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''Goddamn bitch.'' Chris uttered as he hit the computer screen still staring at the email his girlfriend had sent. Tears on his face were now reaching his neck and his head felt like it was on fire.

''7 fucking months down the drain.Along with my heart.'' No one had or would ever give Chris the time of day she did, not even himself. He read over the line that hurt the most to see if he could really match the beautiful face of his would be girlfriend to the text ''You just take things out of context and are an emotional mess.

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It's over.'' What a way to break up with what she called her love. He knew it was going to be hard on them after junior high when they parted to go to their designated High Schools. It was even hard for them before the split when his reputation brought hers down and he would have thought it didn't bother her like she told him if he wasn't a complete idiot. He knew that the little angel who saw him as a friend instead of a loner was now a slut trying to catch some upperclassman's eye.

The previous 3 months before then was just a transition from innocent to whore. She could too with that body of hers. Although maybe not as developed as the other girls her age she had the wild girl masked with an innocent girl characteristic that would make any guy want to take the challenge of unleashing that tease under the sheets.

Chris thought ''If she wants to be a slut I'll use her like a slut.'' and started clicking away on his mouse. He opened a folder with 5 files all with titles such as ''birthday party 1,2,3,4, and 5.'' and opened the file to view the pictures.

He smiled at his confirmed remembrance of the pictures of his half naked ex named Niky. This was the true side of her. He looked at the first of the series and felt his pants get a little tighter.

With her index finger suggestively on her bottom lip and her other arm barely covering her boobs that were barely a hand full for him, how couldn't' he?

She could never look bad in a picture and for a moment he looked at her still with the mindset that she was his. ''Fuck!'' he yelled and looked away. He looked back at her face trying to salvage some kindness from her eyes but all that appeared was a cute bitch that couldn't care less. Such guilt that ate him up before about not deleting the pictures right away like he promised was now saving him in a revengeful way.

Of course they weren't strong hardcore porn pictures but they were enough to make the rest of her high school career something to try to forget. He looked through the rest of the digital saviors with Niky wearing nothing but hip hugging jeans.

She wouldn't let him go there, he remembered; only to 'second base'. ''I guess she wasn't such a slut.'' Chris' soft side came through, the same softness that Niky saw and tried to save from the irrational brute boy that he was almost all of the time.

He felt the the tears try to cool down his face and threw the thought of ''cooling down'' out of his head with a 'yea right.' He attached one of the more provocative photos in a reply mail to her email and sent it with only one sentence attached: ''Meet me at the park entrance at 10P.M.

tomorrow unless you want these to leak into myspace.'' Chris might have been an idiot many times in his life but he won't mess this up. He knows he can't. If he does he will only prove her judgment right and will take him to a new low of hopelessness.

Chris woke up from a light sleep and prepared himself for the night ahead of him.

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He packed a backpack with a flashlight, food snacks, and water. He also printed the pictures of her and got two blankets for them to lay on and under. He spent the day most going through all possibilities and getting a hard-on on most of them. He laid in his bed from sundown till 9:45 going through his plan multiple times in a mantra like state. Chris walked up to the entrance and saw she was already there.

''Hey Niky.'' Chris spoke and startled her. ''What the fuck are we doing out here, Christopher?" She tried to make it impersonal. ''I just wanted to talk.'' Chris couldn't help but smile, even with the bullshit; the fact is he didn't think he would see her again and there she was right in front of him. ''You broke my heart last night, I hope you know that.'' ''I couldn't take it anymore Chris, you always got mad over stupid shit and you didn't trust me.'' ''You don't understand, I've never been loved in my fucking life; you can't expect me to just be casual about you.

I loved you.'' Niky looked shocked at the past-tense phrase and finally realized what she did. Even if he did get outraged that she saw a movie with another guy he was just another guy trying not to lose something. There was no fixing it so she had to do what most teens seem to do in situations were they are wrong: deny. ''Fuck you, you never loved me.'' she wished. ''You always tried to control me.'' ''Maybe if you weren't acting like such a whore towards older boys, I wouldn't have had to keep an eye on you.

But that doesn't matter now, now that everyone will know what a slut you really are.'' Chris opened the folder and pulled a flashlight out of his backpack. One by one he flipped through only watching her expression. He showed his her what kind of dirt he really had and tears started to form in her eyes.

''Why the fuck didn't you delete these like you promised?'' Chris saw her hopelessness and waited for the obvious.

