Amazing sex scenes in amateur clip with a blonde chick

Amazing sex scenes in amateur clip with a blonde chick
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Please give a positive vote and comment! Chapter 1 The sun was shining with the intensity of mid-summer, while it was only late spring in the English countryside. The land was full of life, for it had been five years since the end of the Black Plague. All across Europe, farmers who had originally been peasants under their barons were now free to claim land for their own and live without being controlled.

But while there was the peace of low population and lush farmlands bringing about new life and new generations, there was a great terror that refused to go silently in the night. Flying along the clouds was a mighty dragon, glistening as brightly as a polished ruby as he glided effortlessly across the sky.

While still relatively young, the beast had reached full maturity in both experience and strength. The dragon's torso alone was the size of six horses, with the addition of his long neck and tail more than tripling his overall length. His limbs were long and powerful enough to knock aside houses with a single sweep and each wing could be used as a king's pavilion.

Each red scale was the size of a human hand, his golden eyes were as large as melons with black slits for pupils, and his jaws could snap up even the largest bull and then split it in half with mere bite-force.

The dragon's form could be considered a combination of several different animals' characteristics. As expected, its skeleton was much like other lizards (iguanas and Komodo dragons) though it also had a large limb-to-body length ratio, much like a canine. Its most striking skeletal feature was the human-like characteristics, allowing for very prominent flexibility and the ability to take very specific poses if it desired.

Down below, a winery basked in the early-afternoon warmth. Walking among the aisles of grapevines was the farmer's daughter, humming in relaxed joy with a full basket hanging from her arm. Her name was Marian and she was the pride of her family, a young woman with long blonde hair and a beauty that was equaled only by the greatest cathedrals. She was eighteen years old and she knew that it wouldn't be long until she was married.

In her mind was the face of the blacksmith's son she had met the previous year when her family went to the nearby village to sell their wine. She hoped that he would be the one to take her as his bride and that the grapes in her basket would become the wine that they would drink on their wedding day. As she approached her family's farmhouse, her fantasies were cut short as she was eclipsed by a cross-shaped shadow.

She looked up and all the color was drained from her face and the breath from her lungs. The dragon had spotted her with eyes keener than a falcon's and what he saw was very appealing; her hair would make perfect lining for the creature's nest. Marian was able to release a single terrified scream as the dragon wrapped his arm-sized fingers around her waist, tearing her clothes with his colossal talons but not causing her any harm.

For the second time, the air was forcefully ripped from her lungs as the dragon pulled back up into the air, making her body feel like its weight had been multiplied. "Father! Mother!" she tearfully cried as her parents ran out of the farmhouse, just in time to see their daughter carried away in the dragon's clutches. Regardless of the dragon's rocketing altitude, Marian pushed and pulled on the dragon's muscular fingers, trying to free herself.

Annoyed at his prey's attempts to get away, the snarling dragon reached down with its long neck and threateningly snapped his jaws just a few feet from her head.

Marian's body went rigid in unparalleled terror as she stared at the dragon's dagger-sized teeth and smelled the aroma of blood on its breath. With tears streaming down her face, she clutched the crucifix hanging from her neck and began to pray, begging God for some scrap of protection against the beast that now held her. Marian hit the ground with painful force, jarring her from her comatose slumber after having fainted from terror. Hoping she had just woken up from a terrible dream, Marian scrambled to her feet and looked around wildly.

She was lying in a wide cave, large enough for the dragon to move around in. Due to the size and the lack of any soil in the ground or walls, Marian figured that the cave resided in the side of a mountain. The creature itself was blocking the exit, staring at her. In front of Marian was a cabin-sized nest, filled with five eggs that were the size of her family's wine barrels.

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Unlike bird or lizard eggs, the eggs of the dragon were made of flesh and riddled with pulsing veins, as if the eggs had their own hearts. The womb-like eggs of the dragons served a unique purpose, allowing them to be laid by the female at a much smaller and more manageable size, then growing with the younglings within until they were large and strong enough to break free and live outside.

The floor was laden with skeletons of everything from rodents to livestock, with the hair of animals like horses and sheep having been cut away to line the nest.

