Kinky Vagina Woman Playing In Pantyhose

Kinky Vagina Woman Playing In Pantyhose
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This story has been around for a while, but it is very good! MAY May lay very still. She knew she was seeing something which she wasn't supposed to see. A dim light was on in the other end of the darkened Winnebago. She could see her Aunt and Uncle lying side by side on the double bed.

Sarah, her mother's sister, and Dan, her husband, were kissing. They were lying on top of the cover, with their feet towards where May lay in the sofa bed with her two cousins, Jack and Sally. May could see that the two adults were dressed for bed, and they were just lying there together with their arms around each other kissing.

May couldn't believe that she was here. She hadn't seen her cousins in several years, but two weeks ago, her Aunt Sarah had called her mother and asked if May would like to go on vacation with them.

Her mother had agreed and they had stopped in the middle of the night to pick her up at her house. They were going to drive during the night so that they would be at the camping park before morning.

Her mother was supposed to drive down in a few days to join them. Her two cousins, 15 year old Jack and 14 year old Sally, had been sacked out on the sofa bed in the middle of the travel vehicle when she got on board.

They had waked up and the three of them had talked and giggled for a while before going to sleep. They had just fallen asleep in their clothes there on the sofa bed together. May was on the right side of the bed, towards the back of the vehicle, Sally was in the middle, and Jack was snoring on the other side of Sally. May had half-waked when she felt the big Winnebago bumping over rough terrain. Shortly after this she had been vaguely aware of her aunt and uncle moving past where they slept to the back of the trailer, and realized that they must have reached their destination.

She had just about dozed back off when she heard her aunt giggle. She had peeked to see what was going on and discovered that they were smooching. Her aunt had on a short gown and her uncle had on pajamas.

Now as she watched, she saw Dan sliding his hands all over Sarah's big tits, and then she saw him pull the strap of her gown down and take hold of her bare tit.

As she watched, she saw him lower his head to her breast. With his head in the way, she couldn't be too sure, but she had the impression that he was kissing her tits.

Dan slid down on the bed a little, and, as he moved, his crotch came into May's view. She almost gasped aloud at what she saw. His pajama pants were bulging! From the way his pants were sticking out, she knew he had an "erection" as the books on sex called it. Then she saw him slide his hand up between Sarah's legs, pulling her gown up as he did so.

When he reached her crotch, she opened her legs and May saw him slide his finger right up inside of her pussy! From the angle she had, she could actually see his finger disappear through the black hair and go up her slit. She saw her aunt reach down and slide her hand inside the waist of Dan's pajama pants. From the way Sarah's hand was moving back and forth, May knew that her aunt was stroking Dan's penis. She held her breath as she watched. After several minutes, she saw her uncle raise up and slide over on top of her aunt.

She saw her aunt pushing his pajamas down, and she almost gasped when his butt came into view. She had never seen a man's butt, and she was very excited at getting to view her uncle's.

She realized that she was "sexually aroused" as the books called it. She knew her virgin 13 year old pussy was wet with juice. She had played with her pussy enough to know the excited feeling.

She saw her aunt pull her legs up, her knees sticking up on each side of her uncle's thighs. She knew that they were about to have sex, or "fuck" as some of her more experienced friends at school called it. May saw her uncle's buttocks tighten as he pushed against her aunt, and she realized that he must have just put his penis inside of her vagina. May almost giggled out loud. She was thinking in the terms which she had seen in the books.

Her friend, Jill, would have said that he just stuck his dick in her pussy. As she watched, she saw her uncle's buttocks tighten and relax as he thrust into his wife and then withdrew. May lay very still and watched his butt, looking at the way the muscles tightened and relaxed as he repeatedly thrust and withdrew, thrust and withdrew.

Dan was doing it faster now. His buttocks were clenching and relaxing at a much faster rate. She could hear her aunt sort of moaning and groaning in time with Dan's thrusts.

It sounded like her aunt was really enjoying what she was getting. May saw Sarah's hands slide down over Dan's ass. Sarah had hold of his butt checks, pulling and pushing, encouraging him in his thrusts. Suddenly, she saw her aunt's legs jerk upward and heard her begin to kind of moan and cry.

She say her uncle shove forward hard and hold tight up against her. His buttocks were clenched tightly and she could hear him gasping and groaning. She realized that they must be "climaxing" and that his organ must be shooting his stuff up inside of her. After a few moments, they lay still. May was hoping that her uncle would raise up and that she would see his dick when he pulled it out of her aunt, but they just lay there.

May drifted off to sleep before the couple moved, so she didn't get to see Dan raise up and slide off of Sarah and pull his pajamas up. May was awakened by a hand shaking her shoulder. "May, rise and shine," she heard Sarah's voice. Sleepily, May rolled over onto her back. She had been having the most wonderful dream. She had been watching her uncle's bare butt, thrusting and pushing.

But it had been her he was thrusting and pushing into! Looking around, she saw that Sally was sitting up beside her, rubbing her eyes and Jack was sitting on the side of the sofa bed on the other side of Sally.

Sarah laughed at them. "You guys got a lot more sleep than we did last night, and we're having to wake you up," she laughed at them. "Come on, I've got breakfast ready." She motioned toward the front of the vehicle, and May saw that the booth-like table was set with bacon and eggs.

Dan was putting forks on the table. The kids didn't need any more encouragement. All three of them scrambled off the bed and headed for the table. After breakfast, they all went out together to look around the camping park. They were parked in a wooded section near a river. There was only one other vehicle in that section of the park, a big conversion van, parked three campsites away. There was a small building next to the conversion van which May guessed was some sort of bath house.

Their campsite was all the way on the end of the row, and it had a picnic table and a campfire circle. They walked down the road past the conversion van and when they rounded a curve in the drive, May saw a swimming pool ahead.

Beyond the swimming pool, there were more campsites, and what looked like a lodge. They walked on down to the swimming pool, and discovered that there was a concession stand alongside it. The kids went around to inspect the pool while Dan and Sarah walked on down to the lodge. "Hey, look over there," Jack whispered to the girls.

He was looking back up the road in the direction of their campsite. The girls saw another girl coming down the road. The new girl was a cute looking blond, a little on the chubby side. The thing which had attracted Jack was her figure. She had large bouncy tits which were threatening to fall out of the skimpy halter top which she was wearing.

Her shorts were so tight that it looked like she had been poured into them. "Jack's hormones are acting up," Sally giggled to May as the girl approached them. "Hi," she said as came up to them. She looked to be about 15 years old, and was quite pretty in spite of being just a little heavy.

May and Sally realized that her greeting was really directed to Jack, but they all responded. They found that she was from the conversion van which they had passed on the way down, and that she was there with her mother and father, who were still asleep. Her name was Bunny, and she had been hoping that someone else her age would show up soon. Again, she seemed much more interested in Jack than in the other girls.

They talked to Bunny until Dan and Sarah came out of the lodge and called them. "Bunny's hormones are acting up, too," Sally giggled to May as they trotted over to where the grownups were waiting. "The bath house is available for us to use," Sarah told them, "so we won't be stuck with the tiny shower in the bus. "Besides the van we passed, we're the only ones on our side of the swimming pool right now." They looked around the area some more, then they all headed back for the campsite except Jack, who was over by the pool talking to Bunny again.

Dan and Sarah were walking several yards ahead of the girls, with their arms around each other. "I wonder how they are going to manage being in that trailer with us for a whole week," Sally giggled to May. "What do you mean?" May asked. "Well, they like to screw a lot," Sally explained. "Jack and I hear them going at it almost every night.

I wonder how they are going to manage with us in the same room with them." May giggled and whispered what she had seen the night before to Sally. Sally got very excited, wanting to know all the details. She was disappointed when May confessed that she had not seen Dan's prick.

"You should see it," she whispered. "It's huge! Much bigger than Jack's!" "You've seen them?" May asked. "Sure," Sally replied.

"Well, I've never seen Dad's hard, but it's bigger soft than Jack's is when he's got a hardon," she giggled. "You've seen Jack's hard?" May asked with disbelief.

"Yeah, and you probably will too, before this week is out," she giggled. "And I'll bet Bunny will see it too, if Jack has anything to say about it," she laughed. When they came up to the bath house, Sally called out to her parents that they were going to stop there. "I've gotta pee," Sally told May. May was feeling the urge, too, so the two girls went into the ladies side of the bath house. When they got inside, they realized that they could hear a shower running.

It seemed to be coming from the men's side. Sally held her finger up to her lips, indicating to May to be quiet. May wondered what her cousin was up to. She followed as Sally moved silently into the shower area. She seemed to be looking at the wall separating the men's and women's areas, then she grinned and motioned to May to follow her.

She moved right up to the wall and pointed to two holes in the wall. She bent down and peered through one of the holes. May bent over and looked through the other hole. What she saw made her blood boil up! There was a naked man in the other side, standing under the shower. He was on the other side of the shower from the wall and had his back to the girls.

May could see his butt, all hairy and hard looking. As they watched, he turned around and faced directly towards the girls! They could see his prick, hanging down between his legs. To May, it seemed huge. The man, who looked to be about the same age as Dan, was soaping his stomach. He slid his hand down to his crotch and began to soap his large hairy balls.

Then his hand came up and encircled his large organ, sliding up and down along the length of it, covering it with soap. As the girls watched, they saw his prick beginning to stiffen as his hand slid up and down it.

It got stiffer and stiffer, rising up until it extended straight out from his crotch. May couldn't see as well as she would have liked to, because of the soap covering it and his hand sliding up and down on it.

However, she could see the large purple knob, coming into view each time the man's hand moved down towards the base of the huge shaft. After several moments, the man turned back towards the shower head and began to wash the soap off of his body.

When he turned back around again, the girls saw that his dick had softened, and was now pointing out and down, rather than standing up as it had been. The man turned back toward the shower head again, and let the water run over him a few more moments, then he turned the water off.

He moved out of their view through the door into the main dressing area. Sally quickly moved out of the shower area and began to search the wall in the main dressing area. Finally, she spotted some more peep holes. The girls found, though, when they looked through, that the man had finished drying himself off and was putting his clothes on. They watched until he had completely dressed, and they saw him leave the bath house. As soon as he had gone, May suddenly realized that she was becoming desperate to pee.

Evidently, Sally was feeling the same way, because both girls rushed into the stalls to do their business.

When May came out, she met Sally coming out of the next stall. "Wow, did you see the size of his dick?" Sally giggled. "Yeah," May replied. "But how did you know about the knot holes?" "Oh, there are always peep holes between the men's and women's sides in these places," Sally told her.

"I've peeked through lots of them." "Hey, that means that they can peek at us, too," May suddenly realized. "Oh yeah, I've been peeked at lots of times," Sally told her. "I usually give them a good show when I know they're watching." May couldn't believe her ears, but the idea sounded so exciting that she hoped she would get a chance to show herself off.

"I'll bet that was Bunny's dad," Sally guessed as they walked back toward the campsite. They didn't get a chance to discuss it any further at the moment, though, because Sarah came out of the vehicle as they approached, and called for them to hurry and help them set up camp. They busied themselves getting folding chairs and other equipment out of the vehicle and setting up camp. Jack returned and joined in the work. He and Dan hung a large hammock between two trees while the females arranged the camp furniture around the entrance to the big camping bus.

May noticed that, for some reason, Dan seemed to have selected a place to hang the hammock which was isolated from view. It was in behind some trees and bushes, and was visible only from the bus. After they had finished arranging the campsite, Sarah commented that she could use a shower and asked the girls if they would like to join her.

They got their clothes and towels and walked down to the bath house. May was thinking about the holes in the wall, and she was sure that Sally was thinking the same thing. She decided that she was going to watch the holes to see if she could tell if anyone was watching.

The three of them quickly undressed and went into the shower area. It was one big area, and was not divided into stalls. May turned on the shower and began soaping herself, keeping an eye on the knotholes across the room. Sally was using the shower head next to her and Sarah was just beyond Sally. Sarah was a tall, well-built woman. Her tits were large and firm, jutting out proudly from her chest. Her stomach was slightly rounded, and the juncture of her legs was covered with a thick bush of jet black curls.

Sally, like her mother, was tall, with firm tits standing up proudly, accented by her flat youthful stomach. Unlike Sarah, who was a brunette, Sally was a redhead like her father. Her auburn curls were matched by a thin covering of rust colored curls between her legs.

