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The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #7 On Monday morning, Zane let Stephanie know that he was going to tell the others she was now in on the Secret Vote plot. She had to agree to the same conditions, anything Zane said, she had to go along with, and she had to do anything she could to encourage any girl on the squad to sleep with him.

He in turn promised to still keep Stephanie's secret, even from the seniors. Before school started, Zane found Carly and very quickly filled her in. Stephanie had figured out the whole scam, and Zane had filled her in on all the minor details that she had missed. Carly asked "Do you trust her?" Yes, he absolutely did.

Then she asked. "Did you fuck her?" Zane smiled, tilted his head and shrugged his shoulders. "Seriously? . even Stephanie! . Un-fucking-believable" she responded, just shaking her head. They discussed for a few minutes more and decided that this could not be between just the three of them.

They had to let the other seniors know as well. Carly's revenge At lunch that afternoon, Carly gathered the rest of the seniors and they all sat together with Zane and Stephanie to chat. Zane told them all how Stephanie had figured out what had to be going on, and how all of them had to be involved. It took almost no time at all for each of them to agree, and welcome Stephanie into their pact.

The only thing left now was for Stephanie to agree as well. But, Stephanie had one question before agreeing to be a co-conspirator. She turned to Carly and asked. "What it is your problem with Bella that you want to get to her so badly?" After all, Stephanie was still supposed to be Bella's friend.

Carly looked at Stephanie for a moment, then around to all the other faces at the table, and gave her answer. "You remember the big World's competition at Disney World last year?" she asked.

"Yeah" Stephanie answered. "Well do you remember where you were when the senior division was competing?" Carly asked. Stephanie thought back for a moment, and then answered "Yeah, we were all in the audience watching and cheering you on" "All of you?" Carly asked with eyebrows raised. Stephanie looked puzzled for a moment and answered "Yeah, I think so" "Even Bella?" Carly added. Stephanie had to think about that for a moment, but couldn't remember if Bella had been there in the audience at that moment or not.

She would usually be right there with her and Nikki. They were always together. But she just couldn't remember for sure. Carly then filled in the details. After their competition session was over, which they won by the way, the whole senior squad was making their way back to the hotel to change and hit the pools to celebrate. The senior squad at that point consisted of all the current seniors, as well as the girls who had graduated last year. As they came to the pools, the squad split, as half of them were in a different wing of the hotel.

That was when one of the seniors glanced over towards one of the little cabanas and stopped in her tracks. She grabbed Carly by the shoulder and stopped her, directing her attention to what she was seeing. There was Bella, climbing all over Carly's boyfriend. Carly, of course, was furious. First, at her boyfriend for clearly cheating on her with that little slut, but even more at Bella, for being a little slut.

The girls were ready to run over there and confront the two of them right then and there, but Carly stopped them. Let them think they're getting away with it. This calls for revenge, on both of them. Stephanie was shocked. She never knew about that. It was true that a lot of the boyfriends and families had come along on that trip, but Bella's boyfriend had not.

She also remembered a lot of tension with the senior squad after that week, but never knew why.

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Bella never even told her or Nikki that she had made a play on Carly's man. "Wow" Stephanie said. "So, what did you do?" The first thing Carly did, was to convince one of her sluttier friends to go after Bella's boyfriend. The plan was for them to get caught and let Bella have a little of her own medicine.

The only problem with that was that the plan worked a little too well and the two of them ended up fucking around behind Bella's back. They never did get caught, and in fact, it was still going on. Stephanie sat there with her mouth open. The rest of the girls just laughed. "He's cheating on her? I can't believe it!" Stephanie said. "Why do you think we all laugh at her all the time when she talks about him?" Sara piped in. Stephanie just shook her head for a few moments thinking about it, and the fact that Bella had no clue.

Then she asked. "So, what did you do next?" Carly looked over at Zane, nodded her head towards at him and said "Him" Stephanie looked at Zane, who just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Then the rest of the table just erupted in groaning laughter. "But wait." Stephanie interrupted their laughter. "How does all that lead to this whole Secret Vote stuff?" "Oh that" Carly sighed.


She continued "Well I had thought of that after my plan with Bella's boyfriend failed. I just didn't know how to work it out. So, after we made that stupid bet, and asshole here slept with my sister." Carly then started punching Zane repeatedly in the arm, shouting under her breath "I can't. punch . believe. punch . you fucked. punch . my sister!" "You really did that?!" Stephanie asked, looking at Zane.

As usual, Zane just smiled and shrugged his shoulders and said "She wanted it!" Carly started punching again "and he DIDN'T. punch . USE. punch . A FUCKING. punch .

CONDOM!" Stephanie continued to stare at him with her mouth open. Zane continued "It was the only way to prove we did it. And she didn't get pregnant and everything turned out just fine" Carly added "Yeah but we thought she was pregnant for almost two fucking months didn't we!" Zane answered "Yeah, but she wasn't, and everything turned out fine. Didn't it? So, finish your story" Carly just scowled at him and continued her story.