Residing behind the nest was a sight that terrified Marian as much as the creature that had taken her. It was the skeleton of another dragon of equal size, obviously the other parent of the eggs, though she could not tell if it had been a male or female. Marian turned around, whimpering in fear as the dragon blocking the exit moved closer to her. Reaching out with one of his hand-like paws, the dragon knocked her off her feet and pinned her down, as easily as if she had been a blade of grass.

Crying in fear, she begged for mercy, both from God and the dragon as the powerful creature reached towards her head with his other paw and one of its long claws extended.

She doubled her efforts as the sword-like talon hung just a few inches above her face, but released a sigh of relief as it moved above her head. She became as still as a statue as she felt the dragon's claw cut off her hair and tear through the stone ground as if it were just dried mud being ripped apart by a horse-drawn plow.

The dragon then picked up the long locks of blonde hair that Marian had vainly spent hours brushing back home and used it to line his nest.

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With the beast having released her and moved over to the nest, she knew that she had one chance to get away. Scrambling to her feet, she desperately sprinted to the cave entrance. With a snarl of annoyance but little overall effort, the dragon reached out with his tail and knocked her back to the ground. Marian cried in frustration as the dragon crawled back over to her and pinned her down after flipping her onto her back.

The creature hadn't just taken her for her hair; he was hungry as well. Marian once again began praying for mercy as the dragon reached down and sniffed her dress while wetting his sharp fangs with his long forked tongue. Every deep inhale through his nostrils felt strong enough to lift her off the ground.

Without a doubt, there was nothing she could do to resist the creature; it was far too powerful for her to even harm it. Marian screamed in fear as the dragon clamped his lips around a flap of her dress and ripped it away. Without hesitation, he repeated the action, tearing off her undergarments. She shivered and cried, lying naked on the cold ground underneath this powerful beast.

She couldn't even describe how helpless and violated she felt when the dragon's scaly lips and nose pushed against her private areas while it ripped away her clothes. She was completely exposed with the feeling of cold stone against her back and rear and the dragon's hot wet breath against her chest, stomach, and thighs. The only thing still on her body was her crucifix necklace, but she didn't even have the courage to grasp it. Marian shivered and gave a tearful whimper as the dragon ran the two long tendrils of its forked tongue up her flat stomach and between her round breasts.

The tongue against her skin felt like a mix of a giant slug and a waterlogged strip of undercooked beef crawling up her body. The helpless young woman again began to pray. Now that the dragon had tasted her, he would most likely commence to eat her.

Any second now, she would scream in pain as the dragon's razor-sharp teeth or claws would tear through her like a knife through one of her farm's grapes. But instead, she just felt the dragon's tongue again lick her stomach and breasts. In her skin and her fear-induced sweat, the dragon could taste something delicious. After years of living on a vineyard and basically being raised on wine, the taste of fermented grape juice was basically wafting from her pores, and the dragon found it absolutely delectable.


Marian just lied there and continued to silently cry, unable to stop the dragon from licking her body. She had never been touched in any way like this, the closest she had ever come to this was getting her hands licked by livestock in the village near her home.

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But this, her navel and breasts were being lathered by the dragon's tongue and there was nothing she could do to stop the molestation. She shook her head from side to side in fear and disgust as the dragon wrapped the tendrils of his forked tongue around her soft neck, but it was too late, the beast had already caught the smell and taste of wine on her breath.

Before she could react, the dragon forced one of his tongue tendrils into her mouth. Marian tried to scream, but the dragon's tongue had completely filled her mouth with its saliva running down her throat. The tendril of his forked tongue was the size of a child's arm and the dragon was forcing it deeper and deeper into her mouth as it savored the taste and smell of wine on her breath.

Marian's eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body convulsed as the end of the dragon's tongue was forced past her gag reflex and began ramming the back of her throat. As she was forced to deep-throat the saliva-soaked tendril, the other tendril continued to lick her body, slathering her full breasts and rubbing her stomach. Finally, the dragon pulled its tongue free. Marian lay limp with her eyes still rolled up into her head and her mouth hanging open, with the dragon's saliva and her own dripping off his tongue and pelting her lips.