May, being a year younger than Sally, was not as well endowed. Her titties were much smaller, being about the size of oranges, but her nipples were very large and puffy, about like silver dollars, almost covering her still developing titties. Her cunthair below her flat stomach, was almost nonexistent, being a thin growth of short blonde curls. As May lathered her tits, she glanced at the peepholes again.

She thought she saw a movement behind one of the holes! Being careful not to appear to be stareing, she looked closer. Yes! She was sure she could make out an eye behind one of the holes! Someone was watching! She glanced at Sally.

Sally looked at her and nodded imperceptibly at the hole. Yes, Sally had seen it too. May kept her front towards the hole, lathering her titties and squeezing them, aware that her large nipples were becoming quite hard. She glanced at Sally and saw that she was facing directly toward the peep hole and was washing her pussy, her legs slightly apart, giving the watcher a look directly between her legs. Sarah, beyond Sally, had her back to the peep hole. She dropped her soap on the floor and bent over to pick it up, with her ass pointing straight toward the hole.

May realized that whoever was watching was getting a perfect look up between Sarah's legs. When Sarah straightened up, May saw her glance toward the far wall.

Well, how about that, Aunt Sarah knew they were being watched and she was showing off, too. For several minutes, all three females continued to wash themselves and expose themselves to the unseen watcher. Finally, they turned off the water and moved to the dressing area. May sat on a bench, with her knees straight toward the holes in the wall across the room. She saw movement behind a hole and spread her legs, drying her pussy in full view of the watcher!

When they were dressed, the three girls casually gathered up their things and walked out the door into the fresh sunshine. When they were alone, May and Sally talked about what had happened in the shower. Sally agreed with May that her mother had been aware of the watcher and had deliverately exposed herself. The girls decided that it must have been Bunny's father, because both Jack and Dan were stretched out on lounge chairs at the campsite when they got back there.

After lunch, the kids decided that they wanted to go swimming. Dan and Sarah said they would "take a nap" while the kids were gone. They got their bathing suits and headed for the pool. "Well, Mom and Dad will be going at it while we are gone," Sally said as they walked along together.

"Yeah," Jack agreed. "Don't you wish you could see them do it?" "May saw them," Sally told him. Jack got very excited and wanted to know about it.

At their insistence, May recounted everything she had seen in the darkened trailer. She saw Jack's pants bulging as she told the story. Sally saw it too. "Jack," she giggled. "You had better cool off before we get to the pool, or they might not let you in." Jack just grinned and reached down and pushed his bulging lump down. The girls went into the girls side of the dressing room and changed into their swimming suits.

When they emerged from the dressing room, they found Jack already in the pool. They both jumped into the water and soon were splashing and playing in the water. There was no one else in at the time, so they had the pool all to themselves. They were chasing each other around, splashing and dunking each other. May and Sally had teamed up on Jack and had succeeded in dunking him twice. When he came up the second time, he reached for Sally, but she got away.

Suddenly turning on May, he grabbed her around the waist and fell backwards, taking them both underwater. When they surfaced, laughing and blowing water, May was aware that Jack still had his arms around her waist. He pulled her back against him. She suddenly became very aware of something pressing against her butt. She realized that he had a hardon.

She could feel it pushing against her. He slid one hand up, under the water and she suddenly felt his hand close on her left tit through her bathing suit. "Jack," she giggled. Sally came back up beside them. She saw Jack's hand on May's tit under the surface of the water.

"Copping a feel, Jack?" she asked. "Sure," he replied, giving May's tit a squeeze. "Better not let your girlfriend see you doing that," Sally told him, nodding toward the end of the pool. Bunny had just emerged from the dressing room door, dressed in the most skimpy bikini that May had ever seen.

Jack's hand immediately left May's tit and he swam off toward the end of the pool toward Bunny. "Too bad she showed up right then," Sally said. "I think things were about to get really interesting. Did he have a hardon?" "Yeah, I could feel it up against my butt," May told her.

"Well, we'll get some action from him, but I think we're going to have to share him with Bunny," Sally observed. The two girls got out of the water and got cokes from a machine and sat down at a round table by the pool. They sat and watched Jack and Bunny wrestling around in the water. May could see that Jack had a big hardon when he surfaced once and rolled momentarily onto his back. May also saw that Bunny didn't miss the show he had given for her.

The two kids in the water continued to splash and wrestle around for a while, then they moved up to the side of the pool next to where the girls were sitting. Bunnie was up against the side of the pool, and Jack was against her back. Both girls knew that he was rubbing his hardon up against her ass.

She pretended to be talking to Sally and May, but the girls could tell that she was having a hard time concentrating on the conversation. Finally, Sally suggested to May that they get out and go explore the rest of the camp. May agreed and Jack and Bunny didn't seem to be sorry to see them go. They went into the dressing room and got their clothes. Sally suggested, with a twinle in her eye, that they go to the bath house to change back into their clothes.

As soon as the girls entered the bath house, they checked out the peep holes. They were disappointed to find that the other side was not occupied at the moment. They then proceeded to get dressed.

May was wearing a shortsleeved blouse and blue jeans over her bra and panties, and Sally was wearing a sleeveless blouse and short shorts over bikini panties with no bra. They had just finished dressing when Sally suddenly held her finger to her lips. They listened and heard whispers coming through the wall. They went into the shower area and discovered that the sound was coming from behind the bath house. "It's Jack and Bunny," Sally whispered in May's ear.

"Let's sneak around and see what they are doing." The girls went out the door and make their way around behind the bath house, cirling back through the woods to come up behind the building.

Peeking through some bushes, they saw Jack and Bunny right up against the bath house. Bunny was leaning with her back up against the wall and Jack was in front of her. He was kissing her and he had one strap of her suit top down. He had her big tit in his hand, pressing and rolling it around while he kissed her. Then he bent down and took her nipple in his mouth and started sucking on it.

From their vantage point, the girls could see that the front of Jack's bathing suit was bulging almost to the point of bursting. As Jack sucked Bunny's tit, he began to slide one hand down over her stomach. When he reached the top of her bikini bottoms he slid his hand inside and straight down between her legs. Even though the material of her suit was in the way, the girls could see that he was sliding his finger around in her slit. Then his hand moved even deeper down in her suit.

"He's got his finger up her pussy," Sally whispered to May. Sure enough, that is exactly where Jack's finger was. He was sliding it slowly in and out of her pussy, his hand moving in her bikini as he fingered her.

While he was doing that to her, she reached down and began to squeeze his dick through his bathing suit. She slid her hand up to the top of his suit and was just about to put her hand down the front of his suit when a voice began calling Bunny's name. It was a woman's voice, obviously Bunny's mom, and it was coming from the direction of the conversion van. Bunny jumped and reached down and pulled Jack's hand out of her bikini.

She quickly pulled her strap up and disappeared around the side of the bath house toward the women's entrance, so that it would appear that she was coming from the women's side of the bath house when she emerged into view.

Jack was standing there looking very forlorn. Sally giggled and grabbed May's hand and emerged from their hiding place. "Too bad," she told Jack. "You were just about to score." Jack jumped. "You were spying on me." "Aw, you know you don't care," Sally said coming up beside him.

Jack laughed. "Of all the dumb luck, her mother would have to call her right then." "Yeah, left you with a big hardon, didn't she," Sally laughed at him. Then she and May turned and went around the side of the bath house, leaving him standing there.

When they got back to the campsite, they found Dan and Sarah stretched out in a couple of the lounge chairs. Jack came into camp a few minutes later. Sarah asked if they had enjoyed their swim, but did not ask why they had come back separately. After supper, they all sat around the table in the front of the vehicle and played cards until about 10 o'clock.

Sarah told them that she and Dan were going to a late night party at the lodge. They said they thought they would go to bed, since it had been a long day. Sarah suggested to Jack that he get ready for bed in the small bathroom in the vehicle, out of deference to May's modesty. "At least until she gets used to us," Sarah told him.

"After all, she isn't used to our casual ways. I hope you don't mind the three of you sleeping in one bed," she told May, "but Jack will be on the other side of Sally from you." "I'm not as shy as Mother may have led you to believe, Sarah," May told her aunt. Jack went into the little bathroom, and Dan went back into the back bedroom.

The girls quickly shed their clothes and put on their sleep wear, Sally wearing a babydoll pajama set and May putting on a gown and matching panties. When Jack came out of the bathroom, he had on a pair of pajama bottoms with no shirt.

The three kids piled up in bed, with Sally in the middle, and Sarah and Dan left for the party. The kids lay quietly for several minutes. Finally, Sally broke the silence. "Jack, I'm surprised you aren't slipping out to see Bunny," she said.

"She had to go into town with her folks to visit somebody tonight," he said. "You almost got her this afternoon," Sally grinned at him. "Yeah, a few more minutes," Jack said wistfully. "I noticed you were pretty interested in May's titties until Bunny showed up at the pool," Sally continued. Jack was raised up on one elbow, looking across his sister at May. "Yeah, you've got nice tits, May," he told her.

Both girls laughed. Sally pointed down at Jack's bulging pajamas. "Why don't you show her that and maybe she'll show you her tits," Sally suggested. "How about it, May?" asked Jack. "Will you show me your tits if I show you my dick?" May looked at the bulging pajama pants.

"I guess so," she replied. Jack reached down and unsnapped his pajama pants. He opened them wide and his dick popped out into the open, sticking straight up toward his belly button. Quickly, he stripped the pants down off of his feet and kicked them off onto the floor. "Wow," breathed May, staring at his dick. She could see the veins bulging in the shaft with the swollen purplish-red knob on the end. Jack reached down and wrapped his fingers around the shaft, slowly sliding his hand up and down along the shaft.

"Now, show me your tits," he said. "Sally has got to show hers, too," May said. "Sure," Sally said taking hold of her pajama top and pulling it off over her head with one smoothe movement.

"Now, your turn." May got up on her knees and took the bottom of her gown in her hands. Slowly, she pulled it up and pulled it off over her head.

"Wow, May, they're beautiful," Jack said, stareing at her. May blushed hotly. "You're both beautiful," Jack said, looking at his sister.

"Now show me your pussies." Sally lay back on her back and slowly pushed her panties down. When she had them all the way off, she spread her legs and reached down and used her fingers to pull her pussy wide open, revealing the pink folds inside.

Jack's fist was sliding up and down his dick with a regular rhythym, stroking up and down as he looked at his sister's pussy. "Now, show him yours," Sally told May. May lay down on her back and reached down to take hold of her panties. "Let me do it," Jack said. He crawled over the prone Sally, his dick bobbling up and down as he moved. He knelt on his knees beside May and took hold of the waistband of her bikini panties.

Slowly, he began pulling them down. He gasped as her pussy came into view. Then he pulled the panties all the way down and off over her feet. He sat back on his heels, looking down at his pretty cousin's pussy.

Then he stretched out on his side between the two girls, propping himself up on one elbow, looking at May. Sally raised up and looked down at Jack's dick. "Why don't you jack off for us?" she suggested. "OK, if both of you will finger yourselves for me," he said. "Sure, we'll do that, won't we, May?" Sally agreed. "Yeah, I guess so," May said.

"You go first," she suggested to Sally. "OK," Sally agreed. She flopped down on her back and spread her legs. The other two kids raised up so they could see, and Sally began stroking her pussy with her fingertip. She slowly began to let the tip of her finger delve down into her crack, tickling her hard clitoris. Then, she used her fingers to pull her pussy wide open, showing the juicy pink interior.

Then, using the forefinger of one hand to rub her clit, she slid the other hand down and began to slide the fingertip down into her cunthole. Stroking and fingering, she began to get more and more excited, playing with herself while the other two watched. Then, suddenly, she became very red in the face, and climaxed, arching her back and shoving her finger all the way up into her pussy.

Finally, she lay back, breathing hard. "Now, you do it, Jack," May said. "You first," Jack said. "No, you do it, then I'll do it," May said. Jack slid off of the bed and stood at the foot of the bed facing the girls. They lay on their stomachs and watched as his hand began to slide up and down his hard dick.

Faster and faster his fist pumped on his dick, until he was nearly jacking himself into a frenzy. The girls watched with mounting excitement, as they waited for the eruption.

They didn't have long to wait. Suddenly, Jack thrust forward, his dick sticking out through his grasping fist. It was almost like his dick had erupted, a huge glob of white stuff shooting out the end and landing on the bed. Jack groaned as another spurt shot out, landing just short of where the first had hit.

