Französisch first anal Fisting

Französisch first anal Fisting
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Alice and I didn't last long after the funeral. In retrospect it was obvious that we wouldn't have made it. Her life after high school was way to different from mine. I was constantly busy with the aftermath of Dad's death. Legal issues with the will and how to set up the money he left for Mom. What to do with his car, clothes and small details that I've forgotten now.

She started rolling her eyes if I would talk about them. It started bothering me and about a month after he died I blew up one day. "What's wrong with you? My Father died, I have things to do. And you've seen Mom. She needs help right now." "That doesn't mean we can't go to clubs on the weekends!" Then she said what sealed our fate. "And your mother is really milking playing the grieving widow!" I contained the explosion that went off inside me.

Those fucking clubs that she insisted we go to were loud enough that you had to yell at each other to talk. But that wasn't a problem for her because when we were there most of the time she was looking around to make sure people were looking at her. At that point I realized her intelligence was focused on maintaining the image she had of herself. And that my attraction to her wasn't love, it was nothing more then being flattered that a beautiful woman like her would date me.

All that came together. I looked at her and calmly said, "Fuck your clubs and fuck you." She got scared, left and we haven't seen each other since. I wish her well. Mom was in a depression for a couple of months. She functioned at the funeral and wake but she was just going through motions. Her voice was flat. I would leave her house at night and go back early in the morning before work.

If I left her on the couch she would be laying on it in the morning. Her garden in the back was dying. After Alice was out of the picture I took two weeks off and stayed at the house with Mom. One day I was standing by the patio doors, looking at the dead and dying plants. I tried to bring Mom back to life by asking her what we should do with her garden.

She gave me flat answers which wasn't what I wanted. I sat next to her on the couch, put my arms around her and said, "Please, Mom. Please come back. I'm going to need you." It was the right thing to say. She looked at me and started crying. The first time since Dad died. No sobbing, just tears, like a long afternoon rain in the summer, washing away the sorrow. "I've been so happy the last two years.

I thought it would last longer." she said. --------- And she was happy those two years. Sometimes in life you meet charismatic people that don't want anything from you, they just want your well-being. Mom became one of them. She took turns cooking our favorite meals. Other times she somehow knew what Dad and I would need that day for this and that and in the morning, before work, she had it waiting for us. One day, before I moved out, I came home to Dad's dinner cooking.

I always leave my Carharts and boots in the garage and walk in with jeans and a t-shirt. She came up to me when I got in the house and put her arms around my neck. She took a deep breath and said, "You smell so good." I smiled at her and said, "That's sweat Mom." "Whatever it is it's a Man smell." She ground her pussy against me and said, "Your Mother needs you." Between Dad and me, Mom had quit wearing panties and bras in the house.

She pulled her dress off. Then she pulled my t-shirt off and knelt in front of me. My pants and boxers fell to my ankles. She was kissing my cock when Dad came home. She looked around my hip at him. I heard him put his briefcase on the counter and laugh.

"Honey, I'm home." he said walking towards us. He leaned over and kissed Mom on top of her head and said, "I seriously doubt that there is any other house in the city, or state, where this scenario is being played out." Mom put her arms around his waist and hugged him. She ran a finger on his growing cock in his pants and looked up at him. "Does the patriarch of the family want to join us?" "I'm going to make a drink and watch." he said.

When he came back Mom maneuvered herself and me so Dad had a good view. The Saturday before, Mom had sat on her bed, in front of the mirror, and told us to get on either side of her.

We ended up with our cocks touching her cheeks. She pulled her head back a little and pulled us closer so that our cocks were now on the corners of her mouth. "If a picture were taken of this it would be called 'Fantasy Fulfilled.'" she said. Then she put her lips on my cock head but only part of it. Her upper lip was across the head at an angle and her tongue worked the sensitive part underneath.

You could see half of the ridge of my cock with the rest in her mouth. It was a very erotic image. Mom said so and had me take a close up of it later with her and Dad. Dad's cock and Mom's lips across the ridge and part of her nose. It turned out so good that they had it blown up. It's still in her bedroom. Mom did that open mouth thing on me in front of Dad while she looked at him.

