Two maids in stockings work one dick

Two maids in stockings work one dick
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It felt so strange sleeping next to Timmy. Sure, I was used to waking up with a man next to me, but one so young? I don't know if that had ever happened.

He looked so innocent, his childish charms more evident as he slept. He was even drooling! What an adorable little cutie pie! 4:43, my alarm clock read. It was still hours before I would normally get up, but here I was, unable to sleep because I couldn't keep my eyes off the boy next to me.

I didn't want to bother him, telling myself that I should just let him sleep peacefully, but my libido had other ideas. It didn't help that his lips were already parted too, almost inviting me to kiss him.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, leaning gently into him and kissing his lips, just enough to make contact.


My heart was pounding. It wasn't that I was afraid of him waking up, but to be doing this while he was still asleep? How much hotter could it get! And when he didn't wake up, I went further, slowly licking his lips with my tongue, teasing the inside of his mouth. I had only intended to go for some light kissing, but Timmy was still sleeping so heavily that I naturally wanted more.

Softly, I tilted his face towards me, letting me freely kiss him as if he was awake. My hands naturally wandered lower on his body, until I found his cock again.

He was still naked from the waist down, having fallen unconscious from our activities a few hours ago. And while his mind might be resetting, his body seemed wide awake, responding to the delicate touch of my fingers. It was less than three strokes before his cock sprang back to life, engorging itself in my palm. And the bigger it grew, the harder I kissed him, making myself forget the current situation.

"uugh…mmm" he mumbled. Timmy instinctively pushed me off his face before opening his eyes, blinking repeatedly to adjust to the dim lighting of the room.

"Hey sleepyhead" I whispered, kissing him softly on the nose. "Lily?" "Of course silly! Who'd you think it was!" I giggled. It took him a second to gather his surroundings, quickly looking down to see what I was doing with his dick.

"Do you want to play? I hope you don't mind that I got started first!" "Wait! I have to go pee first!" he quickly exclaimed, dropping off the bed. He raced to the bathroom, even bumping against the door frame. It was loud, and definitely sounded like it hurt. But I guess in his quest for pussy that was one battle wound he was happily willing to suffer! "OK!" He proudly proclaimed, returning not a minute later.

He crawled up into my bed, where I promptly met him with a hug and kiss, gently pushing him back down until he was flat on his back again.

"So what do you want to do first?" I asked, kissing all over his face. "uhm…could…could…I lick your pussy again?" he asked hesitantly. "Of course! And next time, if its just the two of us, you don't have to ask!" I smirked.

"Really?!" "mhm!" I giggled, turning on my night lamp. Now we could see each other clearly again. Timmy's eyes wandered up and down my body, soaking in the way I looked in just my bra and panties.

But unfortunately for him, that last just a second longer. I sat down facing him and shot my legs straight up in the air, removing my panties seductively. "Open up!" I instructed, waiting for his mouth to do so before stuffing them inside. He didn't move at all, just biting down on the cotton fabric as his eyes stayed glued to my pussy. So in return, I spread my legs as wide as I could, nearly doing a split. Then, I stuck two fingers in my mouth, coating it thoroughly with spit and returning it to my pussy, sensually rubbing my lips and clit.

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"Auuuggh" he moaned, with his mouth still stuffed. I flashed him a smile, and slowly parted my lips, giving him a wide open view of my pink little pussy. "Well, what are you waiting for?! A written invitation?!" I teased. He remained motionless for just a second longer, then finally snapped out of his daze and dove forward, tossing my panties aside and placing each hand on my thigh, pushing it further open so his tongue could reach easily. "Uughh!" I moaned, gasping from the sudden attention.

It might've been the wee hours of the morning, but there was nothing lethargic about this kids energy level; wow, could he eat pussy! He was licking the entire length of my pussy, each time stopping for a brief second on my clit, where he would flick his tongue repeatedly. "Fuck!!!" I screamed, launching my head back in ecstasy. Once he felt bored with the up and down motion, he moved to a circular one, parting my delicate pussy lips and circling the inside of my opening. I was enjoying it so much that my legs naturally began pushing inward, overpowering his hands until my thighs were by the side of his head, sandwiching his face in between them so that Timmy had no choice but to continue.

It didn't slow him down one bit. He was pushing forward more now, trying to get his tongue deeper inside my pussy. Soon, he had my lower body up in the air, as he sat upright on his knees, each hand supporting my ass while he ate me out.

"Ughh! That's good! Yes!! Yes!! Eat that pussy!!" I edged on. I could feel my legs squeezing him harder, definitely hurting him at least a little. But Timmy looked unintimidated, not reacting at all to it. "Oh god! I need you to fuck me baby!" I exclaimed, pulling his hair hard to get his attention.

His mouth was covered with my juices. It looked as if he had dug himself face first into a juicy watermelon. "Did you hear me Timmy?! I need you to fuck me!!" I repeated. "oh" he nodded, finally registering my request. With that, I let him go. And remembering the positions we tried last night, I wanted to give Cowgirl a try now.

"Lie back down Timmy, on the pillow" I pointed. "Yes, just like that!" I smiled reassuringly. I carefully crawled on top of him, lining up my pussy with his throbbing cock. But I didn't slip it inside immediately, opting to tease him a little. As I slowly made out with Timmy, I began subtly grinding my pussy on his cock, sliding it up and down my slit. "Do you like that?!" I teased, whispering softly in his ear.

"mhm" he answered with a moan. He seemed to follow my rhythm this time, his lips moving slow and sensual for a change, making our kisses much more passionate as opposed to lustful. It was a nice change of pace as I got him worked up for his second formal meeting with my pussy. "Are you ready?" "Yeah" he exhaled, hugging me tightly.

I reached in between my legs and quickly found his shaft. "Ooooohhh" I cooed, gently inserting it into my fuck hole. Timmy was panting the entire time, staring deeply in my eyes. I saw the gradual change of expression on his face; from anticipation, to excitement, to relief. "Go slow" he managed to eek out. "Don't worry baby, you're in good hands!" I smiled, kissing him on the cheek. I rocked very gently on his cock, barely moving my hips at all. But even that was causing all types of noises to escape Timmy's mouth, and I knew if I didn't slow down even more, he was most definitely going to pop soon.

"Breathe…nice and slow" I said lovingly, trying to calm him down. Timmy nodded his head in response, inhaling a deep breath and holding it, exhaling when I signaled him to do so. I repeated the breathing exercise a few times, getting his heart rate to be somewhat under control.

As I felt him gain his composure, I began grinding harder on his cock, moving my hips in circles as well as up and down. "Uuugghh" I moaned, smiling seductively at Timmy. "You're doing wonderful!" I encouraged. That seemed to give him a much needed confidence boost, as he returned my smile with one of his own. As if to prove his point, his hands roamed down my back until it landed on my ass. Immediately, I swung my own hands back, overlapping Timmy's as I pushed his hand deeper into the flesh of my ass, forcing him to grope me roughly.