Spurt after spurt shot out, flying through the air. Finally, the spurts turned to a drible and stopped. Sally jumped off of the bed and grabbed a towel, handing it to Jack. He wiped his hand and dick off, then wiped up the puddling come from the bed. "Now, May, its your turn," Jack said. May lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide.

Jack stood at the end of the bed, looking right up between her legs while Sally lay beside her, watching intently. May slid her hands down between her legs and slowly pulled her pussy open for them to see. She was feeling very excited, and she knew that her pussy was already wet. Blushing, partly from embarassment, partly from excitement, she began to rub her clitty.

Slowly sliding her fingertip over the protruding little nubbing, she began to slide the other hand down farther into her slit, letting the tip of her finger swirl around in the tight opening to her cunt hole.

Slowly, she began to slide her middle finger up into her hole. When it was about half way in, she began to slide it in and out, fingering herself while she continued to tickle and rub her clit with the finger of the other hand.

Looking down the length of her body, she saw Jack stooping down and looking directly up between her legs. He raised up and she realized that his dick was rock hard again.

Suddenly, he crawled onto the bed between her legs. Jack slowly slid his hands up the inside of May's thighs. When he reached her pussy, he used his fingers to hold her pussy lips wide open while he watched her fingers work on her own pussy. "Why don't you do it for her?" Sally asked him.

In response, Jack slid one finger down to where May's finger was sliding in and out of her pussy. She pulled her finger out and he gently and slowly slid his own finger up into her hole. She gasped as she felt it slowly going all the way up into her cunt. No one else had ever had a finger in her, and having Jack doing this to her was much better than doing it herself. Jack began to slowly slide his finger in and out of her.

He used the tip of the forefinger of his other hand to rub her clit. He gently rolled the little button back and forth as he fingered her. May began to feel the rising excitement which she knew meant that she was about to come. Suddenly, gasping for breath, she thrust her hips upwards toward the thrusting finger and began to jerk, gyrating her hips wildly on his thrusting finger. She was coming!

Bigger and better than she had ever come before. Finally, May lay still. Jack pulled his finger out of her juicy pussy and looked down at her. "May, you are beautiful," he told her. She smiled at him. Looking down, she saw that his dick was still sticking up, hard as it could be. Suddenly, Jack lowered himself down on top of her. She could feel his stomach against her stomach, his chest pressed against her tits. She felt his lips contact her lips, his tongue coming in between her lips.

Then she felt his dick come up between her legs, the end sliding right into her juicy slit. "No, Jack," she suddenly gasped, pushing against him.

He began raising up and down, trying to find her cunt hole with the end of his dick.

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"No," she said again, almost in a panic. Sally grabbed her brother by the shoulders and began pulling on him, trying to pull him off of her. "Jack, stop it," Sally was telling him. Seeming to come to his senses, Jack suddenly raised up and rolled off of his cousin. He looked over at her, the disappointment showing in his eyes. "Jack, I've never done it," May told him. "Neither have I," Sally said.

"Jack, you can't do it to her if she doesn't want to," she told him. "I know it," he said. "May, I'm sorry. All of a sudden, I just wanted so badly to fuck you." "I know," she told him. "I wanted to do it too, but I was scared. Maybe we'll do it some other time." "Wow, I hope you'll let me watch if you do," Sally said.

"Let me do it to you," Jack said, half playfully and half seriously. "UhUh," she replied. "You've tried before, and I've told you that I feel funny about letting my brother fuck me. Besides, I'm a little scared too." "Well, let me finger you," he said sliding his hand up between her legs.

Sally giggled and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs so he could get to her. May raised up and looked over his body, watching his finger slide in and out of Sally's pussy. Looking down, May saw his dick sticking straight out in front of him. She reached down and boldly grasped it in her fist. Jack grunted as she began to slide her hand up and down the length of the hard shaft. Sally raised her head and looked down, seeing what was going on.

"Oh, yeah, you do him while he does me," she told May. May continued to slowly jack on Jack's dick. She delighted in the feel of it in her hand. She couldn't believe how the outer skin slid up and down on the shaft as she pumped it up and down. And when her hand went all the way out to the end, she marvelled at the velvetty smoothness of the big red knob.

Juice was flowing out of the slit in the end and running down over her hand, lubricating the shaft as it slipped back and forth in her fist. Looking over at Sally, May saw that she was getting red in the face, huffing and puffing through her nostrils.

Jack's finger was sliding in and out of her pussy, pumping in a pool of pussy juice. Jack was beginning to thrust his dick through May's pumping fist, now. He was contributing as much to the jacking off as she was. Suddenly, Sally let out a little shreik and grabbed Jack's hand. She shoved on it, driving his finger all the way up in her pussy and holding it there.

She was coming. And Jack was right behind her. With a sudden thrust that nearly jerked his dick out of May's hand, he began shooting off. Spurt after spurt of white cum shot from his dick, splattering against Sally's hip, as May continued to slide her hand up and down the slippery shaft.

Finally, it quit spurting. May looked down at the juice running down all over her hand. She was amazed at how swarm and slippery it was. Jack pulled his finger out of Sally's pussy and reached for the towel. May released his dick and watched him wipe the juice off of Sally's hip and then wipe his dick off.

Then, turning toward her, he took her hand and wiped it off with the towel. He grinned at her and she smiled back. "Hey, we better get our clothes back on," Sally said.

"Mom and Dad may be back any time." Realizing that they were all three lying there naked and that Dan and Sarah might walk in the door at any time, the three youngsters quickly scrambled back into their night clothes. They turned on the TV set and lay and watched TV with Jack between May and Sally. The girls nestled up against him and they all watched TV until they fell asleep, which wasn't long in the satisfied state which they found themselves in.

When Dan and Sarah came in, they found them snoring peacefully with the TV still going. Sarah went over and turned the TV off, then stopped and looked down at the sleeping youths. Her brow went up, a puzzled look on her face when she realized that Jack was sleeping between the two girls. Then, as she moved around the foot of the bed, she noticed the towel lying on the floor at the foot of the bed.

When she picked it up she noticed that it was stiff in places. She examined it and then a broad smile went over her face as she recognized feel of dried cum on the cloth. She stood a few moments and looked down at the kids, wondering just how far they were going.

She was somewhat surprised at her reaction. Jack might be screwing his cousin. She then suddenly realized that if he had, he had done it in front of his sister. Then she realized that he might have screwed Sally, too. Sarah was surprised at how excited that prospect made her feel. The kids spent most of the next morning at the swimming pool. Bunny had evidently not come back yet, because she had not put in an appearance.

They didn't get to do anything of a sexual nature while they were at the pool because Dan and Sarah were there also. Sarah had told Dan about her suspicions from observing the towel and she had been surprised at his reaction.

His response had been one of "Do you really think they are messing around? Hey, maybe we could watch them?" They had decided that they would keep their eyes open for anything going on.

About noon, Bunny and her parents returned to camp. When they were all walking back to the campsite, the big conversion van pulled in just as they were passing the parking place it had occupied. Bunny jumped out and called to them, so the three kids stopped to talk to her. The girls didn't hang around long, because it was evident that her attention was directed to Jack. When they got back to camp, Sarah asked them where Jack was and when they said he was with Bunny, she just smiled.

When Jack got back, Sally asked him if he had made a date to see her and he told them that he was meeting her behind the bath house again after lunch.

Jack ate quickly and made his exit as soon as possible. Sally suggested to May that they spy on him again, so the girls slipped off as soon after Jack left as they could. Sarah saw them go into the woods in behind the campsite, as she noticed that they turned toward the bath house before they were completely out of site.

"I wonder what they are up to," she wondered to herself. Dan was stretched out in the hammock, so she decided to follow them. May and Sally made their way through the bushes behind the bath house as quietly as they could. When they reached the same vantage point they had enjoyed the day before, they peeked out of the bushes. They were delighted with what they saw. Jack and Bunny were up against the back of the bath house again.

Jack had Bunny's blouse unbuttoned. She wasn't wearing a bra and he both hands full of her big tits. His jeans were bulging so that it looked like the zipper would split. As they watched, Jack bent down and took a large nipple in his mouth and started sucking.

It was obvious that Bunny liked what he was doing. Sarah almost came up on the girls before she realized it. If they hadn't been so intent on looking through the bushes at something, they would have seen her.

She backed up a little and made a slight circle so she could see what they were watching. Pushing the bushes apart silently, she peered out. She almost gasped at what she saw. Jack was sucking Bunny's big tits and he had his hand between her legs feeling her pussy through her shorts. As Sarah watched, she saw Bunny reach down and squeeze Jack's bulging crotch through his jeans. Jack let Bunny's tit slip out of his mouth and stood up.

He reached down and unzipped Bunny's shorts, then pushed them down over her hips. She wasn't wearing any panties, either. She had really come dressed for action. She quickly stepped out of the shorts and then knelt in front of Jack. She unfastened his pants and tugged them down to his knees. She immediately pulled his shorts down as well and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing dick.

She slid her hand up and down the length of it a couple of times, then stuck out her tongue and licked it right on the end! May and Sally gasped when they saw Bunny lick Jack's prick and then take the end of it in her mouth and start sucking on it. Jack looked like he was in heaven. He was leaning back against the side of the bath house thrusting his hips at Bunny's mouth. Sarah had a clear view of her son's dick sliding in and out of Bunny's lips. She was amazed at the size of his organ.

"Takes after his daddy," she thought to herself. Jack knew he couldn't last long with Bunny's mouth sucking hungrily at his prick. Suddenly, he knew he couldn't last at all. He let out a gutteral grunt as his cock suddenly exploded in her mouth. May and Sally could tell that Jack was coming in Bunny's mouth.

They could even see her throat working as she swallowed the powerful spurts which he was shooting in her mouth. When he finished coming, she licked his dick clean and stood up. She whispered something to him and leaned back against the side of the bath house. Jack knelt between her legs, his jeans and shorts down around his ankles now.

He used his fingers to open her pussy wide and then began to lick up and down in her slit. "The little rascal is going to eat her," Sarah thought to herself.

Sure enough, Jack was doing exactly that. Sarah could see his head working as he tongued and licked the juicy pussy in front of him. Bunny must have been pretty hot, because he didn't have long to work on her before she grabbed his head and shoved it hard up between her legs. She almost suffocated him, holding him prisoner there between her legs while she came. When she finally released him, he reached up and pulled her down beside him.

His dick was pointing straight up again. Jack pushed Bunny down on her back and crawled over her. From her hiding place, Sarah could look straight up between their legs.

She saw Bunny pull her legs up and spread them wide. She saw Bunny's hand come down and grab the hard dick and guide it to the juicy hole between her legs. She saw Jack lunge forward and sink the full length of his prick straight up her cunt hole. He held it there for a moment and then began to fuck her. May and Sally could see Jack's dick appear and disappear beneath Bunny's pulled up leg as he fucked her.

As they watched, they saw her reach down and grab him by the ass, urging him on. He didn't really need any urging, however, as he was enthusiastically fucking her.

Harder and harder, faster and faster, he screwed her. Suddenly, she began to gasp and whine, and then Jack let out a series of grunts and buried his dick up to the balls in her as he shot his wad up her pussy.

She was obviously coming too, as she held on tightly to his ass. Finally, Jack raised up and pulled it out of her. Sarah could see her pussy gaping open when Jack's dick slid out. She saw a big glob of cum slide right out of the girl's pussy. Jack stood up and pulled his shorts and pants up. Bunny put her shorts back on and buttoned her blouse. Jack kissed her on the lips, then took her by the hand and led her away around the side of the bath house.

Sarah stayed very still, as she watched the girls come out of the bushes and go up to the spot where the fucking had taken place. They looked around and giggled as they talked to each other about what they had seen. She heard Sally say to May, "Boy, after watching that, I can hardly wait to have it done to me.

I really want to lose my cherry!" "Me, too," May agreed with her. "Are you going to let Jack do it to you?" Sally asked her cousin. "I don't know, probably," May replied. "I think I would like to try what he and Bunny did with their mouths first, though." "Yea, me too," Sally replied. "Playing with him and letting him play with us is fun, but I think it's time to do a little more." May nodded in agreement as the girls made their way off through the woods.

Sarah knew that the conversation she had heard meant that Jack was not fucking his cousin or his sister, but it also meant that the girls were ready and that it would probably happen soon! She suddenly realized that she was desperately needing to piss.

