Hot twink scene Versatile Latino Gets Covered in Cum

Hot twink scene Versatile Latino Gets Covered in Cum
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David obediently walked behind his new wife, Jenna. Her long light brown hair bounced as she ran up the stairs. David looked appraisingly at her curvy figure. In her shoulder less wedding dress she was the embodiment of beauty. Turning to face him she smiled, showing off white teeth.

After clearing the steps she reached out with her remaining left hand fully cupping his. They walked into the wedding room. The room had few decorations.

It was a crimson red and the only furniture was a leather couch and a dominating Emperor sized bed. He took a moment to appraise his surroundings. Jenna was already trying to zip down her dress. David shook his head at the amateurishness of the act, defiantly a virgin. Admit ably he too was a virgin but he had read up on sex the week before and he knew that this suddenness would only disappoint. Before Jenna could pull the zip down he grabbed her fingers and waist, pulling her into him.

Taking his right hand from her fingers he began to slowly unzip her the dress while trailing his index finger down her spine. Jenna gave a slight moan in appreciation for his effort and leaned back into him letting him know he was the one in charge tonight. With dramatic slowness he began to pull down her dress, allowing the silky inside of the wedding dress to caress her skin.

Jenna signed and allowed her head to loll to one side. Once below the ass he simply released his grip on the dress allowing it to tumble to the floor. Replacing his left hand to her waist he removed Jenna's black 32-D bra. Her firm breasts barely moved as the support was removed from under them. As if in anticipation of what he would do next Jenna's breath increased in depth.

Placing his hand at the top of her chest he slowly his way down her front, his middle finger doing in circles. His firm but gentle hands went between her breasts, which had the faint moistness of early onset sexual sweat. David kept his breathing, and cock, in check. As his hand made it's way across her belly he began to gently kiss the base of her neck and slowly make his way up. Her breath was deep and quick and they had barely begun. He finally reached her pussy which was barely covered by a black thong.

In a slow motion he begun to rub her clit. As her passion filled breathing increased David moved his lips from her soft neck flesh to her firm lips, covering her mouth as she began to moan. Her kisses were more passionate than ever before. She pressed her lips into his, caressed his tongue with hers moaned as if this was the last chance she would have. In attempt to increase her pleasure he moved his hand from her waist and began to fondle her nipple, she moaned louder and the air began to flare out of her nostrils as passion flared through her.

After what felt like an eternity David noticed Jenna was rocking her hips into his hand. After a few adjustments to the hand movement David counteracted her drive to climax.

His hand was wet with pussy juices which were flooding out of her. She was close to orgasm. In an attempt to prolong her desire he removed his hand from her clit. Jenna opened her eyes and moved out of their kiss. "Don't stop" she said with a voice filled with a lust to match her beautiful green eyes. Moving his hand from her breasts he manoeuvred her hand to his pants, where is rock hard cock fought against the zip of his pants.

Her eyes widened slightly, never losing that lust which drove her. Although he had never heard her being fucked he believed she had sucked a few cocks. The slight gesture was all she needed. In a fluid motion she turned around to face him and undid the bondage which held his prick at bay. In a similar way he had done with her she slowly slid trousers and boxers both down his legs as he licked his fingers clean of her pussy juices.

His cock was freed and his pants were now around his ankles, which he kicked away. Jenna looked at his rock hard 8 inch cock. She was stunned by it's size as if she'd never seen one like it. Jenna recovered quickly and sucking on his cock. She wasn't gentle or subtle. She simply drove the cock down her throat.

David, dismayed she was so impulsive in this regard as well grabbed her think hair and pulled the cock out of her throat. Once her lips were around the head he released her hair and brushed her cheek as a gesture to start again.

She learned well. Her lips caressed the exposed flesh of the cock's head while her tongue prodded and curled around it. She had become like a pro in a matter of moments.

As David began to groan in pleasure Jenna took control and began to suck his cock, but more gently. At first she simply sucked him off then she began to throat fuck him. She surprised him by fully engulfing all eight inches of this cock for several seconds before gagging.


David was beginning to have difficulty stopping himself from Cumming and matter weren't helped when Jenna got the teeth out. David nearly cummed from the shock of it as Jenna gently raked her teeth along his sex organ. Placing his hand onto her head he moved her away from his cock which was covered in her saliva.

Placing both hands at roughly eye height to her he awaited her to respond. Placing her hands in his she stood up. Moving forwards, therefore sending her backwards he directed her towards the large bed. When her beautiful thighs met the mattress she simply flopped backwards onto the bed.

David grabbed her well proportioned legs in his arms before lowering himself to her shaven pussy. Using his tongue he licked and probed her pussy. Jenna gave a squeak in surprise and pleasure as David began to lap up her sweet cum. Jenna began to moan louder as she once again neared her climax and once again David denied her.

