Ich weiß dass du heimlich einige Hahn wollen

Ich weiß  dass du heimlich einige Hahn wollen
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The Czech Republic in central Europe has much to offer the liberal life style traveler. In Prague, the capitol city, the Sex Machine Museum offers old time XXX movies and a wide display of sexual devices used since medieval times. It is located just off St. Wenceslaus Square in the heart of the city. There are also family nude swims open to the public at a municipal pool in Prague from 8 to 9 PM every Friday. But for the most unique experience the traveler should consider is a trip outside of Prague to the adult products store downtown in the city of Ostrava.

Ostrava is the capital of the eastern province of Moravia. In exploring the streets of this clean and pleasant city I walked by an adult products store. I decided to go in because I wanted to compare it to the ones I have visited in the US and in Prague. This store was like the one in Prague I visited about twice the number of products one would find in the US plus they were displayed much more attractively.

The outside of the stores were not nearly as nice as the inside but still better than the sinister looking ones in the States. Some of the ones in Prague actually have a wall length photo of the products on the shelves for the people on the streets to get a picture of the inside. Many of the products were from the US and China as wells as from Europe.

There were two attractive female store clerks who were in their mid to late 20s serving a classy dressed Czech woman who was a few years older.

The two clerks were wearing white blouses which showed nice busts. I am sure that did not hurt in their hiring. I could see that a female customer they were both waiting on was evaluating dildos. I haven't seen such classy women in the States shopping in adult stores. In the US I expect it is usually the boyfriends or husbands who would be doing the buying.

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Soon one of the clerks came over to me. "Dobry den!" "Dobry den! "Are you American?" "Yes," I don't know how know but they usually can tell. "My name is Dita, can I help you?" I politely declined saying I was just looking.

As I work my way to the back of the store I come upon a product that I have never seen before in an adult store a gynecological chair.

It is black and the size of one in gynecologists in the States. It is of good quality yet I don't think it was a medical issue one. Those would be very expensive. Dita returns, "Can I answer any questions for you?" "We don't see these in the States - in stores that is." "These are popular here.

The stirrups are solid and the seat is comfortable. They are made with Germany engineering. They are very popular for conversation pieces and parties. Bachelor males have been some of the most frequent buyers. As I am sure you can imagine the fellow's dates always want to try them out." "Well, they are certainly a conversation piece.

Where do people put them?" "Ha ha ha! I'm afraid I can't answer that question but I can tell you we sell an average of two or three a day." "You must make some money on them. But I can't see how you could sell two a day. I have been here about 20 minutes and I have only seen that one lady customer." "It is a little slow time for us but if you stick around for awhile there is a good chance you will see one go out the door." I wander around the store about 15 more minutes and am ready to leave when a couple entered.

They are a young man and woman who I would guess are in their mid 20s. She looks to be about 5' in height. She is dark skinned so I wonder if she is a Roma or gypsy. There is a very large population of them in the Czech Republic.

The woman must have been at least eight months pregnant. She had brown hair which goes to just above her shoulders, pretty face, leather vest and some leather boots like most of the women in Prague are wearing this winter. She is wearing the kind of jeans that are made for pregnant women there is a black elastic cloth covering her belly. Instead of keeping on my route to exit I veered off to observe this pregnant woman. I love pregnant women.

I think it is because of their exaggerated curves they look so inviting. I know women who are pregnant don't see themselves that way but men often do. I know my wife did not like being pregnant. She has large breasts and when she was pregnant they were huge.

So many women just don't feel comfortable with the extra weight, the heavy tits and the morning sickness that often goes with it. Unfortunately too many pregnant women don't see themselves as attractive. However, I love them. The other alluring feature of these women for us guys is we know they fuck or they wouldn't be in the state they are. As I was stealing looks of this couple out of the peripheral of my eyes the clerk, Dita, comes over once again and says: "Before you leave you might wait to see if this couple buys a chair." "Okay.

I will. By the way, are they Roma?" "Yes, sure." A side note here. Roma are gypsies. The Czech Republic has a large population of them. There are Roma in Romania but actually they came from India a long time ago and live through Europe and many even came to America. They are a spurned people in Europe because they are not only a different race but they are seen as thieves and pick pockets.

The do a lot of that activity but they are also blamed for about everything else bad that happens too. What is not always acknowledged about the Roma is because of their Indian heritage they are very sensual looking people.

This young couple was no exception. Dita smiles, "Yes, this couple may want a chair." "Oh really?" I question. I thought to myself: Ha! I don't think so. This would be the last couple to buy a chair. I doubt they have any money. Plus, this fecund young woman is undoubtedly tired of some male or female doctor poking a scope up her vagina to examine her cervix. I offer, "I am not so sure.

Since she is pregnant she is probably not in the mood. Plus, they don't look like they could afford one of the chairs." "Oh. I think you might be surprised. Would you like to place what you Americans call a friendly bet?

