I rsquo_m In Love With Butthole rsquo_s

I rsquo_m In Love With Butthole rsquo_s
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THIS MIGHT BE SECOND STORY BUT IT'S MY FIRST REAL ATTEMPT, ENJOY. INTRODUCTION I'm mostly a very lonely 18 year old male, I don't want to be called a boy since I believe that at this age I am a man.

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I'm a middle child in family that consists of us as three siblings, two conceited sisters is enough to drive anyone mad including my father who decided to walk away 4 years ago after he and mom got divorced.

Now let's talk about that beautiful creature that gave birth to me. My mother Linda (38) is a tall beautiful half Brazilian and half White woman from South America, her face is completely smooth with her very visible dimples on either side of her perfect cheeks, her big beautiful brown eyes shining so bright every time she smiles, which hasn't been often for the past few years.

We are not a rich family be we are well off since my mother inherited a large sum of money when my grandparents died in plane crash 2 years ago, before then things were a little tough since our father left. Now to finish my introduction, my sisters- Amanda (20) works as a make-up artist for a very successful company in Durban but comes home almost every weekend mostly to see her girlfriend Zee, yeah u heard right my sisters a dyke and I thing I have a crush on Zee who is very butch yet very beautiful.

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Moving on to Pearl (14) is a true tease that always tries to get into trouble at any chance that she gets and now she has started blackmailing me about her seeing me gawking at Zee one day in a very seductive manner, and she knows that even though I have a crush on Zee, I am super scared of her cause she usually had fights with men and beat the hell out of them.

We all sat in the lounge with lunch on our laps eating and chatting, Zee came by and Mom went and prepared her a plate.

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I couldn't stop but think what the hell went wrong with such a beautiful woman to end up being a dyke when I'm here to serve her as the most submissive man she has ever met in her life. THE CONVERSATIONS "Linda do you ever think what life would be like if you didn't have kids at such an early age, or maybe&hellip." Amanda interrupted Zee "Are trying to tell me that you think that we are mistakes?" Zee looked hurt, even though I didn't say a thing but I knew exactly what she meant "Zee you don't have to answer that, I get what you mean cause it has crossed my mind a number of times, Since my life won't change any time soon I guess I can only say that I'm pretty happy with the way things are right now." "Would you ever get married again if the chance arose?" Zee boldly asked, we all looked at our mother as if practiced "No I wouldn't coz I already have a man in my life" she said playfully brushing my curly hair "plus I wouldn't want anyone that will end up wanting to screw the two ladies I love as well" Something seemed weird with that whole conversation I couldn't quite put a finger on it I just stood up and collected the dishes and took them to the kitchen.

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Pearl followed me to the kitchen. "Hey there big bro, can I ask you something" "As long as you are going to be nice, shoot" "I passed by your room last night and I saw you with moms panties and you were holding that joystick of yours, and you had your eyes shut so I went to ask mom what you were doing and she went and looked but then the was that white stuff coming out" I got shocked, angry and aroused all the same time but I had to contain myself.


I raised my hand as if to slap her but I thought otherwise and I just walked out of the kitchen and went straight to my room and started crying because I felt so angry. THE AWAKENING I don't know when I fell asleep but I woke up to someone kissing me, I opened my eyes and I was shocked to see my own mother lying next to me on my bed and she was completely naked.

"Tony don't say a word just let me do this before I change my mind" She kissed me hard yet gently for about a minute then she pulled the blankets off me "Wow its much bigger that when I saw it last night" she held my 11inch dick close to her mouth and took it all in at one go and she started choking and she started bobbing up and down as if her life depended on it, I couldn't hold it any longer, I blew my load down her throat and damn she swallowed every single drop.

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"Mom that was superb" I said in a shaky voice, "there's more where that came from, were not done yet" I was hard as hell, mom straddled me and sat on my hard member and put it deep in her in one stroke and then she started riding me like there was no tommorrow,"Oh baby no man has ever filled me up like u do, even your father was never this thick" she started screaming and breathing real hard and shaking like crazy "Fuck me baby, kuck mama real hard fuck yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, im coming fuck me with that bick cock my son" I just blew my load in her, we were both screaming our lungs out and panting from the exercise that we had just gone through, as soon as we regained strength she stood up and gave me a kiss and I went to the bathroom and had a shower.

When I got out of the shower Zee was there "I saw what u did boy" Homely Endevours 2 to follow

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