He looked at me with some surprise, but quickly changed into a smile when he saw the look of lust in my eyes. With his hands now serving as a distraction as well, I was able to enjoy his cock fully, bouncing up and down on it at a decent pace. "Ooohhhh" he panted. "You like that? Do like the way my pussy squeezes your cock?!" I teased, tightening my pussy muscles. "Oohhh God!" Knowing he was going to cum regardless of what I did now, I decided to go for broke.

Pushing myself off his chest, I put my entire weight on his cock, sitting upright on the bed now, smashing my pussy against his hard-on for as long as I could.

"Lilllllyyyyy!!! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Uuuugghh!" "Yes cum for me! I want you to fill up my tight little pussy!" I edged on. Once I felt the first shot of his jizz, I held my pussy tightly against his cock, ensuring that there would be a nice little creampie when he finally finished. "My my, don't you recover fast!" I teased, feeling him shoot at least 5 distinctive shots inside me. He was too out of breath to respond, just staring continuously at me as I slowly got off him. "That was…so awesome!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah?!" I giggled. "I should be the one thanking you! You're getting quite good with that thing!" I winked. Timmy blushed noticeably, shying away from looking directly at me. "Could…could we do it again?" he stuttered. I looked over sweetly at Timmy, and then the clock behind him. It was still only 5:30, but if I wanted to meet those deadlines, I'd have to leave a little early, especially considering some of the wasted time from yesterday's "activities" with my boss' son.

"Sorry sweetheart, but I'm afraid I have to get washed up and ready for work!" "oh" he answered, with a dejected look. As he pouted in disappointment, I got up and began looking for a new pair of bra and panties. "Well, are you going to help get me clean or what?" I smiled teasingly.

It took a second for Timmy's brain to register, but soon enough his eyes lit up, realizing what I was asking him to do.

He sprang quickly out of bed, following me closely as we headed to the bathroom. My tub wasn't too roomy, but still enough for our two small frames. And as expected, as soon as we were both naked under the water, Timmy's hands started to wander wildly. "Mind if you soap me up at the same time?" I laughed, handing him my body wash.

"Yeah, sure!" He exclaimed. I concentrated on shampooing and washing my hair, watching as Timmy played with my body in pure joy. He was enjoying every second of it. He squeezed out quite a healthy amount of the body wash onto my shower puff, rubbing up and down my body, and very delicately I might add. He started up near my shoulders, working his way down my chest and stomach, taking plenty of time to feel the firmness of tits. He would first rub a spot with the puff and then glide over it again with his free hand, enjoying the slipperiness of my wet skin.

"Lily, your skin's so soft!" he exclaimed, trying to look up at me. Only every time he did so, the water would inevitably wash over his face, rushing into his eyes and forcing him to shut them. "Here, why don't we trade spots and you can do my back!" I giggled, scooting past him.

Now, with my front blocking most of the water, Timmy was safely able to explore my body from behind. And very quickly he began focusing on my ass, lathering and rinsing it repeatedly.

By now I was completely done taking care of my hair, just standing still and relishing the way my body was being worshipped. "mmm, why don't I take that!" I smiled, turning around and reaching for the puff. Next, I lowered the intensity of the shower head and grabbed his hands to pull him forward, making him embrace me with a hug from behind.

I could feel his cock on my thighs, just inches below my pussy. So as a way of repaying him for washing my body, I leaned forward, simultaneously lowering my upper body as well. Despite his innocence, Timmy knew what to do from there, pushing his cock forward. He started by rubbing it on my ass, enjoying the silky smoothness of my skin.

But that was soon followed up by him pushing the head into my crack, searching for my opening. His inexperience caused me to giggle a little, turning my head to watch his search in frustration. Multiple times he actually prodded his cock against my asshole, teasing the opening. And surprisingly, even to me, I didn't say a word, actually hoping that he would try and slither it inside.

"Uuughh!" My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Timmy finally did find my pussy, thrusting his cock all the way inside.

Immediately, I began bouncing back on his cock, pushing off the wall in front of me to maintain my balance. This time, Timmy was fucking me back as well, his hips rocking forward every few seconds. Our timing was way off initially, but eventually I adjusted to his pace. Shortly, we were in rhythm, as Timmy fucked me for the first time without any instructions from my end. "Mmmm! Fuck yeah, baby! Just like that!" I encouraged. "Give me that hard cock!" I was purposefully trying to sound as lewd as possible, desperately hoping that he would begin imitating my language.

It would be amazing to hear such filthy and dirty things coming out of such an innocent mouth! "Ooohh! Lily you feel so good!" "Yeah?! Then fuck me faster! I want you to make me scream!!!" I was pleasantly surprised to feel his answer, as he began thrusting harder into me. Whether he was getting over his initial shyness, or my words were turning him on, it didn't really matter; what mattered was that he was fucking me harder.

Now, all of a sudden, the sound of his thighs slapping against my ass was now clearly evident, overshadowing the loud raindrops from the showerhead smashing into the acrylic bathtub. "Yes! Harder! Fuck me harder! Slam into that dirty pussy!" My words were affecting my own intensity level, as I found myself pushing back even more against his body, meeting each one of his thrusts. "Oh fuuuck!!" he stammered.

"Yes! YES! Don't stop! Don't Stoooppp!!!" I came hard, for the second time in less than 12 hours, on a cock that was barely 12 years old itself. The vibrations must've been too much for Timmy as well, because when he pulled out of me, he was already half limp, leaving yet another load deep inside my pussy.

I instantly pulled him out and turned around, dropping to my knees so I could clean off his cock, tasting the mixture of our love juices. "ooohh!" "Still sensitive?!" I giggled. I didn't wait for an answer, moaning loudly as my mouth returned to his cock, slobbering and slurping all over the shaft and head, savoring the taste. It was only when I finally felt satisfied that I looked back up at Timmy, seeing his face exhausted and out of breath.

"Quite the workout, huh?" "Yeah" he nodded. "I didn't know sex was so tiring" I laughed at how adorably innocent his statement. "Trust me, you'll get used to it!" I winked. "Now let's wash up for real before I'm late for work; otherwise it's gonna be hard to explain to my boss why!" "I guess so" he chuckled.

Once we were out of the shower, I quickly told Timmy to get dressed back up again while I searched through my dresser for the day's outfit. "When are you getting home today, Lily?" he asked. "I dunno yet; there's lots of work I have to catch up on" I smiled. "But I'll be sure to let you know. Would you like to come over and play then?" "Yeah!" he exclaimed.

"Oh it's gonna be so hard waiting for night!" His pouting made his face even more innocent and cute, making me feel bad for the poor squirt! "Here!" I said, tossing him my dirty bra and panties. "I hope those will keep you busy until I get back!" I said, putting on the last of my outfit.

