Soy scort independiente me llamo mary gamboa servicios a domicilio

Soy scort independiente me llamo mary gamboa servicios a domicilio
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By Jefferson on WolfPub CHAPTER FIVE "Emily" Saturday, December 16th, Night. After dinner, the three piled into Dave's car and went to the grocery store. Usually Dave would do this the day before his daughters arrived but with everything that was going on, it had slipped his mind.

They also rented a couple of movies the girls wanted to see. Back home, the girls changed for bed and the three settled in to watch a movie. By ten o'clock, when the movie was finished, Hayley was asleep on the couch.

Working together, Dave and Emily managed to get her up and get her into the bedroom and drop her into bed. They returned to the living room and turned on the evening news.

He got to hear one story about a burst water pipe downtown a few blocks from his office before Emily moved in front of the TV. "I need to talk to you." Dave was seated on the couch. She moved to the opposite end, curled her feet beneath her and then turned to face him. Dave muted the TV and half turned to face his daughter. "What's up?" Emily took a deep breath before she spoke.

"This is a little embarrassing, so." "Just spit it out." "Did you rape Mom this morning?" "Is that what you think?" Emily was quiet for a long moment before speaking. "From what I saw and heard, she never said no. She never told you to stop." Emily looked up from the point on the couch where she had been staring.

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"But I do know my mother. She wouldn't do that. She wouldn't cheat on Paul like that. She wouldn't do the things." Dave smiled. "I don't know if she would cheat on Paul or not.

I know she was seeing Paul before we separated though." Dave saw the look of surprise on Emily's face. "You'd have to ask her for details on how long they had been seeing each other and whether they ever had sex before she kicked me out but I know they were seeing each other, dating.

"As for doing the things she did, I don't know. I don't know what you saw. When did you come back and how long did you stick around?" Emily looked down at that spot on the couch again. "We weren't gone very long. I think you had just gone into the bedroom when I got back. I listened at the front door and didn't hear anything, so I came in. You all were already in the bedroom.

I headed for my bedroom to get my wallet and heard you.

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When I opened the door, you were standing beside the bed and Mom was." Emily stopped and had to take a breath. "She. She had you in her mouth." "You're right, you weren't gone long." "Mom's always told Hayley and I that it was disgusting.

Said she would never." "Don't believe everything your mother's told you. Consider the source. I've heard her tell you the exact same thing. That it's gross and disgusting and no proper young woman does that, right?" Emily nodded. "Well, by that definition, your mother hasn't been a proper young woman since before I met her." "She wasn't a.A virgin?" Emily asked. "No, Emily. Your mother and I had both had sex with other people by the time we met and, yes, we had sex with each other before we got married.

And, yes, she did do oral sex. Has since before I met her. Don't get me wrong. She does think it's gross and disgusting. She may even believe that proper young ladies don't do that, but she always has." "If she thinks it's gross and disgusting.?"" "Why do it?" Dave said, finishing the question for her.

"You'd have to ask her." There was another moment of silence. Dave couldn't help but notice that a quick shot of Paul Eggerston appeared on the TV as he gave a statement to the press.

It looked like campaign season was starting a little earlier than Mandy had predicted. "The one thing that still bothers me, Daddy, is that Mom is mad at you. Apparently, very mad at you." "That's still an understatement," he told Emily with a smile. "So why would she get in bed with you?" Dave took a deep breath and let it out as he considered how to answer this question. He had been thinking about it ever since their conversation right after dinner. He knew that this question would come.

It wasn't hard to figure out that Rebbecca was furious with him for something. It didn't make sense for her to fall into bed with him - if you left the SLuT9 out of the story.

Apparently Dave thought too long. "Daddy, please tell me the truth." Dave looked over at Emily and their eyes locked for a moment. He'd always hated lying to his children. Lying to Emily was even worse. She was his oldest. She was the apple of his eye, his pride and joy. "Stay there," he told her and stood up. He went into the bedroom, dug into the closet, and pulled out the small glass vial of SLuT9 and the letter. He got the glove, pin and an alcohol swab from his sock drawer.