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After a minute she turned her eyes to his lap and saw that it had gone the way of all flesh, pointing to the sky. She looked back up at him and smiled and he smiled back. Mom had me lay down and straddled my hips, looking at Dad as he looked at her pussy engulf my cock.

When it was all in she started moving her hips around and playing with our pubic hair, mixing it together. Then she got serious. She leaned over me with her hands on my shoulders. Her movements got more precise and controlled.

Every so often she would put her head back and take deep breaths. On one of them she looked at Dad and said. "I love you Bill." I smiled inwardly. Riding her sons' cock and telling her husband she loved him. I tilted my head back to look at Dad and then back to Mom. There was a look between them that I promised myself I would have some day with a woman.

Mom took one more deep breath and climaxed. She slowly laid on top of me with her head on my chest while I ran my fingers on her back. Dad and I didn't say anything, letting her enjoy herself.

She sat up after a while and smiled at Dad. "You are so beautiful, Nancy." Dad said. And she was. There was a slight rose color on her cheeks, she felt our love for her, she was satisfied and happy. Then she looked down at me. "Oh, baby," she said, "are you feeling left out?" as she brushed my hair and gave me a kiss. "No. I just saw what I want in my future." She kissed me again and shook her pussy from side to side with my cock still in it. "I bet I know what you want right now." She walked backwards on her hands and knees and got between my legs.

Dad and I watched as she took my wet cock in her hand and this time engulfed it with her mouth. She bobbed up and down a few times, furrowed her brow and went, "Mmmm." She pulled off and said, "I taste good." Both Dad and I, at the same time, damn near in harmony said, "We know," Mom laughed and then, with lots of joy and slurping sounds, Mom sucked my cock and drank my cum.

She didn't drain the shaft-cum, she let it pool on my belly and then dipped each nipple in it. Then she looked up at Dad and with a pleading face, held an arm out towards his boner. With her mouth open she said "Ah, ah, ah." Dad laughed and said, "Tonight, my beautiful wife. Tonight I'm going to take my time and make you glad you married me." But her main happiness during those years was that Dad took her to Europe for three weeks.

I didn't know the old man had it in him. They flew into Frankfurt, got a car and took a road trip. They sent me emails from all over and one picture. It was from a French Mediterranean beach. Dad had taken the picture. Mom was leaning back on her elbows, naked, one knee up, her perfect pussy the focus of the picture, with that smile on her face. On either side and behind her was nothing but flesh of all shapes and colors.

She had sent the picture with the caption, "The orchid misses you." When they came home I picked them up at the airport. They came out walking next to each other, holding hands and pulling their suitcases. Mom had on one of those blouses that Mexican women wear in old cowboy movies. Her obviously bra-less tits, that I'd missed so much, looked like they were having a dance party inside it. Neither one of them gave a damn at all the looks Mom was getting.

And they could get away with it because they were a good looking couple. When we got to the house I told them that they look younger, healthier and happier. Mom put her thumbs at the top of her blouse, pulled it under her tits and said, "Look, no tan lines." Dad and I smiled. Mom pushed them out at me and said, "Give them kisses. They missed you." I did. Mom left them out and hugged me.

"Come over for dinner tomorrow and spend the night. We'll lay in bed and show you pictures." We had a nice dinner the next night and then undressed and got on the bed. Mom had gone through the pictures and picked out the best 30 or 40. She put the stack on her pussy and started handing them to me, explaining. There was one of Mom under the middle of the Eiffel Tower. Dad had taken it from about 20' away with one of the arches of the tower way up high behind her.

She had her arms up and a happy look on her face. There were pictures of castles and them drinking coffee at tables around town squares.

They looked and were dressed like ex-pats who had gone native. The last picture was upside down. Mom handed to me and I turned it over and looked, then brought it closer and looked again.

Mom and Dad were naked and he had taken the picture. You could see part of his belly and then Mom.with his her mouth. Behind her there were lots of other naked people laying and walking.

On either side you could see parts of towels and bodies. My jaw dropped and I turned my head to see the smiling faces of my parents. Dad put his hand on Mom's inner thigh and rubbed it up to her pussy.

"Ron, we have to accept that your Mother is an exhibitionist because that was the best blowjob she's ever given me." Mom, with a happy smile said, "See that cute ass on the right?" I looked at it. It had to belong to a young woman and she was laying on her side. "She was doing the same thing. And it may have been her father because he was much older then her." "We were thinking of extending our stay and have you join us so your Mother could really enjoy herself." Dad said.