The dragon had stopped because it had smelled and tasted something new. It wasn't something so delicious as much as it was… arousing. The aroma that the dragon had caught was the hormones of Marian's adolescent body.

As terrified and disgusted as she was of the molestation, her body was reacting to the touching and was energizing her hormones.

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The dragon was sensing these hormones and his own were reacting as well. He wasn't just licking her for the taste of wine in her body, but for the insatiable sexual desire building up in within him.

The dragon reached down, bringing his tongue to the place that he had not yet tasted. He gently prodded the lips of her completely untouched cunt with his sopping wet tongue, causing Marian to instantly reawaken and scream in surprise and fear. She had never been touched this way and the fact that it was an unholy animal doing it made her sick to her stomach. The tongue tendril pressed harder against her slit, trying to enter her. Desperate to avoid the horrible fate charging towards her, she reached down and grabbed the dragon's tongue, desperately trying to push it back.

The dragon growled at her attempted rejection and pressed on her body with his paw, completely pinning her down and leaving her unable to move.

Crying in fear and humiliation, she once again began praying to God for protection and begging the dragon for mercy. The dragon pressed harder against her slit and the tip of his tongue managed to spread the lips. Marian screamed as she felt the tendril enter her and doubled her prayers. Her screaming continued to increase in volume as he forced his tongue farther and farther into her virgin body. The young victim couldn't believe the filling sensation coursing through her, she felt like the tongue would split her in half like a axe chopping a piece of firewood.

The tongue stopped and Marian fell silent as she felt it reach some sort of barrier. She knew what had stopped it and she was more terrified than ever before in this horrible ordeal. Gasping for air and crying, Marian looked up at the dragon. "Please stop, please don't rape me. In the name of God, please have mercy." she begged, hoping to retain one shred of her dignity.

Her words meant nothing to the dragon, and without any compassion, he rammed his tongue tendril all the way into her pussy, rupturing her hymen without any effort and driving so far into her that Marian cried out in agony. Upon tasting her blood, the dragon became more excited. Flexing his tongue within her tight body, the dragon moved back and forth to savor the taste of her hormones and blood.

Sobbing in pain and humiliation, Marian could do nothing to stop the dragon as he raped her with little more than a single tendril of his forked tongue. With her body jerking with each brutal push of the dragon's tongue, she looked down, having spotted something in the corner of her eye.

She became completely petrified when she realized it was the dragon's phallus, fully extended and erect. Until now, it had been mostly held within the dragon's body like a dog or horse, but he was now so aroused that it was reaching out and visible. Only now did Marian realize that the dragon truly was a male, and now her terror had reached new heights. Afraid of the dragon's log-sized phallus and still in pain from the beast's tongue brutally ramming her, Marian couldn't stop herself from screaming, greatly annoying the dragon.

Wanting to silence her shrill cries of desperation and sample more of the wine on her breath, the dragon forced his other tongue tendril into her mouth. With the dragon's tongue being forced into her pussy and throat at the same time, Marian could do nothing by silently pray as tears of pain and humiliation ran down her face. After a few minutes, the dragon pulled out of her, but was not done; he just wanted a change of tastes.

Before Marian could even catch her breath, the dragon forced his tongue tendrils back into her body, but switched. With Marian's saliva being mixed with the dragon's in her pussy as he rammed her and the taste of her juices being forced in her mouth, the young woman was filled with disgust and loathing, even towards herself.

With each second passing at a rate resembling an hour, Marian wasn't sure how long it was before the dragons tongue was finally pulled out of her body. Even with the skin around her eyes burning from the salt of so many tears, she cried with relief, believing her torment to be over. Her jaw was aching from the dragon's tongue filling her mouth, her throat felt bruised from the brutal slamming, and her slit was stretched wide from continuous violation, not to mention bloody and swollen from the brutal deflowering.

Her eyes widened in confusion as the dragon flipped her over onto her knees and elbows. After sampling the girl's hormones, the dragon was so aroused that he could barely control himself.

He hadn't been this energized since mating season, when he met the mother of his unborn younglings. The dragon wanted to continue sampling the body before him, regardless of the species or method.

