keep the feeling at bay, I lightly licked her vagina, starting at the bottom of her lips and moving slowly upward over her clit. She shuddered as my tongue washed over her clit, so I moved to lick it again. Another shudder, deeper this time, as I put more pressure on it. Her hands slid to the back of my head and she gently pushed me down.

I started kissing and licking her clit some more, softly at first, but harder and harder as she pushed me down more.

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I opened my mouth over as much of her vagina as possible. This gave me a wide range of possibilities with my tongue, licking her clit some more, running it up and down her lips, even penetrating her. She let out a long, low moan as my tongue ran slow, hard circles over her clit. Her hips began gyrating against my pace, trying to put even more pressure on her sensitive spot.

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I quickened my pace, trying to keep as much of my mouth on as much of her pussy as possible. We stared at each other for a moment, her lips parting into a smile, and my eyes answering. I went faster still, and her head fell back against the couch. Her eyes shut, and her hands moved from my head up to her breasts. She started to moan with my licks, louder and louder.

Finally, her movement stopped, and she let out a long low, "Ooohhhhh," her muscles tensed and she bit down on her lower lip for several seconds.

Finally she opened her eyes and guided me to my feet, her breathing still faster than normal. I sat on the couch next to her and kissed her for several minutes, her tongue dancing wildly around mine, tasting her juices and thanking me for the orgasm.


Slowly her hand began to creep towards my pussy. When it reached my clit, my tongue fell dead, I couldn't help it; it felt so good I couldn't move. I let out a half squeal, half yell as her middle finger entered my pussy. She lowered herself to her knees and went to work.

Her one hand thrusted in and out of my pussy, the other groped my breast, all while her strong tongue washed all over me. Unlike her, I couldn't move, I could barely breath. My arms lay limp at my sides, my eyes shut, my mouth twisted into a look of utter ecstasy.


Every once in a while I was able to let out a soft moan, or a contorted, "oh god," but that was all. She immediately worked fast and hard, sucking on my clit and kissing it repeatedly.

I felt this warm, amazing sensation rising within me. She started to moan and grunt hungrily while she licked, sending me even higher. I felt my orgasm coming on and for some reason tried to hold on, tried to fight it.

It was no use as her tongue just kept coming and coming. Finally it washed over me like a blissfully warm ocean wave. I felt my vaginal muscles tighten, and my pussy drip like it never had before. For several seconds I sat paralyzed, unable to move, unable to breath, unable to think.

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At long last the pleasure subsided so I could let out a long throaty moan. Danni was already sitting next to me kissing me. A few seconds later I snapped out of my daze and kissed her back.

Tasting myself on her lips was one of the most wonderful things I've ever felt. She lay on her back again, and I fell on top of her. We slept that way, her on her back, and me resting my head on the soft cushion of her breasts.