"Thanks!" he shouted, holding the pair right up to his nose and inhaling. "Now come on, let's get you back home before your mom finds out!" I smiled, leading him towards my front door. I walked into the lab, ready for another dreadful day when I saw Sean again, in the same seat as yesterday. Between me taking Timmy's virginity the night before and all the work left to meet the Friday deadline, I had forgotten about him.

But now here he was, just idly sitting there, looking at me as I approached my desk. I didn't say anything, mostly trying to gauge how he would react. I doubt he told his mom, but was he going to behave now, or just transition back to the little snob he was before.

"Good.good morning Lily" he muttered. "Morning, no school again?" "No. Mom said she had to come into work early so…" "ok" I answered, not paying him much attention. I had too much work to get started to bother with him.

"uhm Lily, could you log into my computer?" he asked patiently. This was off to a good start at least. "Sure" I answered, turning around and typing in my login information. But again, just like yesterday, I caught his eyes trying to look down my blouse.

"Sorry" he mumbled, staring down at his desk. I didn't acknowledge anything, just continuing to type my information in. When I finished, he looked like he wanted to say something, but ultimately chickened out of it, deciding to stay silent. I promptly went back to work, looking over the mountain of data I had collected in the last few days. I would still need to run a few more trials, but if a trend was appearing already, that'd be a great sign that we were at least heading in the right direction.

Not to mention the fact that maybe, just maybe, Karen would actually be satisfied once. I was so engaged in my own monitor that for a good half hour, I completely forgot about Sean. It was only when I brought up my desktop screen, a very dark shade of black, that I saw his figure behind me in the reflection.

At some point he had abandoned his own computer, and now had his chair halfway turned around, watching me intently. He noticed my glare right away, instantly staring down at his lap, pretending to fidget around with his phone.

I scoffed a little from how different he was acting from yesterday; I guess somebody had learned their place. But the mild annoyance I had for Sean was being outweighed by just how turned on I was. The thought made me giggle; it was just a month ago that I was teasing my sister for developing an insatiable appetite. During our family vacation, she was relentless in her pursuit of my nephew's cock, trying to get as much of it as possible, even to the point that she fucked him right next to her passed out husband!

Yet, here I was, exhibiting the same type of behavior. I already had my morning fill with Timmy, so why did I want more? Regardless of what the reasons were, I didn't care to fight the feeling. I casually slid my left hand between my legs, pushing my skirt higher up. To help, I began spreading my thighs apart, giving me the space necessary to reach my panties.

And the entire time I was doing this, I continued to work as well, not paying any attention to the perving boy behind me. But of course he was looking.

If Sean was already staring at me when all I was doing was working, he must be having a heart attack now as he watched me openly pleasure myself. And it wasn't just for show, or an act to tease him, I really was masturbating. I had pulled my panties aside, repositioned my posture so that my skirt was hiked all the way up, right next to my waistband, showing off the top of my creamy white thighs. As my fingers continued to work my wet pussy, my ability to focus on work deteriorated to the point where I was forced to stop altogether.

Then in an act that surprised even myself, I calmly stood up, pointing my ass directly at Sean behind me. Slowly, I grabbed the hem of my skirt, pulling it up as I bent over at the same time, mercilessly teasing the boy with a fantastic view of my luscious ass.

The only thing disrupting his view was my white satin panties, but those were about to go too. Finally, I turned my head back towards Sean, grinning wickedly at him as I began sliding my panties down. He didn't make a sound. His face was completely white, almost the same shade as my underwear. And his eyes never moved, never meeting mine even as I turned around. Hell, I'm not even sure he realized I was staring right at him.

Once the panties were completely off, I gently took a seat back on my computer chair, but facing Sean. This time our eyes connected, and I could see that same uneasy look he had earlier when I caught him staring at my cleavage. But again, instead of scolding him for his perverted behavior, I swung my legs completely open, setting my right foot on a filing cabinet and my left on his knee.

He took a gulp, watching cautiously as I kicked my heels off. I just smirked back at him, softly rubbing my sole on his leg, inching closer and closer to the obvious tent in his pants.

At the same time, I began teasingly removing my pantyhose off my other leg, until I couldn't reach anymore. "Well?! Are you going to just sit there and drool all over yourself, or help?!" I asked sternly. He immediately reached for my right calf, helping me slide off what was remaining. "Should…should I do this one too?" he stammered. I nodded yes. "uhmm…I…I…can't reach" he blurted out, his hands still far from the top of my stockings.

"Then get on your knees" I answered. "You should be familiar with that from yesterday" I grinned. "Oh" he answered, dropping to the ground obediently. I could feel his fingers trembling, either terrified of me or so turned on by the situation that he couldn't control his nerves. And looking at his complexion, it appeared to be a combination of both. I don't know why, but all this control was getting me even hotter!

"mmhmm, why don't you stay on your knees" I said, more demanding than suggesting. "You did a good enough job yesterday on my feet, let's see how you perform today with my pussy" "your puss-" "under my desk" I pointed.

He peered over, seeing that there was plenty of room, and just nodded his head. And although I didn't intend to, I could see a grin forming across his face. Once he was in position, I moved my chair back to its original space.

"Um…should I " "Again with the questions?!" I reached under the table, grabbed the back of his head, and shoved it right onto my pussy.

"mmm, better!" I moaned softly, enjoying the silence of the moment. "Uh, uh, uh!! Nice…and slow!" I instructed, pulling his hair roughly when I felt his tongue being too energetic. It'd be almost another hour before any of my coworkers would start showing up, so I was going to enjoy this time now! He followed my instructions perfectly, and was no doubt, enjoying every second of it. His tongue started at the bottom of pussy, licking its way upwards until it reached my clit. I responded with faint moans, giving him guidance to continue stimulating my pleasure spot.

He continued by running circles around my clit, even lightly sucking it at time. "Mmm Fuck!" I exclaimed, scooting forward on my seat. Again, I reached below the table, shoving his face into my crotch. But I was much more forceful this time, dragging his head up and down the length of my pussy, refusing to let go even as his hands tried to fight me. I could tell he was begging for air, but I only held him tighter, squeezing his head with my thighs as well, trapping him in my love box.

And the louder his muffled sounds rose, the harder I giggled, loving my dominant role. When I finally let go, he was panting desperately for oxygen, as if I had just forced his pudgy body to run a mile. "No! wait! I couldn't bre " "Uughh, fuck! Eat that pussy!" I exclaimed, basically jamming my pussy into his face. I was holding the back of his head with both hands, forcing his tongue to satisfy me.

We repeated the process multiple times over, with Sean getting more and more used to it as time went on. It was only when he had reached his limits that I slowed down, letting him work at his own pace. So for the next 20 minutes, I went back to work, letting Sean pleasure me below the table.

For the most part, he continued to eat me out. But from time to time, I would feel his hands massaging my legs, or rubbing my feet. It felt amazing to be worshipped like this, pushing my sexual energy to its peak.