"Anyway, after . he won the bet, I told him about the Secret Vote plan, and that I would make it him, as long as he promised to make sure he fucks Bella." "But why? How is that gonna help?" Stephanie asked. Carly replied "Because I knew she wouldn't want to fuck him, she likes to use sex so much to get her way, this time she HAS to use sex to get her way, only this time she can't ALMOST do it and then zip off like a little princess.

This time the bitch is gonna get FUCKED. She's gonna have to spread her little legs, and she's gonna have to beg him to do it, and take it like the little whore that she is" "Do you really think that'll work?" Stephanie asked. Zane answered "You tell me, you said yourself she doesn't see any other way out of it, right." "So, are you in?" Carly asked.

Stephanie looked around the table at all the faces waiting for her reply, and said "Of course, absolutely" They finished their lunch period discussing the many treacheries and double crosses that Bella had committed, as well as the whole story of Zane and Haley.

Ambush It had been a good day. The seniors had welcomed Stephanie into their pact and she had become like one of them. It was no wonder she was a sure thing for captain next year. It also struck Zane just then that, with the exception of Ashley, he had slept with every one at that table at one time or another. That made him smile.

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As he was heading out the door to go home, he suddenly felt his arm grabbed and twisted from behind, and his head slammed into one of the lockers, hard. His vision started to swim. What the hell? Suddenly someone very large was pressed up against him and screaming in his ear to "Stay the fuck away from my girlfriend you little shit" If he could move, or see, or even think at the moment, he might have been able to ask which girlfriend they were talking about.

The beast then turned him around and kept him pinned up against the lockers with an arm across his throat, and all his weight behind it. Anthony. Of course. Now Zane was not a small guy. He was actually in extremely good shape from years of gymnastics training. AND, along with all those years of gymnastics, Zane had also been studying martial arts for a long time. On any other day, and with a little warning, Zane may have been able to hold his own long enough to slow Anthony down and make him think for a moment.

Today was not that day. Zane managed to slip out of his grasp and make a counter attack long enough to land one good punch to Anthony's jaw. You could hear his teeth crunch from down the hall.

That, however, was the only shot that Zane managed to connect. Anthony's two friends then grabbed him and pinned him back up against the lockers. All three of them were football players, a foot taller than Zane and at least sixty pounds heavier. Anthony then took out his frustrations over his girlfriend cheating on him on Zane's ribs.

Within minutes people were running. As it was after classes were over, the responding adults were one track coach and two security guards. Anthony and his cohorts slipped away, but not without being seen by the coach, AND the security cameras. The adults helped Zane up, he begged them to just let him get in his car and go home, and forget the whole thing.

Not happening. Zane could barely stand up at the moment, so the first thing the security guards did was call an ambulance. Zane was tended to, then taken to the hospital to be checked. After a few hours, he was deemed to have a concussion, a couple of bruised ribs, and jaw. Nothing broken, but definitely hurting. The next morning, Anthony and his friends were in the principal's office the minute they stepped through the school doors. The cops had been called but Anthony and his friends made sure not to be home when they showed up at their homes.

This little incident resulted in all four of them, including Zane, being suspended from school. Zero tolerance policy meant everyone involved. Zane only got a week, the others got two. The suspensions also meant Anthony and his friends were benched from the baseball team, indefinitely.

While they were all in the office, the news spread through the school like wildfire. Julie, Carly, and Stephanie immediately skipped their second period classes and drove straight to Zane's house to visit and check out the damage. Stephanie was crying and angry and texting Anthony the entire time to get answers out of him.

What the hell were you thinking? What kind of moron are you? Who told you I was sleeping with Zane? How could you BELIEVE I was sleeping with Zane?

Are you really that fucking stupid? It had to be Bella. Bella was the only one that Stephanie had told she was sleeping with Zane, and it was before she actually DID, and she swore her to secrecy. Nobody else knew. Finally, about two hours later, Anthony called her. Stephanie took the call outside and left everyone in suspense. She was on the phone forever, crying, swearing, yelling, using every hand gesture known to man at her phone.

Finally, she finished with "I love you", and hung up. It wasn't Bella after all. It was Nikki. Apparently, Bella had told Nikki about Stephanie sleeping with Zane. Even though she had sworn to keep it a secret, just between the two of them.

Nikki, went straight to Anthony, supposedly just to ask if they had really broken up. "Because I heard that Steph was sleeping with Zane now" she said. Anthony's reaction they all knew already. The Aftermath Everyone in the entire school was abuzz. Three star players suspended and benched, the baseball team was screwed. The coach was furious with his players. He claimed he was mad at them for fighting, but mostly it was for pulling this stupid stunt on school grounds, right under the security cameras.

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Take that shit someplace private! With the cops involved, there was the possibility they'd be kicked off the team entirely. The majority of the cheer squad went in an entirely different direction. They were concerned with the captain vote. Even Stephanie was sleeping with Zane now. Stephanie was a sure thing for captain, she didn't need him to vote for her. The odd thing here was that the secret vote was always supposed to be just in case of a tie. It had evolved somewhere along the way to being the ONLY vote that mattered, and now EVERYBODY needed it, even Stephanie.

