Teen Gets Boned From Behind

Teen Gets Boned From Behind
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This is my first story hope ye all enjoy. Its all a true story and I hope to remember everthing.

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I am now 25 and my cousin is few months older than me. It all started when we were about 18 or so.


Over the years growing up we were friends and had the same friends so we hung out together, I always had a little crush on her and even sometimes when I was in the Shower I would day dream about having her there with me.

So one night we were out on the town with some friends and we having few drinks and it was getting near going home time. As one of our friends was not drinking he was driving so he would drop us home. My cousin lived about 5-8 min walk down the road.

So we were sitting in the back of the car on the way home, while 2 other friends were in the front chatting away to each other. With a few drinks in me I was ready to chance my arm with my cousin, Was i mad? Ah i said to myself go for it, I think I knew deep down she wanted this to happen too.

So while in the car I let my hand drop onto her leg and started to rub her upper leg. She didnt stop me so I knew my wish was going to come true soon. When we arrived at her house I said to my friend I will jump out here too, So we both got out and out friends drove on.

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When we got out of the car, her house was beside a school we we went around the back of the school and within few minutes we kissing and touching each other all over. I couldnt wait to get my hand into her pants but she got hers into mine first. She open my jeans and dropped to knees and starting giving me a great blowjob. It felt great. She came back up after a while and we started to kiss again and I slipped my hand into her jeans slid them down a little and pulled her knickers to the side and eased one and then two fingers into her already wet pussy.

So as we kissed and I fingered her, she was stroking my hard penis. I could feel myself ready to cum I pulled her close to me came all over her knickers.

We kissed for another bit and got over clothes back on right and headed home just saying a quick goodbye, When I got home I didnt know what to think at the time, I had just fooled around with my cousin and came all over her panties.

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So when I got into bed I sent her a text message and it she wrote back right away, I was so happy, And as I lay in bed texting her I was rock hard again and playing with myself. I told her in the text messages what I would love to try with her and she was willing to try everything.

I couldnt wait till I got the chance to fuck her and play with her lovely pussy and big tits, So i finished myself off and had agreed with my cousin that she could come up to my house the next day as noone would be around.

So when I woke up the next morning I could wait for my parents to leave for the day and to get her up to my room, So we were texting away that morning and I said what I would love to happen, She agreed and couldn wait for it.

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So about 2 in the afternoon my parents when off for a sunday drive, The minute the door locked I rang her and told her to come ahead door was open and was waiting like I told her I would be. I left the door open stripped off and started to play with myself, About 2 minutes later she came in and stood there for a second looked at my hard cock and then she started to take off her clothers.

I couldn wait, I was dreaming of this day for years and it was going to happen, I was going to feel her wet and yummy pussy around my cock in few minutes. As she took off her clothes her big lovely tits popped out and I could wait. She came over to me on the bed and the first thing she did was put my cock in her mouth. At this stage we hadnt spoke a word to each other yet. As she sucked me and I must say (the best blowjob ever) I was playing with her hard nipples.

I pulled her up to me push her over on her back and starting to kiss her on the neck and working my way down her lovely body, I couldn wait to get to her pussy.


When I got my head down there she was already wet and I knew by her, she couldn wait to be fucked, I slid few fingers into sweet hole and kissed and licked her clit till she was screaming for me to fuck her. I worked my way back up on top of her and nice and easy I slipped my hard penis into here and oh my good it felt good.

She screamed fuck me fuck hard baby. The more she screamed the harder I fucked her and I was loving it, she then took over and my god she gave me the ride of my life. She first put me on my back and climbed on top of me sitting on my cock. And she rode me like it was her last fuck, Ah she was fucking me I was rubbing her clit and the harder I rubbed the harder she fuck. It was wondeful.

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I was fucking my cousin and was loving it. It didnt feel wrong. She then hopped off me and got onto all fours cocked her lovley round ass in the air and told me to make her cum, So I set myself up behind her and started to pound that pussy as hard as I could, The sound of my balls smacking off her ass was really turning me on even more, I knew I was getting close to coming and so was she, I knew i had to pull out as i wasnt wearing a condom and next min she came as her whole body shook.

I pulled out and shot my load all over her ass and watched it dripped down. We both fell onto the wrecked and felt great.

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We then spoke to each other for the first time, And we started planning on what we going to try next and what we would love to try. I turned on my Labtop and as we spoke, one thing I also wanted to do was watch a girl play with herself while watch some porn, She agreed and couldnt belive my luck.

So she sat up in bed spred her legs and started to slid her fingers in and out of her wet pussy while watching a girl getting her ass fucked. I couldnt help myself and starting to play with cock and we both sat on the bed watching porn and playing with ourselfs, It was great, I was about to cum and my cousin came over finished me off and I was watching my cum shoot all over her tits are she was rubbing her pussy, This was the start of many fucking sessions and many new things we were going to try, If you would like to hear more and enjoyed this just ask and part will come and I promise some great stories to come.