I was so turned on that even when my boss entered our office area, I did nothing to stop what was going on. My desk was in the last row, furthest from the door, which would've provided me plenty of time to pull Sean out from underneath the table, yet I didn't.

I wanted my boss to come. I wanted her to talk to me as her own son was safely hidden below my waist, eating out my pussy like his life depended on it. I know the thought was completely suicidal, that if she got close to me there was no way she could miss the fact there was an entire person under the desk, but I didn't care.

My hormones were completely in charge, and right now, they were screaming for the adrenaline rush of being possibly caught. Karen must've been checking on something else, because it took her a few minutes to make her way over. But once her footsteps were in earshot, Sean instantly began freaking out below. "Lily, is that " "Shhh!!!" I exclaimed, pulling my seat back to look between my legs, glaring at Sean. "Shut up and stay quiet!" I commanded, pushing him further back beneath my table.

And just as Karen rounded into my row, I scooted my chair firmly against the desk, covering up any vantage point that she would have. "Sean baby, could Where's my son?" she paused, seeing that he wasn't there. She was still a good 15 feet away, and nearly parallel to my desk, making it impossible for her to see him. So, knowing I was safe for the moment, I actually snaked my left hand underneath the table, guiding Sean to continue. He was hesitant, but with some physical "persuasion", his tongue reluctantly returned to my pussy.

"ooohhh" I moaned. "I…I think he went to the bathroom" I answered. I could feel my cheeks heating up, no doubt turning red. "Oh. How long has he been gone?" "Few minutes" I lied. "Oh, okay. I trust you'll have the data done when it needs to be" she asked with a stern voice.

Normally it would instantly get me riled up or flustered, but not this time. After all, no matter what she said, her own son was on his knees beneath my desk, eating out my pussy. I was completely unintimidated.

"It should be. The data looks promising right now" "Really? Should I take a look?" she said, already taking a few steps towards me. As soon as the words left her mouth, I felt Sean pause. His hands were so panicky and scared that I could feel them nervously tapping on my leg. "No, I can give it to you when it's ready. I still have a few more trials anyways" "ok" she nodded, stopping her pace. "When my son comes back, tell him to come to my office" she said, turning around and leaving.

My heart was absolutely racing. She was probably two or three steps away from being able to see underneath my computer desk. There was still a chance she wouldn't notice, but it would be cutting it really, really close.

Instead, it gave me just the rush I was looking for while not getting caught at the same time. "Your mom's gone" I said, looking down at him. Sean nodded his head, with the same type of bewildered look on his face. He was sweating too, probably both from the tense situation as well as the small space he had been forced to stay in for the last half hour.

"My…my mom said I should see her, right?" he asked. "mhm. But, you can wait a few more minutes. Now, where were you?" I asked sternly. He quickly nodded his head, diving his head forward and returning his tongue on my pussy.

He was eating me out with renewed passion now, the extra energy boost no doubt due to our close call. And I was so turned on too, that, as much as I hate admitting it, I was craving a cock in my mouth. And with no one around else to provide it for me, I had to settle. "Actually get up" I said, scooting my chair out. He obey immediately, climbing up on his feet.

"Whoa! Whoa! What are you " "Shut up!" I exclaimed, shoving his hands aside from protecting his zipper. I scrambled to get his jeans open, my hand slithering right inside and searching for his cock. It was already rock hard, and dripping with pre-cum. "If you say a word to anyone, I'll-" "I won't!" he quickly answered, nodding his head.

"Better not" Before I dove in, I took a good look at his cock. It was about the same size as Timmy's, but was noticeably thicker.

And as much as I hate saying it, my mouth was absolutely watering, dying to shove that thick piece of meat down my throat. And as a result, I didn't exactly ease Sean into it, quickly dropping to my knees to engulf his cock, nearly the entire length.

"Auuuuughhh!" he moaned loudly, his hands grabbing the desk for support. I was instantly satisfied, like drinking a cool glass of water after a 5 mile run in the summer heat. And for the most part, unlike with sweet Timmy, I disregarded Sean, only worried about getting my own satisfaction. Yet, it wasn't like he wasn't enjoying it. From the sounds coming out of his mouth, he was most certainly etching every detail of his first blowjob into his spank bank for later. I paid no attention, shoving the rest of length in my mouth until I was deepthroating, loving the feeling of his cockhead pushing at the opening of my esophagus.

I could feel my eyes welling up, tears beginning to form. Meanwhile, a nice coat of saliva was dripping down my chin. Even without seeing myself, I knew I looked like nothing but a cock-hungry slut, willing to do anything or suck anyone for the taste of cock. "Ohhhhhh! I'm gonna I'm gonna cum!" Sean mustered out, his hands reaching to hold my head. I reacted by pulling back, leaving just half his cock in my mouth, ensuring that his spunk wouldn't just shoot down my throat.

I wanted a taste. I wanted to feel the familiar texture of jizz swirling around in my mouth. After all, my greedy pussy had two servings in the morning already, it was time for my mouth to catch up. And boy was I in for a treat. Sean shot seven, thick, creamy loads in my mouth, drenching it with cum. It was so much that some actually spilled out, dribbling down my lower lip.

I of course didn't let it escape too far, capturing it with my index finger and quickly returning it my tongue. "uugh…uggh" he panted out of breath. I let myself enjoy the moment for a few seconds longer, making sure I had milked out every last drop of jizz his pudgy body could provide. When I finished, I simply got back up, circling my lips with my tongue as I stared devilishly at Sean.

"Why don't you go see your Mommy. I think she's expecting you" "oh yeah" he responded, about to run off. "Make sure to go the bathroom first and clean yourself off first, especially your face" "my face?" "Yes" I smiled.

"You smell like you just spent half an hour eating pussy" Sean's face turned red a bit, but he nodded and ran off. I giggled, only now being able to fully realize just how ridiculous the last hour was. Oh well, what's been done has been done. Now it was time to focus back on work. So even when Sean did return from his mother, by that time, my other co-workers had come back as well, eliminating the original privacy we had.

Amanda and I chatted for a decent amount of the morning as we worked. And Sean, like I had hoped, stayed to himself. His behavior was such a stark contrast to yesterday that even Amanda noticed by lunchtime. "Hey, what's with the son of the succubus today" she whispered.

"Is he sick or something? I didn't hear a peep out of him the whole morning" "I'm not sure" I said with a sly grin. "I guess I'm just good with kids" "What'd you bribe him with candy?" she joked. "Something like that I guess" "I guess it worked then!" she smiled.

"and I thought you said you hate kids" "Only the really young ones. They're alright as they get older" I said cheekily. "Oh that's right. You got to spend time with your nephew over your winter vacation, right?" "Yeah, but he's a little bit older than Sean" "Ahhh. So what, he's in that awkward teenage age now" she giggled.

