Amateura latina pussy rammed while spreading her ass

Amateura latina pussy rammed while spreading her ass
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Chapter two Swimming Billy awoke early the next morning feeling good and refreshed, ready to take on the world.

He got up and dressed quietly as the sun shown in the window. He crept out the door as to not wake his room mates and set off for the main room. He sat down on the couch in the middle room and stared into the middle of an empty fireplace.

Amber was on his mind for some reason so his brain drifted back to some of the time he spent with her. He would go over to her house because her parents were always gone. They would sit in front of her television and watch movies for hours on end just holding each other. Then one faithful day she had her head in his lap and a sex part on the movie came on which made him instantly hard. He could feel his cock stirring as it grew and poked her in the side of her head.

"What's this?" she said as she lifted her head and reached into his pants. She pulled out his five inch cock and instantly shoved it into her mouth.

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Her head went all the way down until her nose touches his pubic hair. She slowly moved her mouth up and down on his shaft swirling her tongue around his cock. Billy laid his head back to enjoy the sensation on his cock. He opened his eyes and was staring into Lucy's eyes. She was shaking him trying to get his attention. "Wake up sleepy head." she said softly.

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He just sat there trying to figure out what was going on. After a few seconds he shook his head. He looked deeply into her eyes and smiled. He must have really been zoning out with his thoughts. She blinked and stood up walking off to the dining hall, as he watched her he felt his cock stirring so he looked the other way and saw his roomies emerge from the rooms. They all went down to a bacon and egg breakfast with some orange juice for drink. He sat next to Lucy without talking just staring. He offered her some bacon which she happily took even though she had some on her plate already.

They all cleaned off their plates and wiped up before heading outside for some fun and games. Most of the kids headed down to the watering hole for some swimming practice. The boys and girls had separate areas of the same building to change into their suits. Billy walked in and noticed the boys all standing on top of benches stroking their cocks.

He looked up and noticed a gap at the ceiling. He found an opening and stared through himself. It was just like the shower room except the girls were playing around more. He instantly scanned the room for Lucy but his eyes fell upon Amber instead.

She had her back to him talking to someone changing so all he could see was her white tanned ass. Lucy stepped out from the other side of her already in her suit. Feeling depressed he jumped down and put on his own suit. He stepped out into the sun and took a big sniff of nature at its best. He ran for the lake desperately needing to cool off from this heat. He kept running even though his legs were having a hard time pushing through the water.

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When it was up to his waist he dove underwater and swam out a few feet and resurfaced. He looked around and was amongst 20 other swimmers playing and goofing around.

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He felt someone grab his shoulders and push him underwater. It caught him off guard so he swallowed a mouth full of water. As soon as his head broke the surface again he turned around to see who did it.

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He was staring straight into Amber's eyes. Lucy was standing behind her with another girl he did not know. All three of them were giggling a little too much. Amber turned to the others and nodded her head; before he knew it all three of them were on top of him trying to tackle him underwater.

He was putting up a good struggle and tried pushing all three of them off of him.

As he was pushing he felt someone's breast but didn't know who because there was no reaction. So he decided to go for it again but this time held his hand on which ever breast it came in contact with acting like he was pushing her. Still the person did not seem to object so while trying to stay above water his hand slid done across her stomach and continued down to her pussy.

He started rubbing it and no one stopped him so he maneuvered his hand in between her legs which opened up for him. He caressed her hole from the outside and could hear panting in his ear. He moved his hand and slid it underneath her suit slipping a finger into her pussy with ease. He got too distracted by this and was finally pulled under and his hand slipped out.


When he was back up he still had no idea who was allowing it. It was his turn for some revenge so he went after the closes girl, Lucy, and dunked her under without trouble. He turned around and dunked the new girl then went after Amber who was waiting for him.

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She dove underwater and grabbed his legs and made him buckle. As he fell he stretched out his hands to grab what ever he could. His hands made contact with Lucy's suit and ripped the top clean off of her. When he came back up she was running out of the water with her tits covered and crying.

Billy felt sorry for doing it and felt it was all ambers fault so he ran after her until she disappeared into the changing room. He stopped outside and waited for her to emerge a few minutes later wearing a pretty yellow Sunday dress. She still had tears running down her face as she emerged.


She saw him and tried to walk the other way and he caught up to her and walked on her side. "I'm sorry that happened," he told her "it was Ambers fault. She tripped me and I didn't expect it." "Its alright." she told him, "I didn't mind you seeing them; I just did not want everyone else to." She turned a beat red realizing she said it out loud.

Billy acted like he did not hear her and they kept talking to each other as they walked.


He was still in shorts but did not care, he was enjoying himself. They stopped and realized they were in the middle of nowhere as they looked around.

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They could not hear or see anyone so they turned around and tried to head back. After about two hours of walking and looking they sat down to get some rest.

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It was past lunch time and they were both hungry. Billy jumped up and looked around for food. He stumbled on some grapes growing wild and was reluctant to eat some let alone give Lucy some but he knew she was hungry so he took a hand full and ate them. He picked quite a few more just incase he was fine in a little bit to give to her. He sat next to her and told of his plan.

After about half an hour his stomach was turning and he was feeling sick. He took the grapes and threw them, after a minute or so he fell face first onto the ground and was shaking as he passed out.