She made her way around to the front of the bath house. Suddenly, on an impulse, she went over the the entrance to the men's side. She listened silently. She didn't hear anything. She looked around. There was no one in sight. She looked around the entrance into the inside of the bath house.

There was no one inside. She had always wanted to pee in the men's room! She decided to take a chance! As May and Sally made their way through the woods, May suddenly realized that she needed to pee.

She told Sally to go on without her and she turned back toward the bath house. Inside the men's room, Sarah was perched on the pot with her shorts and panties down around her ankles. She spread her legs and released her bladder, causing the water in the pot to sing with the stream of piss she cut loose in it.

Shen she finished, she wiped her pussy and reached for her clothes bunched at her ankles. Suddenly, she became aware that someone was watching her! Bunny's father was standing just inside the door, looking at her. He didn't say a word, he just walked slowly toward her. Her eyes were drawn to the huge bulge between his legs. She sat still until he stood in front of her. He extended his hand to her and she took it. He pulled her to a standing position and immediately kissed her.

There she stood, with her shorts and panties still down around her ankles, being kissed by a man she had never really met before.

Sarah could't believe it. This was more like one of her wild fantasies than reality. She felt his hands close on her breasts, cupping them and feeling them through her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra, and she knew that he could feel her nipples hardening through the material of the blouse. Finally, his lips left hers and he unbuttoned her blouse.

He pulled it wide open, exposing her beautiful breasts to his view. She knew that he had seen them before, through the knothole in the wall. She moaned as his hands closed on her boobs, palming and rolling them on her chest. She felt his hand slide down over her belly, straight down between her legs.

His finger slipped down into her crack, finding her clit. She moaned as he rubbed her clit, then slid his finger farther down and up into her cunt hole. Her pussy was creaming around the invading finger. May had entered the other side of the bath house. She was about to pull her shorts down to pee when she heard a moan through the wall. Her need was immediately forgotten! She moved quickly to a knothole and looked through. She couldn't believe her eyes. There was her aunt, standing kind of spraddle legged with Bunny's father's finger up her pussy!

As May watched, she saw Sarah reach down and unfasten the man's pants, pushing them down. Like father, like daughter, Sarah thought to herself as she found that he didn't have on any underwear. She wrapped her fingers around the huge dick standing straight up in front of his belly. Slowly, she slid her hand up and down along the length of it, naturally timing her strokes with the strokes of his finger in her pussy. He stepped back, reaching down and freeing his feet from his pants.

Then he gently turned her around so that she had her back to him. She stepped out of her shorts and panties and leaned over, bracing her hands on the toilet tank. He moved in close behind her, taking hold of her hips. Sarah spread her legs and reached back between them and took hold of the mighty weapon pointing at her. She guided it straight to it's target and gasped in pleasure as he sank the full length up in her pussy with one thrust.

May was watching excitedly, as she saw the man starting to screw her aunt. From her position, she could actually see his dick going in and out of her, because the knot hole through which she was looking was low and they were facing directly away from her and really quite close to her.

Sarah couldn't believe she was doing this. Here she was, leaning over a commode with a stranger's dick sliding in and out of her pussy! And it felt soooo gooooood! He was really balling her now. His hard thrusts were shaking her all over. From her position, May could see her aunt's tits shaking as the man rammed her. Sarah could feel the climax coming. Then suddenly, she was there! And so was he! She could feel him spurting in her as he grunted in her ear. May watched the man pull out of his aunt then help her to straighten up.

Then he moved up to the toilet and stood right there and started to piss. She heard her aunt giggle and saw her reach down and take hold of his prick and aim it. When he finished peeing, she saw her aunt shake it and then give it a little pat.

When the couple in the other room had dressed and left, May quickly relieved her bladder and headed back to camp. When she got there, she found Sarah stretched out on a lounge chair looking like she was totally relaxed. Dan was asleep in the hammock and Jack and Sally were sitting on the couch (folded up durin the daytime) in the vehicle watching tv. When she came in, she found that Sally had told Jack that they had watched him and Bunny.

"Say, what took you so long to get back from the bath house?" Sally asked her. May hesitated, then told them about seeing Bunny's dad screw Sarah. Jack and Sally couldn't believe their ears. "Wow, I knew Mom was hot to trot, but I thought it was only for Dad," Jack said. "Well, why shouldn't she want it?" Sally said. "After all, you want to get in every girl's pants that you meet." "Oh, I think it's fantastic," Jack said.

"Yeah, so I see," Sally replied, looking at his bulging crotch. "And so soon after Bunny, too." Jack laughed and reached down and rubbed his hardon through his pants. The kids quickly quieted down when they heard someone at the door. Dan came in and flopped down beside them to watch tv so they didn't get to talk about it anymore.

A little while later, Sarah came into the vehicle. "Dan, we told that lady on the other side of the park that we would bring Sally down to look at her doll collection this afternoon," she reminded her husband.

"Oh, yeah," Dan groaned. Sarah explained to Sally that they had met a lady with some rag dolls for sale. Sally collected them and was eager to go to see them.

"Do you want to go, May?" she asked. "Uh, I don't think so, if you don't mind," May replied. "We'll be back in about an hour," Sarah told Jack and May. "When Sally gets to looking at rag dolls, we have a hard time getting her to leave." The three of them left and May was alone in the bus with Jack. They sat there for a few minutes watching TV.

Then, suddenly, Jack slid over next to May and put his arm around her shoulder. May looked at him and smiled. Jack leaned over and kissed her right on the lips. May liked the feeling of Jack's lips on hers. They were soft and warm and it did something to her. Jack continued to kiss her, opening his mouth and slipping his tongue between her lips.

She extended the tip of her tongue and flicked his tongue with hers. The two kids continued to kiss, openmouthed and hard. As they kissed, both of them began to gasp for breath. Finally, their lips parted and they looked at each other. "Wow," May exclained. "Did you like that?" Jack asked. "Ummmhmmm," May replied, leaning forward for him to kiss her again.

Their lips began to work against each other, their tongues twisting and licking at each other. May wrapped both arms around Jack's neck as he kissed her. She felt his hand sliding up her side and then around between them. He had his hand on her tit through her blouse! She purred in his mouth as he began to palm and feel her little tittie. After a few moments of this, May felt his fingers fumbling with the buttons of her blouse. She giggled and brought her hands away from around his neck to help him unbutton her blouse.

He pulled it wide open and reached up and pulled both bra straps down! She gasped as his hands closed on both bare titties. He kissed her lips again, then began to kiss his way down her neck and down onto her front.

Slowly, he kissed his way down to her budding breasts. When he reached her right breast with his lips, he kissed his way around the small tit and then moved up to the swollen nipple. May gasped loudly when his lips closed on her nipple and he began to suck on it. She cradled his head in her arms as he nursed at her budding breast. Moving back and forth from one breast to the other, Jack was working May up into a real stew.

He slid his hand down over her hip to her leg. He slipped his hand between her knees, and began to move his hand back up the inside of her thigh. May felt the warm hand sliding up her leg and she knew he was headed for her pussy. When he reached her crotch, she gasped when he slid his hand over and palmed her pussy through her shorts.

He rubbed his hand up and down on her pussy through her shorts for a few moments, then he began to try to get his finger inside the tight leg of her shorts. "Jack, wouldn't it be easier if you just took them off?" she whispered in his ear. Jack didn't waste any time complying with her suggestion. He quickly unzipped them and pulled them down over her legs and off as she raised up to help him.

He then slid his hand back up between her legs and felt her pussy through her bikini panties. He could feel the heat through the thin material, and the moisture seeping through them. He hooked a finger under the leg and pulled the crotch to the side. He palmed her bare pussy, then slipped a finger into the top of her crack.

She groaned as his finger found her clit. Jack looked down at the beautiful sight. His finger was slowly sliding deeper and deeper into the juicy little slit. The thin blonde curls hid none of her slit from his view. Slowly, he inched his finger deeper into her slit until he was twirling his fingertip in the entrance to her pussy.

He was amazed at the juice! Boy was she hot! May suddenly raised up and grasped the top of her panties. Lifting her ass, she quickly peeled them down and off. Jack immediately slid his finger back up into her pussy when she spread her legs for him to get to her. Slowly, he pumped his finger in and out of her.

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May couldn't believe how good it felt. But she wanted to sample some of the other things she had observed today. "Jack, why don't you kiss my pussy like you kissed Bunny's?" she whispered to him. Jack didn't hesitate. He slid to the floor and knelt in front of her. She pulled her legs up and spread them wide, propping her heels on the edge of the sofa as she leaned back.

Jack kissed his way up the inside of her thighs. When he reached her pussy, he flicked his tongue out and licked the end of her hard little clittie. She gasped and jerked every time he licked it. He ran his tongue up and down her slit, tasting her gushing juices. He licked his way down to her brimming hole and thrust his tongue as far up the entrance as he could get it.

He opened his mouth wide, covering her whole pussy with her mouth, sucking and licking everything he could get to. He slid his finger up to her hole and slowly pushed it all the way in as he licked her clit. He began to pump his finger in and out of her, licking her little bud of a clit.

He fastened his lips around the tiny morsel and began to suck it, licking the end of it as his lips pulled on it. May suddenly grabbed his head in both hands, pulling him hard against her pussy, as she let out a little shreik. She was coming!! Finally, she released his head and he raised up and grinned at her.

"Stand up," she told him, raising up to a sitting position. Jack did as he was told, standing up in front of her. Her fingers tugged his zipper down and opened his pants. Quickly she pulled them down below his knees, then she stripped his shorts down. His dick was standing up proud and hard, pointing right up at his belly button. She slid one hand up between his legs, feeling his balls.

The other hand clasped his dick and began to slowly slide up and down along the shaft. She pumped it several times, looking at the juice seeping out of the slit in the end. Then she leaned forward and stuck out her tongue. Tentatively, she touched the tip of her tongue to the end of his prick. She liked the taste! It was strong and kind of sour-sweet.

She licked the end, swiping her tongue all around the head. Jack groaned with pure pleasure! May pursed her lips and kissed it right on the end. Then, slowly moving forward, she let her lips slowly enclose the end of his dick, sliding down until she had the whole knob in her mouth. She pressed forward, taking some of the shaft in her mouth. Slowly, she took more and more until the end of his prick was against the back of her throat. She could see that she had a little more than half of it in her mouth.

That was not quite as much as Bunny had managed to swallow, but it would have to do until she got more used to it. It was about to gag her, as it was. May then slowly let it slide out of her mouth until only the end was in. Then she reversed directions and repeated the movement. She could tell from Jack's groaning that he was really enjoying it. He began to contribute to the movement, sliding his dick in and out of her mouth. She was using her tongue on the underside of it as it slid in and out.

She was also exerting as much suction as she could. May was afraid that Jack would lose control and jam it down her throat, so she wrapped her fist around it at just the right place to control the maximum depth that she wanted. Suddenly, Jack groaned and gasped and May felt the dick in her mouth begin to throb. She knew he was about to shoot his load, so she withdrew her mouth until she had only the knob in her mouth and began to suck hard. Bam! Jack cut loose in her mouth. The first wad almost shot down her throat without her swallowing, it spurted out with such power.

Swallowing rapidly, May tried to keep up with the gushes of hot juice spurting from the end of his dick. Finally, the spurts slowed to a dribble and then quit. She sucked the last of the juice out of the piss slit and let his dick slide out of her mouth.

May looked up at Jack and drinned. He was still gasping for breath, but he smiled at her. "Oh, May, that was wonderful," he told her. She grinned at him, wiping the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand. "It tastes different from anything I've ever tasted before, but I liked it," she told him. Jack sank weakly down on the sofa beside her.

He kissed her on the lips, then leaned down and gently kissed each breast. Suddenly, May jumped up. She heard voices coming up the road! "They're coming!" she told Jack. Quickly, they grabbed their clothes and put them on. They were sitting on the sofa watching TV when the door opened and Sally entered, followed by Dan and Sarah.

Sally looked at them and immediately knew that something had happened. She couldn't wait to find out what they had done. Sarah also knew that something had happened. She could feel it. "Hey, let's go for a walk," Sally suggested. The other two agreed and out the door they went. Sarah quickly told Dan her suspicions and the two adults decided to try to follow them. The three kids set out through the woods.

As soon as they were out of earshot of the van, Sally asked what they had been up to. May and Jack grinned at her. "What do you mean?" Jack teased his sister.