"Yeah, I suppose.

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But nothing really awkward about Chris" I answered, my mind returning to those nights spent with his cock buried in my pussy. My god, he could fuck! My sister must've spent quite a lot time "teaching" him! "He's quite a cutie!" I said with a giggle, getting Amanda to laugh too. "Lily!" she said in awe. "you cougar!" "What! I can't compliment my own nephew! My own blood!" I bantered back. "Not with words like that!" she laughed. "Did you act on your words?

I bet you did, didn't you?!" I know I probably shouldn't, but Amanda and I were so close that I felt comfortable sharing at least a little more. Besides, I really wanted to see her reaction. "Maybe just a little teasing" I said, rolling my eyes playfully. "Oh my god?! Are you serious!" she giggled. "You're so naughty!

What'd you do?!" "Well, he was staring a bit when I was in my bikini" "Well, what a surprise!" she said sarcastically. "A teenage boy staring at his hot aunt in a bathing suit?! Why no one's ever done that!" We both laughed out loud, knowing exactly how true it was. I don't mean to boast, but Amanda, like myself, had definitely been gifted quite well in the looks department.

She was Irish-American, with gorgeous red hair and some of the cutest freckles I had ever seen on a woman. Her frame was very similar to mine, maybe just a little more petite, which fit her personality and face perfectly.

There's been many a nights when the two of us went out to a bar or dancing, and I would catch guys drooling all over themselves from staring at her. And even I admit that, with my recent bi-curious experience with my sister, I had on, more than one occasion, pictured kissing her supple lips and caressing her luscious hair.

She was just so cute and pretty to look at, with a very infectious positive personality. "Anyways. Like we are now, I found it quite funny. So I decided to…offer him the chance of applying some sunscreen to my back" I said while laughing.

"Oh my god, girl!" she gasped. "I thought you were just going to say you flashed him some cleavage or something! Not let him…get handsie!" We were both laughing a little too loud, drawing some stare and looks of bewilderment from others eating in the cafeteria. "So, I guess you could say, Christmas came a little early for him, huh?!" Amanda joked. "I suppose!" "And where was your sister during all this?!" "Oh right next to me of course!

She found it just as hilarious as I did!" "Oh my god, really?! You guys are too much!" Amanda laughed. "Did she offer him a chance too?" "Amanda! That's her son!" I said, faking awe. I wonder how she would react if I told her the truth. "Oh of course she did. I mean, after you let your son fuck you whenever he wants, it's kinda not a big deal if he spreads sunscreen on your back" "So what?!" she exclaimed. "I remember the picture you showed me of her.

She's stunning, and doesn't look anything even close to her late 30s! And besides, the terminology Oedipus Complex doesn't exist for nothing!" I debated right then on spilling some more details about their "special relationship", but quickly decided against it; knowing that it wasn't my place or right to share that. "Oh it was already awkward enough for him, touching his aunt in front of his mom. It would've been way too much if my sister participated too!" "I guess so" Amanda nodded with a smile.

"But still, Lily! You do know that he probably spent that night thinking of you while he…relieved himself!" "The thought crossed my mind" I smirked.

"Oh, my god! You liked it! You're such a tease!" she exclaimed. "So what if I did!" I pouted playfully. "Are you telling me, you don't get all bubbly and light on your feet when a cute guy checks you out?!" "Uhm, of course I do girl!" she answered. "But they're a little older, just a little bit!" Oh, how much I loved talking with Amanda. Her laid-back and liberal personality was such a joy to be around!

"Hmm" "what?" I asked. "Well…now I'm wondering what you meant by "something like that" "Huh?" I asked again, in genuine confusion.

"earlier. You said that Sean was behaving not because you bribed him with candy, but…"something like that" she smiled.

"Girl! Get your head out of the gutter!" I said, feigning insulted. "My head?! I'm not the one actually doing any of those things!" she laughed. "But to be honest, it does sound very funny between your nephew and you" she smiled. "Right?!" I exclaimed, glad to see her admit it. "Yeah! I don't think I have enough courage to go through with it, but…let's just say I wouldn't have minded being there to see it" she said cheekily.

"Exactly! Just some light fun and flirting!" "Well for you it is" Amada giggled. "I'm sure for him it was the highlight of his year!" "Yeah, maybe! Maybe, I should tease him a little more next time we meet too!" "Oh, my god girl!

You really are too much! I love it!" The rest of lunch went just as delightfully, only on much more "ordinary subjects". By the time we had to leave, we were both dreading it, not wanting to slog through another long afternoon. "Hey. I was thinking whether you wanted to go dancing sometime later this week" "Sure! That sounds really fun!" I said, as we rode the elevator back to our lab. "Oh! Actually, could I bring along a friend. She's a nurse that I met in my building and we kinda hit it off.

I'm sure you'll love her!" I said, remembering my conversation with Timmy's mom. "Oh of course! The more the better! And besides, I'll have somebody to talk to when we tease you about dancing with someone born after the Clinton administration" she joked. "I should have not have said anything" I sighed. "I agree! This one's on you. And I'm not gonna let you forget it!" she giggled, running off when the door opened. When I got back to my desk, Sean, along with his stuff, were already gone.

I'm not sure if he was in his mom's office or if she had taken him home during the break, but I didn't care too much. There was too much work to get done, and I'd have to stay at least an hour longer than usual, again.

But by the time it was 7, the lab was already empty, while I still had a good amount of data to look through. I was debating whether I would just take it home and look over it, or slug it out here, where there was less distractions.

Regardless, I was too hungry in the moment to continue, opting to go check out the small lunch room on our floor. I didn't have any food in the fridge, but there were often conferences that would have leftover goodies, all kept in the lunch room for anyone to eat.

And luckily for me, there must've been a birthday in some of the other labs, because there was a third of a delicious chocolate cake sitting at the table, tempting me to consume it. My willpower of eating healthy didn't exactly put up a fight. In fact, I wasn't even able to find a fork and spoon, opting to just pick a piece up by hand, greedily sticking the delicious dessert into my mouth; figuring why not, not many people were still left on our floor.

Even the janitors had already come, emptying our wastebaskets and taking out most of the trash. So of course, in one of my more private, and unladylike moments, I would be caught. He was really a blur at fast, rushing by the corridor with package in hand.

Yet, in his haste, our eyes made contact, as he looked at me with confusion and surprise. It took a second for my brain to get over the slight embarrassment, recognizing the blur as Jack. He was a high school student working part time at the nearby bakery, no doubt here to deliver food that someone ordered. I had spoken to him on a few occasions as I frequented the restaurant during lunchtime and he seemed like a nice kid.

