Walking Wiggling Ass of Anikka Albrite

Walking Wiggling Ass of Anikka Albrite
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Rebecca and Olivia were waiting for Dylan after school to walk home with him.

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"Hey Dylan, enjoy the rest of your day?" Rebecca asked. "By which we mean did you fuck anyone else?" Olivia asked. "Of course not, I'm a model pupil," Dylan replied.

"I'm hurt you'd suggest that." "Yeah, I bet you are," Olivia said. "Anyway, me and Becky were wondering if you wanted to have a sleepover tonight." "You mean I finally get to sleep with my girlfriends?" Dylan asked. "We're not your girlfriends. We're your friends who are girls." "And who I get to fuck." "Well yeah.

Power's sexy." "Well it'd be my pleasure to sleep over at your house tonight," Dylan said.

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"Good!" Olivia smiled. "Come over around 7. Use Master PC to make your dad and our parents okay with it. Obviously bring your laptop over. And bring your school stuff so you can just go straight from our house tomorrow." "Will do!" "And don't have dinner, we'll get a takeaway." The girls kissed Dylan goodbye, and the teens headed into their respective houses. Dylan went up to his room, where he took off his blazer and shoes, and undid his trousers to relax.

He picked up his laptop, and switched it on, loading up Master PC right away. "Good afternoon Dylan," the UI smiled. "I wanna do some changes to three people at once," he said. "Certainly, which three?" "My dad and Becky and Olivia's parents," Dylan replied.

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"Gareth Davies, Daniel Watkins and Jennifer Watkins?" The UI asked. "Yes, bring them up," Dylan replied, and the UI did so, their 3D models revolving. "What would you like me to do to them?" "Me and the girls are gonna have a sleepover at their house later. So I want our parents to not care about that. Make them completely okay with it." "Yes Dylan, as you wish," the UI said. "Anything else?" "Yes, some changes to me," Dylan said, and the UI switched to bring up his profile.

"I'm tired of having to ask you to get my dick up. So I want you to give me complete mental control of my erections." "Certainly Dylan. You can now control your level of erection with your thoughts, as well as lock and unlock your erection level." Dylan pulled his trousers and boxers off, and looked down at his floppy cock.

He took a deep breath, before he willed. In less than a second he was at full mast, his cock standing proudly to attention.

He looked at the screen, and saw that the erection slider did indeed indicate he was locked at a 100% erection. He willed again, and watched the slider drop down to 0% perfectly in time with his actual cock's softening.

A few minutes of playing with his new power later, and Dylan locked his erection at 0%, figuring it was best for now.

He then sat down at his desk with his laptop. "I don't suppose you could magically make my homework be done?" "No, my abilities only allow me to control human beings, not books." "Oh…" Dylan sighed, going to get his homework out to make sure it was done before his fun with the girls tonight. "Wait a second…here's an idea. How about you make my body move automatically? So like make my arms do my homework without me controlling them?" "That is possible." "Alright. So look inside Mr Rowley's mind and find out how all this work should be done, and make my body do it.

But hang on a sec…" Dylan opened up Netflix and put on the movie Bruce Almighty, figuring it was appropriate for his situation. He pressed play. "Alright, now do it." Dylan felt his arms begin to move against his will, picking up the paper and pen and getting to work. Once the initial shock wore off, Dylan simply relaxed, and settled down watching the film. His homework was finished quickly, and so he had Master PC check his teachers' minds and have him do all the homework they were planning on setting for the next week.

The task was finished just as the movie ended, so Dylan closed his laptop and went to do some gaming. That evening, Dylan got changed into some long pyjamas, and packed up his bag for tomorrow, making sure to include the right clothes.

He put his shoes on, then picked up his laptop and phone, and walked next door with his stuff. "Hey Dylan!" the girls said as they answered the door in matching pyjamas. "Oh good, you brought your laptop," Olivia smiled. "Come on, let's go up to Becky's room." The teens headed straight up the stairs, and into Rebecca's room. The girls sat Dylan down on the bed, and switched his laptop on.

"Alright, load up our parents," Rebecca said. "Why?" Dylan asked. "Because you need to tell them to go to bed and not wake up until morning," Rebecca replied. "So we can have the house to ourselves." "Oh, alright then," Dylan said. He opened up Master PC, and gave the instructions.

Within seconds they heard Mr and Mrs Watkins run upstairs and slam the door to their bedroom. "Perfect!" Olivia smiled. "Now we can go hang out downstairs." The girls stood up, and began removing their pyjamas. "Uhh…" Dylan said, watching them strip. "What, weren't expecting this?" Rebecca asked. "Come on, we're teenagers with access to magic powers. The least we can do is hang out naked again." Dylan convinced, he took off his pyjamas, throwing them into the pile with the girls'.

