Topless black hooker sucks her lucky clients cock

Topless black hooker sucks her lucky clients cock
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Doggy-style sex is perfect for deep penetration that will hit the G-spot, so it's great for women who like it deep. It's a great way to achieve deep penetration regardless. It's part of a bigger family of "rear entry" sex positions. Doggy style isn't the only way to have sex from behind; doggy style is part of the "rear entry" group of sex positions that range from downward dog.

So if you find the "standard" doggy style too uncomfortable, you've got plenty of options: use a pillow under your stomach or even brace yourself against a chair.

I love fucking a woman traditional doggy style, or the downward dog, or use a pillow under her stomach, or have her brace herself against a chair. The downward dog is an amazing variation of the classic doggy style. It's pretty similar except for the fact that instead of being on her knees, the woman lies face down on the bed, with her knees slightly bent and her hips raised with a pillow under her abs to give a more acute angle to her hips.

Then the guy enters her from behind, which allows the deeper penetration. It's important to keep in mind that a man should use shallower thrusts instead of deeper ones. It's a different sort of penetration from traditional missionary and allows the penis to hit the G-spot better, which is supposed to be located somewhere along the front vaginal wall. Also if a woman is bent on her knees, it also allows space for clitoral stimulation with the hand. During pregnancies, this style is more comfortable for the female partner because there's no weight on the belly.

This style is often associated with rough sex and quite popular with the ladies who want a man's man from time to time. The position is less personal because there's no eye contact. Also many women aren't comfortable because it leaves them in a slightly vulnerable position. The degree and angle of penetration can hurt. It's finally Friday, Ellen is excited like a little school girl, I'm taking her to the late Garth Brooks concert tonight.

John should be here before too much longer. My last message said that she should wear something nice because I wanted to take her out somewhere special before the concert. I said, " You know what I like Ellen." After all of those late night conversations that we have had over the past three years, she does know what I like. Her long blonde hair is down, and she is wearing a short black halter dress.

Her dress is a little bit low cut in the front, and her back is completely bare.


She has on a pair of sheer black stockings and a garter belt, but she can't wear a bra with this dress. I'm tall, so she putting on high heels, the ones that wrap around her ankles. Now, a couple sprays of her favorite special perfume, her earrings, and a bracelet that I got her. Ellen stands up and walks over to the full length mirror and admires how she looks for a moment. This dark red lipstick makes her look a bit older than she actually is, she is thinking, as she plays with her hair.

She starts to walk over to her dresser to find a pair of pretty thong panties that will match the black lace garter belt that she is wearing. That's the last thing she needs to put on, and she will be ready. For a second she thought she heard a noise in the other room.


She yells out, " John, is that you?" No answer. So, she just keeps fumbling through her lingerie drawer, humming to herself. Just then she feels a pair of large strong arms grab her from behind.

Ellen jumps and took a sharp deep breath, but did not turn around. She feels frozen. My arms are wrapped around her waist and holding onto her arms. She realized after a couple seconds that she couldn't turn around even if she wanted to, she is being held way too tight in that position. Her heart is racing. My big strong hands are holding onto her, slowly moving from her waist up and down the sides of her body never letting go of her wrists. She pulls her arms behind her back and place both of her wrists into one of my large hands.

My other hand moves back around her waist, to her stomach, and up toward the middle of her chest. I took my hand away for a moment to close her dresser drawer, and then put it back onto the front of her neck. I held it there for a second, and then tilted her head to the side. She feels like she can barely breathe. But then she feels my warm lips on the side of her neck. Her whole body is on fire.

When she feels my tongue touch her neck, her body starts to tremble. My hands grip her tighter. She feels my foot step in between her feet and push her right foot out making her legs part.

It is at that moment that she remembered that she never did get around to putting on her panties. She needed to close her legs. She couldn't. My powerful hands are once again searching her body, this time going down to her thighs and lifting her dress. She feels the cool air hitting her bare, hairless, and very wet pussy. She feels my hands firmly start massaging her ass, but when she starts to squirm, She feels a very hard slap across her ass.

She tries to hold still. No one has said a word. I quickly pull the dress up over her head. The dress had not even hit the floor before my hands are squeezing and pulling on her hard little nipples. Again when she starts to squirm, she is met with a very hard slap this time on each side of her ass. So again, she did her very best to hold still. That is, until she feels my big thick finger wander between her legs. Ellen is already on fire and very wet. Without any warning, I reach down and press my finger against her hard and swollen clit.

She jumps and lets out a whimper.

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She got another spanking, while at the same time my finger relentlessly is racing back and forth across her swollen clit. " John, you're going to make me cum," She cries. As quickly as my hand moved between her legs, my hand is gone.

Leaving her on the edge of having an orgasm. I turn her around, and before she can say another word, I press my lips to hers and kiss her. She opens her mouth to accept my tongue while my hands continue to fondle her ass, but not where she wished I would go back with those strong fingers.

But now for the first time, I wasn't holding her hands behind her back, and she can touch me too. She can't stop touching me. All of me.

I picked her up and carried her over to the bed and sat her down on the edge. I started loosening my tie as I stared at her.