Well if someone was to catch me in this moment, I'd rather it not be one of the other labheads on our floor, where gossip would inevitably start spreading. "Hey" he waved, as he passed back my way. "Hey! Delivering food?" "Uh yeah. Dr. Perkins ordered a sandwich; wanted maynoise on his meatball marinara sub; very interesting" he said with a smile. "Really?" I giggled. "Can't say I've tried…but doesn't particularly sound good" "No. it doesn't" he answered with a chuckle. "Working here late?" "Yeah, Don't ever become a research scientist" I half joked.

"The hours are long and the pay not nearly worth it" "I'm sure people are grateful for the results though" he said. "But…are you hungry? I saw you uh " "choose your words carefully now Jack" I said, pretending to be serious.

He nodded his head in agreement, with a wide grin on his face. "I was gonna say I saw you scarfing down a chocolate cake like my 2 two year old cousin, but I must've been mistaken" he said, shaking his head.

"Of course you were" I answered, playing along. "Yeah, of course. Obviously my fault" he said, shaking his head. "But if you were hungry, you could get a sandwich from us. I'd be happy to run down and tell them the order. Be back in 15 minutes tops, just for you!" he boasted.

"Really? Just for me?" I answered with a smile, acting as if it was a great honor. "Of course! Anything for my most beautiful customer!" Jack, unlike Timmy or my nephew Chris, definitely didn't have a problem talking to the opposite sex.

Between that mouth of his and his adorable face, I knew he was very popular with teenage girls. Hell, even I was quite enjoying the conversation; my thoughts returning to what I had done earlier in the day with two other young boys.


Sure, he was a little bit older, probably around Chris' age, but I didn't mind. That familiar excitement and rush of flirting with someone I shouldn't be was beginning to take over again. And more importantly, I had no intention of fighting it, letting it run freely through my body, losing myself to the intoxicating feeling. "You'll do" I thought. "I bet you say that to all the girls" "And the guys" he quickly nodded, making me laugh.

"But in this case, it happens to be true though" he smiled. "even if she does have a piece of cake on her chin" I gasped at him, carefully gliding my fingers across the area, quickly locating the crumb in question. "You couldn't have told me earlier?!" "I thought it made you look cute" he shrugged. "Do you talk to all girls like this?" I asked, shaking my head in amusement. "Only the ones I want to make out with" he said brazenly. I was definitely surprised at his boldness, but in a good way.

Sure, I preferred the more innocent and shy types like Timmy, but…I couldn't deny the fact that the confidence and brashness of his words definitely made things…more interesting. "And does it work with others?" "Sometimes" he smiled back, taking a step towards me. "And you think it's working with me?" I answered, in a completely serious voice and tone. I wanted to scare him a little bit, see how he would react before indulging myself.

The smile on Jack's face disappeared quickly, but he didn't turn red, nor did he run; just staring back at me, waiting for me to say something. "Cuz I could use a break" I said, smiling again as I motioned him to come over. Now it was his turn to be in shock, his eyes lighting up that his forwardness actually worked. I walked over to Jack, pulling him by the collar towards me until our lips met. As I expected, he was definitely experienced; maybe not to the point of being a great kisser, but more than adequate; almost as good as my nephew.

"Come on, let's go to my lab where it'll be a little more quiet" He nodded his head yes, gladly following me down the hallway. As soon as we were at my area of work, I pushed him against the desk, my lips taking control in the make-out session. I was very aggressive, my tongue darting in and out of his mouth. He wasn't quite sure where to place his hands, so they remained mostly on my shoulder.

How respectful! Too bad I wasn't exactly looking for that right now. I quickly took his left hand and moved it down my body, pushing it past my sides and hips until it was on my ass.

"Uggghh" he moaned in surprise, making me giggle. So to enhance the effect, I kept my hand on top of his, forcing him to squeeze my ass to get a proper feel. I even kept it there, waiting until he was exploring on his own. From there, he seemed to understand that other areas were okay too, his right hand quickly sneaking up between our entwined bodies, feeling up my tits. But between my sweater and bra, I could tell he was having some difficultly.

"One sec" I smiled, pushing him away from my lips, so I could remove the sweater, leaving me in a thin blue blouse. Again, I grabbed his hand, but this time I went underneath my top, letting his fingers glide up my toned stomach and up to my tits. And while his hand explored each breast delicately, we continued to make out. Although Jack might've been momentarily surprised by me initiating all this, his eagerness showed.

I felt his hand push aside my bra, pinching and tweaking my nipple. "uUugghh" I moaned. He smiled, happy that he was doing an adequate enough job of pleasuring me. Taking it as a positive sign, he temporarily broke off our kiss, pushing up my blouse until my tits were exposed. He stared at them for a few seconds, before quickly clamping his lips around one nipple, sucking tenderly. "Mmm. Just like that" I encouraged.

"Oh fuck, I can't believe this is happening" he chuckled. "I wish this would last forever" "it can" I said, seeing his look of shock. "sort of at least" I smiled. "Give me your phone" He dug it out of his pockets, handing it over. "Smile!" I said, pointing his camera down to capture him sucking on my tits. "Here, now you have proof for when you tell your friends at school tomorrow" I smirked.

"I wasn't going to " "Oh please Jack, I was in high school too. Let's not kid ourselves. The first thing you're going to do tomorrow is talk about how you hooked up with this hot older lady" "o…okay" he nodded, slightly embarrassed.

"and just my opinion, it'll sound hotter to your friends if you call me a MILF" I said seductively. "Are you?!" he exclaimed. "No. But, I could be. I'm 32" "32?! What the fuck?!" he said. "I thought you were like 25 tops!" I immediately burst out laughing. "Is that a problem" I asked sarcastically.

"No! No! Of course not! I just thought that you were younger and that's why my flirting " "Would work?" I said, cutting him off. "Oh, how cute!" "Uh yeah" he chuckled. "So…so why " "because I'm horny and needed some dick" I smiled, making his jaw drop. "besides, I have a thing for you cock, so I guess it's just your lucky day!" He stared at me in disbelief at first, like I had just performed magic or something.

Since he wasn't responding with words, I did the only thing I could, pushing his mouth back on my tits, giving him something to do. I took a few more shots for him, getting a few of him tongue flicking my nipples, pinching them, and of course one with his head between my tits, motorboating them for the camera. "When do have to get back?" "Like 10 minutes ago" he said, continuing to enjoy himself, showing no indication of leaving.

"But you're not going?" I teased. "Which straight guy would?!" he said, almost in disgust. "Good!" I smiled. "Now, its my turn" I instantly reached down towards his crotch, feeling his hard on through his slacks.

"Oh god!" he moaned. "Get them off" I said, fixing my top and positioning myself on my knees. "Uhm&hellip.I'm just gonna say it as it is. I'm not going to last long" he said blankly. "I know" I said with a giggle. "That's okay. I'm more interested in what happens when you pop!" I was very happy to see that Jack's cock was a good size, much bigger than the younger Timmy.