"That would have been so much fun." Mom said and started arranging her pillows. "I really missed our Saturdays with your Father and you inside me." She laid down on the pillows and spread her knees.

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She looked at me and said, "Please baby, it's been three weeks. I need to be fucked by my son." A little note. In the two years we were having our threesome I never heard Dad swear. But oh, he loved to hear Mom and me. From the day Mom came into my room and said I have a cock instead of a penis we have used street words for what we were doing. I remember one Saturday when she put her verbal skills to work. I was waiting my turn while Dad was in Mom and she said, "Bill, our son is watching us fuck.

He's watching his parents fuck. He's hiding there looking at his Father fuck his Mother. I bet he wants to fuck me. I bet he wants to be the one fucking his Mother. Show him Bill, your his role model. Show our son how a husband should use his cock in his wife's pussy." He was pounding her hard and Mom's ass almost lifted off the bed. "OH!

OH! Fuck me hard, Bill but don't cum in my pussy. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want our son to see his Mother sucking a cock." What she was saying had gotten to Mom as well as Dad.

Her pussy was matching his cock in energy and attitude. "I want to suck our son's cock, Bill. I want his teenage cum in my mouth. And I'll leave the door open. You can watch a Mother giving her son a blowjob." Mom started to go rigid and Dad moaned. He pulled out of Mom's pussy and quickly stuck his cock in her open mouth.

Mom finished her climax drinking her husband's cum while her son watched. I went to the valley and took my time putting my cock in Mom, savoring the sensation of every fraction of an inch that went into her. She turned her head to Dad and made a circle with her lips. Dad got on his knees and slid his cock in her mouth.

Mom laid there, limp, a blissful look on her face, her arms at her side while her husband and son, slowly, lovingly took care of her needs. --------- Mom did come back after her cry. Her voice had more life in it and she began to bring her garden back to life. I brought Chinese for dinner one night and after we were finished Mom and I sat in the back, with her wine and my beer.

We talked and after two glasses she put a hand on the inside of my thigh and said, "I wonder if any satellites are taking pictures of us." My head snapped towards her and she had a real smile on her face, the first one after the funeral. "Lets go to bed baby." she said and stood up. We walked into the house and Mom went to get ready for bed while I locked up.

During the whole time after the funeral neither Mom or I thought about sex. And when I would spend the night with her we slept in my old room, me wearing boxers and Mom wearing a nightgown. This time, Mom went to her bedroom and I got there just as she slipped under the sheets, naked. I joined her, naked. I laid on my back and Mom put a leg over me. It felt so good to have her moist, warm, furry pussy on my body again.

I had an arm around her, put the hand on her cheeks and pushed her onto me. She wiggled her pussy. "Oh, yea." I said. Mom kissed my chest and hugged me. "My good son." she said. "Thank you for taking care of everything while I've been.out to lunch." "You needed time Mom." She reached down under her leg and put her hand around my cock.

"I hope Alice doesn't mind me enjoying you for a few hours." With more force then I intended I said, "Alice can go to hell!" Mom pulled her head back and waited for me to explain. When none came she laid down again and said. "Hmm, it sounds like I can enjoy you for as long as I want." I laughed and rolled her on her back. Mom had a happy look on her face. I got my cock into her and stayed on my knees. Grabbing her hips I fucked her with joy. "Alice was a port in a storm.

And not a very good one at that. I've missed you so much, Mom" Mom had her eyes closed, her eyebrows raised and a smile on her face. "Oh my, oh baby you can use my port anytime you want." I laughed again and laid down on her, putting my arms around her and holding her close. She did the same and fucked me back with equal emotion.

We rolled around the bed loving each other. It felt like we were participating in a primitive ritual, celebrating both Dad's life and Mom's return from a dark place.

After that we went back mostly to the schedule we had when Dad was alive, blowjobs during the week and pussy on the weekends. I would stop by her house after work during the week. Most of the time she was or had just finished watering her plants in the back.