Ellen loves watching me take off my clothes like this just for her. I never took my eyes off her, not for a second. " God baby, you are so fucking beautiful. You are a gorgeous woman. I want you. I want you bad." She smiled at me and batted her big dark eyes. When I got down to my silk boxer shorts, she can't take it anymore. She stood up and walked to me. She put her hands all over my hairy chest while I stroked her long hair. She took a couple steps over to the side, pulling me with her.

Now she knew that I would have a great view not only from the front as I looked down at her, but also from the back in the mirror, right behind her. She is still wearing her stockings and heels, nothing else. Ellen knelt down slowly pulling my boxer shorts to the floor. She was amazed every time, she seen my big beautiful cock.

It stood fully erect in her face as she went down on her knees. She looked up at me and smiled. She opened her soft lips and took me in.

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" Mmm…That's it baby. Suck my cock. Good Girl, that's a good girl." She concentrated on opening the back of her throat so she could take my entire cock into her mouth. She wanted to feel my cock in the back of her throat. She used her tongue all over the under side of my shaft, back and forth, nice and slow. She tried to swallow me whole. She feels my hands gripping her hair as I started fucking her pretty face. She started moaning onto my cock and used her hand to fondle my balls.

Her mouth is bobbing up and down on my huge cock while her tongue is licking me. She feels me tensing up and my breathing speeding up, I made the most beautiful sounds when I shot my cum down the back of her throat. She swallowed every drop of my cum.

I seem to be charged with more energy somehow once I came. I pulled out of her mouth, and grabbed her tight. I kissed her passionately and threw her up on the bed. I was laying on top of her and kissing her when she feels my finger enter her. She screams, but I kept my mouth firmly pressed to hers. I fucked her with my thick finger so hard and fast. She tried to squirm under me but my body is so much bigger than hers that she cannot move.

" John, you are going to make me cum," She pleaded. " No baby. I'll tell you when you can cum." What? Is he crazy? She thought.

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" John!" " Please." Just like earlier, I stopped. I'm really torturing her. Ellen feels like crying, or screaming, or putting her hand between her legs, or all three! " Shh," I said. " It's ok baby, you'll cum, but you'll cum when I tell you to cum." I whispered as I kissed each of her fingers. Before she can argue, I took the soaking wet finger that had been deep inside of her a few seconds earlier and placed it on her lips.

She opens her mouth and lets me fuck her mouth the same way I had fucked her tight cunt with the very same finger. She can taste her pussy on my finger.

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" Do you like that my angel?" I asked. She closed her eyes and shook her head yes as she sucked my finger. I played with her hard nipples for a few seconds before I moved down between her legs. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I pushed her thighs far apart and used my fingers to spread her pussy lips. Her body is trembling. My mouth is so close to her cunt that she can feel my breathe. I took my tongue and lick her from her ass very slowly up to her clit. Then I lifted my head up and looked at her and said, " Do you want me to stop?" " No John, Please No," She begged me.

My tongue is merciless licking and sucking on her clit until she had tears in her eyes. I pressed my tongue in and out of her cunt making her scream, while I pinched her clit between my thumb and forefinger. Ellen has never felt such intense sensations in her life. Each time I make love to her, she experiences new sensations and more intense orgasms. I pushed my finger deep into her pussy and sucked her clit once again, but this time she feels me bite down on her, just enough to send her way over the edge.

She screams and kicks her legs as I continued fucking her pussy and her ass with my thick fingers over and over again. " That's it baby girl, cum for me." Oh my God she thought. I'm so happy that John is here. I kissed her deep and then looked up at her and said, " Now go clean up and get dressed, I'm hungry. I want to go and show you off a bit, before the concert. Besides, I've got a very interesting night planned for you." She smiled and did as I asked. Her mind raced at the thought of what 'interesting night' meant exactly.

She can't wait to find out. Ellen went back to the bathroom to clean up and dress again. She came into the bedroom from the bathroom when her towel came off, lying in a heap on the floor. She bends down to pick it up, when I push her down on the carpet.

She laided there a moment, naked and dazed. That is all it took.


Just as she is starting to pick herself up she feels my weight come crashing down on her. Still disoriented, it knocked her flat back on her face again. But this time, when she tried to pick herself up again, her back feels my chest hair.

Even then she still didn't fully comprehend what was going on. She tries to push me off of her, but I'm too heavy. As she pushed harder, a low growl started somewhere near her neck. That made her freeze, her body on all fours underneath me. It was then she feels my arms wrap around her chest. It is then that she realized that, when she got up on all fours, she had become the perfect mount for me. It is then that I start to hump her, my hard cock grinding against her bare pussy.

It is then that she screams. Ellen did not like being mounted from behind like a bitch in heat. Whenever I attempted to mount her, she would escape locking herself in a room. But it didn't matter, I had hold of her tight, and I'm relentless in my humping, my hard 9" thick cock gliding over both her ass hole and pussy. She tries crawling away from me, but every movement simply causes me to hump her harder, and to growl menacingly at her. Ellen started praying that maybe I would cum before I managed to get inside her.