"I know you two did something while I was gone," she replied. "Now tell me what you did. Did he fuck you?" she asked her cousin. "No, but he licked my pussy and I sucked his dick," May told her, wanting her to know about it. "And it was fantastic," she added. "Wow," Sally exclaimed, as they came up to the little clear spot behind the bath house.

Dan and Sarah almost lost the kids trying to follow them through the woods, but Sarah was pretty sure she knew where they were going. Sure enough, they soon peeked out at the back of the bath house and found the three of them there.

Sally was leaning back against the side of the bath house with her blouse wide open. Jack was sucking her tits while May watched. After a few moments, Jack knelt down and stripped Sally's shorts and panties down and off.

Wasting no time, he used his fingers to open his sister's pussy and went to work on it with his tongue. "Wow, look at that," Dan gasped. "And look at Sally. She's growing into some kinda woman." Sarah smiled. She wasn't surprised to hear him say something like that. She had suspected for sometime that Dan was fantasizing about his daughter.

Up against the wall, Jack was really working Sally over. His head was bobbing and working from side to side as he worked on her pussy with his mouth and tongue and lips. Suddenly, she let out a little squeal and grabbed his head, shoving it hard up against her pussy as she climaxed.

"She's gonna smother him," Dan chuckled. Suddenly, he raised up a little and tugged Sarah's shorts and panties down. She was on her knees, so this was easy to accomplish. She looked back at him and smiled as he dropped his pants to his knees and knelt behind her. She reached down and stripped her shorts and panties completely off so she could get her legs apart. As soon as she spread her legs, she felt the end of his huge dick nudge it's way up into her gash and felt the end slip back and forth in her slit.

Dan pulled it back up against her pussy hole and then pressed forward, lodging the end in her cunt. He took hold of her hips with both hands and slowly pushed forward, sinking the full length of his cock in her juicy pussy. Dan suddenly realized that she was really juicy. Much juicier than he would have expected.

She felt like she had cum in her cunt! He pulled his dick out of her and looked down at it. It was coated with a heavy deposit and he recognized it as come! Another man's come! Sarah looked back at him, wondering what he was doing. He pressed forward and slid it into her again, up to the balls. Sarah suddenly realized that Dan was fucking her in the come left by Bunny's father. She didn't know whether he realized it or not, but if he did, it wasn't slowing him down.

He was screwing her with long steady strokes. Up against the bath house wall, the girls now had Jack's pants and shorts down and both of them were kneeling in front of him. Sally was sucking his dick while May played with his balls. Dan and Sarah could see their daughter's mouth clearly as she slurped back and forth on the boy's dick. "Look at the size of Jack's dick," Sarah whispered back to Dan.

"It's easy to see that he's your son!" Dan just chuckled as he continued to screw Sarah dogfashion. Jack was getting close to the point of no return again. These two girls were driving him wild. He couldn't believe it. Here he was with his cute cousin playing with his balls while his own gorgeous sister sucked voraciously at his prick. He was watching her lips as she slid her mouth up and down on him, taking fully half the length of his cock into her mouth on every stroke.

He felt his balls tighten. UnOh, here it comes, he thought. Sure enough, Sally felt the big dick in her mouth jerk and she knew she was about to get a mouthful. She pulled her head back until only the end was in and sucked hard. She was rewarded with a big spurt of come quickly followed by another and another. She swallowed his spurts as fast as she could. "He's coming in her mouth," Sarah whispered back to Dan. When Jack finished coming in Sally's mouth, he sank to his knees, his dick slipping from Sally's mouth as he slid down.

He leaned back against the wall, gasping for breath. Suddenly, he realized that someone was pushed against him. It was May. She was pushing her pussy against his face, wanting to get sucked again. Jack just grinned and obliged her, opening his mouth and sliding his tongue up her slit as she spread her legs and straddled his head. Sally sat beside them, watching her brother suck her cousin's cunt. Dan pulled his dong out of Sarah's pussy and slid the end of it up and down in her asscrack, smearing the thick juice coating it around in her crack and on her asshole.

Then, taking his dick in his fist, he put the end against her asshole and pushed forward. Her rectum opened slightly, letting the end of his dick nestle just inside her brown ringed hole. Sarah grunted as she felt her husband's prickhead enter her rectum. Then she felt him push forward, sinking about half of it up her butt hole.

She looked back at him to tell him to take it easy, but it was too late. He withdrew a little, and then shoved forward suddenly, sinking the whole thing in her widely stretched ass hole.

She groaned as she felt her ass being stretched wide open. She was used to Dan fucking her in the ass, but he usually entered her gently, not like this. He began to screw it in and out of her tight ass. She relaxed and began to enjoy it as the initial pain subsided and her rectal opening became accustomed to the presence of the big prick again. She could see May, obviously having a climax, with Jack's face buried in her snatch.

She wondered what they would do next. After May finished coming, she slid down to the ground beside the other two kids. She looked at Jack and saw that he was hard again. Sally saw it too. Both girls went after his dick, with Sally winning the initial favors, taking as much of it into her mouth as she could.


She sucked for a bit, then removed her mouth and let May get to it. Dan and Sarah couldn't believe their eyes. The two girls were doubling up on Jack, taking turns sucking his cock. Dan continued to fuck Sarah's ass as they watched. Sarah could feel her body tightening up as she neared a climax from the butt fucking she was getting.

She knew that Dan was close, too. Suddenly, it happened. She was climaxing, and she felt the big dick up her butt jerk and jump as it shot a load of cum deep into her bowels.

Finally, it was over. She realized that she had had her eyes closed. When she looked back toward the bath house, she saw May's mouth slipping off of Jack's dick, with come running out from between her lips. She had sucked him off. Dan and Sarah remained still, coupled together, while the three kids got dressed and left. As soon as them were gone, Dan pulled his softening dick out of his wife's ass and said, "Sarah, I want to know who fucked you today." She groaned. She looked back at him and was surprised to see the look on his face.

It was not pain or disappointment, but excitement. His dick was hardening again as he waited for her answer. Sarah told him that she sneaked into the men's room and had been surprised by Bunny's father. She admitted that he had screwed her.

Dan's hand dropped to his now hard dick and he began to slide it up and down jacking on it. He asked her to tell him about it, and she did, giving him all the details as she watched him jack off while she told him.

As she related the story, she began to play with her pussy, fingering herself in time with Dan's fist strokes on his dick. Suddenly, Dan raised up and pushed Sarah down on her back. "I'm gonna fuck you in his cum!" he grunted at her, dropping down on top of her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he flexed his hips, suddenly driving his dick up to the balls in her pussy. She pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his waist as he fucked her pussy, banging in and out so hard that her big tits were sliding up and down on her chest. Suddenly, she let out a scream as she began to climax and she felt Dan's dick spurting up her cunt, his come mixing with that of the other man's come which was already in her.

When the kids got back to the campsite, they found it empty. They went in and turned the TV on again, but they didn't have long to wait before Dan and Sarah arrived. They didn't offer the kids any explanation as to where they had been, and of course the kids didn't ask for one because they didn't want to be asked where they had been.

That evening, at supper Sarah told them that she had talked to May's mother, Ruth, on the phone earlier in the day. She would be arriving the next day, probably sometime after lunch. After supper, they all went to the swimming pool. The cool water felt nice as the kids splashed and played together. They were joined by Bunny soon after thye got in the water.

Bunny's mother, Betty, and father, Ray, sat at the pool side and talked to Dan and Sarah. Sarah was very excited, sitting there beside Dan talking to Ray, with Dan knowing that she still had Ray's come in her pussy mixed with his own.

She glanced down at Dan's crotch and saw that it was bulging. She also saw that Betty had noticed Dan's hardening dick. Betty was sitting dorectly opposite from Dan, and she was leaning back with her chubby legs apart, giving him a good view right up between her legs at the skimpy crotch of her bikini bottom. It was so tight that her crack was clearly outlined by the cloth. Sarah wasn't sure how much of Dan's hardon was due to Betty's display, but she was sure that Ray's presence after fucking her was having an effect on him, too.

Suddenly, Betty stood up and announced that she had to go pee. The women's john in the dressing room was out of order, so she was going to have to go to the bath house. Ray had gone over to the office to check on something with the campground manager. Betty said she might as well get Bunny to walk back to the bath house with her, because it was dark.

Sarah said it would be a shame to take Bunny away when she was having a good time, and suggested that Dan walk her to the bath house. Dan looked at Sarah and saw her wink at him. Dan and Betty made their way back up the dark road to the bath house.

When they got there, Dan noticed that the lights in the women's side were not on. He told Betty that he would turn them on for her. The two of them entered the bath house and Dan struck a match, lighting the room up so that he could find the light switch, which he turned on.

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"Now I've gotta go do this on the other side," he said. "It's just as well that I came with you, cause I've gotta go too." "Well, just use this side," Betty told him. "There are two toilets in here. She entered one stall and Dan walked into the stall next to her. He unfastened his bathing suit and pushed the front down, pulling his dick out. He heard a low whistle and looked at the partition between his stall and Betty's stall. He hadn't noticed when he came in, but the partition had a big hole right in the middle of it.

He was standing there with his dick out in plain view of Betty. He could also see her. She had pulled her bikini bottom down and was sitting on the toilet with her legs spread.

He could see right down between her legs and was amazed to see that she had a shaved pussy! "Don't let me stop you," she told him. "I like to watch a guy piss." Dan heard the sound of her piss hitting the water as she cut loose. Dan released his bladder and aimed the heavy stream of pee at the toilet bowl, looking at Betty as he did. When he finished peeing, he shook his dick, which was beginning to get stiff. Betty giggled.

"I like to watch a guy do that," she told him. As Dan stood and watched, Betty spread her legs and wiped her pussy. Dan suddenly moved out of the stall and into the adjacent stall, standing right there in front of Betty, with his hard dick sticking straight up out of the top of his bathing suit, which was still pushed down almost to his balls. Betty smiled at him, reaching for his dick. Dan moved up in front of her so that she could get hold of it.

She slid her hand up and down the length of it, then leaned back on the commode and spread her legs. "I've got a hot juicy hole down here that should just about fit that big thing," she told him, reaching down and pulling her pussy lips wide open. Dan quickly knelt in front of her, pushing his bathing suit down to his knees as he did.

Betty slid forward, propping her plump ass on the forward rim of the toilet seat. Dan quickly moved up close between her legs. Taking his dick in his hand, he rubbed the big head up and down in her hot juicy slot then he slid the end straight down to her cunt hole. She grunted as he slid it smooothly home in her, sliding in all the way to the balls.

He reached around her and unfastened her bikini top, pulling it off and dropping it on the floor. Betty giggled, "I think this is the first time a guy ever put his dick up my pussy before he got his hands on my tits." Dan chuckled and began to slide his dick in and out of her, fucking her with the full length of it.

Back at the pool, Ray returned and asked where Betty had gone. When Sarah told him that she had gone to take a pee and that Dan had walked her to the bath house, Ray laughed.

"I hope you don't mind your husband getting screwed by another woman," Ray told her, "because there is no way she is going to go to that bath house alone with him without getting in his pants." "Well, they won't be the first ones to do it in there, will they," Sarah told him.

Ray chuckled, "You've got that right," he told her. A little while later, Dan and Betty came back down the road and joined the others two at the table where they sat. As Dan sat down, he winked broadly at his wife. Ray didn't miss the wink, and he didn't miss the sleepy eyed look his wife always got when she had just been screwed.

"Well, I gather you like bald pussy," he grinned at Dan. Dan looked at him and smiled. "We christened the women's side, since you and Sarah had already done it in the men's side," he told Ray.

It was well after dark when they decided to leave the pool. Sally asked Sarah about going to see the rag dolls again. Jack and May didn't want to go with them, so they headed up the road to the campsite. They stopped twice in the shadow of trees to kiss. The first time, Jack felt May's tits, and the second time, he pulled the top of her bikini down and sucked her nipples. She pushed his head away and told him to wait until they got to the trailer.

He dared her to go the rest of the way with her top down off of her tits, and she laughed and took off running, her little titties flopping in the moonlight. Jack ran after her, surprised at how fast she could run. He caught her at the door to the van. Jack wrapped his arms around her waist before she could get in to door. He pulled her back against him, with both arms wrapped around her. He kissed her on the neck. She relaxed back against him, feeling his hardon pressing against her ass through both their bathing suits.

Jack slid his hands up and palmed her little titties, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. "Jack, why don't we go inside?" May finally whispered. Jack released her and followed her into the big vehicle. As soon as they were inside, May lay down on the sofa and Jack stretched out beside her. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his lips found hers and they began kissing passionately.