It smelled like wet earth and wood and green, growing things. If I wanted to get, or she wanted to give, a blowjob I would sit in a chair and she would get a pillow she bought especially for this. She insisted I keep my Carharts on and unzipped them, my jeans and dug into my boxers to get her treasure. We kept the Friday night dinners going. Afterwords we would go to her house and Mommy and I would fuck. Sometimes arms wrapped around each other, fiercely humping, other times slow and soft.

It was after a slow one that Mom and I were on her couch. She was sitting on my thighs playing with my limp cock. She was smiling because she had two fingers underneath it, bouncing it up and down and entertaining herself by watching little cum beads spray all over. What a sweet child she is sometimes!

I ran my hands up and down her thighs and talked to her about something that had been on my mind for a while. "Mom, why don't you move in with me? You'll be closer to more things and you wont be alone. Isn't the house to big for you now?" She put an arm on the back of the couch and looked around.

Her eyes and face reflected the pros and cons of moving or not moving. Then, whatever process was going on inside her led to a revelation. You could see it on her face the moment it happened. She looked down at me with a big smile. "No." she said. "I'm a tough woman of the West, I can take care of myself." She leaned down and gave me a big, hard kiss. "And, my handsome son, with his beautiful cock, needs his own place where he can chase jiggling, giggling, squealing little things and have his way with them." Then Mom got off of me and told me to go home.

She didn't wait for an answer, she got my boxers and pants and came back to the couch. She got on her knees and held my boxers for me to step into them. "Get up, you're going home." I was dazed and confused as I put one leg in, then the other and said, "What's going on.

I wanted a couple of more hours with you." "Nope, you're going home." she said, pulling my boxers up. Just before my balls and cock were covered she stopped, rained kisses on them, and then finished pulling the boxers up. She then got my pants for me to step into. I did but said, "Listen, if you have someone coming over I'm fine with that." She finished doing my belt and sat back on her heels, looking up at me as if I was crazy.

"Are you serious?" She got on her knees and held out her arms to the side. Beautiful face, full perfect tits, flat belly and a delicious, munchable pussy. "Now that your father is gone you're the only man who is going to touch this beautiful body." and then the wicked woman shook her shoulders. I laughed and yelled loudly. "Then why the hell are you pushing me out of the house?" She got up, got my shoes, socks and shirt and handed them to me, then took an arm and led me to the door.

She stopped at it and patted my pockets then put her hand in one. "Your keys are in this pocket." she said. She then reached for my crotch and got a handful. "And these are where they belong." she said, snickering. She opened the door and stuck her tits out. "Here, kiss them goodnight." I leaned down, kissed and started sucking but she pushed me away.

My head stretched out, trying to stay with the tit, while my mouth looked like a fish out of water. "That's enough." she said, opened the door and pushed me out. "I'll call you tomorrow. I love you." and closed the door. Within two minutes I went from rubbing Mom's thighs, expecting a great night with her body, to standing barefoot at her front door. I called her twice after getting home but her phone was busy, it went straight to voicemail.

She woke me up the next morning with a phone call. "Hello." "Good morning, sweetie." "For you maybe." "You sound grouchy baby. Didn't you sleep well?" "You know why I'm grouchy." "You mean having to leave early because I.uh.had to wash my hair?" That obvious lie almost broke me but I kept from laughing.

"You expect me to believe that?" "Young man, I'm your Mother and you will believe and obey everything I tell you. Now, you're coming over tonight. I have your stew in the crock pot, the French bread you like and your favorite beer in the fridge. We're going to have a nice dinner and then sit in the back looking at stars." She did break me that time but I tried indignation once more.

"Hmpf, stew isn't going to placate me." "Oh, baby," with a voice sweet as honey, "the stew is just to feed you. Mmm, Mommy has other plans to placate you." I laughed. "I should stay mad at you." "But you can't because you love me too much. Come over about four." Then she whispered into the phone, "I have oysters for appetizers." I laughed again, "It's a deal, you beautiful, devious woman." We had a good night.

When I got into the house Mom put her arms around me and tilted her face up for me to kiss her. "Are you going to behave tonight?" I asked her. As an answer she pulled back. She had an old t-shirt on, like the one she wore the morning she gave me the first blowjob, threadbare and proud nipples pointing "That's a good start." I said. She hugged my arm and we walked to the back of the house where she told me to go sit on the couch.