"Oh, and get Master PC to give yourself a permanent boner too," Olivia said. "You're gonna need it." "Got that sorted," Dylan said. He thrust his hips forwards, and willed a full boner onto himself. "Woah, cool," Rebecca exclaimed. "I had her give me that power," Dylan said. "Well good, now come on." The three of them headed downstairs, and sat down on the sofa, Dylan setting his laptop down on the living room table. Dylan sat with the girls on either side of him, and they got straight to work on making out.

Dylan locked lips with Olivia, and the two of them sticking their tongues straight down each-other's throats. "Hey, let me get a piece of him," Rebecca objected. She pulled Dylan off of Olivia, locking her own lips with his.

Olivia just scoffed. "Hey, I'm not complaining," Dylan said, squeezing Rebecca's boobs. "Just for that, orgasm," Olivia said, feeling her own groin explode with pleasure too as Dylan's cock shot out semen, which splattered across Rebecca's tummy and titties. "What the fuck, Liv…" he said. "Honestly, you must be the only guy on Earth who objects to girls making him org…no wait, I'd better not say that again," Olivia said.

"What, orgasm?" Rebecca asked, before moaning out again as the three teens had their second orgasms. "If you girls are done," Dylan said. "Maybe we should stop getting my jizz all over the sofa and carpet?" "Relax, you can just command our parents to clean it up, right?" "I guess so," Dylan replied.

"Good," Olivia said. "Now hurry up and fuck me." "Don't have to tell me twice," Dylan smiled.


He kissed Olivia, who leaned back on the sofa with her legs spread. Dylan moved into position, and got straight to work fucking Olivia. These past few days of godhood had certainly done wonders for his confidence. Dylan had his hands on Olivia's boobs, his tongue down her throat, and was pounding away at her like he'd been doing it all his life. "Ohhh…" he moaned. "UI?" "Yes Dylan?" Came the pleasant voice from the laptop's speakers.

"Make Becky and Olivia lactate. I wanna suck up their boob milk." "Woah, you're getting kinky," Rebecca said, spanking him. "As you wish, Dylan," the UI responded. This resulted in the girls both groaning, as they felt an intense pressure and tingling in their boobs.

Dylan grinned, and squeezed Olivia's tits, causing milk to run out of them. "Oh my God…" Olivia moaned. "You're such a perv, Dylan," Rebecca said. "I'm a perv with a magic computer program," Dylan said smugly. "Now how about I suck your tits?" "Well I guess now you've filled them with milk it should be your job to empty them," she said, giving him a quick kiss.

"Suits me!" Dylan immediately moved his mouth to Rebecca's nipple, and got to work sucking on it. Warm milk flowed out of her boob and down Dylan's throat. At the same time, Dylan came, shooting cum into Olivia, triggering the two girls to cum at the same time. This was heaven, Dylan thought.

Dylan's mouth switched boobs, and he continued thrusting away. After a few orgasms, he pulled out of Olivia, and Rebecca got on her hands and knees. Within seconds Dylan was inside fucking her. Olivia then climbed on top of her sister, mounting her like a horse, and began making out with Dylan, while he played with her boobs, milk running out of them. "Having fun there?" Olivia asked. "I'm a teen boy. I love boobs," Dylan replied, before looking down at his cock fucking Rebecca. "And pussy." "Well we're teen girls, and we love cock," Olivia said sensually.

"Your cock. Isn't that right sis?" "Ohh yeahhhh…" Rebecca moaned, Olivia slapping her ass as she did. "Now suck my tits like you did to Becky." "Mmmm, with pleasure." Dylan leaned down, taking Olivia's boob into his mouth, and began drinking her milk too.

It was over an hour later when the three of them were laid snuggling on the sofa in post-orgasmic bliss. They were only broken out of their haze by Olivia's tummy rumbling.

"Worked up an appetite, eh?" Dylan asked. "I think we all have," Rebecca replied. She got up, and opened the internet on Dylan's laptop. "I'll go on Just Eat." "Can't do that, we've not got credit cards," Dylan said.

"Oh yeah…well, we'll just phone it in then, and you can have Master PC make the guy give it us for free." "That works I guess." They ordered the pizza, and continued snuggling and watching TV. In accordance with Master PC's power, the delivery guy didn't object to a naked teenager answering the door, or that he didn't pay. The three teens sat eating their food and watching TV, before they indulged in a three-way oral sex session. Truly it was a pleasurable night, and they were all exhausted when they finally went to bed.