"Sure. How much?" "How about 10 koruna?" At the time one koruna (a crown) was about 5 cents in US so the bet would be 50 cents. "How about 100 koruna?" This would be $5. Besides I am enjoying my chat with this Dita a sexy looking young Czech woman. "Fine, sir. Okay." The Roma couple walks around the store together looking at the sexual aids and some DVDs. They both seem to be equally interested which surprises me.

I would have guessed the guy brought his pregnant wife or girl friend in who would have been reluctant. Then they stop at the gyno chair. The chair is by itself so they both have plenty of space to walk around it. They call Dita over and get into a discussion in Czech about the chair. She then leads them to the back of the store and so I slowly work my way back there.

I find them off in a side room which is not as bright as the main sales area. I see they are standing by another gyno chair just like the one in the main room. As I gradually stroll by the room I see that the woman's husband is assisting her getting into the chair. She obviously is struggling and so I step in to help give her a boost. "Dekuju!" [Thank you!] Dita says. "'Prosim," [You're welcome!] And that is about the extent of my Czech.

I step back to the wall but still observe. There is no other furniture in the room. The woman has settled in the chair and has both shoes and socks off with her feet in the stirrups. The clerk and the couple converse some more in Czech helping her get comfortable I suppose. Dita smiles at me, "They like the chair." "I think a lot of people probably would," I respond.

The three couple and Dita chat some more. "The couple says they don't quite have enough money." "How much is it?" "It is 2500 koruna. [$125] They have the money except for $50.

They wonder if you would like to go in with them for the rest. "But I return to the States next week and how could we split up the chair?" The three Czechs return to a lively discussion. "They say if you contribute the $50 you could have the pleasure of watching them try out the chair.

They then would then keep the chair." "Huh? How could they try out the chair?


She is already in it." With that Dita looks at the woman who is flat on her back in the chair. The woman smiles. Dita then grabs each bottom of the legs of the woman's jeans and pulls. The woman in the chair assists by placing her palms down on the side of the chair and lifts her back and belly so the jeans eventually come off. She next removes her sky-blue thong and a shaved tan cunt is exposed under the protruding belly.

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She slides down to the edge of the table. I lose my breath and almost my balance. Dita then closes the side room's door. "Sometimes the chairs are used for more than just exams." "Oh?!" "Sir, would you like to see?" I recover to say, "Okay you have my $50 contribution!" "Anno." [Yes.] Dita tells the couple. With that Dita and the man help the pregnant woman off with her blouse.

The most beautiful torpedo shaped mammaries filled with milk are exhibited. My cock fights the constrictions of my pants. "Sir, the couple wonders if you would like to contribute another $75 and purchase the chair for them?" I'm stunned. This relatively petite woman who is supine in the chair has a huge belly with a linea nigra from her naval to her pubic area. Her torpedo tits lay to each side of her huge belly. Voluptuous would be an understatement for this Roma puffed up-doll.

I look at the young man and he seems to be okay with the transaction. Then Dita then steps toward me and unbuckles my belt. I hear the voice of the other Czech sales clerk waiting on another female customer who is outside the door. We have privacy.

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Dita yanks my briefs down and my hard-on springs out and points at the woman in the chair. Dita then maneuvers the young Roma woman's boyfriend to behind the chair and then unfastened his belt buckle. She pulls his pants down and a cock longer than mine is dangling. He is obviously surprised. She nudges him back toward the head of his girlfriend. "Sir your decision?" the Czech clerk asks me.

I am flabbergasted but I stare at the Roma woman's belly and hairless cunt as she sits on the edge of the seat. I then look up to the young woman's face and she is smiling.

She puts her hands on her nipples and starts pinching them. I have not had a release since the wonderful masseuse Veronica in Prague helped me out a week ago. The female clerk takes my wrist and moves me forward. She reaches into her pocket and picks out a condom. "With or with out?

Her boyfriend says they were both virgins before he fucked her and are clean." Because the couple looks so young I believe them so I shake my head indicating that we can skip the condom. I also know I won't be making her any more pregnant than she already is. Dita then walks over to the boyfriend and reaches over and grasps his thick penis.

She directs it to the pregnant woman's mouth. She leans over a little and with a few movements of her lips readily swallows it and immediately starts sucking. The clerk then grasps a handle on the chair and lowers it a few inches. I am taking deep breaths. Then she steps toward me, grabs my forearm as she directs me a step closer to the chair.

I am between the lady's spread legs. My penis head aims right for the shaved pussy with its very fleshy labia. The sales clerk interjects, "Sold?" "Sold!!!!!" Then with the Czech clerk's right hand she keeps the aim of my cock steady as it moves past the large flaps of the labia and into the reddish tan swollen and moist cunt. With Dita's left hand she lightly grabs my testicles.

I begin to thrust. More thrusting in and out of the hairless pussy. Even though the fetus had dropped I could not feel it wedging me out. In fact there seemed to be plenty of room and not a lot of friction because her box is so wet and stretched. The full bellied woman in the chair has moved both her hands from her nipples to ringing the base of her boyfriend's penis to assist him in fucking her mouth.