After a few seconds she came from the kitchen carrying a tray. I'd seen it before when Dad had business parties at the house but only then. On it was an oblong glass thing with the oysters in it. Napkins on one side with a fork, long handle and only two small tines, on the other side. "What's all this?" I said. "You have to learn how to eat at social functions." She sat down next to me and hugged my arm, waiting for me to start eating. I looked at the tray, I looked at her and then pulled her arm off of mine.

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"No! I'm not going to eat, I'm not going to play with your beautiful tits or anything else till you tell me what the fuck is going on.

You just came out of a depression. You throw me out of the house and now want me to eat oysters with a goofy fork for "social functions?" And you wont tell me why! I'm worried about you, Mom." The whole time I was talking she sat listening with a serene look on her face. When I was finished she looked at me with one eyebrow raised and started talking.

"My dear son, that summer when you came into my room and opened the bathroom door to watch me shower, who let you keep your secret?" I slumped down on the couch, completely deflated. "You knew about that?" "Yes I did." She looked at me with a grin. "Do your remember how many times I washed and rinsed my breasts?" "Yea, three.

I thought it was a." Realization dawned. "Oh. You were doing that for me." Mom laughed happily and nodded. "I'm not going crazy baby, I have a happy secret and you're going to let me keep it." She scooted closer to me and pushed her tits out. "And you're going to play with my titties tonight." It is impossible to stay mad her.

"Yes, Mam." I said. She hugged an arm again and watched me eat the oysters, one at a time. After a minute she got up and said, "Give me that goofy fork." She took it into the kitchen and came back with a tablespoon.


I laid back on the couch and laughed. She handed it to me and said, "Eat!" I started eating normally and Mom sat next to me again. She unzipped my pants and took out my cock and balls. She wrapped her hand around my cock and said, "I need to hold the sensing device so I can tell when the oysters start having an effect." Five strokes and I was hard.

"That's not the oysters, that's you." I said when she looked up at me. She kissed me on the cheek and kept stroking. When I finished the oysters I laid back against the couch, put my arm around Mom and watched her work. In a mid stroke she stopped and looked up at me.

"I've never given you a handjob, have I?" I had to think for a while. "No you haven't. You handle it just long enough to put it into you're mouth." She laughed and got on her knees in front of me. "Which I'm going to do now." Unbuckling my belt, she pulled my boxers under my balls and sat back. "Look at it," she said, with both hands pointing. "How can a Mother not take her son's manhood in her mouth when she sees it so hard and proud." Mom used her mouth expertly.

After a bit she she got my hands and put them on her head. I held it and fucked her mouth. "It's not the oysters, Mom. It's you." Grabbing my hips, she leaned forward so her mouth was directly over my cock. I pumped into her mouth some more and came, hard. She kept it in her mouth longer then was necessary to clean up.

When she sat back on her heels again she was smiling. "I like having it in my mouth when it's limp.

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It feels cuddly in there." "You have a very small window of opportunity after I cum to do it. Try it in 10 minutes and it'll get hard again." "My son likes being in my mouth." she said with a smile, brushing my hair.

The she got mischievous and puckered her lips. I knew this would come up some day. I'd just finished cuming in her mouth, her lips were shiny with it. She stared at me, daring me not to kiss her. I leaned forward and kissed her cheek. She got an angry look on her face, kept her lips puckered and went, "UMM!" "Mom." I whined. She lost the pucker because she had to smile. Shaking her head she said, "There is something seriously wrong with men." Looking at the kitchen she said that dinner was ready.

When she got up she shook her head again. "All your life I've told you no dessert before dinner and what did I just do?" she said as she walked to the kitchen. I laughed and damn near cried. It was so good, so good! to have Mom back again. After dinner and clean up we took wine and beer and sat in the back. The back of the house faces the East. There is a cattle ranch at the end of the five acres the house sits on. The land there slopes up a little for about a mile to a line of hills.

When the sun sets the sky above the hills goes from pale blue to dark blue and then black. We drank and watched the sky.

My proper suburban Mother drank the whole bottle and I drank the whole six-pack. Mom and I were having fun, She asked me about Alice and what went wrong. "Her blowjobs weren't as good as yours." I said. She laughed and thanked me for the compliment but wanted a better reason.