May felt Jack's hands on her tits, squeezing and pressing them. It felt sooo gooood! Then he slid down and began to suck her tits, going from one to the other to lick her nipples, then suck them. As he continued to suck on her tits, Jack slid his hand down over May's flat belly to the top of her bikini bottom. Not hesitating, he slid his hand inside the waist band and straight down between her legs.

She jerked as his finger found her clit, already hard and standing up proudly. He rubbed his finger back and forth over it, causing little groans of pleasure to come from her lips. Then he slid his finger down into her wet, juicy slit and right up her pussy hole. She groaned as his finger slid in and out of her wet cunt hole. May was really getting into this. Jack's finer up her pussy was driving her wild and his mouth sucking her tits wasn't exactly turning her off, either.

She felt him raise up and pull his finger out of her pussy. She raised her hips to help him as he tugged her bikini bottom down over her hips and off.

He grasped his bathing suit and quickly stripped it down and off, then he was lying beside her again, kissing her lips and sliding his finger back up her pussy. She just wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and kissed back, licking his tongue as it flicked in and out of her mouth. She felt Jack rolling on top of her. He was still kissing her but his finger wasn't in her pussy now. Then she felt his hard dick against her belly, then sliding down, the end of it nestling in her thin pussy hair.

She felt it going down between her legs. She realized that she was about to get fucked! With a groan of passion, May pulled her legs up, bending them at the knee and spread them wide.

She felt Jack's dick between her legs. It was sliding around all over the place. Then she felt him raise up a little and reach down between them. She felt the back of his hand against her mons as he guided his dick to her wet slit. She could feel his shaft sliding up and down in her slit. Then the end of it found her hole! He pushed gently and the end was actually in the mouth of her pussy!

He pressed forward and it began to go in. Then she felt a stab of pain down there. He pulled back a little and pressed forward again, causing her to groan into his mouth. He pulled back again, then pushed forward hard. She groaned as her hymen stretched before the invading prick, then gave way. He slid in up to the balls! He was in her, all the way! Jack couldn't believe it. He had actually taken his cousin's virginity.

His dick was buried up to the balls in her! And boy! Was she tight! And hot! He couldn't believe how hot her pussy was around his dick. It was like he had it buried in an over! He held very still for a few moments, letting the excitement of being in her pussy for the first time calm down. He didn't want to shoot too soon.

He wanted it to be good for her. After several moments, he felt like he was under control, so he slowly withdrew his dick and slid it back in again. When he did, she moaned passionately into his mouth. May couldn't believe it. He was screwing her! She could feel his big dick sliding in and out of her pussy!

It would pull way out, almost coming out of her hole, then slide back in again, all the way in. It was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt. It was even better than getting her pussy sucked. May was so excited she was panting. Jack was raised up on his elbows now, his hips working as he pistoned his dick in and out of her frothy, tight little pussy.

May's hands slid down Jack's back to his hips, urging him on. Jack was in a sensual whirlwind. He was trying desperately not to let it get away from him. His dick felt like it was caught in a vise, but a hot oily vise. He couldn't believe how good it felt. Bunny's pussy was like a cave compared to May's. He knew he couldn't hold out much longer. He felt May's hands on his hips, urging him on. Then he felt her hands move around and grab his ass.

Her fingers fastened tightly on his ass cheeks. Then, suddenly, she was jerking wildly on his ass, urging him to pound into her. A shreik came from her lips. She was coming!

Jack raised up even higher and suddenly began to drive his dick into her really hard. She screamed and jerked her legs upward, opening her tight pussy wide to his slamming dick. With a grunt of release, Jack jammed his dick up to the balls in her and erupted, shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her virgin pussy.

Through her delirium, May could feel Jack's dick jerking in her pussy. She felt the hot jets of come shooting deep into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled on his ass, holding him tightly against her as the wave of passion swept over her. She felt him collapse on top of her, his breath coming in gasps. Finally, Jack raised his head and looked at her. She smiled at him. "Oh, Jack," she crooned.

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He grinned at her and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Jack raised up and pulled his dick out of her pussy. He sat up and looked down at it. It was standing open, his cum running out of her hole and down her crack to her ass. He gently reached down and ran his finger up and down in her slit. "Am I bleeding any?" May asked him. "I don't see any," he told her. "I'd better go and wash it," she said. They both got up and Jack followed her into the tiny little bathroom.

She turned on the water and wet a washcloth. Jack took it from her and she spread her legs. He knelt in front of her and gently washed her pussy.

When he finished, he planted a kiss right on her cunt hole, causing her to gasp.

"Now, let me wash you," she said, pulling him to a standing position. She knelt in front of him and gently washed his dick. She giggled when it began to get hard again. She leaned forward and suddenly took it into her mouth. She sucked as much of it into her mouth as she could get. It hardened in her mouth, then she let her lips slide slowly off of it and looked at it. "We'd better get dressed," she told him, standing up. He nodded agreement and they went back to the sofa and put their bathing suits back on.

Jack turned on the TV and sat down beside her, putting his arm around her shoulders. She slid her hand down to his crotch and gently squeezed his still half hard dick through his suit. As they sat watching TV, May began to play with Jack's dick through his bathing suit. He moved so that she could get to it easily, stretching his legs out in front of him.

His prick was standing straight up in his bathing suit, reaching almost to the waist band. May was rubbing her hand up and down along the length of the shaft, squeezing and playing with it. Suddenly, she pulled the waist band of his trunks out and down over the front of his dick, letting it stick out of the top of the trunks. She slid down beside him and suddenly took as much of it as she could into her mouth.

He groaned as her hot mouth engulfed his prick. She began to slide her mouth up and down on it, sucking as she fucked his dick with her mouth. He sat and watched hier lips sliding up and down the shaft. It occurred to him that the others could come through the door at any minute, but he didn't have the will power to stop her suctioning lips. May was also very aware that they could be discovered at any moment.

The danger made it all the more exciting to her. She was determined to bring him off before they got caught. May was sucking hard, her head bobbing up and down as she worked Jack's dick over. Suddenly, he gave a groan and came in her mouth, spurting his juice down her swallowing throat. Finally, she raised up and gave the end of his dick a kiss and let the waist band of his trunks back up. His dick was still clearly outlined in the front of his trunks and she was wiping her mouth with the back of her hand when the door opened and Sarah came in, followed by Sally and Dan.

Sarah didn't miss the guilty look on their faces or the clear outline of Jack's dick in his trunks. She knew they had been up to something, but she wasn't sure how much they were up to. Sally also was aware, but she didn't know how far they had gone either. Dan also noticed his son's dick outlined in his trunks and was sure that something had been going on. He assumed that jack had probably screwed his cousin or had been about to screw her, but he wasn't sure. Sarah went into the kitchen and fixed a snack for them, then told them that it was time to hit the sack.

"Oh, boy, I guess I'll have to change in that tiny little bathroom again," Jack moaned. "Oh, I don't guess there's any reason to do that," Sarah laughed. "I'm sure May is comfortable enough with us now not to be embarassessed." After saying this, she went into the back section, leaving the curtain open as she peeled off her bathing suit.

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Dan was in the process of stripping his suit down. Sally, not one to miss a chance, kept an eye on her father as she peeled of her suit top. She wasn't disappointed. Dan dropped his suit and stood there in full view of both girls with his bare dick hanging down between his legs as he put on his pajama pants.

Jack quickly skinned out of his suit and put on his pajamas. May, who was a little slower undressing, couldn't help sneaking a glance at his dick, and she didn't miss seeing Dan's monster, either.

Jack had his eyes on both girls as they undressed and put their gowns on. Jack also didn't miss his mother, as Sarah stripped off her bathing suit and pulled on a short little gown.

Sarah noticed that neither of the girls had put on panties with their short gowns. Soon the trailer was quiet. Jack lay there, listening to the heavy breathing of the others. He lay beside his sister, snuggling up close to her.

It wasn't long before he heard the regular snoring of his father in the other end of the big vehicle. He waited a little longer, listening carefully until he was sure that he could also hear his mother's heavy breathing as she slept beside her husband. When he was sure they were all asleep, he snuggled up against Sally. He was surprised to find that she was also awake. He slid his hand up under her gown to her pussy, finding that it was nice and juicy.

Suddenly, Sally reached down and pulled his hand away from her cunt and whispered in his ear, "Come on." She slipped quietly out of bed and Jack followed her. Sally eased the door open and led the way outside. Jack followed her as she led the way to the hammock. She sat down in the hammock and reached out and pulled Jack up against her, spreading her legs and letting him hunch right up against her pussy.

His dick instantly sprang to full attention. "Jack, did you and May screw tonight?" Sally asked him, gasping with pleasure as he pushed her gown all the way up and ran his palms over her tits. "Yeah, we did it," Jack told her.

"Now, I want to do it to you." "I want to do it too, Jack," she told him, unsnapping his pajama pants and letting them slide down to his ankles. She took hold of his hard dick, sliding her hand up and down along the shaft. "Oh, wow," Jack exclaimed, slipping his hand up between his sister's legs and pushing his finger straight up her juicy pussy.

In the van, Sarah, raised up carefully and looked out the window over the bed. In the moonlight, she could see Sally sitting in the hammock with Jack standing up close against her, his dick sticking up between her legs. Sarah could tell that they were playing with each other. Sarah's movement had awakened Dan, and he raised up to see what his wife was looking at.

He gasped when he saw his son standing between his daughter's widespread legs playing with her pussy while she played with his dick. "Are they gonna fuck?" he whispered.

"Shhhh, don't wake May," Sarah told him. "It sure looks like it," she added. Outside, Sally was wanting Jack's dick up her pussy. She had laid in the bed thinking about this while waiting for everyone to go to sleep, and she was hot and ready. She reached down and pulled Jack's finger out of her pussy, the pulled on his dick. As he moved up against her, she guided the end of his dick to her pussy hole. Jack couldn't believe it.

She had always said she wouldn't let him do it to her, but she was actually putting the end of his dick against her hole with her own hand. Jack reached down and hooked his arms under his sister's knees, lifting her legs. She lay back in the hammock, her hand still holding his dick to her pussy entrance. Jack began to push his dick against his sister's hole.

The end went in, but he hit her hymen, and he needed more leverage to get the rest of the way in. Releasing one leg, he reached up and grabbed her shoulder, pulling her toward him as he suddenly jabbed his hips forward.

That did it! He heard her gasp of pain as he sank into her hot cunt. Jack leaned forward over his sister, sliding his hands up under her shoulders to stabilize her and the hammock. She pulled her legs up and spread them wide, offering him total access to her tight hot pussy. Jack began to screw her, working his hips back and forth in time with the movements of the hammock. Sally groaned as she felt his dick sliding in and out of her pussy.

She couldn't believe that she was finally fucking her brother! Inside the trailer, Dan couldn't believe what was going on. Here he was, peering through a window watching his 15 year old son screw his 14 year old daughter, and he was so excited by what he was seeing that he could hardly stand it.

What's more, he was wishing desperately that it was his dick sliding in and out of his daughter's hot, tight pussy. He glanced sideways at his wife and saw that she also was extremely excited. Her breath was coming in excited gasps as she watched the action in the hammock. Dan suddenly realized that Sarah might even like to et screwed by her son. The thought of watching his son screw his wife excited him even further.

In the hammock, Sally was nearing orgasm. Her brother's prick was slamming in and out of her pussy furiously. She could feel his balls hitting the cheeks of her ass every time he thrust it into her.

Her legs were pulled up high, wrapped around Jack's waist. Her pussy was wide open to his hard thrusts, taking every inch he could get in. Jack was wild with excitement. He had wanted to fuck Sally for so long, and now he was actually doing it! He was driving his dick into her with wild abandon and she was taking it all and loving it.

Her firm tits were rolling up and down on her chest from the force of his humping. He looked down and watched his dick appear and disappear in the red curles between her legs. In the moonlight, he could see his dick glistening with the juice which coated it. Suddenly, Sally grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against her, moaning as she came! Jack threw his head back and snorted through his nose as his dick spewed spurt after spurt of his cum deep into his climaxing sister's tight virgin pussy.

Dan and Sarah watched silently as the kids slowly disentangled themselves from each other and came back toward the van. When they slipped quietly inside and back into bed, there was no sign that their parents were wide awake. The curled up together and were soon asleep.