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The women's cheeks go quickly back and forth from being puffed out to being indented as she rhythmically sucks. Dita with her engaging smile is bent over some showing deep cleavage as she slowly rubs my testicles and with her other hand starts to massage the pregnant Gypsy's clitoris.

Oh, it feels soooooooo nice!! The Roma boyfriend's hips are now in a rhythm with his girlfriend head turned toward him as she continues to suck his cock with her hands cupping his balls. I don't want this to end when I can feel the pressure beginning for the pumping action of my penis.

The woman's eyes are big and she drops the cock. She starts to scream but Dita is prepared for this as reaches under the chair, pulls out a stuffed-sock object and places it the her mouth. I try to be quiet but, "Jesus Christ!

Here it cummmmmms!!! "Uh! Uh!. Uh!. Uh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" "Ummmmmmn!" the Roma slut moans with the sock in her mouth. Her body starts jumping several inches. Dita has left her clit and is holding down her shoulders. I then bend over and lay my cheek is on the Roma woman's belly but my cock continues to explode in her cavernous cunt. A hard nipple of a torpedo tit rubs against the hair on my head. My penis continues to throb and expels more semen.

The Gypsy slows her tossing as her husband French kisses her. The whole event is over too fast. I slowly withdraw my still stiff penis. I must have shot what felt like a half a cup of semen.

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The husband/ boyfriend stops his kiss and put his cock back in her mouth. She starts to such again and in just seconds we can see is swallowing his semen as some dribbles down the side of her mouth.

Her body spasms again. Eventually, the women relaxes which allows the busty Czech clerk help the heavy woman leverage herself out of the gyno chair. The young man withdraws his penis, tucks it back into his shorts and buckles up. Dita shepherds me into an adjacent small room that has a sink and towel. She has me stand over the sink and uses soap and water to wash my member. After a quick rinse she holds my cock and dries it with a fluffy white towel.

"Please don't stop!" I am thinking. Then she soaps, rinses and dries my scrotum and the rest of my pubic area. As I am being cleaned the Roma couple peeks into my room and smiles at me, "Dekuju!" [Thank you!] What an afternoon am I dreaming?

No I am here in Ostrava. I have just donated a gyno chair to this young Roman couple. It was worth it. May they have many happy nights with it while I have many pleasant dreams. I walk to the front desk and have my debit card out. "Dita, that was a great experience. You win the bet. I am happy to have helped out that young couple. Can you ship a chair to the States?" "Of course. No problem, sir. Do you want the single or double, sir?" "A what!?" "We have options for one woman or two.

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I don't think you saw the double. Actually it is different from the gyno chair. Please follow me." I follow Dita back. We go into the room where she had helped me wash up and this time I see what I missed because I was so focused on the gyno chair activity. "Sir, as you can see there are two seats - one on the top and one on the bottom with each having its own stirrups. Obviously, this is not a gyno chair but one for double dipping.

With this chair two women can be fucked at the same time. The man or woman with a strap-on can alternately penetrate their partners. These are also popular - especially for parties." "My God! I saw a chair like this in the Sex Machine Museum in Prague which was used in medieval times." "Oh, this chair was modeled after the one you saw there in Prague.

It is made by the same German company as the one in the other room. Would you like a demonstration?


I can get Natasha." She calls for Natasha. Natasha arrives with a smile looking so fresh and lovely in her filled-out white blouse. Dita then looks at Natasha Natasha says.

"Oh you Americans and Canadians!" Dita and Natasha in sync start unbuttoning their blouses. After slipping them off they pull their tits out of their white semi bras. I have to clear my throat as they exhibit beautiful mammaries with reddish/tan nipples. Dita has a tattoo on the side of her left breast of a mushroom in some grass.

I am aware that Czechs love to hunt for mushrooms. My cock stirs again. This is unbelievable. Natasha then moves toward me with her eyes staring into mine and starts to unbuckle my belt. Just then a customer comes through the front door. Natasha lets go and folds her tits back into her bra. She puts her blouse back on and starts buttoning it as she slowly walks to the front of the store. This afternoon has been amazing but, "Oh, myyyyyyyy God!

This is too much for a guy from the Midwest in one day! I'm sorry, Dita.

But thanks so much!" I fasten my belt buckle. Dita grasps her breast with the mushroom tatoo and and stuffs it back into her bra. She then follows with the other and puts her blouse back on. She then softly combs the hair on my head with her fingers.

We walk together to the check-out counter in the front. "Ladies here is the koruna for the chair the Roma couple got. Dita, here is the koruna for the bet you won.

I have decided not send one of these chairs back home. You have the most wonderful store but I must get back to Prague." The women give me a most generous smile. Dita says, "Sir, we love Americans. "Na shledanou! Good bye! Cum again." "Na shledanou! Good bye!" I am exhilarated but physically and emotionally exhausted. It is time for me to get back to Prague then Omaha.