Marian shivered in fear and disgust as she felt the dragon's hot wet breath fan her rear end inner thighs. "Please stop, please don't!" she begged as she felt one of the dragon's tongue tendrils press against her battered pussy and the other against her anus.

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With more strength in his tongue than in Marian's whole body, the dragon rammed the two tendrils into his victim. She released a blood-curdling scream of pain from her asshole and pussy getting filled by the two bulging tendrils, violating her in ways that her worst nightmares couldn't have replicated.

Never in her life had she felt so much pain, so much humiliation, and so much helplessness in her life. As the dragon began moving both halves of his tongue in and out of her body, Marian's painful scream continued on, increasing in volume as the dragon's thrusts increased in speed and brutality.

The tendrils in her body were so large and powerful, Marion felt like her body was going to be completely ripped in half, as if the dragon would give one powerful thrust and her anus or vagina would be torn open and she would bleed out. The feeling of her vagina being stretched to its maximum made her want to spread her legs in an attempt to lessen the pain and the feeling of her asshole being pummeled and violated made her feel sick with agonizing revulsion.

Up until now, she had been praying to God and the dragon to be set free and escape, now she actually wished for death. After being violated and used in every way possible by an animal, she couldn't imagine ever being able to overcome the pain and humiliation. If she were to somehow escape, she didn't know how she could possibly face her family, face a possible husband, and face herself in a mirror… especially since she was beginning to enjoy it.

Looking past the pain, looking past the gut-wrenching, spirit-crushing violation of her body and soul… she could also feel waves of pleasure being forced through her aching frame. While her entire pelvic region was almost crying out for relief and mercy, Marian could not stop herself from pushing back against the creature's tongue.

Her crucifix swung wildly as she rocked back and forth against the dragon's tongue tendrils, crying in shame from the enjoyment she was experiencing, even at the cost of her self-respect and the pain threatening to rip her in half like a split fruit. She continued pushing against the dragon's tongue, beginning to enjoy the powerful shoves against every sensitive spot in her pussy and the expanding/filling sensation driving back and forth in her anus.

Her pleasure was only increased as the dragon began working the two tendrils in turn, thrusting one into her pussy and pulling out while driving the other into her asshole, and her sobs of pain and anguish were replaced by tearful moans of shameful euphoria. The hot wet tongue inside her was driving her so wild that she even began to touch herself. Suddenly, Marian's whole world was turned upside down as earthshaking waves of heat and pleasure coursed through every fiber of her being. She released a shrill moan, screaming louder than ever before in her life as the dragon's tongue seemed to fill her pussy and asshole with more pressure than she thought possible.

Finally, the dragon fully retracted his tongue, pulling out of her like a sword being pulled out of a slain warrior and leaving her slit and anus hotter and wetter than the creature's salivating tongue. Marian collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily and nearly delirious in the realization that this kidnapping monster had just given her the first orgasm of her life, something she had only heard the women of the village near her home gossip about. Once again, the dragon flipped her over, rolling her onto her back.

Still panting like a dog in the noonday heat, Marian looked up and her eyes widened in fear. The dragon had moved up and was dangling his erect phallus right over her, like the giant main crossbeam of a house.

There was absolutely no way on God's green earth that the dragon would be able to put that thing in her, not without finally ripping her open like a gutted fish and killing her. The dragon knew of this impossibility as well and he wasn't about to sacrifice the life of his new toy, but he also wanted to use her in a new way. Desperate to continue appeasing his sexual desires, the dragon lowered his cock down onto her body, merely laying it on top of her.

Marian cursed in shame and disgust as the giant phallus pressed down on her like a fallen tree, pinning her to the ground. Never before had she even got a good look at an animal's (or human's) sexual organ, let alone touched one. Now she was basically being crushed underneath one that was as large as her whole body. She could feel the dragon's heartbeats through the long veins pulsing against her naked body, the musky smell that seemed to permeate the appendage was making her dizzy, the weight was so intense that she felt like her bones were going to be crushed, and the dragon's flesh was so hot that she felt like she was going to be burned.

The dragon's sexual organ was grinding against her helpless naked body, rubbing against every exposed inch of skin on her formerly virgin frame. Her only resistance came in the form of her keeping her eyes and mouth screwed shut as the head of the dragon's cock prodded her face, literally the size of her own head. As he prodded her face again and again, Marian tried to ignore the salty, musky smell and the stickiness and incredible heat of the flesh against her skin.

