Slutty petite girl gets enslaved by a large bold lad

Slutty petite girl gets enslaved by a large bold lad
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There Can Be Only One Chapter 14 "Phone your sister and remind her that she has to be home by 6 please Ross" Grumbling I punched quick dial on my phone and did as mum asked. Susie didn't answer the phone the first time only to be told to try again by mum. Got her on the third time and spat out mum's words down the phone to her. "Ok shit head I know", she seemed out of breath. Once Vicky had gone, I had a relatively quiet afternoon.


Dad's soccer team was losing the game so best to avoid him. Mum was in the kitchen preparing Sunday dinner, and under the circumstances I thought I had best leave her alone.I doubt if she would have welcomed my sexual advances and with dad wandering in and out I thought it would be wise to stay in my room. Cathy had come in for a short while but she too was nervous to do anything too sexual just in case dad caught us.

We did talk about the things we had done, and what we plan to do with our new sexual found freedom, especially with Vicky, think she is going to be the butt of many of our sexual "˜games'. I was more interested in how far I could go with mum than I was with Vicky, but Cathy was more into her friend and how excited she got when they both teased dad.

Although Cathy denied it, I have a pretty good suspicion that she is going to make Vicky seduce and fuck dad, and I also got the feeling that Cathy too would like to sample dads cock. Cathy said she got more sexually aroused when she was dominating her friend although ,she admitted that she didn't like doing some of the things I made her do, she did get a sexual thrill from being made to do them. I smiled at that and reminded her that there can be only one to which she nodded and softly spoke "yes master" with a grin plastered on her face.

After our short chat she left my room but not before I had her give my cock a quick kiss and suck as I toyed with her bare pussy we both remained clothed. She didn't suck me off completely which only made me more sexually aroused but resisted wanking myself straight away as my cock was still a little red looking from all the attention it had had.

Going through and sorting the pictures that Cathy had taken of Vicky did not help alleviate my itch and in the end I succumbed and jumped on my bed and started to stroke my cock. My mind drifted and jumped from one sexual episode to another, the hand on my cock nowhere near as pleasing as the events I recalled where others were getting me off.

Somehow my mind drifted onto Susie, my eldest sister and her tits. It would be good to get her to be my sexual slave, the stuck up bitch. I started to formulate plans on how I could get her to at least show me those whopping melons of hers, all were quickly disregarded as I couldn't see them working in my mind, although I must admit my cock was trying to convince my brain into believing that they could.

Eventually I came up with one that might work, As I returned Susie's camera back into her room from where I had got it earlier the card wiped clean.

God her room was a mess, clothes scattered all over the place, and I got in trouble if I left a dirty shirt or jeans on the floor. I lifted up a discarded bra, wow her tits must be massive to fill those. My heart was thumping as I whipped down my shorts and lay on Susie's bed. I was more than pleased with the snap of my erect cock and Susie's room in the background.

Just as I was replacing the camera on her bedside table I heard her voice, shit, she sounded as though she was at the top of the stairs, I was doomed. "Have I got time for a bath mum" her voice echoed all around the upstairs as the handle to her door turned.

I dived under the bed. Ever since she was a small girl she had this thing about the bogeyman hiding under her bed so she kept it clear of any boxes and books etc. the exact opposite to mine which was one of my main storage places when ordered to clean up my room. Mums affirmative reply was heard in the distance, closely followed by her door shutting just as her phone rang, "Oh hi Carol", "Yeah we went up to the Carman Hills.", It was a one sided conversation I was hearing between one of her pals, "Of course, in the back seat." "No, I thought he would be happy with me just sucking him but he wanted do me, just as well I am on the pill, god there were loads, my panties must be soaking with his cum, going to take a bath so I don't stink of sex" "Yeah, completely naked in the back seat of his car, you know his mini, just as well the seats fold forward." "ohh we were, there was this guy looking in at us, I screamed but Jason just carried on and said lets give him something to wank to, that's when he told me to get naked, god it turned me on sooo much being watched." "Nooo, Jason is a big guy as you know so I am sure he would have been able to scare him off if he had to." She laughed."I wish, his cock certainly does not match his body size.", she laughed again out loud "Pratt of a brother rang me as well, just as Jason started to fuck me, the wanker" "Anyway.gotta run, dinner is in twenty minutes, yeah, tell you all about it later, byeeeee" Susie pottered about a little, no doubt getting a change of clothes, before I heard her leave the room.