He carried them back to the living room with him. He sat down and held up the small vial of blue liquid. "This is why your mother was so willing." "What is it?" Emily asked, moving closer to him. She took it and looked at it. "It arrived by mail a few days ago." He handed her the two page letter that had come with it. The letter said he should destroy it but Dave hadn't gotten around to it yet. As Emily sat back to read, he pulled the pin from the glove and set it down.

He then tore open the alcohol swab and cleaned the entire pin with it. He then sat and waited as Emily finished the letter.

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When she put the letter down, after having read it and then after re-reading parts of it again, she looked over at her father. "It works?" "Perfectly. Just the way he says it would. The smallest poke of the pin tipped with that stuff makes a woman so incredibly hot that she will do just about anything to get satisfaction. The woman remembers everything that happens including the fact that she was the aggressor." "How can she be the aggressor and still be completely submissive?" "You know, that's an excellent question and it raises issues I haven't thought about.

I think what happens is the woman gets so hot and bothered that she feels she has to have sex or she's going to. explode or something. At that point, it becomes do or die. She either finds a man to have sex with or else. So she plays the aggressor long enough to talk him into it. But once she knows she's going to get it, once she's got her partner, she becomes completely submissive to make sure he gives her what she needs.

Like the letter says, she'll do anything to make sure she gets sex." "And it lasts for six hours?" Dave nodded. "But you didn't keep Mom that long." "No. I knew you would be back sooner than that, plus I enjoyed the thought of sending your mother home to Paul, having just had sex with me, and still hot and bothered." "You fuck her and then torture her?" Emily asked with a laugh.

"How many women have you done this too?" "Your mother and one other. A girl just a few years older than you, named Elizabeth. Elizabeth was my. test subject. Right after I got the stuff, I wanted to find out if it worked. I went down to Super Wal-Mart and looked for a target. I picked Elizabeth." "Daddy, that's rape." "I know.

I felt guilty about it until Elizabeth offered to set me up with a friend of hers." Emily's eyes got wide. Dave nodded to assure her it was the truth.

"She offered to set me up with a friend, a virgin even, so I could. Well, you get the idea." "She liked it?" "I think Elizabeth is a bit of a. What's the modern day word? A ho? A slut? A tramp?" "Any of them but tramp work. Tramp is so out of date," Emily said with a smile. Another long silence as Emily stared down at the blue liquid. "Daddy-" Dave could tell by the way that she said it, she was about to ask a serious question.

She looked up at him. "Have you considered using it on. Hayley or me?" Dave laid his head back and considered how to answer the question.

"Em, you know I don't like lying to you so, yeah, I've considered it. To tell you the truth, since I got that stuff and found out it really works, I pretty much think of every woman who comes near me as a potential target.

It's a power thing, I think. Knowing that you can have any woman you want, makes you think about which ones you do want. If it makes you feel any better, it was a stray thought.

I never put any serious consideration into it." Emily nodded. "Can I open this?" "Go ahead. According to the note, it's only dangerous if delivered intravenously." "What?" Dave smiled.

"It has to be injected." Emily pulled the stopper out. "So it's safe to take a sniff?" Dave nodded.

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Emily put it to her nose and sniffed it. "Don't smell anything." "I didn't either when I smelled it. I was almost positive it was nothing more than water with a little blue dye added to it." "Could I drink it?" "Note says it won't cause you any harm but it also hints that there would be side effects.

So I don't recommend it." "What kind of side effects?" Dave shrugged. "I don't know and I don't plan to let you find out. I'm not going to use my teenaged daughter as a guinea pig." He reached over and took the bottle from her. She handed him the stopper and he shoved it into the bottle. Emily picked up the two page note again and reread it.

"It says not to use it on men. Wonder why." Dave shrugged. "Aren't you curious what it would do?" "Not really, no. I wonder about it, of course. But I'm not going to try it without knowing the side effects. I don't want to end up in the hospital and have to try to explain to the doctors what happened.