I told her everything except what that nasty bitch said about Mom. When I finished I thought she would be concerned but she was almost giddy with happiness and there was something behind her eyes that I couldn't read. She leaned on the armrest of her chair and puckered her lips. I smiled and kissed her a few times, in between saying that she was an understanding woman.

When we went in Mom went to her bedroom and I checked the channel guide on the TV. She came back with an old blanket that I'd seen around the house over the years. It would appear and disappear every now and then.

She stood by the dining room table and I turned off the TV to watch her. She started to fold the blanket lengthwise and when it was the way she wanted it she it laid over the edge of the table with half hanging over.

Then she started unbuttoning her blouse. I remembered her asking Dad on the phone, what if he came home and I had her bent over the table, and I realized what she was doing. I got undressed and went next to her. She took her blouse off, put it on the back of a chair and laid down on the table. I asked her if she wanted me to take her skirt off.

"No," she said, "I like it when you flip it on my back. It makes me feel like I belong to you." "You do belong to me." I held my cock and rubbed the head on her very wet pussy. "And so does this." I slipped it in her and stroked for a while getting the shaft wet, watching my cock go in and out. Then I started fucking her hard.

"And because you are mine I am going to punish you for last night." I started fucking her harder. "Yes baby, I was a bad Mommy last night." She whimpered and moaned. "Teach me a lesson." "Bad Mommy, not letting your son fuck you again like he wanted." The wine, the beer, our bodies slapping, the table creaking, Mom moaning. I pumped hard and after a bit Mom lifted her ass up which gave me easier access.

"Yes baby, like that. Mommy deserves this." "Are you going to deny your son your pussy again?" "No, I promise. You can have Mommy's pussy whenever you want." I pushed my cock in as far as it would go and emptied my balls into that bad Mommy's pussy.

She laid there with the side of her face on the table, smiling. When I got limp enough to fall out we both stood up. Mom turned around and put her arms around my neck, giggling. "That's the closest I've gotten to S&M." I frowned and said, "Did you learn your lesson?" She giggled again and said, "Yes sir." We left clothes where they were and went to her bathroom.

I got rid of beer while she cleaned up the leaks on her. I stood next to her and when she was finished with herself she started washing me. She soaped up my cock and balls, playing more then washing. My cock being what it is, started to get hard again.

"My, my. You just filled me up and your getting hard again?" "The oysters may have have something to do with it. But mostly it's because I'm with a beautiful drunk woman, in her house while she is washing my cock. And her bed is ten feet away. That's a very promising situation." She washed the soap off and stroked. "It used to be so cute. Now look at it." She said and started to laugh. "Now it's Dangerous Dick, the Motherfucker." She had to lean on the sink counter while she laughed and tried to say dangerous dick again.

When she calmed down she said, "To much wine. Put me to bed, baby, before I fall down and hurt myself." I was laughing as hard as she was. I picked her up in my arms and she put hers around my neck. When we passed the light switch she turned it off and looked at me as if she wanted praise for her accomplishment.

When none came she bit my ear gently. "Hey!" I said. She kissed it to make up for the bite. When we got to the bed she told me she wanted to sleep on the other side. I carried her to the other side. When we got there she said she changed her mind and wanted to go back. "You wanted this side." "I changed my mind." and started to kick her feet. "I want to go back to the other side." Laughing was making me more tired then carrying her. "You just want to be carried around." "I feel like a princess." "And acting like a 16 year old brat." I said as I took her back and laid her down.

She held her tits together and stuck her tongue out.

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"A 16 yer old brat with nice tits." I laughed to the light switch and back. She was almost asleep and my boner was gone. I got her under the covers, got behind her and pulled just the sheet over us. She took my hand and put it on her belly. Hers' went on my hip and we both fell asleep. For the next two weeks Mom was insatiable. The first week we had some kind of sex everyday. Three times at her house and twice at mine. She brought food both times she came over and stayed for only an an hour or so.

I have neighbors. The first time we sat on the couch next to each other. She took out my cock and balls and started to jack me off. "I like doing this. It feels as good in my hand as it does in my mouth." After a few minutes she got on her knees on the couch and told me to take her tits out.

She kept stroking while I unbuttoned her shirt and scooped them out of their cups, sucking one nipple while playing with the other. "Oh, I like this, baby. I can feel the power in your cock. Mmm, cum when you want, I want to see my sons cum shoot out. Mommy will clean up if there's a mess." With that permission I relaxed and mauled her tits with mouth and hand.

