Big boobs milf orgy first time fake soldier gets used as a fuck toy

Big boobs milf orgy first time fake soldier gets used as a fuck toy
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Steve hadn't noticed anything different about his wife when got home that night. Tara made sure she cleaned up and put on a smile.

Even when they made love that night Steve couldn't tell that she had been another man's play thing that afternoon. She had gotten away with it. But that didn't mean she wouldn't still get caught. When the doorbell rang the next morning, Tara was ready. Her micro skirt and metallic purple bikini top/thong combo were the only items she wore aside from her stiletto heels. She only opened the door a crack, not wanting to let the neighbours see her greeting her guests dressed in so little.

That hope was dashed though when Cole pushed the door wide and entered with three other boys. They crowded around her greeting her warmly and none of them looking her in the eyes. "Hi Mrs. Benson!" They were all eager and happy. Cole pushed the other jackals back. "Calm down guys.

Make yourselves at home." He took her by the hand and led her down the hall.

"We'll be right back." Entering her bedroom, Tara spun around. "Why did you bring so many guys over here? Just what do you think is going to happen here?" In answer, Cole took out his tool. "Look, I like you Mrs. Benson but the truth is you're going to do whatever I want you to unless you want your husband to find out about you cumming on your teenage neighbour. I watched the video last night.

It was obvious you enjoyed yourself." His grubby fingers hooked under her bikini and pulled it away from her perky tits and set them free. "Put your hand on me." He helped her, moving her hand to his quickly thickening member. "See? There's nothing for you to say… just do." He smiled as she started to stroke him automatically. "That's it. Just do what you're good at." He said.

"Are they going to take turns on me?" Tara accepted her fate. "All day long." He played with her breasts and pulled her top off completely. "Ohh… I don't know. Please don't make me…" She tried to stroke him faster to try to persuade him. Cole didn't care. He knew where they stood and there wasn't much that she could do about it. Plus he now felt guilt free after he watched her cum on him in the video.


"You're talking too much." He said. "See if you can fit me in your mouth." It did fit. Barely. So with his hands clamped on the sides of her head, Cole scraped her brains with his fleshy tool until drool was running from her mouth and she could barely breathe.

This was fun but Cole didn't want to waste any more time. He told her, "Okay, now get up on the bed. I want a good shot at you before we run a train on you." "Oh please, let me ride you. You're so big!" Tara secretly wanted to have Cole again but was still afraid of how big he was. She wanted to be full with him inside her but on her own terms.


It was the other boys that scared her now. What kind of life, what kind of wife, what kind of stupid person was she to end up like this? Cole lay back in the middle of her and her husband's bed. His cock was thick and strained, lifting off of his stomach into the air. Pulling off her thong, she climbed up onto the bed and straddled him. His girth slid along her moistening lips while his grubby hands pawed at her perfect body.

"What are you going to make me do?" She slid forward and back over the length of him, getting him wet with her juices. His hands ran the length of her long thighs. "Anything we want, I guess. Just try to enjoy yourself." He suckled at her pert nipples as she lifted his full swollen cock and placed the head at her entrance and began her long journey down on it. "Please," she said breathlessly as she dipped up and down on him, "you have to be gone before my husband comes home." "We'll see about that.

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You just do what you're told and pretend you don't love it." With that, Cole thrust up inside her where they both wanted him to be, gripping her hips to hold her in place. She was magnificent when completely impaled on him, hot and writhing in a desperate panic.

A few more thrusts and Tara was defeated and willing. She threw herself against him fucking her brains out! Welcoming this drepravity was her only option it seemed and she had to admit that she had thought about Cole's mighty cock sausage fisting its way into her more than once since their fling yesterday. What was the point in protesting anyway? She didn't have a leg to stand on but she did have a thick slab of cock meat to sit on. She rode herself silly on him in her husband's house, in their bed until the sheets were sticky with their sweat and her back was beaded in sweat and she had brought herself to orgasm shamefully on him numerous times.

Finally she felt him tighten and knew if she gathered her strength and persisted she would get his load from him.

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"Oh god… take it all, Mrs. Benson!" Rutting away inside her, Cole filled her with thick, hot jets of his jism until she could feel it leaking out of her in gobs. He held her hips tightly, keeping her down on him until he finished. They were both out of breath. Worn out now she rolled off of him and curled up at the edge of the bed. What now? Would they leave? Then the door to the bedroom opened and Joey and a friend ran in cheering Cole on.

They swapped high fives and Joey jumped into the bed next to Tara. "My turn! Everybody else get out!" After the door closed, Joey got close up behind Tara and ran his fingers down ger sweaty back. "Mmmm smells like sex in here!" He cuddled right up behind her laughing and smelling like alcohol. He lifted a glass in front of her face.