Good argument for not drinking it either." "I guess. The note does say someone was after him. What if this is a practical joke?" "Then someone's gone through a lot of trouble for the joke." "Well, I guess I'll go to bed before Hayley wakes up and comes looking for me." Emily stood up and headed for the back of the apartment. "Em," Dave said and waited for her to turn around.

"Don't tell anyone about this, okay?" "I know how to keep a secret, Daddy." Emily disappeared down the hall. Dave set the vial and the glove down on the end table and just looked at them for a moment.

"Daddy," Emily said, once again standing in the doorway. "Yes, Emily?" "What happened Wednesday when you met with Mom?


Did you use it on her then too?" Dave nodded. "And that's why she's mad at you?" "Guess so." Emily nodded. Obviously thinking about what she had learned, Emily turned and disappeared down the hall again. Sunday, December 17th The next morning turned out to be a cold, gray day all the way around. Dave woke to find his room still dark even at eight in the morning.

He sat up, pushed the curtains and blinds aside, and looked outside. Thick gray clouds blotted the sun out completely. Dave shook his head and rolled out of bed. He stumbled to the bathroom, drained his bladder, got in the shower, shaved and washed himself, and was in the kitchen, dressed and cooking breakfast by the time his daughters got up.

"Good morning," he said as the two girls, both still looking red in the eyes, hair messed and dressed only in nightshirts and panties, walked into the kitchen. "How are my two beautiful daughters this fine morning?" "Daddy," Hayley told him as she got on her tip toes to kiss his cheek, "you're way too chipper this early in the morning." She headed for the kitchen table. "She's right, Daddy," Emily said as she kissed the same cheek, "especially for a Sunday." She followed her sister.

They flopped down into their respective chairs, laid their heads down on their crossed arms, and closed their eyes, hoping a few more minutes of sleep would bring them to life. "Breakfast?" Dave asked. "No! It's too early," Hayley mumbled. "Pancakes it is then." Emily had just enough strength to lift her head and stick her tongue out at him before her head fell back down onto her arms.

Her eyes never opened. "My, my. Aren't we a fun bunch this morning," Dave said with a chuckle. A couple glasses of orange juice and a thick stack of pancakes drenched in butter and maple syrup did the trick.

By the time breakfast was over, both girls looked and acted as though they weren't going to die anytime in the next hour or so anyway. With breakfast finished, Dave sent the two girls to shower and dress while he cleaned up the dishes. When Emily returned a half hour later, freshly showered and dressed, Dave was seated on the couch in the living room watching a morning news show.

She sat down beside her father without a word and then stared at him until he felt her stare. He turned to her and muted the TV. "Just so you know, I hate it when your mother used to do that to me and I don't like it much from you either. If you have something to say, say it!" "I wanna stay here." Dave watched his daughters face trying to figure out what she was thinking.

"Umm, I'm afraid you're going to have to be more clear. You wanna stay here today? Forever? What?" "Indefinite," Emily said with a shrug. "You don't wanna go back to your mother's? What about school?" "School's out after Wednesday, Daddy, and nothing real important will happen between now and then. Hayley and I finished all our mid-terms last week. We don't go back until the first of the year. I wanna stay here, at least until school starts.

And if you think about it, our school isn't that much further from here than it is from Paul's house and it's right on your way to work. There's no reason we couldn't stay here and just keep going to school." "Except Paul is paying for your school.

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I'm paying some but Paul's paying close to half. You move out and stay here, he may push the issue." Emily took a deep breath, turned to face the now blank TV screen and laid her head back on the couch. "Daddy, we both know you've got the money to live better than this. I know how much you make at work." She turned back to him. "You could afford a better place than this.

You could afford a better car than the junker you have out there and you could afford to pay for mine and Hayley's schooling." "You know that, huh?" Emily nodded.

"Yeah, I know that. You stay here because you're feeling sorry for yourself and because you have no reason to move. I know you, Daddy. I'm your little girl. The apple of your eye and all that. My guess is that you're pumping more than half of your paycheck and all of your bonus checks into company stocks and your retirement account so Mom can't get to it.

It's a good plan but it leaves you broke.