The general school population was mixed on the whole scenario. Most of the athletes were blaming Zane, until his gymnastics teammates heard his story and started to spread it around, as well as the cheerleaders spreading their version, where Nikki was to blame.

Luckily there was at least a week before any of them returned to school, so there was time for the rumors to spread and change and morph into something resembling the truth.

Stephanie and Anthony were NOT broken up. Nobody slept with anybody, and the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Except for the part about Anthony and his friends beating the crap out of Zane. The cheerleaders however were a different story. Once it became clear that Nikki had set this whole thing off, she instantly became persona non grata. Almost no one would even talk to her. Even Bella kept her distance, there's a good faithful friend for you. Nikki would try to explain but as long as Stephanie snubbed her, so did everyone else.

She had gone too far this time. In the meantime, everyone was visiting Zane. Alyssa and Kassidy skipped their lunch period that first day and went straight to Zane's house. He looked awful. His face was bruised, he moved very slowly for a while with the bruised ribs, and of course the hospital had given him some pain pills which slowed him down in every aspect, he was a bit doped up.

Natalie stopped by every morning. She was missing her daily ride to school. Morgan dropped by. Maya and Alex visited.

Even Melissa and Jamie had heard about this at their school and stopped by to kiss his wounds. Stephanie stopped by as often as she could, feeling guilty for having brought this on him. Best of all, Julia was there every single day after school for as long as she could stay, nursing his wounds with kisses and stories of all the rumors and details that were passing around the school that day.

The real problem now, was Nikki. The entire squad was disrupted, and Nikki was to blame. Actually, Bella was to blame for telling Nikki, but Nikki was the one who had set the school ablaze.

If the facts of this actually got to the coach and the faculty adviser, Nikki would probably be gone! The truth was, the girls actually really liked Nikki, nobody wanted to see this come back and get her kicked off the squad. The seniors decided that Nikki needed to apologize, both to the squad, and especially to Zane. The seniors On the weekend, the seniors called a meeting at Carly's house, chosen because her parents and sister were going to be gone all day at a sports tournament for her sister.

They were going to need some time. All of the seniors were going to be there, as well as Stephanie, Nikki, and Zane. Julie brought Zane along, telling him they were all going to pamper him by the pool all afternoon to make him feel better.

Stephanie and Nikki each arrived later, separately. The seniors met beforehand and discussed what they planned to do. As individuals, these girls were all very sweet and nice. As a group, they could be downright evil. They were, after all, cheerleaders, and could be just as petty and nasty as most people expect cheerleaders to be. By the time their little conference was finished, Nikki was really going to have to suffer for her actions.

When Stephanie arrived, Carly explained most of the seniors' plan for Nikki, but they needed some time to talk with her first. Stephanie's job was to take Zane to her bedroom and "distract" him until they were ready for him.

Zane was lounging on the couch in the living room watching something pointless when Stephanie came over to him with that naughty, lustful smile. He had seen that smile before.

He liked that smile. Stephanie plopped herself down next to him, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. Then she winked, flashed him that smile again and said "They're gonna be busy for a while, wanna fool around?" That's a question you never had to ask Zane twice. Stephanie helped Zane up off the couch and led him to Carly's bedroom. He had been here a few times before. Stephanie quickly attacked him and the two of them entwined on Carly's bed. Stephanie, after only a few minutes, moved her hands right to his pants.

She started undoing and unzipping and had them sliding down his legs in moments. Zane smiled and leaned back as Stephanie's head lowered to engulf his cock. When Nikki arrived, Carly quickly escorted her to the dining room, Carly sat Nikki down opposite the other three seniors and stood behind her with her hands on Nikki's shoulders.

This was clearly a tribunal. Nikki asked nervously "What's going on?" Julie spoke up first. "Things are fucked up Nikki" "And it's your fault" Sara added. Nikki only had a clue what they were talking about. "What? It's not my fault!" Ashley took over. "The whole school is on fire with this thing Nikki. The baseball team is fucked because three of their players are gone. Everyone wants to beat up either Zane or Anthony, and Stephanie is walking around as either the 'poor girlfriend' or the school slut." Then Carly added "But the worst thing is, OUR whole squad is a fucking mess.

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NO ONE, wants to talk to you. In case you haven't noticed" She had noticed. She had become an instant pariah once Stephanie spoke to Anthony and found out who had told him about her and Zane. Nikki had tried to explain herself all week but no one wanted to hear it. Even Bella, who knew exactly what had really happened, had kept her distance from Nikki all week.

Somehow, she was always "busy". Nikki instantly knew this was her only chance to appeal to the seniors to explain herself and ask for their help. They were probably the only ones who could help, other than Stephanie, and Stephanie wasn't going to help. Julie asked "What are we going to do about this Nikki" Nikki answered truthfully, on the verge of tears.

"I don't know! No one will even listen to me. I say anything and you all either turn away or just walk out on me, what CAN I do?" What indeed.

