Anal casero a mi gordita

Anal casero a mi gordita
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Saturday morning, Billy duly turned up after our parents had left.

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"Did Dan tell you what we did last week?" I asked and when he confirmed that my brother had told him everything, I asked "Would you like to see me naked as well?" Boys are so easy he practically had an orgasm then and there, especially when I told him the rules "You can watch me shower and pee but you have to do whatever I ask".

I have later discovered that Billy is a real submissive.


I had them drop their pants and stand in front of me while I peed, this time just opening my legs just a little. They were soon both rock hard (I have since realized that no man ever gets as hard as a 15 year old boy.) and I enjoyed comparing their cocks.

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In contrast to Dan, Billy's was the first uncircumcised cock I has ever seen, shorter, much thicker and, when the knob peeped out, it was almost purple. Now things were really getting interesting! I then told Dan to bring in a chair and sit on it while Billy sat on the toilet seat. I now had two boys, cocks fully exposed and erect, totally in my control It was all I could do not to cum then and there.

I took off the rest of my clothes and stood right in front of them, their eye popping out of their heads I couldn't believe what I was about to do! "If you don't touch yourselves you can take it in turns to suck my tits" (I didn't want them to cum too soon). Their eagerness was really amusing but I had never let any boy even touch my tits before so I was pretty eager too.

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I let them take turns fondling and sucking my tits until I was on the brink of cumming, then I sprang the surprise.

I held up a jar of Vaseline, "I've got an idea for a contest" I said. "I want to watch you jack off each other … and the one who makes the other one cum first can play with my cunt while I finish jacking him off".

They were obviously excited but hesitating and embarrassed "I promise I won't tell anyone do you want to play with my cunt or not?" I teased as I lightly rubbed my slit with my finger right in front of their faces. "O.K If Dan will do it I'll do it" said Billy ( a little too eagerly I thought) and then Dan agreed. This was partly a ploy on my part because I knew they would never dare to tell anyone else about this but I just loved watching these two little boys rubbing each other's cock while watching me play with my cunt.

I tried the old 'finger from cunt to mouth trick' and Billy came immediately, spurting great gobs of spunk all over the floor, his lap and Dan's hand. As it turned out, I didn't have to jack Dan off because I lifted one leg onto his knee and, as he started to play with my cunt, Billy started stroking him again and he came immediately, all over my pubic hair and Billy's hand.

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I was so close, I grabbed his hand and rubbed his fingers hard against my cunt, making me cum so hard I almost collapsed. "Wow! That was fun" I said "Let's leave our clothes off and drink a couple of Mom's vodka coolers and then I've got another idea.

Of course, they were all for that. By this time I was enjoying my exhibitionism so much that I had lost all inhibition and so I made sure to sit with my knees apart and bend over a few times to give them a good look at my cunt and arsehole. It didn't take long for them to look excited again at which point I said "I need to pee and I want to watch each of you pee as well" so we adjourned to the bathroom once again. I sat on the toilet, spread my legs wide so that they could get a good view while I peed and then I told Billy to stand in front of me and pee between my legs this was getting more exciting all the time.

This is when I discovered that boys can't pee when they are excited so it took a while but eventually he peed between my legs and a couple of times the hot stream actually hit my clit and almost sent me over the edge. When Dan did the same, I grabbed his cock and intentionally directed the stream onto my throbbing clit. Now I was really ready and they were rock hard again.

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I had never done this before but Billy's cock looked so cute I had a real urge to suck it, so I told Billy that I would suck his cock if he liked but that I didn't want to suck my brother's cock so he would have to do that. By this time, neither boy even hesitated I had corrupted them both! Billy got on his knees between Dan's legs and began to suck his cock so confidently that I'm not sure he hadn't sucked cock before. and while he was doing this I let Dan finger my cunt so he didn't take very long to cum in Billy's mouth, causing Billy to gag, pull away and end up with cum all over his face.

I didn't want that to happen to me again so I resolved to swallow Billy's cum even though I was convinced it would taste terrible. To my surprise, that wasn't the case.

I wasn't sure how to suck cock so first I just held it in front of my eyes and watched a large drop of pre-cum ooze out.


I then tentatively slid my tongue out and used the tip to pick up the drop slippery but very little taste. I did the same with the next drop and, taking a lesson from watching Billy suck Dan, I held the base of his cock and sucked the knob, hearing a long groan of pleasure from Billy as I then slid my lips all the way down (he wasn't very long but really a mouthful) before sucking hard as I slid my lips back to the knob. This was when I realized that I loved sucking young cock feeling the silky smooth skin move back and forth with my lips, hearing the groans of pleasure and tension and then just holding the knob in my mouth as it throbbed, waiting until the throbbing subsides and doing it again.

Unfortunately I had the chance to do it only twice more before I felt the knob and the shaft throb really hard and received a huge jet of hot cum filling my mouth. This was my second realization It tasted wonderful, salty and slightly fishy and so I had no trouble swallowing it and the next four or five spurts. In fact I held it in mouth, sucking softly, until it subsided.

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I thought Billy was going to die of pleasure, Dan was hard again (another pleasure of young boys) and I was positively dripping. It was now getting late so I sent Billy home with a promise that if he kept quiet, there would be better to come. Dan was now stroking himself again and looking at me with pleading eyes so I gave him the same performance I had given Billy until he too filled my mouth with cum and, yet another surprise, he tasted different from Billy less fishy, more lemony.

I have since discovereddoing extensive research, that every load of cum tastes different depending on who it is and what they have been eating. A culinary adventure really! I had a week to plan my next sexual adventure with my two slaves.

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