Early the next morning, May was awakened by movement in the room. She saw Dan looking through the window next to the door. "What are you looking at?" she asked, raising up in bed. "Shhhh," Dan whispered to her. "There is a deer and two fawns out here." May jumped out of bed and rushed to the window. She got there just in time to see a shadow disappear into the brush. "Ohh, I missed them." "Maybe if we went out, we might catch a glimpse of them," Dan said. "Everybody else is asleep, nobody will miss us." "OK, let me put some clothes on," May said.

"Aw, it's too early to run into anybody," Dan said. "They'll be miles from here if we wait." Dan had on nothing but pajama pants and May had on a gown. She realized as they went out the door that she didn't even have on any panties. Dan led the way as they made their way into the bushes, going in the direction the deer had gone.

After several minutes of moving through the brush, Dan suddenly came to a stop. May moved up beside him. They peered around a tree and saw a doe and two fawns drinking from a small stream. They stood, frozen in their tracks for several minutes, watching the animals.

Suddenly, the doe raised her head, sniffed the air and looked directly at them! In a flash, all three were gone, almost seeming to dematerialize into the woods. "Wow, that was something," May breathed. "Yeah, they were beautiful," Dan agreed with her. He glanced down at his niece, dressed only in a thin gown and decided that the deer weren't the only thing that was beautiful.

In coming through the brush, May's gown, which buttoned up the front, had come unbuttoned down well between her titties. May saw where he was looking and looked down, suddenly realizing that her gown was haning open far lower than it should have been for modesty's sake.

"Uncle Dan," she giggled. "You are staring at me." "Sorry, May," Dan replied, still looking. May glanced down at his crotch and saw that his pajamas were beginning to bulge out! "Dan!" she giggled. "You're getting a hardon." Dan just laughed and May reached up and slowly pulled the unbuttoned gown over to expose one of her firm little titties.

Dan moved up to her and put his arms around her. He bent down and tenderly kissed her on the lips. When their lips parted, Dan looked around and then led May over to a soft grassy spot.

They lay down and Dan immediately kissed her again. She responded by wrapping both arms around his neck.


Dan's hands moved inside her gown to her titties as he kissed her. She grunted into his mouth as he began to palm and caress her tits. Then his lips traveled down her neck, across her front, to her tits, opening her gown wide as he did.

May gasped again as his lips closed on a big soft nipple, gently sucking it in between his lips. May lay back and enjoyed her uncle's sucking of her tits.

He moved back and forth, going from one to the other. She felt his hand move down over her stomach and slide between her legs, gently palming her pussy through her gown. He slid his hand down her leg, then back up the inside of her leg, pulling her gown up. When he reached her pussy, she opened her legs, feeling his finger dip down into her slit. Dan was amazed at how wet she was. Her pussy was already flowing with juice. He slid his finger down over her clit, massaging and rubbing the little button.

He heard her gasps of pleasure as he stroked her clit, then slid his finger down to the entrance to her pussy itself. Gently, he inserted a finger tip, then slowly slid his finger up into her hot wet tunnel. He was amazed at how tight she felt, even around his finger. Boy, she was really going to feel tight when he got his big dick in her! May lay back, feeling the finger sliding in and out of her pussy.

She reached down and found his dick, huge and hard in his pajamas. She slipped her hand inside the opening and wrapped her hand around the huge prick. She couldn't believe how big it felt in her hand. She wondered for a moment if it would fit in her, but she was determined that she was going to try it. Slowly, she slid her hand up and down along the length of the monster rod. Dan suddenly raised up and pulled his pajama pants off completely, leaving him naked. He then lay back down beside her, kissing her again.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he raised up and moved over her. She pulled her legs up and spread them wide and she felt his huge prick slide down between her legs. She felt the end of it move into her slit, then begin to slide up and down in her wet juices.

It felt so good! Dan could feel the heat from the mouth of her pussy everytime his dick slid down between her legs. He was just sliding it up and down in her slit, enjoying the exquisite sensation it produced on him and observing that it seemed to be affecting her the same way. On one of the downward movements, the end of his dick dipped into the mouth of her pussy.

He felt the hot wet heat from her cunt on the end of his dick. Pushing a little farther, he felt the end move up just inside her cunt hole.

She gasped as he pushed it a little farther in, getting the knob and about an inch of shaft into her tight channel. Withdrawing a little, her slid forward again, sinking about half of the shaft into her tight yielding tunnel. Withdrawing and sliding forward, her gradually fucked his way up into her tight little cunt until he had the whole thing up inside her.

She had her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, her breathing and gasps of pleasure telling him that he was not hurting her. Dan began to fuck her, sliding his dick slowly in and out of the tight hot hole of pleasure between her legs.

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He raised up on his elbows and used his hips to thrust and withdraw, thrust and withdraw. May was obviously enjoying everything he was giving her. Her face was flushed, her eyes shining, her breath coming in ragged gasps timed with his thrusts which buried his tool deep into her on every inward stroke. May couldn't believe how good it felt. When Dan's dick had started going in, she had felt her tight little pussy stretch around the end of his dick.

She had thought for a minute that it wasn't going to fit, then it had started sliding in deeper and deeper, her pussy stretching to accomodate it.

It had felt absolutely fantastic as it began to go deeper and deeper on every stoke. Now it was going all the way in and all the way out. And the huge dick was rubbing the underside of her sensitive little clit on every stroke.

It was driving her wild. It felt like it was hitting her backbone every time it went all the way in! She felt stuffed and stretched, but it was wonderful! Dan began to pick up speed, fucking her harder and faster now. She was tossing her head back and forth, seeming to be almost out of control with pleasure.

Suddenly, she pulled her legs up, pressing her feet against his ass, urging him on. He began to really pound into her in earnest now, slamming his dick in and out of the tight slick channel. Suddenly, May Let out a little shriek, and she was coming. Dan was right with her, his dick shooting powerful spurts of hot cum deep into her pussy. He couldn't believe how intense his orgasm was.

And she seemed to be having one just as intense. Her face was screwed into an expression of pure physical pleasure, her eyes tightly closed. Finally, they lay still, his dick still buried up to the balls in her.

Dan raised up and looked at her. She smiled at him. "Oh, Dan," she moaned. When he pulled his dick out of her, her pussy seemed to stand open, like it regretted being vacated. She moaned softly when she felt it slide out of her. When they got back to the van, they found the other occupants still sleeping. May crawled back into bed and Dan went into the kitchen and put the coffee on. When Sarah woke up, she smelled coffee. She raised up and looked around. Dan wasn't in bed. She got up and went forward in the van, finding her husband sitting in the kitchenette waiting on the coffee.

She kissed him on the cheek and sat down beside him. She playfully reached down and slid her hand inside the front of his pajamas. She gasped. His dick was coated with dried cum! She looked questioningly at him.

He grinned sheepishly. She stood up and crooked her finger at him. He got up and followed her outside. May had been awakened by her aunt passing the bed on the way to the kitchen. She watched through slitted eyes, and realized that Sarah suspected something. When her aunt got up and motioned for Dan to follow her outside, May was afraid that Dan was in trouble for screwing her. When they closed the door behind them, May slipped out of bed and moved to the door.

She didn't hear anything, so she opened the door and went outside. When Sarah got outside, she went around the end of the van, and Dan followed her. She stopped and turned to face him. "Who?" she asked simply. Dan didn't know how she was going to take this. He was afraid she would get upset and hold it against May.

He hesitated. Just around the corner of the van, May heard the simple question. She knew what her aunt was asking. She peeked around the van and saw that Dan was hesitating about answering. On sudden impulse, to protect her uncle, May stepped around the van into her aunt's line of vision. "Please, Aunt Sarah," she pleaded.

"Don't be mad at him." Sarah saw the look on May's face. She suddenly realized that the youngster was trying to protect her uncle. She smiled at May. "Honey, I'm surprised you could take that big dick of his," she told her softly. "Was it really good?" May suddenly realized that Sarah wasn't mad. She seemed to be excited by knowing that Dan had screwed her. "It was absolutely fantastic," May told her. "Well, you two are going to have to help me make it with Jack," she told them.

Dan grinned. May's mouth dropped open in surprise. Then she smiled broadly. The three of them stayed outside whispering for several minutes, then they went back into the van and woke the other two kids to help get breakfast. The all ate breakfast in their night clothes, then they got dressed, all just stripping down and changing in front of everyone else. May couldn't believe what was about to happen.

She had admitted to her aunt and uncle that Jack had screwed her, and they had told her about seeing Jack and Sally outside the van last night. Now, Sarah was wanting her to help her get in Jack's pants, a feat which May was sure would be easy to accomplish, and Dan was wanting to screw his daughter.

May was also sure that Sally would accomodate that wish for him. After breakfast, Sarah asked if anyone was interested in taking a shower. Everyone seemed to want one, so they all gathered their clean clothes and headed for the bath house.

When they got there, the guys went into their side of the house, and the gals went into theirs. The girls quickly stripped off their clothes and went into the shower area. They were soon lathering themselves under the water. Sarah quickly washed herself and left the shower area, telling the girls to take their time. Still naked, she moved to the entrance to the bath house and peeked outside.

She found herself looking directly at Dan, peeking out of the men's side. Giggling, she quickly moved around the corner and past him, into the men's side. Dan slipped around the corner into the women's side. Sarah moved silently back toward the shower area, where she could hear Jack humming to himself as he bathed. She peeked in. He was standing with his back to her, lathering his chest with soap. She moved silently up behind him and slid her arms around him.

He nearly jumped out of his skin. "Mom," he gasped. Looking at her, he suddenly realized that she was totally naked.

"I though you might like some company," she told him. Jack stammered, not knowing what to say. However, not all of his anatomy was bashful, as his dick immediately rose to full attention. Sarah's hands slid down over his stomach to his crotch. She wrapped one hand around his hard dick and slid the other down to cup his balls. Jack gasped with pleasure as his mother's hand began to slide up and down along the length of his hard prick. In the other side of the bath house, Dan moved silently back to the shower area.

He peeked inside. May smiled at him, and motioned him inside. Sally had her back to him. She suddenly realized that someone else was coming into the shower and glanced over her shoulder to see who it was. She gasped loadly when she saw her father coming in, totally naked and with the biggest hardon she had ever seen in her life! He moved directly ove to her.

"Hello, sweetheart," he smiled at her. "Daddy," she gasped. She looked at May and saw a big smile on her face. Her father moved up against her backside and slid his arms around her, cupping her full breasts in his big hands. She felt his hard dick pressing against her back. May moved up behind Dan and slid her hands down between him and his daughter, stroking his dick. Sally suddenly realized that May had known he was coming. She looked around for her mother. Then she heard a muffled gasp from the other side of the wall and realized that her mother was over there with Jack.

"Wow, I don't believe this," she giggled, as Dan's hand slid down between her legs, a finger slipping into her juicy gash. "Do you object?" Dan asked. "What do you thing?" she smiled, turning to face him. She slid her hand down and took his dick in her hand, May sliding her hands on down to cup his balls.

On the other side, Sarah was kneeling in front of her son. She had a mouth full of teenage dick. She was sucking greedily as his dick slid in and out of her mouth. She suddenly released his prick and stood up.

She leaned back against the shower wall, spreading her legs and pulling Jack up against her. She slid her hand down between them, guiding his dick between her legs.

Jack groaned when he felt his dick slide between his mother's legs, engulfed in her hot slit. She pulled it up and he thrust, and half of his dick suddenly slid up into her hot wet cunt.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled one leg up, wrapping it around his waist. Jack slid his hands down and took hold of her ass, lifting her and pushing her back against the wall. She brought the other leg up around his waist when she felt his hands grab her ass. His dick slid in up to the balls.

Jack groaned. "Can you hold me up?" she asked him. "Sure," he grinned at her, beginning to fuck his dick in and out of her pussy. "Ohh, Jack," she groaned. In the ladies side, Sally was on her back on the shower floor.

Dan was on top of her, sliding his dick into position to enter her. She gasped when his dick started making it's way up into her tight pussy.

She groaned as his next thrust buried it up to the balls in her. "Am I hurting you, honey?" he asked her. "Oh no, Daddy," she cooed. "It feels wonderful." May knelt beside them, bending down and looking up between their legs, watching Dan's dick slide in and out of his daughter's pussy. Jack was banging furiously into his mother's pussy. He was standing in a strained position and fucking his own mother's cunt.