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"Baby, I am going to have fun with you today. Yesterday's little taste test was fun, but this time I want to hear you squeal." Tara let him pour some of the bitter liquid into her mouth. She coughed as some of it went down the wrong tube. She hoped that the boys had brought their own bottle but guessed that they had found her husband's liquer cabinet. Joey fumbled to get his pants off for his turn at her. She felt him behind her trying to find the right place to poke her and found herself angling her hips so that he lined up right with her.

Why resist? He found his way from there and after a few trial jabs he found her slimy, loose hole. Cole had left a good deposit in her that was slowly oozing out now with every thrust. Joey wasn't nearly as big as his friend and Tara felt like that giant cock had stretched her out pretty well, not that Joey seemed to care about getting sloppy seconds. Not having much luck at getting a good rhythm going, his hands came around from behind to grab at her perfect titties.

Tara decided to let him have what she knew most men really wanted, just to help speed up the proceedings and rolled onto her stomach and then got up onto her knees, but leaving her face down in the pillow.

"Face down, ass up, that's the way we like to fuck" she remembered the lymeric from her highschool days. Sure enough, Joey had much better access and appreciatively began to fuck her as hard as he could.

It wasn't really a turn on but Tara was starting to get off again. Somehow just letting this boy fuck her like she was just a warm wet hole for his cock was disgusting enough that she was enjoying his battering ram technique. Her self loathing at this revelation was also working against her. Fucking one teenager was scandalous enough but this was disgusting behaviour.

Still, she didn't know what she could do about it. And in that resignation of this twisted fate she started to build her orgasm. "Fuck me harder!" She begged. "You like it hard, Mrs. Benson?" She moaned, "Yes! Yes!" She was so close now. "Just a little more…" "Yeah!

Fuck that slut good Joey!" Tara realised she was being watched. Her audience was behind her in the doorway watching her get ploughed deep. Cole's other friends no doubt. "Look at her legs.

Fucking sexy as hell!" One of them said. "Yeah those some long legs, but I want a piece of that ass! Think she's been broken in before?" "How the fuck did you find this freak?" "Just lucky I guess.

She just loves to fuck. A real slut." Cole was speaking now. They were just watching her get fucked.


"Well she is going to get it." It didn't matter who said it. At those words another powerful orgasm rippled its way up her spine from her quivering loins and Joey let loose his own torrent of cum deep into her.

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She gripped the sheets and bucked against him appropriately. There was no denying how right they were now. She would take them all on and she knew that she was the kind of filthy cunt to enjoy herself on everyone of them for as long as it took to satisfy them. Her own satisfaction was guarenteed by such a sickening display as she would put on for them.

Joey dismounted and as Tara turned over to see her partners in infidelity, she said breathlessly, "My husband will be home in seven hours. So who's next?" Cole said, "I think the Morgan boys want a turn." Tara immediately understood why the two boys looked so similar. Brothers. Tara knew in that moment that not only was she going to let it happen, she was going to enjoy it. Even if she could never admit it to herself, there was a part of her that was excited at the idea of being pleased by two men at the same time and now these boys would make her do all kinds of bad things.

She was going to try and embrace it and decided to indulge herself. They closed in on her, shedding clothes and brandishing impressive weapons. "Alright boys, do it to me hard!" She moved into position back on her hands and knees, sandwiched between two horny teens as they fondled her every crevice and mound, fingering her clit and tweaking her perfect pink nipples to harden them. She decided to take the initiative and opened her mouth when one of the Morgans' cocks came bobbing by her face.

It was hard to keep a rhythm with her mouth on the first cock while she could feel another cock trying to mount her from behind, but Tara just concentrated on her mouth meat and let the second Morgan brother find his own way in. It wasn't long before Tara's nose was bumping into one boys stomach everytime his brother slapped his pelvis into her big bum, his balls slapping her clit with every thrust.

She did her best not to choke on the big dick with some success. "Lift her up. I want to get in this bitch." Tara knew what he wanted and she was eager to try it, so she climbed up onto the brother that had been fucking her from behind and wrapped her long legs around his waist as he stood up.

Flexing her sexy legs she pumped herself up and down on his nice big cock a few times to keep him hard while the second Morgan boy got in place behind her. Steadying herself, she felt his cock push against her tight pink asshole. Tara let Steve try fucking her ass on a couple occasions but she found it more uncomfortable than sexy but she knew she could take it.

She wanted to feel so full of dick like never before. She might as well get something for herself out of this madness. His wet cock slid in after a couple tries. It's excruciating in the best way and soon they would both be fully rooted inside her as she filled the centre of this Tara sandwich. She wriggled around on this dual experience getting acclimated to her new double occupancy that stretched her like an elastic band.

