Police woman getting fucked and women hd gagging on his fat weenie

Police woman getting fucked and women hd gagging on his fat weenie
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When I met the girl who was to become my girlfriend, and eventually my wife, she was only 18, and I was 22. She was around 5'5, brunette hair, slim but curvy, with brown eyes and a 32e chest that blew me away every time.

It started as a summer thing, and although we were together for 3 months before we actually had sex, you could not stop us once we started. We did it in her moms' house, in the garden, in the car, in the shed, on the beach, even while everyone was asleep at her home.

I often looked at her mother and thought, if she grows up to be as hot as her, then I will be a lucky man. However, this is not about her mother. Or my girl… Her sister Beth was around 12 when Lucy and I got together, and she was in my eyes, a standard little sister. Cute to me, as I was new, but a little brat I knew for certain. Nothing else really crossed my mind.

Occasionally, Beth would disturb us midway through some sneaky sex session. Once Beth knocked and quickly came in to Lucy's room, while I was receiving my first blow job from Lucy. I struggled to get my cock out Lucy's mouth before Beth jumped on the bed, where I was trying to hide my erection under the covers. That gave me a thrill of a thought. And I was sure she knew what was happening. As Beth started to grow up, about 14 or so, I noticed her getting more puppy fat on her, and this was a startling discovery.

She had been a skinny little ballet dancer before, but now had some curves developing around her sexy thighs and luscious hips, and far more in the chest area too. When I arrived at Lucy's place one day, and discovered Beth in her leotard, that was I first realized that she was going to turn into a hot little sister.

My cock noticed it too. I struggled not to stare or seem horny, but I was&hellip.very! She started to wear more fashionable tops, and her chest seemed to be growing without restraint. At one point, she must have been only a few sizes off her sisters.

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I would always be distracted at dinner. At about the same time, Lucy started to do less running, less exercise and more eating, and consequently, she started to put on more.

I do like my women curvy, that's a cert, but she was changing from the girl I met, from the curves I liked, and I started to think; now I wish she was more like Beth. Our sex life started to suffer, but was still good when it was happening. It just got less adventurous. Fewer positions, only the bedroom, and no oral anymore either way. Fantasies of Beth filled my day, night and thoughts during sex.

Imagining it was Beth that I was sliding in and out of would always bring the strongest orgasms for me.

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My relationship with Beth started to become more friendly and playful, as I became the fun older guy in her life, and she had really started to get my attention.

Typical young girl, she became a little emo style and wore tops and skirts. I was hooked. We would talk about music, and I would ask her about her school and her friends, feigning attention on others more than her. Secretly I was taking every opportunity to study her body closer.

'Leon, can you hand me that poetry book over there?' Beth asked innocently. She was leaning over the table pointing, while her top allowed a view of what had been starting to flood my dreams and fantasies. I handed it to her, and asked 'What you writing?' 'Just a few lines about what I am feeling like these days, maybe for a poem, perhaps a song' she smiled at me, and slowly stood back up, her hands brushing down the back of her chequered school skirt.

I realized she was caressing her pert little ass and smiled. 'I would love to take a read sometime, if you would let me I promise I won't take the mick too much…' I joked. As I was a private music tutor, she knew I meant it, but liked the playful nature. 'I think you would be&hellip.blown away' she stated, smiling, and tuning quick enough to give her skirt a twirl, and me a glimpse of her golden thighs.

From then on I kept an eye on this blossoming babe. It was hell that year and a bit, seeing her grow and develop, pretending that I felt nothing but normal feelings for my girls little sister, and knowing I wanted her more than air. Her hugs would get me hard in seconds, feeling that hot little body, and soft amazing chest against mine.

Little flirty tickle fights that led to nothing more than a frown and a 'Stop or I will tell Lucy'.

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She didn't seem to have an interest in boys, and in fact seemed to think that sex even was dirty. One day after having sex with Lucy in the room next to hers, I came down to breakfast with Beth staring at me with those piercing hazel eyes.

'I heard you two going at it last night while I was in bed……I was like ewwww…its wrong!' 'I'm sorry, I er&hellip.will try and be more quiet next time' I said, genuinely sorry, a little red in the face, but pleased she knew that me and her sister had a good time. 'Not your fault, it wasn't you I was hearing…it was Lucy' she replied, with a half smile, half frown and looked down at the table. It was at this point that I wondered, was there a hint of jealousy in that.

Is there a small chance that Beth wished it wasn't happening to Lucy, but to her? She had some boyfriends, but all too immature to do anything, and I knew from Lucy, that she had only kissed them, and never really passionately. From this point on, I decided to play a very dangerous and different game. Prom time came around quick, and she was suddenly 16 years old. I was amazed that this innocent little dancer had turned into quirky little lady. She was into fashion now like nothing else, and so the dress was a big thing for her.

Her mom and sister helped her chose one from a second hand store so emo! and make a few alterations to it. She was trying it on, and going up and downstairs with different shoes, scarf's and bags all night.

'It has to be just right mom, I have to look older' Beth stated, looking as if the world depended on it. Her mom, quite the skilled woman with a needle, was making the changes that Beth requested.