He knew he wouldn't last long. Sarah knew he was about to come. She was also almost there. The fact that it was her own son's dick ramming her pussy made it that much more exciting. Suddenly, she let out a little scream. "Ohh, yes, Jack, I'm coming." That did it. Jack grunted and jammed his dick up to the balls in Sarah's spasming cunt. His dick erupted, shooting gobs of spunk upwards into her womb.

"Ohh, yes, Jack, I feel you coming in my pussy," Sarah groaned. Finally, she lowered her legs to the floor and Jack released her, letting his still halfhard dick slip out of her juicy pussy. She reached down and encircled it with her hand, sliding her hand up and down it, watching it grow straight up again.

She smiled. "Come on, let's go see what is going on in the other side," she told him. He looked at her in surprise. She grinned. "Unless I miss my guess, your father is over there fucking your sister's brains out." Jack grinned broadly.

When Jack and Sarah entered the girls shower, still naked and with Jack's dick pointing at the ceiling again, they found Dan still on top of Sally, banging away at her. May on her knees, looking up between their legs, watching the action.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled at them. Jack dropped to his knees behind May. He took his dick in his hand and rubbed it between her legs. He was about to put it in her pussy when Sarah stopped him. "Wait, Jack, try this," she said, taking hold of his dick and raising it to May's ass crack. "Oh, Sarah, won't that hurt?" May asked when she felt the end of his dick pressing against her ass hole.

"Not if he takes it easy," Sarah told her. She used her hand to rub Jack's dick around on May's ass hole. Then, she allowed him to push against it just a little. She saw the brown ring open a little, letting just the tip in. Jack tried to push harder, but Sarah restrained him. He withdrew a little and pushed forward a little bit more. May grunted as the entire knob entered her tight ass hole.

Suddenly, Sally began to grunt and cry. She was coming. Dan gasped and jammed his huge dick up to the balls in his daughter's tight cunt, shooting spurt after spurt of hot jets into her. Hearing the other couple coming, May and Jack suddenly lost control. May jammed backwards just as Jack shoved forward and suddenly his dick was balls deep in her ass. She screamed out in pain.

"Jack," Sarah grabbed him. "Wait, give her time to get used to it." "Just wait a minute, Jack," May snorted through her nose. Jack held perfectly still, with his dick all the way up his cousin's butt hole.

Dan raised up off of Sally, pulling his dick out of her. She gasped when it slipped out and ran her hand down between her legs, feeling her wide open soggy pussy. Dan and Sally got up so they could watch Jack and May. Jack was beginning to move now, slowly sliding his dick in and out of his cousin's tight ass hole.

He couldn't believe it. Her pussy had been tight, but this was unreal. May was bracing her hands against the floor, pushing back to match Jack each time he thrust his dick up her stretched ass hole. It still felt like she was going to split, but at the same time it felt wonderful. She could feel it sliding in and out, in and out, slowly reaming her behind. Watching his son's dick slide in and out of the young girl's ass had gotten Dan all hard again.

His dick was sticking straight out from his crotch. May saw it sticking out, right in front of her nose. She leaned forward and licked it. Dan groaned and moved forward, allowing her to take the end into her mouth.

"Wow, look at that, she's taking on both of them," Sally gasped to her mother. "She certainly is," Sarah agreed. "But don't worry, we'll get some more action from them." Jack was fucking May's ass with long steady strokes now. He could feel his balls tightening. He knew he was getting close. Dan was watching the 13 year old girl's mouth slide up and down on his dick as his son's thrusts into her ass hole moved her body back and forth.

It was almost more that Dan could stand. He knew that he was about to fill her mouth. Suddenly, Jill began to quiver all over.

She had beaten both of them. She was coming! And right at the height of her climax, she felt Jack's dick beginning to spurt in her ass, closely followed by Dan's dick spurting into her eager mouth. After everybody caught their breath, they all got under the showers together and washed each other off.

Jack and Dan enjoyed washing the three pussies and Dan washed May's battered ass. The girls took turns washing the guys dicks and balls. Finally, they all got dressed and headed back for the van. When they got inside, Jack immediately grabbed Sally, wrestling her giggling down onto the sofa. Sarah laughed at them. "Cut it out, you two," she told them. "Ruth will be getting here soon.

It wouldn't do for her to see you doing that." "Ohh," May groaned. "Mother is coming and we're going to have to stop fucking." Everybody laughed. "Maybe not," Dan said. They all turned to look at him. "Maybe we can just get her to join in." "Oh, you don't know Mother," May said. "Maybe I know her better than you do," Sarah grinned at her. "She didn't hesitate to spread her legs when we used to double date at the drivein." "Mother?" May asked, not believing what she was hearing about her prudish mother.

"And what were you doing while Ruth was getting screwed?" Dan asked Sarah. "Well, usually Ruth was getting fucked in the backseat and I was getting fucked in the front seat," Sarah told him, seeing his dick beginning to bulge out his pants. "Dan, if you could make Ruth, maybe she would just join in and we could all spend the rest of the vacation screwing our eyeballs out!" "Precisely what I had in mind," he told her.

About that time, they heard a car coming up the road. May looked out the window and recognized her mother's car. When Ruth pulled up at the campsite, she was greeted by everyone piling out of the big camper van to meet her. They helped her unload her things and take them inside.

Teagan Presley Nothing like the taste of cock

When she asked where she should put them, Sarah just said not to worry about that right now. After they had talked a little while and May had assured her mother that she was indeed having a wonderful time (Ruth didn't know yet just how wonderful), Sarah suggested they all get their bathing suits and go to the pool. Dan leaned back in the lounge chair beside the pool.

Sarah was sitting on the side of the chair, her hand resting nonchalantly on his thigh, just below his balls. As she and Ruth, who was sitting facing them, talked, Sarah idly let the back of her hand occasionally brush against Dan's balls. It had the desired effect. Dan's dick began to harden and stiffen in his bathing suit. It didn't get totally hard, but it was bulging enough to be noticable.

And, Dan saw, Ruth didn't miss it. She was trying not to be obvious, but she was looking! They went back to the van for lunch, and then back to the pool again. Bunny was there, but her parents weren't. Bunny told Jack and May and Sally that her mom and dad were "taking a nap" in the van.

After a while, Dan saw all four kids get out of the pool and head up the road. That really almost gave him a hardon, knowing what they were probably going to do. In the big conversion van, Ray rolled over and looked out the window when he heard the kids go by. His ears perked up when he heard Sally say something about butt fucking. He looked down at his wife, sprawled naked and asleep.

He smiled, remembering how big a climax she had had, telling him about Dan fucking her while he plowed her pussy. He wondered what those kids were up to. Knowing Bunny, he would be willing to bet they were going somewhere to screw. He wondered where they would go. Quietly, he slipped off of the bed and pulled on his pants.

A few moments later, he slipped out the door. Slipping into the bath house, Ray listened and heard muffled voices coming through the back wall. They must be behind the building, he thought.

When Ray got around to the back of the bath house, he saw four naked kids. Bunny was on her hands and knees, with Jack on his knees behind her. The other two girls were watching as Jack worked his dick up into Bunny's ass. No one had noticed him yet. Sally had her back to him, and May was on the other side of the two fucking kids. She glanced up and saw him as he approached them quietly. He held his finger to his lips. She smiled when she saw that he had his pants unzipped and his dick was jutting out through the opening.

He unfastened his pants and quietly took them off. He moved up behind Sally, who still wasn't aware of his presence. She became aware of it very quickly when he slid his dick up between her legs, though. She gasped and looked back over her shoulder. Ray just smiled at her, sliding his dick back and forth in her juicy pussy slit. Then he took his dick in his hand and guided it to the mouth of her cunt.

She grunted when he smoothly slid it home in her. A short time later, Sarah saw the three kids coming back in through the pool gate. She wondered to herself how Jack could keep up this pace. The kids slid back into the cool water, to wash the sweat off and cool off.

Sally slipped her fingers inside the crotch of her bathing suit and washed Ray's cum out of her pussy. May saw what she was doing and smiled at her. May was the only one who hadn't gotten fucked. Jack had shot his load in Bunny's ass, then then he had turned her over and fucked her pussy while her father was fucking his sister. This had really turned May on, but she had consoled herself with the memory of getting butt fucked in the shower that morning while she sucked Dan's dick.

The group returned to the van for supper, and then they all congregated in front of the TV for a while. When Sarah suggested that they all turn in early, Ruth was surprised when she didn't hear a single objection from the kids.

Dan and Jack excused themselves and went to the bath house for a shower. The girls had showered when they changed out of their suits so they declined to accompany the guys. Sarah told Ruth that the kids had been just bunking out on the sofa bed and that the bed in the back was big enough for her to share it with her and Dan.

Ruth had raised her eyebrows at that, but had said OK. When the guys got back, they found the girls already in bed. The curtain into the back bedroom was pulled, so Jack simply shucked his pants, slipped his pajama pants on and slid into bed between the two girls.

Dan slipped his pants off and put on a pair of pajama pants. The kids lay quietly and watched Dan open the curtain into the back bedroom. The two women were stretched out on the bed in the moonlight coming in through the window. They both appeared to be asleep. Dan left the curtain open and eased himself onto the bed between Ruth and Sarah. the kids saw Sarah raise her head and give Dan a quick kiss, then lie quietly. Ruth appeared to be asleep. Ruth had gone to sleep almost as soon as she lay down.

She didn't know when Dan got into bed, so she had no idea what time it was when she was awakened by a hand sliding over her from behind and cupping her breast. She lay very still, realizing that the hand had to belong to Dan. She thought at first that he was reaching out in his sleep and thought he had hold of Sarah's tit. She just lay there, feeling the hand gently squeezing her breast, and enjoying it. It had been a long time since a man had felt her tits.

Suddenly, she realized that Dan knew exactly what he was doing, because she felt his body ease up against her from behind. She felt his hard dick up against her back! She didn't quite know what to do. She really didn't want him to quit, but she was afraid her sister would wake up. She felt the hand on her tit slide down over her stomach to her crotch.

It probed at her pussy, but since her legs were together, it couldn't get to her. The hand then went on down and began to pull her gown up! She lay very still. The hand had her gown up to her waist, now.

Then, she felt a bare dick up against her ass! Dan had opened his pajamas. She felt the dick move down and probe between her legs. In spite of herself, she parted her legs a little and let the dick slip between her legs, nestling right up against her pussy.

She felt a hand on her leg, lifting it, then the dick was probing her slit. She couldn't believe this! Dan's prick felt huge, sliding back and forth in her slit. Then, she felt him put the end against her hole and press forward.

It was going in! Inch by inch, the big thing was moving up into her rapidly creaming pussy! If Sarah woke up now, she and Dan were both in deep trouble! Dan began to move his dick back and forth in her, slowly sliding it in and out of her pussy. In the other room, all three kids were watching the proceedings in the bedroom. They all knew that Sarah was not asleep, but just pretending to be.

They could see right up between Ruth's legs, and they were watching Dan's big dick slide slowly in and out of Ruth's pussy. May was delighted to be seeing her mother getting fucked!

She felt something against her back, then realized that Jack was about to do the same thing to her that Dan was doing to her mother. She smiled and parted her legs, grunting quietly when his dick slid home in her hot pussy. Dan was beginning to move more vigorously now. Ruth was really afraid he was going to wake Sarah up.

She glanced over her shoulder and was surprised to see Sarah's arm wrapped around Dan's neck. Sarah was kissing him on the ear while he was fucking her! Sarah raised up quietly and smiled at Ruth. She reached across Dan's body and grasped Ruth's hip, pulling her back tight against Dan, letting her sister know that she was in favor of what was going on.

Dan began to screw her even more vigorously, now. Ruth quit worrying about what was going on and just lay there and enjoyed it. Suddenly, Dan rolled her over on top of him. She found herself lying on her back on top of him, her legs spread wide as he fucked upwards into her pussy.

Then her eyes focused on the scene in the other room. Her daughter was lying on her side with Jack's dick sliding in and out of her pussy, and Sally was up on her elbows watching Ruth getting screwed by her father. Ruth groaned. She just spread her legs farther and tried to push her pelvis down to get more of Dan's dick in her.

Sensing her movement, Dan rolled her back onto her side and pulled his dick out of her. Then he rolled her onto her back and crawled on top of her. She spread her legs wide as he lowered himself on top of her and buried his dick in her cunt.

She suddenly realized that this was going to be the most unusual vacation she had ever been on.