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Just cash in some stocks and buy yourself a new house and car. By the time Mom finds out, the money's gone and no one can do shit to you. No judge in his right mind is going to order you to sell a house and give Mom half of your company stock.

It won't happen." Dave sat back and appraised his daughter. He had always known she was smart. He remembered conversations from years before where Emily had asked him about how much he made at work.

At the time, he had no reason to hide it from her or lie to her. So she did have a pretty good idea of how much he made. He also remembered more recent conversations where she questioned him about the bonus checks he used to receive at work and asking why he didn't get them anymore.

She also knew more about the business than Rebbecca ever bothered to learn. It wasn't Rebbecca's thing. Emily had also questioned him about company stock options, IRA's, and other benefits. "Why don't you wanna go back to your mother's?" "I like it here better." "And what makes you think your mother will agree to this?" Emily turned to her father and looked at him as if asking if he were stupid.

"With what you have on Mom. I think she'll agree." "What do I have on your mother?" "I don't know. You didn't tell me. But I know there's something. You're going to use it as leverage to get Mom to let us stay here for Christmas, right?" Instead of lying to Emily or squashing her hopes, Dave just nodded.

"We'll see what happens." "That's all I ask." Emily took the remote away from him and turned up the TV. Dave and the two girls went to church, then out to a place they used to go every Sunday after church for a good brunch. It was expensive, nearly twenty dollars per person, but it was an all-you-can-eat buffet and they served incredible food and the service was unbeatable.

After brunch, Dave dropped Hayley off at a friends house. Hayley said that her friend only lived two blocks from Dave's apartment and it had been forever since they'd spent any real time together.Dave didn't see the look pass between the two sisters.

Dave sat in the car and waited until Hayley's friend opened the door, hugged her, and ushered her inside. Hayley gave a quick wave as the door closed. Emily climbed into the front seat and they headed for Dave's apartment. "So what are you going to do with the rest of your day?" "I was hoping you'd let me look at the stuff again." "What stuff?" Dave asked, pretty sure he already knew what she wanted. "The stuff you got in the mail.

The. umm. the formula." Emily had the strangest look on her face. Dave was sure there was some embarrassment as well as some amusement there but there was something else, too.

"Why?" Emily shrugged but said nothing. "Maybe. We'll see what happens." Emily smiled. With her mother, a maybe usually meant no, but that she didn't want to say that here and now. With her father, maybe usually meant yes, but that he didn't want to appear to give in too easily.

She didn't say any more about it as they drove back to the apartment. Once back at the apartment, Emily immediately went to her room to change out of the good clothes she had worn to church. By the time she returned, Dave had also changed clothes and was sitting on the couch. Emily couldn't help but smile and bounce on the balls of her feet in excitement when she saw that the glove, pin and small glass bottle of blue liquid was setting on the table beside him.

Emily sat down on the couch and he passed the stuff to her. "What are you going to do with it?" "Prepare it for use," Emily said with a smile as she pulled the pin from the pocket in the palm of the glove. "Prepare it for whom?" "Mom. You're going to have to use it again, I imagine, in order to convince her to let me stay here for the next two weeks or so." Dave smiled at her confidence and watched as she popped open the small bottle, tilted it to bring the liquid close to the top, and then dunked the pin into the liquid.

"Is that how you do it?" Dave nodded. Emily then pulled the pin out, let it drip dry over the bottle before returning the pin to the pocket in the glove.

"So that's it?" "That's it. Normally I would clean it before dunking but it isn't a biggie. I cleaned it last night when I let you look at it. Close the bottle." Emily nodded. She laid the glove aside, the pin sticking out the palm of the glove, pointing to the ceiling.

She then picked up the bottle and shoved the stopper into it making sure it was well sealed. She set the bottle aside and picked up the glove and examined it.

"What are you thinking?" Dave asked. Before answering, Emily slipped the glove on to her right hand. She put the small ring of leather over her small middle finger and pulled it until the glove was around her wrist. It was a little big on her but it was stable enough. "Just wondering what it feels like." She raised her hand over her head and brought the needle down on the top of her thigh.