Take a piece off here, add this bit. The dress was ice blue, and had two skinny straps. That's all I took notice of at first, because the cleavage it showed off, once the chest piece was taken away, was amazing.

'You look great Beth' I said, passing her in the hallway, her silky covered ass brushing my hip and causing me to stop breathing. 'Thanks, I really hope you like it' she replied, with a cheeky smile and a close of her eyes. Beth was definitely a d cup now, maybe a double. As the night went on, I had had a couple beers, Lucy was asleep in the lounge after a glass of wine, and her mom was busy fixing up a scarf Beth had asked for as a feature.

I came out of the upstairs bathroom doing up my shorts, as Beth came out of her bedroom, barefoot and leaning forward to choose some shoes again. I looked down and saw her breasts literally almost out of the front of her dress. They were so beautiful, and the way they sat hung together was so mesmerizing, that I just stared&hellip.and got very hard. Beth didn't notice I was there, too busy in a flap and trying to get her shoes. She stood on the edge of her dress, stumbled forward and murmured 'Oh shit!" I leant forward and caught her arms near the shoulders, the sudden stop releasing her fantastic chest from her dress.

I saw them break free and my loins reacted accordingly. Beth managed to put two hands out in a feeble attempt not to fall. One landed on my stomach, the other right next to my growing cock. Our eyes met. There was an awkward pause. It was electric and seemed to last forever. 'First time I heard you swear ever. I won't tell' I said, laughing and trying to make light of an embarrassing situation.

She burst into a mix of laughing and tears at the shock and embarrassment. She looked stunned that I had caught her. I helped her to get up onto her knees. She knelt in front of me, red faced and looking up at me with those eyes so similar to Lucy's soft, brown, and passionate.

'Ok, but what do I make of this?' she asked, and keeping her hands were they were, ran a finger onto the bulge she was facing in my shorts. 'Should I tell?' she asked mischievously. 'I'm not sure what's harder, this or your stomach!'.


I noticed her breasts were still out. She hadn't noticed. I had. I saw her nipples were hardening, and wanted so badly to tease them. 'Maybe these are harder' I enquired, and knelt down to her level, brushing a finger over her left breasts to the hard nipple. She shuddered, then realized her tits were out, and raised her hands to cover them. She didn't move away, or get up.

She just looked at me with shock. She had touched me through clothes. I had just touched her bare breasts. They were soft, warm and so so smooth. I started to get wet inside my boxers. 'Beth they are beautiful, so amazing. Nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, I have seen them now' I said, trying to make her feel at ease. Beth replied ' I know, I can see you got a good eyeful', and she took her hand away to point at the wet spot now appearing in my shorts. Her nipple was so inviting that I just had to move gently down to softly lick and suck on it.

As I did, Beth slowly put her hand onto my aching cock. We both softly moaned as we contacted with each other. She leant her head back, raising her chest a little more to me, and my other hand found hers on her other breast. I looked up at her, eyes closed, head back and started to kiss my way over her silky chest, over her shoulder and softly up her neck.

She responded with moans and gasps, and her hand began to rub up and down my shaft through the shorts, her other hand squeezing her own breast a little more. Not a word had been uttered in these few minutes, but we both knew we were doing what we had wanted for a long time.

I softly nibbled on her ear, whispering 'Beth, I want to kiss you so much' I waited for a reply. There was none. She moved her face to mine, looked into my eyes and then closed them as she moved forward to meet her lips with mine. Soft gentle kisses at first, with a touch of tongue moistening each others lips. Then a pause, and then pure passion ensued.

Our kisses released the energy we held for eachother.

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With one hand on hers still caressing her breast, my other ran hand down the silky fabric wrapped around the hot firm body of hers, to squeeze her ass gently. At this point, she decided she wanted to see what was making her feel like this, and opened my zipper on my shorts. She reached in slowly, without breaking the kiss, and I felt the hot small hand of my girls little sister, wrap around my hard cock and release it from my boxers.

I was in heaven. I moaned at her touch. The kiss broke, and Beth said 'I have wanted this with you forever. Let me see what Lucy gets inside her and makes her scream your name into her pillow' I had never heard Beth say anything like this before. I was so aroused; I barely noticed her fingers running my wetness all over my now desperately hard cock.

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I squeezed her breast in reply, and she let out a whimper. My other hand automatically reached up under her dress, and onto one of her thighs, slowly climbing up from her knee to where I felt weak at mine…she wasn't wearing anything underneath. I was so aroused now I could barely breathe. Our eyes met again, briefly before our lips followed, and my hand left her breast to join the other under the folds of her dress, one on each hip. I broke the kiss first, desparate for air and said 'Beth, let me take you to your room…please' She replied softly, her hand still wrapped around my hard cock, sliding it up and down the soaking shaft like she had done this before 'No, let me take you' She started to stand, and I did too, planting soft kisses on her cheeks as she guided me to her room off the landing, using my cock to lead me.