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''Please don't show these to anyone Chris.'' Niky looked up and moved her blonde hair out of her face to casually show him the tears swelling up in her eyes. Chris sat down next to her and put his arm around her waist firmer than he did when he went out with her. ''I'm willing to make you a deal.'' he said softly spoken as he started rubbing her side. Chris stood up and put out his hand to invite her to join him. They started walking into the dark park and he stopped to lay out the blankets.

Since it wasn't a cold night he put them on top of each other. He sat down and patted the ground next to him to signal her to sit. Niky hesitated before complying. ''You want the world to not know what a big slut you are right?'' Niky looked up as the tears started rolling. Chris was just a hate filled jerk but it still hurt her for some reason to be called a slut by him so easily.

Chris continued ''Well, to do that you need to show me how much of a slut you can be.'' He wiped the tears from her face and pointed to the pictures ''Look on the back.'' As Niky reached for them he took out the flashlight again and turned it on.

She flipped one over, ''blowjob.'' Chris saw the confused look on her face ''That's what you have to do to get the picture, and it builds up every time we meet here, so if you want this one and give me head for it one night and you decide that's all you want to do, and the next night you want this one and give anal for it, you're going to have to suck my dick again before anal. She closed her eyes in disbelief for a moment until it was broken by his voice ''The smartest thing would to get all the pictures tonight, but I can understand if you get tired.'' He chuckled and continued ''By the way the tasks are in correspondence, in degree, to the picture so if you want to get this one'' he picked up the 'sluttiest' picture that had her bending over an sucking her middle finger all the way ''then you're going to give me anal.'' Niky was both shocked a surprised; she never knew he could be so crafty even if it is out of hate.

Chris spread out all the pictures and said ''I'll erase them from my computer when I get back, you have my word. You're not in any position to disagree or question so I suggest you don't or else I'll hold back my sperm and make you work for it. Niky nodded and finally swallowed her virgin pride. She looked through all the pictures and looked at the back of each to see the extent of what she would have to do.

Reality hit her as she read off the tasks like a shopping list ''hand job, oral, blowjob, vaginal, anal.'' Niky started moving ''Wait, hold on. Take off your clothes first.'' Chris was starting to enjoy this and the fact that he had manipulated someone was a true accomplishment for him. Niky got on her knees and unbuttoned her white blouse revealing a black bra which she took off as non-seductively as possible.

Niky had a nice tan for her white body and pick nickel sized nipples.


Chris could hardly control his own breathing as she stood up and slid her jeans down revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear. ''Wow, you really are a slut.'' Chris said to drive the point while he stood and moved closer to her. ''So what'll be first for tonight?'' Niky didn't say anything even though the last comment really bugged her, she just put her hand out and started unbuttoning is shorts.

''Hand job'' she spoke softly and Chris pictured in his head to what she picked. It was an Arial view of her and she had her shirt folded up to her boobs and her thumbs tucked into her jeans. He swallowed as his shorts fell to the ground ''Get on your knees in case you want to go the next step up.'' Chris suggested. She obliged and had her face a couple inches away from his soft cock. Chris looked down and strained to see her in the moonlight but he didn't care to see her too much; he won.

He finally did something right and even though it may be considered as an obscene accomplishment, it was still an accomplishment. The control of his whore was starting to get him hard; he knew that he was going to get to fuck this bitch and fill her in everyway a guy could and would be the first to do so.

Niky pulled down his boxers uncovering the 5 inch half hard cock. She felt a hate for herself as she realized that she was as interested and curious as she was apprehensive. "Wait." Chris said to make his moment last ''Tell me you love me.'' Niky could feel herself get hotter in anger against him. ''I should have never given a thought to this bastard'' she thought. ''I love you.'' Niky strained to say what was farther away from the truth to her than anything.

Chris laughed ''Slut, you don't love anyone. Just get on with it before I change my mind.'' Submission had settled and Niky moved her hand to the what was now hard dick. She noticed how soft the skin was as she lightly brushed down his cock onto his fuzzy balls. ''I'll tell you when you are able to get another picture; for now stroke my cock.'' Niky felt tears build up ''No, I'm not going to let him enjoy my suffering.'' she thought as she tucked away her emotions and started stroking his cock.

Chris spit on her hand after a couple strokes and said only the word ''lube.'' She started pumping him slowly from base to head and every once in a while she would twist a little around the head before doing the same routine.

Chris was enjoying the sensations and watching her blank stare and knew what she was trying to do. He smiled and thought ''I'd better let her do a more attentive job.'' and pulled her hand away. ''You can go for another picture now'' Niky crawled over to look through the picture to build a strategy and Chris sat down waiting for her to chose.