Ashley continued. "Look. We know it was you who told Anthony. He said so himself. The question is WHY?" "Because Stephanie was fucking around on him! He deserved to know! Wouldn't you want to know if your boyfriend was doing the same thing to you?" Nikki asked.

From behind her, Carly just gave them all a meaningful look and a nod of the head. "Did Bella ask you to tell him?" Julie asked. "NO, she just said that Stephanie told her she had slept with Zane" she answered. "Did she tell you that they had broken up?" Julie continued. "NO, that's what makes it even worse" Nikki said. Carly then spoke up from behind her.

"Stephanie didn't sleep with Zane Nikki. She lied. She was trying to get Bella to tell the truth about what happened at my party, so she lied and told Bella that Zane hit on her too." "Well how was I supposed to know that?" Nikki asked defensively.

Sara answered "You weren't. Bella swore to keep it a secret. Even from you. But obviously she didn't." "I had no way of knowing that!" Nikki was getting desperate now. Carly leaned down and spoke quietly into her ear. "Did you think of just asking Stephanie yourself? I mean you two are supposed to be best friends, aren't you? Wouldn't you ask her about something like that before you spread it all over the school?" "I didn't think she . she wouldn't have . I just." Nikki didn't know what to say.

The girls sat at the table for a few moments looking at each other, first with very serious expressions, which then slowly changed to softer more sympathetic ones. Julie seemed to make the decision for the group. "Well Nikki, we can forgive you, and we can probably set things right with the squad. But you have some apologies to make first" Nikki quickly responded "Oh I will, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I never meant for Anthony to go beating anyone up, he's such an asshole." Carly then spoke up.

"Oh, not to us, well, yes, to us too, but we'll get to that. It's Zane you have to apologize to" "And Stephanie" Sara added. Nikki just looked from face to face, resigned, and knowing that they were right. She didn't know however, just what that apology would involve.

Apologies Stephanie spent some time enjoying her chore, and she was good at it. Zane was lost in the feelings. This was the best he had felt all week.

She was taking her time, paying attention to every inch, making sure Zane was lost in the pleasure. Then there was a quiet knock on the door, and in walked Carly . and Nikki. Stephanie sat up, and Zane quickly covered up. "You see! She IS sleeping with him!" Nikki quickly exclaimed. Stephanie spoke right up. "I'm not sleeping with him Nikki" Carly added from behind her "Nope . YOU are" Zane's eyes popped out of his head. Nikki spun around like a tornado.

The two of them both said at the same time. "WHAT?" Carly answered very calmly. "You said you wanted to apologize. You got the shit beat out of him, you owe him. You fix this, we set things right with the rest of the squad and say it was all a misunderstanding.

If you don't, we'll all keep our mouths shut, and your days on the squad will be numbered. So . make it a good apology" Carly smiled a truly evil smile, then she and Stephanie stepped out of the room and closed the door. Zane thought for a moment, realizing what Carly had done, she took away all of Nikki's options, and brought her in here for Zane to have his way with her.

Nikki had fucked everyone else, and now it was time for her to get fucked. Literally. He looked at her for a moment, then just smiled, waiting to see what she was going to do. "Zane I'm really sorry" she said. "I never thought Anthony would fucking attack you like that" "Yes you did." Zane replied. "He's a fucking gorilla and you know it, you knew exactly what he'd do and you probably got a real kick out of it when he did, didn't you?" "No, I swear I didn't!

I never thought any of this would happen!" she pleaded. Zane lay there for a moment considering what he was going to do. He looked Nikki over, she did look gooooooood. "Okay then. Let's do this." he said. Nikki looked at him. "Zane I'm sorry, I truly am, but please, PLEASE don't make me do this" she begged.

He considered for a moment, then pulled the pulled the covers off his exposed, and fully erect, penis, and stood up. He walked over to her, reached right to her pants and started to unbutton them. "Let's get these clothes off you" he said. "C'MON ZANE THIS IS JUST FUCKING WRONG! You can't make me fuck you!" she yelled as she pulled away from him. Zane was very calm.


"I can open the door and call the girls back in. Tell them you refused. They'll tell the coach this whole thing was your fault and you'll be done with cheer. Is that what you want?" "Of course not! But this is just wrong and you know it!" she was on the verge of tears now. "Nikki, take your clothes off" he said, and then proceeded to take the rest of his own clothes off. Nikki didn't move.

Zane stood before her, naked, his dick standing up proud and pointed straight at her. A little more forcefully, he said "C'mon Nikki let's go!" To his surprise, Nikki let out a heavy sigh and, after looking at him standing there naked staring at her, she started to strip. He hadn't really expected her to, but she did. She was furious, humiliated, and ready to burst into tears at any moment, but she was also now naked and ready to give it up.

Zane felt sorry for her. She was totally defeated. It was either this or take away her entire life. Her life was cheer. Her friends were cheer. It was her whole world. It had been her whole world since she was six years old, and if she didn't fuck him now, that was all gone. He owned her now and he knew it. She stood before him, completely naked, and damn did she look hot. Her skin was so pale, with some tan lines here and there. Her tits were so perfectly shaped, and her pussy was nicely trimmed into a nice little landing strip, so as to not peek out of the tiny bikini's that she wore.