With a growl of annoyance, the dragon pressed his hands against her sides, forcing her to wrap her arms around his phallus. He wanted more contact. Afraid of what the dragon would do to her if she resisted, Marian held on tightly, but the dragon was not content.

He gave another threatening growl and Marian fearfully wrapped her legs around the massive shaft as well, holding onto it as if she were in a torrential flood, clinging to a tree for dear life. The dragon began thrusting forward, rubbing his cock against Marian's frail body with deep powerful shoves. Her whole body was shaking with each tremor that passed through the powerful muscles in the creature's organ. While she cried in shame and disgust of the head of the dragon's cock rubbing against her smooth cheeks, she could not ignore her feelings of arousal and the heat building between her legs as the creature's shaft rubbed up against the swollen lips of her pussy.

Hoping that she had appeased the beast, Marian shuddered in fear as the dragon growled and snapped his jaws from impatience. She looked up and the dragon began reaching out with his tongue, licking the air repeatedly. Marian whimpered when she realized that the dragon was showing her what he wanted her to do: he wanted the softness of her mouth.

With yet another layer of tears coating her face, Marian sobbingly obeyed and held out her tongue. The dragon pressed the very tip of the head of his cock against her tongue, and the young sex slave had to fight the urge to vomit from revulsion of the act and the nauseating saltiness and stickiness of the hot flesh.

The musty taste was making her sick with disgust and she prayed to God to take her life so that she wouldn't have to continue such a degrading sexual act with this animal.


The dragon resumed his thrusts, grinding his throbbing cock against her tiny body while Marian tearfully licked the giant head with her small tongue, orally pleasuring him as the dragon's new human concubine. As she worked her tongue in the slit of the head and slathered the surrounding skin, the dragon trembled and grunted from the soft wetness against his most sensitive area.

Her mouth and tongue felt so good, the dragon actually wished for a smaller phallus so that he could at least put the whole head in her mouth. Finally, the dragon looked up and groaned with his whole body shaking. Just as Marian lowered her head and looked at the dragon in confusion, a torrent of semen erupted from the head of his cock.

The wave of white slime covered her face and short hair, filled up her mouth, and poured down her throat. With Marian gagging on the semen, the dragon raised his body, spraying her entire body. Rolling on her side in a puddle of dragon sperm, Marian coughed up almost a pint of semen, vomiting in revulsion. More traumatized and disgusted than every before in her life, she curled up in a fetal position with her head in her hands and released her loudest scream of the day, with her tears mixing with the semen that coated her face.

Not only was it disgusting, but far hotter than she could have imagined. While it was not intense enough to actually burn her skin, it felt like flaming animal fat had been poured all over her body. The dragon stepped back and stretched, glad to have experienced such a wonderful orgasm. But now he had lost his interest in this young girl. True, he had discovered something to enjoy later in his life, but this quivering victim before him was now much less appealing.

However, he wasn't just going to let her go or eat her, she could prove useful to the younglings when they hatched. It would sure help them find partners if they had some mating practice. The dragon carefully grasped her ankle with his jaws, picking her up and holding her upside down. Marian instantly screamed in terror and begged for mercy, though her pleads were a hysterical mix of either praying for the dragon to release her or end her life quickly, as she didn't want to live anymore, but neither did she want to suffer the agony of being ripped to shreds and devoured.

With Marian desperately trying to free herself of the dragons jaws, the creature had to tighten his hold, inadvertently crushing her ankle with his lips. Screaming in pain from her injury, Marian was carried over to the dragon's nest and dropped in, landing on the side opposite of the giant flesh eggs. Marian looked down at her broken ankle, tearfully cursing her injury.

Now, even if the dragon wouldn't rape her again or even eat her, she wouldn't be able to escape. Desperately hoping the injury was just a simple sprain, Marian gently squeezed her ankle to gauge the pain. The waves of agony that instantly surged through her body mixed with the aching pain of bruises and tears in her vagina and anus and her overall exhaustion, forcing her into another bout of unconsciousness.

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