I gave her a couple of minutes before I sneaked back out and back into the sanctuary of my room. The next twenty or so minutes were spent with me mulling over what I had heard, possibly, just possibly there was an opening there for me. My thoughts were disrupted by a loud rattle on my door as Susie walked passed. "Dinner perv" Cathy's door was also rattled as Susie passed by it. Susie was half way down the stairs and I was level with Cathy as she came out of her room.

I stopped her. "No panties under there???" She responded with a smile and raised her skirt up so show me her naked quim.

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"As you like it to be MASTER" she laughed and dropped her skirt before skipping down the hall and stairs, I smiled to myself. Dinner went as usual, small talk and general snipes at each other. Mum had changed her shirt but was still wearing the same skirt. I could see that she was still braless so assumed that she was also without panties, a fact that I would either confirm or refute before the evening was finished. I for the most of the dinner remained quiet as a plan formulated in my mind.

I gulped and spoke as clearly as I could but knew there was a tremor in my voice as I looked at Susie. "Ohh forgot, some guy called for you on my phone, said he lost your number or something, so gave it to him" "What guy." "I dunno, some guy, I am not your secretary" "How did he have your number?" "How should I know, all he said he knew you, said he changed phones or something and lost your number, that's all he said" "Didn't he give a name or anything." "Nope, and didn't ask" Susie just shrugged her shoulders thanked me in her usual sarcastic manner and carried on eating.

Little or nothing was said after that. Dinner was finished and we all helped clear up and went our separate ways. Mum followed dad into the lounge to sit and watch TV whilst we three went to our rooms.

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My mind was still trying to formulate my next move, I had to be sure it would work or else my life would be over. Using my old phone I inserted one of the many free sim cards I had picked up from one of the phone networks that allow 50 free texts and one hour of calls before you have to buy more.

Knowing that the number would be not recognised by Susie, I sent a text message. Enjoy it up at the Carman Hills? A minute later a text came back Who is this? Just a 'watcher' Are you the pervert that was looking through the window at us?

Yes, and I must say I love the way your tits bounced as he fucked you. How did you get my number? Really should answer your phone quicker and not leave it on the back parcel shelf. It took a little longer for the next message to come through. My number doesn't show on my phone No, but the number of any one that calls does Another longish wait.

Are you the guy that phoned my brother, how did you know it was him. I smiled at how stupid my sister was for someone that goes to college.

I didn't, could have been anyone, but must thank your BROTHER some time for giving me your number. I smiled knowing that Susie was bound to come in and give me hell as soon as I stopped sending messages.

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So what do you want? You will find out, you got messenger, what's your addy?

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Why, what do you want that for? So we can remain friends, lol I am not your friend, and never will be Think you will want me as a friend, unless you want everyone you know see the pics I have on my phone of the two of you, quite supple for a big titted girl aren't you. Another long delay between texts [email protected] {please, this is a name I made up so do not go msg or e-mailing the addy} Thank you, your real name Susie? Yes Be online at 10.30 tonight, bye Texts stopped.

Five minutes later Susie came barging into my room We probably still would have been arguing if dad hadn't shouted up at us to keep it quiet. Susie left my room with me knowing that she didn't suspect a thing and believed that the text messages were coming from the guy that had spied on.

Cathy came in and asked what the argument was all about, I pretended that I knew nothing more than what she had heard me and Susie arguing about. I lay on my bed thinking of what I was going to do at 10.30 About 8 I went down to get a drink of juice. Mum was sitting alone in the lounge.


"Where's dad?" "Went to the pub for an hour or so." I sat on the sofa after getting a small bottle of Pepsi. Mum was seated on her armchair in the corner.

"Why ya change the shirt mum? Mum looked at me with an expression I could not quite make out. " I got, you know, it got a little wet withyou know, after I put it on, I didn't have a chance to wipe myself before dad came in" "No I don't know, tell me" I smiled, we both knew that I knew fine what she was talking about, and she realised that I wanted her to hear the words.

"My, my breasts were covered in your sperm and it soaked through the shirt, satisfied" "Tits and cum" She looked at me before repeating " My tits were covered in your cum from your prick when you shot all over them." She grew a little red.

"You wearing panties?" She looked towards the door into the hall and back to me, "The girls. your dad." "Show me your cunt" Mum shifted slightly in the chair and spread her legs as wide as the arms of the chair would allow her before raising and holding up her skirt. I exposed my cock. "Please son, not here, not now" "Pull your shirt down and lift a tit out, let me see your nipple to see if it tells me you don't want to do it" Her gaze dropped from my face to my cock and then back up before pulling the neck to her shirt down and her tit was on view.