Zane really did want to fuck her now. He had reached into his pants and pulled out his phone. He lifted it up, pointed it at her and snapped a picture. Nikki quickly covered up, so Zane got a shot of a naked Nikki with her hands blurring across her body. Zane opened the door and called for Carly to come into the room. Nikki panicked and started pleading with him.

"Zane please! I'll do whatever you want just PLEASE don't take this away from me!" When Carly walked in, Zane handed her the camera. He turned to Nikki and said "First, we're going to take some pictures" "NO! No pictures! Please! Come on! That's not fair!" she protested. Zane gave Carly a glance and said "Carly." Carly pointed the phone at them and started snapping. Nikki let out another defeated sigh and just gave up.

Zane then began to tell her how to pose for him. He had her sit on the bed and cross her legs, then reach an arm across her chest, covering her boobs. Then he had her lie back on the bed and do something similar. The he got in the bed with her, behind her, and had her do the same, making sure his hard cock was right up in her ass cheeks.

He sat on the edge of the bed and spread his legs, and had her kneel before him and turn toward the camera so that there was no doubt who it was, or what she was doing, with her body turned just enough to show a little side-boob. All pictures that clearly showed the two of them naked and involved in sex acts, just never enough to actually SEE anything.

Finally, he stood her up, pushed her against Carly's dresser, and embraced her from the front, his cock sliding right up between her legs, rubbing against her surprisingly wet pussy. She braced herself for what she knew was coming. He pulled her leg up, hiding both her pussy and his cock from the camera, even though she could feel his hardness sliding right against her lips. He twisted her body, again just enough to show a little side boob, proving they were both in fact completely naked.

Then he turned his head and told her to kiss and suck on his neck as Carly took pictures. Then he let her go. He took the camera from Carly and took two more shots or her fully nude, no denying those two, and then he looked at her and asked.

"So, are you ready to fuck now?" Nikki dropped her head, looked at Carly, then looked at Zane, and answered "Yes, I deserve it. Let's just get it over with" Zane looked at her again, a much softer look this time. He reached forward and lifted her chin up to look at him, and asked again. "Nikki, seriously, do you REALLY want to fuck me?" "Of course not!" she said, again, almost crying. "I have a boyfriend! He's the only guy I've ever been with! I don't want to cheat on him! And I don't deserve this!

This is all BELLA's fault!" Zane waited for a moment, then looked at her, and looked at Carly, and said "Okay Nikki. I'm not going to fuck you" "WHAT?" Carly yelled at him. "I told you before Carly, I'm not going to force anyone to have sex. If they WANT to, if they ASK to, I'm all over it, but I'm not forcing anyone. And she clearly doesn't want to." "But you! ." Carly started to demand. "CARLY." he gave her a sharp look. Carly stopped, with an angry, disappointed look on her face.

The look of relief on Nikki's face was palpable. She started to thank Zane for not making her do this. But Zane looked at her seriously and said. "You're not off the hook Nikki. I own you now. Whatever I say, you do, or these" he said, shaking his phone with all the pictures on it, "go out to everyone, starting with your boyfriend, and then your parents, and then every porn site on the internet, and every college you want to apply to." and Zane meant it.

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"Alright, fine." she answered meekly. But Zane continued. "I'm serious Nikki. If I tell you to bring me lunch, you bring it. If I tell you to do my homework, you do it. If I tell you to suck my dick, you suck it.

And If I tell you no sex with your boyfriend, then he gets blue balls for a month. And if I hear you did it anyway then I'll have you right back here and tied to the fucking bed. And, WHEN I finally decide I DO want to fuck you, your gonna drop everything and do exactly what I tell you to do, you understand" Nikki's eyes bulged listening to Zane's demands, but in the end, she agreed. He looked at her kindly and told her "Put your clothes on Nikki" Zane quickly pulled his own clothes back on.

When Nikki went to do the same, she found that Carly was holding them, and not quite ready to give them back. Zane began to protest, but this time it was Carly who was clearly in charge. She told him. "Your job here is done now Zane. Maybe you and Stephanie should go chat downstairs for a little while, and take your time.

Nikki and I still have some things to talk about. Could you send the other seniors back in here when you go? We'll just be a little while" Zane instantly knew what she was implying about chatting downstairs. That's where the extra bedroom was. That's where he had Julia, and Bella. Carly was inviting him and Stephanie to go on down and have themselves some fun for a while.

He had NO idea however what she meant about her and the rest of the seniors having more to discuss with Nikki. He was worried, and almost afraid to find out, for Nikki's sake. Again, he started to protest. "Go Zane" she said. So, he went. Zane told the others that Carly wanted them all in her room to talk with Nikki some more.

They all were very surprised to see him come out of that room so soon, and even more surprised, and curious, at Carly's request. They all got up and made their way to the bedroom, and the door closed behind them. As they all got up, Zane grabbed Stephanie by the hand and held her back, he said "You, should come with me.