After a moment she turned around ''This one.'' She held up a picture of her on her hands and knees looking back at the camera and he remembered the price was oral. She was going to let him taste her. Chris smiled and looked up to see Niky on her back with slightly parted legs.

Chris crawled over to her and put his hands on her knees to force them open. He caught a fragrance that was isolated from anything he previously smelled. It was sweet and something he would remember. He put his hands on her thighs and parted her lips with his thumbs and could see a glimmer in the moonlight; she was wet. He bent down and lower his mouth onto her. Niky reacted with a jolt and a slight yelp. Chris started moving his tongue over her hood left and right and Niky could no longer deny his tongue.

Her feet lifted of the ground and her knees moved up towards her shoulder and held all of her sexual tension in keeping her knees up.

Chris' hands roamed her body stopping by to squeeze her tits and move along her underdeveloped curves. Chris would make deep incretions into her clit with his tongue and explored her likes and dislikes and went how fast she wanted him to go.

Niky's mind was split between pleasure and what she believed was right. Her hand's moved down to spread her lips more and moaning was now accompanying her breathing. ''Oh fuck Chris.'' She looked over to her right and saw the word ''vagianal sex'' on the back of a picture and grabbed it. Niky put in in front of his face to not stop the tongue. Chris was now as hard as ever maxing out at a 7 and a half inch penis. He read the request and took his mouth from her. he positioned himself and sank lower.

''Tell me you want my cock.'' ''I need your cock.'' Niky grabbed his hips and pulled him into her breaking the hymen on the way. Chris forced his mouth onto hers making her taste herself. Chris and Niky both laid still for a couple moment getting familiar with the new sensation.

It was warm and comfortable for both when Chris pulled back and went in again. She squealed from the initial pain but never felt more pleasure and more sexy in her life. She looked at his body and grabbed the back of his head still with her legs up while he started fucking her. ''Fuck me harder, Chris.'' Her pussy was starting to get used to adapt to the huge cock that filled her. Chris obliged and grabbed her firm ass to throw her against his cock.

Chris put a finger in his mouth and then up to her love button. ''Might as well get a head start on the next picture since I know you're going to want it you dumb slut.'' He slowly pushed it in while he was still fucking her. ''Awww, ooohhhhhh'' Niky felt herself about to cum and wrapped her legs around him.

''ohhhhh!'' Her body tensed up and felt like it was melting into his as she came. Chris tried his hardest to hold back his sperms as she moaned and whimpered from the intensity of her orgasm. He slowed down and without asking took his penis and finger out of their holes and switch places. She just laid there overwhelmed by the orgasm she had and relaxed. Chris went very slow into her ass and loved the warmer, tighter sensation of her ass.

He fit all the way in before resting a playing with her over sensitive clit with his finger. She shuddered as the foreign object receded and prepared for the more extreme re-entry.

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After going in a second time he pulled out and went into her pussy to get some of more natural lube then went back in. Chris loved her ass. He wanted the feeling to last forever. She tight ass was now getting used to Chris and he was going faster. He spanked her butt while still playing with her clit. Niky was starting to get horny again.

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How could she let herself do this? From complete virgin to the slut he made her. ''Fuck Niky, your ass is really tight. I'm gonna cum soon'' She look into his eyes and reached down for his balls.


She noticed they were tensing up in her hand and she wondered if this was a sign that he was going to come. He pulled his cock out of her ass with little tolerance left and said ''You still have to get the 'blowjob' picture.'' He got to his knees and straitened his back.

She got on her hands and knees and opened her mouth up. Chris wondered if she was now enjoying it and the idea turned him on so much he lost control and grabbed the back of her neck and thrust his cock into her mouth. Niky pulled back and tried to push Chris away by pushing his hips back with her hands but to no achievement. ''Relax and enjoy the tastes.'' Chris began fucking her to the entrance to her throat and she starting to gag.

This amount of control wouldn't last long and before he really could have done Niky some damage, he started to cum. Christ made sure his slut's mouth was closed and she'd have to swallow. ''I hope you liked that, my love.'' Niky finally regained some sense of herself morally and she pulled away. He handed her the pictures and organized his things back into his backpack and added her panties to the inventory.

''This will be my trophy for nailing you. By the way, I'm not going to delete those pictures of you off my computer. If I were you I'd be prepared to get fucked at all times.'' Niky felt so stupid and used as she just sat in the grass naked while Chris gathered up his blankets and finally started back to his home. She'd have to find a way to get back at him or find some dirt to have leverage to get back those dirty pictures.

But how could she find something more useful in degree than what he had on her? It's not like she could just go to his house and hope to find something.