Dylan woke up early the next morning, in fact he woke up at the exact moment he'd commanded Master PC to wake him up. Olivia and Rebecca were draped over him asleep, their wake-up not scheduled for another half an hour.

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Dylan kissed them both, and got out of bed. He wanted some time to make the girls breakfast, but also time to make some more changes to them in secret. "Good morning Dylan," said the UI on his phone as he walked downstairs, safe in the knowledge the twins' parents were still asleep. "Open Olivia and Rebecca's profiles." The UI did so, and Dylan smiled. "First, stop them lactating. Don't want their boobs leaking all the time." "Yes Dylan." "Now then, time for some payback.

You know all those keywords the girls gave me that make me orgasm?" "Yes?" "I want you to make it so when I say those words to the twins, they orgasm," Dylan grinned. "Oh, and make them orgasm when I spank them too." "As you wish, Dylan." "Wonderful. Now then, we need some breakfast. So wake up the girls' mum and dad, and have them make us a full English and leave it in the kitchen when they go to work. Make them not notice anything odd about any of this." "Yes Dylan." Mr and Mrs Watkins soon emerged downstairs, and between getting ready for work they began cooking in accordance with Dylan's commands.

They finished the food, and headed to work, while Dylan went back upstairs, just as the girls were due to wake up. "Wakey wakey girls…" Dylan whispered. "Whuh?" Olivia asked. "Oh, morning Dylan." "What time is it?" Rebecca asked.

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"Half past 7," Dylan replied. "Time enough for some fun before school." Dylan kissed them both on the lips. "Mmm, what did you have in mind?" Rebecca asked. "There's breakfast downstairs, courtesy of your brainwashed mum and dad, and then I figure we'll have time for a quick shower. Assuming we all shower together." "That sounds good," Olivia said. "Good," Dylan grinned.

"I promise you girls you will enjoy today. School, sex, and lots and lots of orgasms." The girls groaned, and spread their legs as they were suddenly overcome with incredibly intense pleasure, their pussies contracting in response to Master PC's magic.

"Oh my God, Dylan," Olivia panted. "You dick." "Just thought a little payback was due," Dylan grinned. "I agree," Rebecca said. "Orgasm." Dylan too groaned, spurting out cum onto the girls' bedsheets. "Alright, why don't we go and eat breakfast before we kill ourselves?" Dylan suggested. "With pleasure, I mean." "Sounds like a good idea." Dylan helped the girls out of bed, and the three of them began walking downstairs.

They entered the dining room, and just Dylan took the opportunity, and slapped the girls' bottoms. "AHHH!" The girls grabbed hold of the dinner table for support as they experienced their second climaxes of the morning.

"Oh yeah, it happens when I spank you too," Dylan said nonchalantly, sitting down and starting to eat. "Dick." Breakfast was mostly uneventful, the teens eating as fast as possible in order to have time for the morning's main event. They went upstairs to the bathroom, shut the door, and climbed into the bath, Dylan setting the shower going.

"You know we could have had a romantic bath instead," Dylan said. "That would require romance," Rebecca said, kissing him. "We're more like friends with benefits." "One of those benefits being that you get to fuck a god," Dylan said proudly.

"You're not a god, Dylan, just a guy with a magical computer program," Olivia replied. "Well then, your not-God demands that you suck his not-holy dick." "Mmm, thy will be done," Olivia grinned, licking her lips.

The two girls got down on their knees, and Olivia took Dylan's cock in her mouth, Rebecca taking his balls in her mouth. "Ohhh yeah…" Dylan moaned. "I approve…" Dylan reached over to a bottle of shampoo, and squirted some into his hands, before rubbing it through the girls' hair. This elicited moans of approval from the girls, sending pleasure through Dylan's genitals, and eliciting his own moan of approval.

The following week was the most pleasurable of Dylan's life. Under Michael's guidance, he had lots and lots of sex with the girls at school, students and teachers alike.

Of course, he was still fucking Rebecca and Olivia, but he was also sampling many other mouths and pussies at school, including two repeat visits to Gwen's vagina. It as Friday, and the last period of the day. Michael had a free period, and Dylan had used Master PC to give himself one. The two boys were currently in the company of a mother and daughter.

Having just finished fucking them, they'd now swapped partners, and were enjoying a relaxing afternoon blowjob, Dylan having the Geography teacher Mrs Hardwick, and Michael being sucked by her daughter Mary. "Oh God…" Dylan moaned. "This is the life, eh?" "You bet," Michael replied. "And this has been my life for nearly 6 years. I've not had a single day since then when my dick's not been inside someone." "Master PC really is amazing." "Listen, you wanna stay over at mine tonight?