I don't think you want to be in there." Then he led her downstairs to the spare bedroom. Upstairs/Downstairs Once Stephanie and Zane closed the door of the downstairs bedroom, the first thing she asked was, "So, did you fuck her?" Zane looked at her, smiled, and answered "Of course not." "Why not?" Stephanie asked. "She deserves it!" "Come on Steph, you know better than that. Bella put her up to that.

That's the only reason Bella told her, she knew Nikki would run right to Anthony. Bella's the one who needs to pay. One more thing to add to the list." he said. "Yeah I guess you're right. But you'll never get another chance" she said. "Oh I'll still get my chance at Nikki." he said. Then he showed her the pictures.

"She does what I want, when I want, or I send these to her boyfriend, and then everyone else. I OWN her now." "Oh my God you're so bad!" Stephanie said. "Actually, it's just something I wanted to try. If it works on Nikki, then Bella is gonna be my personal bitch for all next year, and you know she'll cave even faster than Nikki did" "Damn you're evil" Stephanie said.

Zane just grinned, embraced her tight and hard, and kissed her. Upstairs, all the girls walked into Carly's bedroom to find her standing there waiting for them, and Nikki standing there naked, begging Carly to give her her clothes back. Carly handed the clothes to Julie, who looked at her questioningly. Then she set her phone to video and handed it to Sara with a wink and said "You can take charge of this for now." Sara was totally confused. Carly then began rummaging around in her closet as she was saying "Well Nikki, Zane might have let you off the hook.

But you screwed all of us with this little stunt of yours, and I for one still think you need to pay for it, right girls?" The others just muttered their half-hearted agreement, waiting to see what the hell Carly had in mind.

Finally, Carly pulled something out of a box in the back of her closet. She stood up and turned around saying. "Maybe Zane wouldn't fuck you, but I WILL" as she presented the biggest, purple, double headed dildo anyone on this earth has ever seen. It had to be at least a foot and a half long with a massive knobby head on each end. "Ladies." "So, I guess Anthony knows about us now huh?" Zane said, as he continued to steal kisses from Stephanie.

"He doesn't know anything. I told him that I lied to Bella just to get the truth out of her and then Bella told Nikki. It was all just a misunderstanding." she said, as she stole those kisses right back.

"I also told him he is a complete ass for believing Nikki, AND for not asking ME about it, AND for attacking you! You poor baby" she added. "So does that mean you're back together and no more play time for us?" Zane asked.

"Don't be silly! Look what he did to you! I have to at least make you feel better" she said, as she kissed the bruises on his face. "He may THINK we're back together, but fuck him. He doesn't deserve me" she added. She then started lifting his shirt off to kiss and caress his bruised ribs. She helped him get the rest of his clothes off as well, and then her own. Then she gently helped him down onto the bed.

She climbed on with him and proceeded to start kissing all of the places where Anthony had beat him, saying "Poor baby, does that feel better?" with every little kiss. The girls all let out a collective gasp at the monster that Carly held before them.

Nikki's eyes nearly popped out of her head. Ashley broke into a seemingly knowing grin, as if she had seen this before. Julie's jaw dropped, then turned into a mischievous smile.

Sara burst out with an uncontrollable "OH MY GOD!" before one hand flew up to cover her mouth. All the while, Carly advanced on a stunned Nikki, wrapped a hand around the back of her neck, and pulled her in to a passionate kiss, while at the same time sliding that purple monster up the inside of her naked legs.

Nikki's eyes had popped out when she saw that thing, and they had not returned to normal yet as Ashley and Julie joined in. They took Nikki by the arms and helped Carly lay her down on the end of the bed, her legs hanging off the end. Carly spread those legs apart and rested "Purple" right over her pussy as she stood up and started removing her own clothing.

That thing looked like a pool float, or a giant purple dog toy. Stephanie continued to kiss Zane's wounds until she found herself right down where she had been when she left him last, bringing his cock to its full glory.

This time Zane took over. He hadn't gotten laid in over a week and right now he was hungry for her. He rolled her over and climbed between her legs, pulling her knees up and sliding a couple of pillows under her ass. He lined himself up, and in one swift move he plunged himself into her as far as he could go. Both he and Stephanie let out a single, loud, almost orgasmic moan. Nikki was having a hard time taking in what was happening to her.

There were fingers, lips, and tongues touching her everywhere. Ashley was sucking on her nipples. Julie was caressing her belly, and Carly, was now completely naked and kneeling between her spread legs. She could feel Carly teasing her pussy with that THING! It was so big. Carly was rubbing her clit, pulling and teasing and playing, getting her as wet as possible, and she was getting wet. The feeling was becoming overwhelming when all of a sudden, she felt IT enter her.

Carly pushed that huge knob inside her. It felt like a basketball! Nikki screamed! Zane leaned forward and put all his weight behind him as he thrust himself into Stephanie. He dug his feet into the bed and pushed. He wanted everything he could get, ALL the way inside her. She was so tight, and she closed her legs as tight as she could to squeeze him as hard as possible.