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With a devilish smile he stood up again and positioned himself between her legs. David knew first times were painful for women so he tried his best to be gentle. Slowly pushing his prick inter her virgin virgina he encountered resistance which caused Jenna to contort and scream in the pain as he forced his cock further. Soon the resistance was reduced to nothingness as his cock's full length was imbedded into her pussy.


David waited for Jenna to adjust to the intruder for nearly a minute before slowly extracting his cock almost all the way out. Jenna seemed to brace herself by supporting her back on her elbows and leaning back. David sought to make her wetter by only letting her have a taste first.

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He once again slowly re-inserted his cock into her. Jenna gasped and squirmed as the cock painfully slowly re-entered her sweating body. Once again fully embedded David pulled out again, as slowly as before.

He did this a couple of times before Jenna shot her head forward and cried "Fuck me you bastard!" Her hair had arrayed it's self so strands of varying collectiveness covered her face, combined with the pure lust in her eyes she looked wild.

David smiled. He pulled out of her half way before thrusting his hips forward with all his strength. Jenna gave a cry in pain and pleasure as the force rushed through her body causing her large breasts to ripple. He began to pump her with a slowing increase in speed until he reached a constant movement.

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At first Jenna was soundless as the sensations assaulting her body stunned her. But after a few moments she began screaming in pleasure as he pumped her. Her back arched slightly as a wave of pleasure went through her. Every now and again her eyes looked directly at him and he felt his entire body heat with the love and lust he was in her eyes.

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Jenna started to scream as she had her orgasm. Her pussy convulsed around his cock causing him to nearly cum. David kept fucking her as her body jerked and shook as the orgasm sent wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her. As the first orgasm began to subside David decided a new position might spice things up a bit. Getting a firm on her ass with his left arm and a firmer grasp on the back of her neck with this right arm David hoisted her up so he was in a standing position.

Jenna immediately threw her arms over his shoulder and gripped onto his back while David looped his arms around her legs in order to hold her up.

After getting comfortable David again began fucking her wet pussy. The squelching sound of her pussy juice and the hot feel of it down his cock and his balls drove him into a fucking frenzy. He was no longer being gentle.

Jenna screamed his name as he fucked her tight pussy "Oh fuck David, oh FUCK ME!" she cried as once again she neared her second orgasm of the night.

David moved his right hand to the nipple which he twisted, hard. Jenna gave a high pitched screamed as she cummed very hard. Her nails dug into his back intensifying his pleasure as her wet pussy convulsed around his cock.

His knees nearly bucked as he diverted all his willpower into not cumming. Jenna seemed to collapse at that point. All the muscles relaxed and she simply buried her face into his neck. For a Moment he thought she'd blacked out. After a few seconds David felt a kiss on his shoulder.

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But he wasn't done yet. "I'm now going to fuck your ass." He whispered. Before she could say anything he had virtually dropped her on the bed. Slapping her ass playfully he moved her onto her side before lying behind her. His cock, slippery from pussy juice easily slipped into her ass hole. Jenna grasped at the hand which resided on her left breast as he forced himself up her ass. Her gasps where a mixture of pleasure and pain but after his cock was fully imbedded inside her she smiled misceviously.

"Fuck my ass." She said, and I complied. This time he gave her the full deal. As my cock went in and out of her ass my fingers worked her nipples, tweaking and squeezing the hard, pink flesh while also finger fucking her pussy with my hand. Screamed into the crimson room as if to save her life. As she got louder David thought it best to quiet her down a bit. Taking his hand from her soaked pussy he stuffed her mouth.


As she sucked his fingers clean he realised he was close to cumming, as was she. David stopped thrusting his hips and whispered "Where would you like me to cum? Ass? Pussy? Mouth? Or tits?" Jenna looked into his eyes for a moment before saying "Pussy" Davis was more than happy to oblige.

Removing his cock from her ass he stood up and moved towards the couch. He lay back into the couch with his hips just over the edge. Jenna needed no instructions. Jenna spread her legs wide as she straddled him, inserting his cock inside her for the last time that night.

She leaned back, placing her hands on his chest for support, her long brown hair tickled his chest. With her fully impaled David began to thrust. Jenna started moaning and crying out as he fucked her sloshing pussy.

The smell of sex and sweat caused them to do mad with lust as they mindlessly fucked one another. Eventually they climaxed together. David Groaned as string after string of cum shot into her pussy.

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Jenna convulsed, violently, causing her to scratch his chest, increasing his pleasure. Jenna collapsed onto him, and he onto the ground, as exhaustion took them both to sleep.