And bring the girls?" "For sex?" "Partly.

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But also just as friends hanging out." "Alright, that sounds good. I'll work on my dad's brain to make him okay with it too." "Great! Now then, I think I'm about ready to blow…" Dylan told the girls about the plans, which they happily agreed to, and it was about 5pm when the three of them arrived at Michael's house.

Dylan rang the doorbell, and waited. "Oh hi, you must be Michael's friends." The three of them a little shocked to be greeted by a woman in her early twenties, completely naked, and smiling friendlily. "Come in, his room's the first door upstairs." "Um, thanks," Dylan said. The three of them walked upstairs, and knocked on what they assumed was Michael's room. "Come in!" They did so, where they found a naked Michael sat at his computer desk, typing up some stuff.

"Hey guys. You bring Master PC with you?" "Oh my phone," Dylan replied. He then looked down and saw that Michael was getting his cock sucked by a teenage boy. "Uh, who's that?" "My brother," Michael replied. "Alright Simon, you can go now." "Alright," Simon said, pulling his brother's erection from his mouth, and heading out.

"You're gay?" Dylan asked, confused. "No you moron, he's bi," Olivia said. "We had a long discussion the other day about guys we'd like to fuck." "So you used Master PC to make yourself bi?" Dylan asked. "I've always been bi, Master PC just made it easier to get ample amounts of both dick and pussy." "You didn't tell us about the incest though," Rebecca said. "Not that we're ones to judge," Olivia grinned, spanking her sister and giggling.

"Yeah, that one's mostly Master PC's doing. Once I'd worked out how to use Master PC, I used it to have sex with a girl in my year. After a few days spent with her, I decided I wanted to do it with a boy. So I turned by best friend gay and made him lust after me. That was gooood. Don't worry, I didn't keep him gay. I made him bi and we're still lovers to this day, although he has a girlfriend. The incest came a few months later.

I was curious, so tweaked myself to find it hot. Threesome with my brother and sister is what followed. Eventually I tweaked them and my mum and dad so that we'd be naked in the house unless we had "normal" visitors, that they'd obey my every command, and that we'd be totally open sexually and would do each-other regularly.

I also gave us totally hot bodies, including making my parents younger. Like, I bet you thought that was my sister Lauren answering the door, didn't you? It wasn't. It was my mum." "You really are more advanced with the program than me," Dylan said. "Don't worry, I won't try anything with you if you don't want to," Michael said. "You don't need to get naked if you don't want to either. I'll even get dressed if you want." "We're fine with getting naked," Olivia said. "What about you Dylan?" "I guess.

I mean, I've been naked with you three before anyway." Satisfied, the three of them got naked, and proceeded to just do normal teen things. They played Mario Kart, they ate junk food, and exchanged occasional insults. "Lemme know when you guys wanna start fucking," Michael said nonchalantly. "We're ready whenever you are," Olivia said.

"Great!" Michael said. "You up for it some sex, Dylan?" "Uh…" "Awwww, you nervous about a guy touching your dick?" Rebecca said, giving him a playful nudge on the arm. "Well I'm not bi like you three!" Dylan said. "You could be though, just get your phone out and get Master PC to switch it, right?" Olivia said.

"I could, but I'd really rather not," Dylan said. "And that's fine," Michael said. "Tell you what Dylan, how about I spend the night with the girls and my brother, while you go fuck my mum and sister?" "You'd be okay with that?" "Dylan, our house is one of open sex.

And no, I won't get jealous." "Alright, I'm up for that then." "Good! Mum!

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Simon! Lauren! Get in here!" The teens heard Michael's 3 family members run upstairs, and line up obediently in his bedroom. "Yes Michael?" His mother Alice said. "How may we serve?" "Mum, take Lauren and Dylan to your room and have sex," Michael ordered. Simon, you stay here for a foursome." "Sounds good to me!" Lauren smiled. "Come on mum, let's go fuck Dylan!" The girls took Dylan's hands, and took him off Alice's bedroom. Once inside of it, the girls pushed him onto the bed, and climbed on with him, before they began a 3-way make-out session.

"Mmmm, I love when Michael lets us fuck other people," moaned Lauren, Michael's 21-year-old sister, before she grabbed his cock. "When I was your age, I always dreamed of having a hunky guy stick his big, fat dick inside me and pump me full of cum." Alice kissed Dylan, and stroked his tummy.

"You think you can do that?" Dylan nodded. "Aww, but I wanna suck his dick and swallow all his cum first!" Lauren pouted.