So although it still wasn't as big as an adult man, I was more than fine with it, sucking tenderly on the head. "Oooohhh" "I think he likes it" I smiled, licking the head again. I felt his body shudder after every movement of my tongue. At this rate, he'd cum faster than Timmy did on his first blowjob. So I opted to slow down even more, pushing his cock upwards so I could lick the length of his shaft, staying away from areas that were overly sensitive.

"Could…could I?" he asked, holding his phone. "Mmm…sorry, honey. But I don't want my face in it" "Oh god! Of course! I didn't even think of that! I'm sorry!" "That's okay' I smiled, knowing it was an honest mistake by how red his cheeks were turning. "You can snap a few when we fuck" I said nonchalantly. "When we…" he gasped. "Do you want that? Do you want to stick your young cock deep in my tight Asian pussy?" I teased.

"Uh huh" he nodded. "Then don't cum just yet and ruin the chance!" I winked. "Oh fuck" he moaned. "That's a lot easier said than done" He definitely wasn't lying; because as soon as I had the head back in my warm, wet mouth again, Jack's body began to seize a little. "Maybe for the sake of time, we should just jump right to it!" I giggled. I slowly got back up on my feet, turning my back towards to him and teasingly hiked my skirt up. For all the verbal confidence Jack showed minutes earlier, none of it was evident now.

Now, just like with Timmy and Sean, he was standing there wide eyed, completely silent, transfixed on my upper thigh, as my ass slowly came into view. "Take a picture. It'll last longer!" I smiled, snapping him from his hypnotic state. His hands quickly fumbled with his phone, once again setting it still to snap many lewd shots of my upskirt.

Once I felt he had enough, I bent completely forward, pulling my panties to the side. "Uuugghh!" he gasped and moaned. "Make sure you get up close, Jack" I said sensually. "Look how wet my pussy is!" He obeyed immediately, crouching down and inching his face forward.

But just as he was in range for his camera to get a close up, I surprised him by springing my hand back, grabbing his head and shoving it into my ass. He must've wanted to do the same thing because I immediately felt his tongue, licking up and down wildly, getting a taste of both my pussy and asshole. "Oh Yes!" I moaned. The more I got into it, the more I backed into him, until eventually the balance of his crouched position was completely compromised as he collapsed on the ground, lying on his back.

My ass however, never left his mouth, as I followed him, now basically sitting on his face.

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"Tongue fuck my pussy! I know you want to!" I commanded, holding his arms still by the side. Jack was moaning loudly too, loving the feeling of his face being buried by my ass. And on top of that, he was doing a good job too, getting deep inside, sending intense waves of pleasure towards my brain.

"Fuck! That's a good boy!" I exclaimed, completely forgetting that I was still at work, not home where no one would be able to hear my carnal screams of ecstasy. My eyes had been closed, but when I opened them, I couldn't resist leaving the naked cock in front of me unattended.

I leaned forward and shoved as much as I could in my mouth. Jack and I both moaned loudly in our 69 position, but it didn't last long though. True to his words, less than half a minute later, he shot four thick loads in my mouth, drenching it with his teenage cum. I swallowed it all, not letting a single drop escape. "ooohhh!" he moaned. It was only when his volume depreciated that I realized a phone was ringing. "Yours?" I panted, now rocking my ass on his face.

"Ignore it!" he mumbled, barely able to get the words out. "Good!" I smirked. "Because I think you're going to be too busy licking my asshole!" "Your asshole?!" he exclaimed. "Yes! I want to feel that tongue of yours slithering in my asshole, as deep as it can go!" I didn't exactly give him much of a choice, arching my back and sitting upright instead of leaning forward, putting nearly my entire upper body weight on his face.

When his mouth opened up again, it was no longer pleasuring my pussy, instead now making lovely circles around the rim of my asshole. "Are you teasing me?!" I giggled. "I didn't say anything about a rimjob!" To get my point across, I placed each hand on a side of my ass, stretching my cheeks open so that I would gape, forcing his tongue to dig deep inside. "Oh yes! Tongue fuck me, just like that!" I moaned. "Do it good enough job and maybe you'll get a second chance someday!" The words must've been inspiring because right away, I felt Jack give more effort; his hands now wrapped on my thighs, pushing my ass down into his face.

And if that wasn't enough indication, his semi-hard cock was waking up again, nearly ready for that fucking I promised him.

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"Are you ready to fuck me?!" "Mmmhhm!" he mumbled loudly. "Yeah?! You're ready to fill up my tight MILF pussy?!" I teased, grinding roughly on his face. "Uh huh!" "Good! Let's hope you last a little longer than the blowjob then!" I said, getting off him. While Jack gasped for big breaths of air, I moved forward, getting into reverse cowgirl. "Is your cock ready, baby?!" I asked, looking back with a devious smile. "Yeah" he said, nodding. "Good! Make sure to capture the moment" I said, my eyes darting to his phone.

"Oh, I will" he smiled back. I decided to reward him for doing such a good job worshipping my pussy by taking it slow. I carefully got into position, letting him enjoy the feeling of my pussy gradually engulfing his cock, squeezing it delicately.

Only when it was completely inside, did I look back, seeing his phone in hand, clicking away. I loved it! I felt like such a slut! "Make sure you get a close up so your friends can see I'm riding you bareback!" I winked, turning my head back around. While the clicks behind me continued with increasing frequency, I began riding him, bouncing up and down his cock. "Uugggh! Oh god!" "Is that good?! Tell me how it feels!" I teased in my sultry voice. "Oh fuck, it feels amazing!" I soon heard a sliding sound, metal scraping against the ground.

I turned my head to the side to see his phone pushed a few meters away; I guess it must've been too much for him to concentrate on anything else! "Yeah?! Am I the best fuck you've had?" "Yes! By far!" he squeaked out through his grunts. "Good!" I screamed, sitting upright and grinding my pussy in circles on his cock. I was ready to end this, hearing all that I wanted already.

"Ooooooohhh! Fuck! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" I remained still on his cock, letting his jizz soak deep in my pussy before getting up. "Oooh thanks, babe. I needed that!" I smiled, kissing him and fixing my skirt. Jack kinda looked at me in awe, himself still a complete mess as he sat half naked on the floor. "uhm…should I " "You should go Jack.

I'm sure your boss is wondering about you!" I smiled. "uh, yeah" he nodded, scrambling to put on his clothe. "So…so could we -" "we'll see" I smiled, knowing what he wanted to ask.

"Uh yeah, okay. Night" he waved, leaving a little confused.

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I giggled. It was so satisfying seeing him change from a cocky teenage boy, used to getting his way with the girls his age, to barely being able to ask me a question after I fucked his brains out! *Ring! The sound of the phone snapped me back to where I was. It was Jack's, still on the floor. He was so flustered when he left that he had completely forgotten it. "Hello?" I answered. "Hello? Who's this? Where is Jack?" asked a man with a thick Italian accent.