"Lift your tit out and leave it out" Shaking her head slowly from side to side mother did as instructed, her nipple was red and engorged. As I rose from the sofa and left the room I whispered."My room, leave your tit exposed and the hem of your skirt held up so I can see your cunt." Mum stood and followed me looking scared and nervous, although I was sure her cunt glistened slightly in the dull light of the hall.

She hesitated as we got to the top of the landing and turned, knowing that she would be seen dressed like this if either Susie or Cathy came out. Mum gasped when I stopped and held her infront of Cathy's door.

"Open it and go in" "Please Ross, don't do this to me, your sister, please" I knocked on the door and waited for Cathy's answer. I turned the handle and pushed the door open. Cathy, sitting on the bed with her back against the headboard gasped on seeing her mother stand there with me behind. I pushed mum forward and closed the door behind us.

"What a slut.". Mum certainly did look sluttish with one tit pulled out and exposed. She had dropped the hem of her skirt. "You going to fuck mum?" Mum gasped. "Might, I stood to the side and pulled out my prick, standing proud and erect."I need to get this seen too, have been all afternoon and evening." I gently raised my hand to mums shoulder and pushed her forward towards the bed. "Lose the mag" Cathy threw aside the latest teen magazine that she was reading.

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Mum gasped again on seeing that Cathy's cunt was now fully exposed as her skirt had ridden up whilst she sat slumped on the bed. "Spread your legs nice and wide sister." Cathy smiled as she drew her knees up slightly before easing them down sideways thus revealing the full beauty of her young pussy.

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I reached over and pulled mum's t shirt down before grabbing her other tit and popping it out. I whispered into mums ear, she looked at me in alarm and remained silent. "Please son, please don't" "Say it, go on say it" Mum drew her eyes away from mine on seeing that I was not going to give way.

"Plea.Plea, Please Cathy, may I lick your pussy" It was Cathy's turn to look shocked. "And" I added "And. " Mum gulped."And taste your cunt as you cum on my tongue" A big smile crossed Cathy's face, "You may mother. but strip as all good sluts should be naked." My turn to smile.

"Do it" When mum stood naked before us I gently pushed her so that she had to climb onto the bed. She knelt and crawled forward until her upper body was between Cathy's legs. "Well we haven't got all day." I was not sure but I thought I could see mum's eyes glass up, tears were starting to form. I stooped down and whispered. "Don't worry mum, it's our secret, kiss and bring your little girl to the orgasm that she wants" Mum turned her head towards me momentarily before lowering her lips to cathy's cunt.

I looked closely as her lips first kissed before parting and her tongue slip out. Cathy moaned. I watched mum's tongue snake and lick between Cathy's pink lips, Cathy moaning as the tongue rasped against her sensitive little clit.worm its way into that virgin hole lapping up the freely flowing juices. Soon my cock craved attention of its own. I took my position behind mum, raising her rear end so that her ass was sticking up. I lay a gentle slap on her buttocks. Mum moaned.

A few more slaps confirmed that she liked her ass being smacked, something I would take note of for future reference, but not now as I did not want the sounds to carry to Susie's room.

I stroked my cock a few times to get it to full hardness before laying it at the entrance to mum's fuck tube.

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" What do you want mum?" I asked as the head of my prick teased her moist cunt lips. I repeated my question again slapping her ass softly. Mum raised her mouth off the moaning girls quim."Fu.fuck meplease fuck your slut mother" Mum dropped her tongue back onto the humping pussy. Cathy was fucking her mum's face as the tongue did its work. I slowly slid my cock fully into mum's pussy. I heard a muffled moan coming from between Cathy's legs.

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I closed my eyes and started to slide my cock in and out of mum's grasping silky walls. I could feel mum push back to meet my thrusts, her cunt muscles tightening around my throbbing flesh as it tried to retain the hard flesh inside her. Opening my eyes on hearing Cathy's moans becoming louder I noticed that her hands were clasped around mum's head holding it hard against her cunt as she approached her orgasm.

My right hand slid around the soft skin of mum's ass and upper thigh until it came in contact with mums pearl, poking its hard shiny head from the small folds of its sheath. I started to tease and rub. Mum pushed back harder onto my cock, With one final thrust I embedded my cock deep inside mum's cunt and released a torrent of warm thick sticky seed deep within the contracting pulsating walls.

The room echoed with moans. A few minutes gathering our breaths before I eased my deflating cock from mum's cunt, it glistened with our combined juices. I pulled up my shorts covering the sticky rod and left the two females alone, mum's head gently stroking Cathy's inner thigh as her thumb stroked the inner lining of her small swollen cunt lips, I had one hour to plan what I was going to do to that bitch of an elder sister,