God, Dylan thought, Michael had really turned them into sluts. "Girls, how about you suck my dick first, and then fuck me?" Dylan suggested. Lauren cheered, and immediately went down on him. "Oh God…Ohhhh…" Dylan moaned. "What about me though!?" Alice complained. "I need your cock too!" "Don't worry, you can…" Dylan said, before getting an idea.

"Actually, go get my phone. It's downstairs on the sofa." "Sure thing sweetie," Alice smiled, giving him a big kiss before she left.

She returned quickly, and handed him his phone. "Here you go!" "Thanks…" Dylan opened the Master PC app, and was greeted with the smiling face of the UI. "UI, give me another cock and balls. Next to my existing one." "Yes Dylan, at once." Dylan moaned as he felt his cock and balls shift to the left, Lauren moaning with it, and the three of them watched as two more equally-large testicles and one more equally-large cock grew next to them, his new boner sticking up proudly.

"Now suck my other dick, Michael's mum," Dylan ordered. "With pleasure." Meanwhile, two other girls were also giving blowjobs. Rebecca and Olivia were going down on Michael and his 19-year-old brother Simon, who were sat next to each-other on the bed.

While this was happening, the two boys were making out with one-another. "Mmm, I bet it must be nice, sucking some more mature boys' dicks for once," Michael said, and the girls moaned in agreement. "Oh God, where have you BEEN all my life, Olivia!?" Simon moaned.

"Those are definitely some fine blowjob skills you two have got," Michael said. "I've been sucked off by literally thousands of people and these are up there with the best.

Oh fuck…mmm, I'm gonna cum soon. Simon, you're gonna cum when I do." "Uhhh…yes…" It took another minute or so, but pretty soon Michael and Simon were blowing their loads into the girls' mouths.


The guys had barely recovered before the girls were on the bed with them, legs spread. "Come on then guys, your turn," Olivia said, the girls pointing to their crotches. "With pleasure, ladies," Michael smiled, the two boys immediately going down on them.

"Mmmm, good boys…" Rebecca moaned, leaning over to make out with her sister. Back in the other bedroom, Alice and Lauren were next to each-other on their hands and knees, and Dylan was knelt behind them, fucking them both with his dual cocks.

It was a strange experience for him, but a very pleasurable one nonetheless. When his two cocks came at the same time the pleasure was almost unbearable, but not once did he want it to end.

The sleepover lasted until Saturday afternoon, with plenty more sex happening in the meantime.

Eventually they left, with Dylan and the twins walking home together. After a quick make-out goodbye, Dylan headed into his house. "I'm home!" Dylan shouted. "I'm in the living room," he heard his dad reply. "Come in here a sec, I wanna talk to you." Dylan walked into the living room, where his dad was sat on the sofa on a computer. "Is that my laptop?" Dylan asked. "Mine broke, so I borrowed yours to do some work," his dad said.

"What's this?" Dylan's dad flipped the laptop around, and he saw the Master PC program open, with the UI stood there. "Incorrect user detected. Access denied," she said. ------------------------------- Author's message: I wish this was Chapter 6 so I could make a Return of the Jedi joke. Yes, hello. It's been over 2 months since I last posted a chapter. This week I wrote a long blog post about where I've been.

Here it is: "Hello. It's now been 2 months since I last posted a chapter. I've recently had 2 separate people ask where I am (One was concerned something had happened to me. Thanks for that.) so I figured I'd better write this. So at first it was university. I had exams until the 9th of June which were eating up all my free time.

But after that? Honestly, a lack of motivation. Barring a few chapters I've barely written anything since then.

I kind of want to, but I just haven't had the drive to do so. My summer's been spent catching up on gaming and TV shows, and really whenever I sit down to write I can barely bring myself to do it. There's also the problem that I've just this week found out where I'm heading for the first part of my year abroad, so I now have lots of prep to do for that, again eating into my time. Chapter 6 is about something I've wanted to write for a while, so really it's in my interests to keep going, especially as this is my highest-rated story since A Boy and his Genie.

When I'll get back into actively writing, I don't know. So yeah, I do feel bad about letting you down, especially as I hate when stories don't get finished. I could list off loads of stories that didn't get completed that I was really enjoying reading. I am fine though, I'm not dying or anything. Well, no faster than any other human being. This is the bit where Alexis makes fun of me for my mortality." So to clarify, I've been working on this chapter since finishing the last one, but I've just not had the drive to finish it.

This cliffhanger, going into Chapter 6, is something I've wanted to write for AGES, so hopefully I can speed up. Worth mentioning though that I'm currently doing year abroad prep, which means I do have a lot of stuff to do beyond this. But I've not forgotten you.