He started thrusting like a jackhammer. She pulled him close and tight and scratched her nails down his back, which made him thrust even harder. The two of them were insane with lust and just wanted to pound away at each other. He hammered into her. She matched him thrust for thrust, raising her hips up to take everything that he could give her, and they both just screamed and grunted with every single motion.

At that scream, everyone in the room turned to see Carly pushing that thing into Nikki's tight hole. Nikki threw her head back and gripped the sheets in balled up fists.

Whether that scream was pain or pleasure no one could really tell, there was so much moaning and groaning in the room. Ashley, upon seeing that thing sinking into Nikki, and Carly completely naked putting it there, stood up and peeled her own clothes off. Seeing her opportunity, she climbed on the bed, straddling Nikki's hips, and turned to look deeply into Carly's eyes. Carly quickly grabbed the other end, and pushed it up into Ashley's waiting hole.

Another scream shook the room. Zane lay on top of Stephanie and continued to pound his cock into her. Their mouths met and their tongues took to fucking as hard as the other end.

Although they tried, they couldn't keep that up while he pounded himself into her. He lay on top of her and buried his head in her shoulder, concentrating on driving his cock into her. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him as tight against her body as she could, trying to have all of him against her, and in her, at once.

She wanted to be one with him. They continued to grind and groan and meld together. With Ashley on top of Nikki, and Carly pulling the purple monster out, and then slamming it back into both of them at the same time, Sara couldn't take it any longer.

She handed the phone to Julie, and then stripped her own clothes off to join the party. There was only one place left to go and that was fine with her. Sara climbed on the bed and straddled over Nikki's head, facing back to watch the other girls.

She lowered her dripping pussy into Nikki's face and screamed at her "Lick me Bitch!" Again, everyone stopped to stare. Sara? Really? Then everything resumed. The girls had discussed bursting into the room and taking their turns with Nikki as Zane fucked her.

They'd all seen Zane naked before. But Zane changed that plan by refusing to fuck Nikki. This was a radical change, and they were all liking it much better. Surprisingly, even Nikki seemed to be enjoying it. She just stuck her tongue out and started lapping at Sara's tight pussy. Somehow THIS was better than having Zane fuck her. Zane had reached his breaking point.

He pulled himself tight against Stephanie, drove himself deep inside her and started shooting everything he had. Stephanie screamed as she felt his load fill her inside.

She could feel it fill her and seep between the two of them, between his cock and her channel. It was warm and fluid and just seeped everywhere as he continued to pound and just shoot more and more inside her. Stephanie threw her head back and let her feelings out. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAgh!" They melted into each other and recovered for a few moments.

Sara was ecstatic as Nikki started lapping away at her pussy. Before she knew it, Nikki had her fingers working at it too, pulling Sara's lips open so she could get her tongue deeper, and working Sara's clit. Ashley, whose head was now just inches away from Sara, reached behind her neck, pulled her forward, and planted her mouth on Sara's.

The two kissed passionately as the other girls worked their nether regions. Sara was shocked for a split second, she'd never made out with another girl before. But then, she'd never had another girl eat her out before either. The room just smelled of sex. Julie was the only one still clothed, but she took care of that quickly.

She then leaned down behind Carly and started recording the action over her shoulder. Then she slipped her other hand down between Carly's legs and started some action of her own. This time Carly let out the long loud moan. After recovering for a short time, Stephanie and Zane figured the others must be waiting for them to return. They had been gone for a while now. They hurriedly dressed and made their way back upstairs, expecting to find the girls all gathered in the kitchen, or the living room or maybe by the pool.

They were nowhere to be found. All of their purses and personal belongings were still on the dining room table. Where were they all? Then they heard the moan from Carly's bedroom. They just looked at each other. They were all still in Carly's bedroom???

As Nikki started sucking her clit, Sara let out another loud scream. At the same time, Julie's fingers really got busy in Carly's pussy, causing Carly to release the purple monster, and leaving Ashley and Nikki to fuck each other with it. That is exactly the point when Stephanie and Zane opened the door and walked in. The both had the same reaction. "OH MY GOD! / HOLY SHIT!" they screamed.

Zane quickly threw the door shut behind them. Stephanie just stood there with her mouth open. Stephanie had been raised in a very religious family, and this was almost beyond her comprehension, but she also couldn't stop watching.

Zane couldn't take his eyes off what he was seeing either. Even in all the porn he had ever watched he had never seen anything like this. And he KNEW every one of these girls! Hell, he had fucked almost all of them! Even though he had just climbed off of Stephanie a few short minutes ago, his cock almost ripped through his pants as it erupted to full strength. Julie saw the two new players enter and said "Good! You can take over this!" as she handed Stephanie the phone.

She then returned to Carly, turned her around and started kissing her as her fingers returned between her legs. After watching for a few moments, Zane assessed the situation and decided he HAD to be a part of this. He looked at Stephanie, gave her a kiss, and apologized as he started peeling his clothes off. Being completely hard again, Zane had to decide where to jump in. He desperately wanted to fuck Nikki hard, but he had already promised her he wouldn't. Not without her permission.