She looked back over her shoulder with an excited smile and a girlish giggle, her fantastic tits jiggling just a little as she walked. A dress never looked so good.

Once inside, we did not close the door, but fell straight for the bed. She lay back, still in her dress and I lay next to her, one hand on her thighs running up towards her hips, the other hand brushing the hair back off her forehead.

'Beth, I want to come for you……and make you cum too…&hellip., but I don't think we can do much right now' I said, in between kissing her breasts. Her moans reassured me I was doing what she wanted, and that she was enjoying it as much as me. 'Let's just tease each other for a few minutes……I want to enjoy this, god I have waited long enough for it' she replied Her hands were both wrapped around my cock, and I was starting to worry about cumming&hellip.not only that but all over her dress.

My fingers found her soft spot, and I teased the area around first, running them softly down her small patch of hair, onto her little clit and I heard her gasp with excitement. 'UH, ooh yeah, I can't believe it took this long to get you here in my room' Beth moaned through breathing. She started to really slide my cock back and forth through her hand, and I too began to breathe heavier. I replied by running my fingers lower, and discovering hew slit.

It was wet…really wet, and I immediately kissed her passionately, in order to stop her calling out loud during what I was going to do next. I started to circle her pussy and clit with a finger, before putting a little pressure on it each time and slipping it in a little deeper, until she pushed her hips and pussy up to meet them.

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Her moans filled my mouth as our tongues met and were running wild, displaying the passion we were enjoying in our groins. I lifted off kissing her to say 'We should stop, Lucy & your mom are &hellip.oh god, they are just below us&hellip.and&hellip.and the door is wide&hellip.mmmmm open'. She was not listening, but intent on getting me worked up until I would move to the next stage.

She lay there flat on her bed in her beautiful dress, her legs wide apart as she could, with her mom and sister my girlfriend downstairs, door open, while I teased her amazingly seductive pussy with my finger. She was reaching out with one hand jerking my burning hot cock, and rubbing her breasts and teasing her nipples with the other. This was a sight to behold, and I tried to take it all in.

As I did, I felt my balls ache with being so turned on, and then begin to tingle with the familiar feeling. It was then I decided to add a second finger to the equation, and slid them both into Beth's tight little hole. The look on her face was heavenly, and she immediately got her hands around my back and pulled me to kiss her, and muffling the moans, tried to get me in between her thighs. I continued to slide my fingers in her tight wetness, and then she started to bring my cock closer to it also.

I realised what she was wanting, and I proceeded to run my cock along her slit, replacing the penetration of my fingers with the clit stimulation of my hot hard cock. "Oh Beth, you feel so damn good, your gonna make me cum so hard' I whispered in her ear, my hands either side of her chest, teasing the sides of her breasts as I slid over her. Her hands gripped my ass and continued the movement and she whispered back, 'Oh Leon, it feels so good, I wish we could do this all night' I held myself up on my elbows, and begin to kiss my way down her neck I learnt early one that she liked this a lot, and then started to bite it a little.

The difference was dramatic. Her nails dug into my ass through my shorts, and I felt her start to push her pussy up against my cock, and the little parting of her lips and the small amount of entry inside her was mind blowing and pretty much wad-blowing too. In between biting her neck and squeezing her solid nipple topped tits, I moaned 'Beth I am so close to cumming…&hellip.uh…&hellip.

its gonna be loads…&hellip.oh shit,…… where should I &hellip.mmmmm. oh Beth quick' A hurried reply was whimpered through gritted teeth, and I knew the combination of biting, squeezing her breasts and my cock beginning to twitch against her slit and clit was sending her over the edge 'Oh GOD LEON, cum in me…ugghhh&hellip.please&hellip.not on my dress&hellip.it will be so messy else' 'Beth no, I cant not this time…&hellip.please, let me fuck these tits and……oh&hellip.

I can cum in your mouth and …&hellip.oh god no' 'You know&hellip.urrrh…I am on the pill&hellip.ohhhh.so its what I want' I knew what she was doing. 'Its ok, I lost my cherry riding last summer……oooh please I want to feel you inside me for my first…mmm' She wrapped her thighs around me, pulling me closer and I was unable to stop my dripping wet cock from slipping deep into her dripping wet hole.


We instantly locked lips passionately, in order to stop the screaming out loud that we both wanted. She was so hot inside, and the feeling of filling her up deep sent her pussy into spasms as she came. I felt her shake, then jolt about as she kissed me even harder, her hands under my t-shirt, nails scraping at my back. Then the feeling of an even warmer wetness, and I knew she had orgasmed. I in turn had hardly any time, but managed to get in maybe 3 thrusts before sending my boiling over load inside her pulsing pussy.

It felt wonderful.

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We continued to kiss as we collapsed together on the bed. It was the most passionate, most exhilarating sex and most exhausting orgasm I had ever had. And yet the penetration lasted for less than 30 seconds, we were both wearing clothes and it was the quietest I have ever been whilst in bed with any girl ever. Beth looked up at me, face red and flushed, panting hard and smiling through glazed eyes, with the cheekiest smile like the cat that got the cream. 'So, what have we started?'