She is still tight and a little sore from being finger fucked earlier, my two thick fingers barely fit inside her. There is no way she could fit my cock inside her. My finger fucking earlier had not stretched her wide enough for my monster cock to enter her.

Oh my God, was she wrong. After about five minutes of unfruitful attempts to wedge my cock inside her cunt, I finally hit home. She is starting to get calm, thinking to herself that this can't last forever as she feels something stretching and ripping inside her. I had finally found the right angle to thrust from, and I'm now hammering my cock into her pussy. Ellen screams in pain, squirming beneath me, trying harder now than ever to get out from beneath me, but just as she started to finally pull away, I sink my teeth into her shoulder.

She froze again, crying out in pain. My grip on her shoulder lessened once I realized I had gotten my point across. As long as she stayed still, I wouldn't hurt her.

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Hurt her more than I was now, anyway. My cock tore through her, and she is sure her tight cunt feels great to me. She knew my cock was about three inches thick, and there is a good 6 inches already inside of her.

Ellen is whimpering at this point, trying to overcome the pain.

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She forces herself to think of other things; anything that could get her mind off the pain would be fine. She hears me panting above her, saliva running off my tongue and all over her shoulder. Gross, she is still squirming under me, and tried thinking of more pleasurable things.Like when I had run my tongue over her pussy. Looking back, she would have gladly let me keep licking, if it would save her from this pain.

She imagined a different scenario, this time instead of her pushing me away, she had spread her legs like I had wanted her to, letting me lick from her ass to her clit. She imagined my rough tongue lapping against her clit, the feeling it would have if I licked inside her.

She would have leaned her head back and moaned, letting me lick every inch inside her wet pussy. That's when she flashed back to reality and realized that this is starting to feel good.

Most of the pain is gone; it is more of a dull ache now. She bit her lip, thinking of how wrong this was.How she never imagined, she would be starting to enjoy this. That's when she lowered her head, finally fully submitting myself to me. She pushed her hips back against me, trying to time her movements with mine.

My cock feels warm inside her tight cunt, and she feels precum oozing out of me inside her. That, and she feels her juices dripping down the inside of her thighs. She spread her legs wider, moaning now. As she relaxed herself, she feels more of my shaft entering her. I finally loosen her up enough to fit all of my cock inside her.

She enjoyed it, pushing her ass up higher, letting me make her my bitch. She feels herself on the verge of an orgasm, and she let it wash over her. She groans, and I responded with my own low growl and start humping her harder. Ellen orgasms not once, but three times, with me slamming my hard cock into her. After her latest orgasm, she feels something hard starting to hit her opening. She had felt it before she climaxed, but didn't think much of the pain.

Now she feels it again-something hard, and very large hitting into her every time I thrust. Ellen stopped breathing. She knew what it was.It is my knot.

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I'm trying to force my knot inside her. She begins to struggle again for a moment, knowing that if I were successful that she would be in pain again. But she stopped herself, knowing that after the pain subsides, there is pleasure. And now after having me fuck her like this for the first time and for a while, she is starting to really enjoy knowing that she is my bitch. She wanted me to use her-She wanted me to fill her with my seed.

My pre-cum is already doing a decent job; she feels my hot juices flowing inside her. Ellen wanted to feel me shoot my load inside her; She wanted all of me inside her for the first time. As she stopped struggling, she started pushing back against me once more. With every thrust, the pain grew. My knot at the base of my shaft is hitting her over and over. She whimpers again, wondering just how big it is when finally, with one powerful thrust, my knot entered her.

She screams again, unable to help herself. She feels torn in half by the massive bulge in my shaft, but the thought of her now being tied to me helped her get through the pain. And soonshe is enjoying it again. She climaxed again, this time more powerful than ever, her pussy clutching my shaft with her pussy.

She feels me speed up just then, and finally unload inside her. She buried her face in her hands, moaning as she feels stream after stream of my cum shoot inside her. Not a drop of it managing to escape, however.

That is how tight a fit my knot is in her cunt. We stayed like that for fifteen minutes, my knot in her sore abused cunt, her head in her hands as she slowly rocked back and forth against me, milking out every drop of my seed.

After a twenty minutes, I start to pull away, and she lifts her head to see me sitting there, my cock hard and out of its sheath, licking at her pussy. My cum as well as hers flowed down her thighs.

She wasn't about to make the same mistake twice, and quickly dropped to the floor, rolling on her back so that I couldn't mount her. Instead, she spread her legs, letting me lick out every drop of cum that I had poured into her.

The feeling is amazing, having my long, thick tongue lap deep inside her cunt. After a while, I lost interest in licking, and wandered left the bedroom. Ellen, however, laid there for some time. On her back, staring at the ceiling, wondering if she should hate or love herself for letting me overtake her that way. After a while, she decided that it wasn't such a bad thing, and got up and got back in the bathroom to take another shower.

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She let the hot water run over her body for much longer than an hour; the water is running cold before she finally forced herself to get out. Her pussy is sore and aching, her back hurt, and she is sore all over from what had just happened. But she didn't mind. She knew that even though the idea had entered her mind before today, that she would soon be getting mounted again.