He had also never even seen Ashley naked before, let alone fucked her, and he WANTED to fuck her. God did she look good. It was no wonder she had been with the same guy for so long, who would ever let that go!

Two problems though, again, he would never just climb on without her permission, and her pussy was currently filled with something much bigger than he was. He decided on something he hadn't had for a long time. Zane climbed up on the head of the bed, behind Sara. He leaned forward over her back and started kissing her neck. Sara responded to Zane immediately, pulling away from Ashley to lean back into him.

He pulled her hips up from Nikki's face, spread her legs a little wider and, just inches above Nikki's face, he entered her from behind. Sara made no objection at all. Sara was just as tight as Zane remembered. The situation had him so hard and horny that he just started pounding away at her like crazy.

The two of them were screaming with every stroke. Ashley finally pulled herself off of the purple monster, then pulled the other end out of Nikki.

Nikki let out a sigh of relief. Ashley then turned around, lowered herself down and started licking Nikki clean of the juices she had been leaking. Again, more moaning began. Julie and Carly, seeing Stephanie just standing there with her mouth open holding the camera, stopped what they were doing to try and convince her to join in.

They were all co-conspirators now, everyone had to play their part. Stephanie refused to join in. She was amazed and fascinated by the whole orgy going on in front of her. She had never imagined such a thing, let alone considered being a part of it, and she couldn't stop watching if she tried.

She was perfectly happy however, to just record everything. Julie and Carly jumped back into the pile. Zane drove Sara to a screaming orgasm and when he was ready to blast off himself, he pulled out and unloaded everything all over Nikki's face. He quickly grabbed his camera for the final incriminating shots. The girls held her hands down so she couldn't wipe anything away as he snapped and snapped and snapped.

He slapped his still hard cock across her cum-covered face and took another shot. To his surprise, on the last shot, Nikki's tongue snaked out to lick the last remaining drips from the tip of his dwindling tool.

He put the camera down and used his fingers to wipe everything from her face and into her waiting mouth. She gulped down every drop. When Julie saw that Zane was alone, she came over and used the techniques that only she knew to bring him back to life one more time. She lifted her head and yelled "NEXT!" as he lay down on the bed next to Nikki. Ashley didn't even waste a second.

She tore herself away from Nikki and climbed on top of that tool like she had been waiting for it all year, and she showed no mercy for Zane's poor bruised body. She rode him like she had been alone on a deserted island for the last year, and when they came, they both let out a primal scream, and again, everybody stopped to watch. Zane had always wanted to fuck her. She was worth the wait. This went on for another hour, with partners switching every few minutes.

Finally, no one could move any longer. No one knew how long it had been. Everybody had been with everybody else at some point, with the exception of Stephanie. But Zane had set them all straight on that point, he said it was okay, so they all took him at his word.

Besides, Julie and Carly knew Stephanie's family and this was WAY outside their level of acceptance. The fact that she had stayed at all said as much as if she had joined in. They all took turns showering, yes, some of them together, then got dressed, and then decompressed by the pool. Nikki didn't even take advantage of the opportunity to bolt from the house. She just resigned herself to her fate and joined the party by the pool.

Eventually, Nikki built up the nerve to approach Carly and Zane. She meekly asked "Are we okay now? Can you please tell everyone it wasn't my fault? You know cheer is my life, I can't lose this" Carly and Zane felt nothing but pity for her now. She had been through hell. Carly answered her. "Nikki none of this was your fault. We all know that.

Bella used you just like she always has. Don't worry, we'll take care of it. By the end of the week you'll be everyone's best friend again. I promise. And we'll make sure coach knows you had nothing to do with it." You could see the tension and fear leave Nikki's body. Zane continued though.

"This doesn't change anything though Nikki. You still got me beat to shit. I still own you. From now on, you do what I say. Right?

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He said, wiggling his phone in his hands. All those pictures, she thought. "Yeah." she answered meekly. "Anything you say" Carly then added "Not just him though. Now we ALL own you. If any one of us, including Stephanie, says it's party time, you rush on over ready to join in. You answer to us now" Nikki thought about that for a quick moment and answered, with just the slightest little smile on her face. "Okay. Anything you say" Carly and Zane exchanged a quick surprised glance at Nikki's reaction.

She LIKED it! "One final thing" Carly warned. "You say absolutely NOTHING to Bella. She is never to know ANYTHING that happened here today. "Of course not! I'm never telling ANYBODY what happened today" Nikki answered. "And if she asks about the captain vote, you tell her the truth. Everybody KNOWS that she's really responsible for Zane's beating, and the ONLY way she'll ever make captain now is to apologize to him, and beg him to help her get back in good with the seniors." "Okay" Nikki answered immediately.

Carly and Zane just smiled at each other. He had learned a whole lot about the girls he thought he knew today, and they all had a new toy. The rest of the day was spent with the whole, happy, satisfied gang, just sunning by the pool.