"Em, no!" Dave shouted as he jumped up and tried to grab her wrist but it was too late. "What did you do that for?" he asked as he grabbed her hand and pulled it away from her thigh. Dave could see where the pin had punctured her leg. Dave reached over and grabbed an alcohol swab and ripped open the packaging and placed the swab over the bleeding wound.

"Daddy," Emily said as she laid back on the couch. "Oh fuck, Daddy. This stuff really works." Dave looked at his daughter. Her eyes were wide and blank and she was slumped back on the couch. Her breathing was coming in gasps and her left hand was already fondling her left breast. Dave left the alcohol swab where it was and pulled the glove off of her hand as quickly as he could without risking poking himself or poking Emily again.

Dave tossed the glove onto the coffee table and then turned back to his eldest daughter. Her right hand was unbuttoning her shorts. "Oh, fuck, Daddy. I need it. Please?" "Em, why did you do that?" Emily smiled at him. "I wanted to know, Daddy. I wanted to know what it felt like." "Em." "No, Daddy." The button on her shorts was now undone and the zipper down.

Dave couldn't help but look at the fabric of the white cotton panties that were exposed. "I knew what could happen and I don't care. I wanted it to happen. I want you to fuck me. Please, Daddy? Please fuck me?" She sat up, wrapped her arms around his neck, looked him in the eyes, smiled, then leaned forward and kissed him, hard, on the lips. Without thinking, Dave's hands moved to her sides and held her as he returned what was most definitely a lovers kiss. Only when he felt her tongue touch his lips did he pull away.

"I can't do this, Emily." He stood and moved away from her. He was surprised Emily didn't argue further as he moved clear across the room from her. When he turned back, he found her still seated on the couch. Her tee shirt was off and laying on the floor. With no bra on underneath, her small breasts were exposed to him and he could see her pink nipples standing erect, sticking straight out. Unconsciously, Dave licked his lips at the sight.

Emily smiled at him, rose from the couch and pushed her shorts and the white cotton panties over her hips and down her thighs. She then let them drop and stepped out of them. Dave stood before his naked daughter, mesmerized by the sight of her beautiful body. Emily had short brown hair, brown eyes, stood five foot eight and weighed in at about a hundred thirty pounds.

She wasn't rail thin like some of the girls she hung out with who wanted to look like super-models but she was, by no means, fat. She had slender shoulders leading down to small breasts each about the size of half a cantaloupe. She had small areolas with short pink nipples standing straight out and now pointing directly at Dave.

She had a flat belly with a cute inney belly button, and wide, feminine hips which showed off her womanly secrets very nicely.


She had a thin line of blond pubic hair, a trail leading directly to the slit of her sex. Dave's eyes continued down her long legs. She took two more steps and was standing less than a foot away from him. "Daddy," she said, still panting slightly, "you told me last night you don't know what would happen if the woman didn't get sex.

You also said you weren't willing to use me a guinea pig to find out." "Em, that isn't fair. I wasn't talking about." Dave paused. "I wasn't talking about this." Em raised her hand and placed it on his chest. "Please, Daddy. This wasn't a spur of the moment idea. I've been thinking about it for a while." "Em." "Daddy, please?" A tear rolled down Emily's cheek and she stepped closer.

Her nipples now rubbed against Dave's shirt. "Please, Daddy. I don't think Jilling-off will fix this. I need it. If you won't give it to me, which is what I want." She didn't finish the thought. In his mind, Dave finished it for her. ".I'll have to go out and find some stranger to do it." This made Dave reconsider his stance on things. "This is wrong on so many levels, Emily." Emily smiled, seeing her father's wall begin to crumble. "I know, Daddy. Not only am I only seventeen but I'm also you're daughter.

Incestuous jail bait. What more could any father ask for?" Her hand slid down his chest and stomach and then took his hand in hers. "I promise, Daddy. I promise I will never tell anyone what you do to me." She turned and pulled him behind her as she moved out of the living room and down the short hallway to his bedroom.

"And just so you know, the way I feel right now, there isn't anything I won't let you do to me."