Hooking her arm around his shoulder to brace herself better, Tara twisted her torso to face her titties at the remaining boys in the room.

She was putting on quite a display for these lucky teens. As the Morgan brothers made her hop on their twin prongs and Tara reamed herself on her first double penetration, Cole and Joey put the joint to her lips and poured more alcohol into her mouth.

By the time she came down from her second orgasm she went limp and was tossed around like a rag doll, held in the air by their strong hands until they filled her with their seed in both holes and dropped her back down on the bed. She had never been fucked like this before or cum so many times in such a short period. Tara crumpled into a naked pile on the bed. She had done it. Everything they asked of her, indulging their purile requests she had fucked them all to keep her marriage safe.

In the middle of peaceful surburbia on a random thursday Tara had become an urban legend for teen boys. At 33 she had become a horny cougar and invited this debauchery into her husband's bed.

But it was done now.

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And the guilt and shame was setting in again. The sheets were sticky with spilt cum from four different boys and her sweat. She'd have to change them before her husband came home. She could still hear the group of them in the living room laughing and hooting. She wondered when they would leave. The door opened and Cole came back in.

Giving her an apron he said, "Put this on. We're hungry and we want you to make us some snacks." She didnt bother arguing. He gave her a demeaning pat on the backside to motivate her.

As she walked down the hallway and into the living room she thought of what she looked like. The apron was small. Her husband had given it to her as a joke. It represented sexist servitude but inside it he had hidden an expensive pearl necklace.

They laughed and she offered to let him give her a second pearl necklace right there as she went down on him to show her appreciation. Now she was wearing the little joke apron to serve her teen neighbour and his greasy friends all proud of themselves for conquering her. The bib in the front was narrow and her nipples were easily visible on either side of it. The material in the front ended on her upper thigh mere inches from her naked pussy and there was nothing to cover her magnificent round ass in the back.

In fact her entire back half was naked aside from the string that tied this embarrassing ensemble to her slender and curvacious body but the string around her waist and around her neck. The boys were all dressed now and watching TV in her living room and on her couch. She pretended not to notice their eyes following her as she passed them on her way to the kitchen but knew they would have a nice view on her way out.

In the kitchen she opened cupboards and the fridge in a daze as she wondered what she was supposed to make for her juvenile houseguests. Joey stood at the door and watched her drift around in a fog with her ass and tits hanging out. A fat joint was burning in his mouth.

He said, "Got any pizza?" "Umm. I don't think so." She said absentmindely and then bent over to open the low freezer drawer of her fridge. "Your husband buys shit weed." She knew he didnt.

Steve bought high grade bud. "We dont have any pizza." She said ignoring his rude comment. "Well what else do you have that we would want?" He asked. "You mean besides what you've already taken?" Said Tara. "Are you being cheeky?" Joey came up behind her and put his fingers up her ass. She grunted undignified.

He didn't seem to care that he slid in easily because his friend had cum there so neither did she. Putting the joint to her lips she took it and held it there while he freed up his hand to fish a tube of cookie dough out of the freezer. "I guess you can bake us some cookies, bitch." He touched the frozen tube to her nipple to make it hard. She coughed from too much weed and he took the joint back from her. He removed his fingers from her ass and let her start baking the cookies.

She had to move around him as he stood obtrusively in the middle of the small kitchen floor. Once she had found the cookie sheet and was squeezing out the dough into cookie shapes he came up behind her and unzipped his pants. She ignored him but Tara knew what was next and made it easy for him.

He kicked her feet apart before slowly pushing his hard cock into her asshole. Tara tried to pretend this wasn't happening but it was difficult to keep placing cookies on the sheet when Joey was pounding her guts balls deep and it started feeling really good. Joey grabbed her by the hair to turn her face to face him. He put the joint to her lips again. "I'm going teach you how smoke. Inhale and hold it until I tell you to exhale." He said patronizingly. Tara could smoke fairly well she thought and decided to do as told.

She took a deep long draw from the weed and held it. Joey kept rhythmically slamming into her fat ass meat like a stud as Tara started to get light headed.

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It had almost been twenty seconds and her throat was burning! She couldn't believe how long he wanted her to hold her breathe! She worried she might pass out before he said she could exhale. Unable to help it any longer Tara exhaled in a choking convulsion. She coughed and hacked away, realizing that he was never planning on saying anything. It was a stupid trick and it worked on her. She was buzzing now, drunk and high and braced herself against the counter until he came inside her.

Tara came too. She couldn't believe he could get hard again so fast and fuck so hard and cum so much again. Letting his cum run down her leg afterwards, Tara just concentrated on making her guests chocolate chip cookies. She could hear the high fives and disgustingly whorish and sickenly complimentary things they were saying about her in the living room.

None of them lied. This was turning out to be a hell of a day.