"Marco? Hello, it's Lily" He was the owner of the bakery, and also Jack's boss, undoubtedly looking for him now. "Ah yes! Hello Miss Lily. Do you know where Jack is?" "Yes.

He uh…he said he dropped his phone somewhere when he was delivering food. I helped him look for it a bit, but we couldn't find it then so he went back to the store. He should be back soon" "Ah good! Okay, I thought something happened or there was accident. Good, that he's okay!" "Yes!

Yes! Jack is fine" I said, smiling to myself. "Tell him I found his phone and will bring it down to him in about half an hour or so. Also, Marco, could I order a BLT and a medium sized tomato soup please!" "BLT and tomato soup? No problem! We have it ready when you come to pick it up! Thank you miss Lily" he answered. "Thanks Marco!" I had originally planned on staying a little more in the lab, forcing me to work.

But the "break" I had, had completely taken my mind off of doing anything productive. If anything, I was still thinking about what just happened. And with Jack's phone still in my hand, I decided to have a little fun. I quickly looked through the shots he had of me, both to double check that he didn't have any of my face (which he didn't) and also to see what he missed.

The truth was, most of the pictures were blurry. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing as it kinda gives it more of an authentic feel, but still, it sucked that a lot of them wasn't visible. That was going to change. I turned to his camera app, placing it perfectly leveled to my crotch.

So with one hand holding the phone as still as I could, the other began pulling my panties aside. I carefully took pictures of my shaved pussy, with plenty of lighting.

I already had ideas for what shots I wanted, most of them from seeing all the pics that my nephew had taken of my sister. So among the shots, I had one just showing my pussy, one where I pulled my lips apart, one with me rubbing the clit, another one where I fingered myself, and one last one where I showed off my glistening fingers. I debated whether to leave Jack my number or not.

He had been a good fuck, but ultimately, I wagered against it. I already had one boytoy in Timmy, and while this adventure was certainly worth it, overall, I quite enjoyed Timmy more. His innocence and naivety were so hot to me! Just thinking about it made me want to race home and develop another memory. And with that thought, I quickly gathered up everything I needed, deciding that if I ever wanted to try Jack again, I knew where to find him.

"Miss Lily! Hello" Marco greeted as I entered the shop. "Hello!" I waved, my eyes scanning for Jack. I caught him by the condiments stand, refilling utensils. "Your phone. You forgot it after we fucked" I said, half between a normal voice and a whisper. He immediately looked around, seeing if anyone heard. "Uh thanks" "I left a little present in there. Enjoy" I smiled, heading to the counter.

"Thanks Marco" I said, handing him a ten dollar bill and leaving. The entire drive home, I thought about the events of the day; all things I did, and the people I did. Three. Three very different boys. I had fucked three boys in one day. Ok, kinda like 2.5 as Sean was only a blowjob, but still. When I first began flirting and teasing Timmy, I had never envisioned this. But I had to admit, there was no shame or guilt at all; only euphoria.

It's like an addiction. Some people have it with drugs, adrenaline rushes, food, or hobbies; mine was seducing boys. Not men, boys. It felt so hot seeing them crumble under the influence of my voice, their brains shutting off as their cocks took command, desperate to obey every order or suggestion I made in the hopes of getting some. I loved it!

I think I'll have some more before I called it a night. I was home at the much later than usual time of 8:15. Right away, I got to munching on the sandwich and soup, trying to finish it before it got too late. At the same time, I pulled out my phone. "Hey" I texted.

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As expected, I got a response right away Timmy. "Hi Lily! Are you home from work?" "Uh huh. What are you doing?" "Nothing much" "Wanna play?" I asked, getting straight to the point. "Yes! Can we do what we did this morning?" "mhm. I'll call your mom to make up an excuse. Then she'll ask you to come over" "Okay!" I laughed a little, realizing how insane it was that my fuck buddy needed permission from his mother to come.

I called Heather right away, both to invite her out dancing and to make up another excuse of bringing her son over for a bit. "Hi Heather! Good Evening, I hope it's not too late" "Oh of course not! And I still have to thank you so much for watching over him last night.

You're a lifesaver! We were so swamped at the hospital last night and not having to worry about Timmy was just one less thing on my mind, so thank you!" "Of course, no problem! I l absolutely adore Timmy!" I said genuinely.

"Oh, I'm sure the feeling is more than mutual!" she giggled. "I swear you have my son wrapped around your finger!" "Stop it! Now you're going too far! It's just a little crush!" I giggled. "Oh I dunno! You should see the look on his face when he talks about you!" "Speaking of him, how is little Romeo doing?" I asked.

"He's doing fine, in his room right now" she laughed. "Is that why you called?" she teased. "As a matter of fact it is" I said, playing along. "One of his video games is here. He must've forgotten to bring it back with him this morning" I lied. "Ah, okay. I'll tell him to run and get it. Do you mind if he comes over now?" "No not at all" I smiled devilishly. "Oh also, Heather, when are you free this week?" "Uhm, I think Thursday and Friday nights I'll be home.

Why?" "My friend Amanda asked me if I wanted to go dancing. So I was hoping if you'd like to come along" "Yes! Of course, that would be great!" she said, with genuine excitement. "Great! I'll ask her what day is best and I'll get back to you!" "Yes! Please do!" "Ahh! I'm so excited!" I shrieked with joy. I'll let you know tomorrow then. You can send Timmy over in 10 minutes or so" "Sure! Bye!" After hanging up, I headed straight for the shower, stripping naked and taking a quick rinse.

As my timing would have it, just as I finished and put on my matching satin grey bra and thong, the doorbell rang, letting me know my boy toy was here. I hastily grabbed a bathrobe and covered myself, just in case he came with his mom. "Hi Timmy!" I smirked, glad to see him alone. "Hi Lily!" he exclaimed, quickly rushing inside to give me a hug. "Good! Let's not waste any time" I smiled, grabbing his hand and heading towards my bedroom. I gently flicked on the light and stood by the foot of my bed, looking over the back of my shoulder as I slowly, teasingly, untied my robe and let it fall to the ground.

He stared at me in silence, mouth gaped open, hardly any expression on his face. It was as if his brain had melted with one look of my body. "Well, are you going to just look?" I smiled, turning around and lying down on my bed. I delicately stuck two fingers in my mouth to suck on, moistening them up. "Your mom's going to be expecting you back in a few minutes, so let's see how fast you work" I smiled, pulling my thong aside and spreading my pussy lips.

Timmy instantly sprang forward and dropped to his knees, his tongue slobbering all over my pussy, making me moan with ecstasy. Author's Note: There will be one more chapter in this series before crossing over with my other series involving Lily's sister and nephew. I'm not sure how long that series will be (whether its the usual 6 chapters or it will be shorter) but when it wraps, I will continue Lily's story in a second series.

As always I enjoy reading your comments and suggestions and they always help motivate me to write each chapter fast. Enjoy.