She pushed into my face. When I came one spurt got on her shorts, another on the shirttail I had pulled out and the last on her arm. The rest was on my pants or her hand. She licked off what was on skin and used a finger on her shirt and shorts. She walked around for a few seconds, looking at the stain on her shorts. "I'm going to stop at a gas station to show off these stains." The second time, I was getting ready to go to her house.Never mind. Let me get to what Mom's strange behavior during those two weeks was.

The last Friday of the two weeks I picked Mom up and we went to her favorite restaurant. She had cleaned her house from top to bottom that day and on the way back she was quiet. "Are you tired Mom?" I asked. She rubbed her hand on the top of my thigh. "Yes I am. I worked hard today." "I wont stay the night then. Get a good night's sleep." She laid her head back on the seat and stroked my face with the back of her hand for a few seconds.

I turned to look at her. She had a smile and was loving me with her eyes. When we got to her house I went in with her and looked around then kissed her and left. The next day I got a call around 11 in the Morning. There's a bad leak in the kitchen! Water everywhere! Hurry! When I got there a car I didn't recognize was in the driveway.

I walked in the house and Mom and Rachel were sitting on the couch. Rachel is a good friend of Mom's from college. Over the years they've called each other about important things in their lives and get together every so often. "Hi Rachel." "Hi Ronny. Welcome home." And then, just that second, a beautiful woman walked around the corner looking at something in her hand.

"Nancy---" she started to say and looked up. We looked at each other, both of us surprised, and held the look for a few seconds. Let me give you an example of what I felt.

You've lost your wallet. Your sure it's someplace in the house but you've looked for it for an hour and haven't found it. Doubt creeps in, maybe it's not in the house. And then, there it is. Relief and happiness sweeps through you. You sigh and say "finally." That's what I felt. "Finally." I was the first to speak. "Hi. Ron, Nancy's son." "Hi. Cindy, Rachel's daughter." We stared for another second and then I turned to the couch. Mom and Rachel were holding their breath. All of Mom's strangeness the last two weeks now had a reason.

I turned back to Cindy and asked, "Has your Mother been acting,,differently the last two weeks?" "Yes she has. I was beginning to worry about her." I laughed. "Yours to?" she asked. "Yea. She just called me and said there is a bad leak in the kitchen. I was expecting to see the furniture floating." "Mine, the woman who's driven across the country I don't know how many times, said she needs help for the two hour ride here." "We've been set up." I said and we both looked at them.

They were grinning like schoolkids. "They are kind of cute, though." Cindy said. "Let's give them a treat." She turned to me and cleared her throat. "Oh Romeo, Romeo, I've forgotten your last name but when you coming over?" The two conspirators and I laughed. I cleared my throat. "Oh Juliet, Juliet, something about a dove and crows, I'm climbing the vine now." Mom and Rachel were beaming the rest of the day. They almost got annoying with efforts to be helpful.

Cindy and I started talking with each other at the dining room table but had to move to the patio because one or the other would come in and say do you want this or need that. We sat out there till it got dark. She told me about becoming a Registered Nurse after high school, working in the states for a year and then.going to Zambia for two years with the Peace Corps. She was going to go back to school soon to become a Nurse Practitioner.

I told her about about an early memory I have of running behind someone and seeing the sun through hair the same color as hers. We asked Mom and Rachel and it turned out to be Cindy's. When I was young Mom took me with her a few times when she went to visit and Cindy and I would play tag. Mom came out and asked us about dinner. I turned to Cindy and asked her if she wanted to go out. She said yes and went to get dressed. When she came out I stared, she was beautiful. "You approve?" she asked.

I just nodded. We first went to my place so that I could change. While I was getting ready Cindy walked around the house. She called into the bedroom, "Nice layout but you do need some things on the walls." "I don't have the skill set to decide what put on them.

Someday I'll get someone who does and get it done." When I went into the living room she was standing in the middle of the room looking at one of two high walls. She looked at the walls and I looked at her. When she turned to look at me I surrendered. She was about 10 feet away and I started walking to her. "I'm going to kiss you, Cindy. I've wanted to scin." That's as far as I got because she walked up and kissed me. It was a nice kiss. A sweet kiss. No open mouths or tongues. It was a "I really like you" kiss.

For a few seconds after, we just looked at each other. Her eyes darted from side to side, looking at mine, and she smiled. "Yea, I feel the same way." she said and we kissed again. We never got to a restaurant. We ended up walking to a Chinese place four blocks from the house and got carry out. We ate from the coffee table in front of the sofa, I didn't have a dinning room table then. We ate and talked for about an hour then cleaned up. By then it was 10:30 or so. "I should be getting back." Cindy said.

"We're leaving early tomorrow morning." I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. "Stay here tonight. I'll take you back in the morning." There was conflict in her as she started talking about having just met but she did like me and so on. Then, without my knowledge and without my permission, my mouth said, "I'm going to marry you Cindy." I was more shocked then Cindy looked.

She stared at me for a few seconds, looked down at a button on my shirt for a few more, then looked up again. With a less surprised look she said, "I know." We both sat down on the sofa and stared in front of us. The more we thought about it the more we accepted it as true. After a few minutes Cindy took my hand, stood up and led me to the bedroom.

Next morning we showed up at Mom's house, showered and happy. Mom and Rachel said hello and they both focused on Cindy with faint smiles on there faces. Cindy blushed a little and looked down. Mom and Rachel had the good manners not to say anything. They got up and made breakfast for us. An hour later Cindy and I carried the suitcases out to the car while, I'm sure, Mom and Rachel congratulated each other. I told Cindy to call me that night and kissed her goodby.

After they left Mom took my arm and we sat down on the couch. She sat facing me with one leg under her. After five seconds she said, "Well?" "Well what?" She slapped my thigh. I chuckled and turned to her. "Thanks Mom. I'm really happy." She smiled big and said, "Rachel and I knew you were made for each other." A pause with her hand on my thigh. "And in the bedroom?" I looked at her. "There are some things that are impolite for a Mother to ask her son." She laughed happily and got on the floor between my legs.

"I'll find out for myself." As she unbuckled my belt and took my cock out she started telling me a story about a time when Rachel and she put their money together and bought a car.

She was stroking my cock and halfway in a sentence she said, "Cindy" My cock flexed. "A-ha! Things are good in the bedroom." "That was sneaky." I said. She started kissing the head, smiling, and said.

"It's important for women to know how these wonderful things work." Mom ran her tongue around the head and starting at the tip slowly went to the root and then just as slowly back to the tip.

Her mouth made a popping sound from the vacuum when she pulled off. "Are you happy being in Cindy?" she asked it and moved it to my belly and up a few times. I chuckled because from my viewpoint the head looked like it was nodding. A little quieter she asked, "Does her mouth adore you as much as mine does?" That time she slapped it on my belly and her lips.

"That much?!" she said laughing. She straightened up and searched my face, satisfied that she was right. I got serious. "Lets go to the bedroom Mom.

I need a comfort fuck. I have to talk to you about something." She was only wearing a dress and panties that she took off quickly. She got her pillows ready and laid down, making that valley that I love.

Two peaks on either side with a sacred cave at the far end. I got undressed and went to it, Mom guiding me in. "There," she said, with her hands pushing on my ass cheeks as she wiggled her hips, "nice and comfy.

What do you want to talk about?" "Cindy and I are getting married." Her eyebrows went up, her mouth flew open and she pushed. "Get off of me! My God, I have to send you to civilian school. You can't start fucking your Mother and then spring something like that on her!" I laughed and said, "What school is going to teach me that?" She frowned at me, "Don't get smart! Tell me what happened." "We didn't go to a restaurant.

We walked to the Chinese place and got carry-out. I asked her to stay the night with me, she wasn't sure, so I told her I was going to marry her." I'm laughing now about Mom's response. She was sitting on her heels, naked, and when I said I told Cindy I was going to marry her she looked like an Iraqi woman at a funeral. Her hands flew up and then she put them on her head. "My God, my God! What kind of person did I raise!" She looked at me and said, "You ask a woman to marry you.

Ask! Not tell her." Mom got elements of evil in her eyes. Falling back on military skills I made sure I knew where her hands were.

She's never hit me but she has pinched. "And what did the poor girl say?" "She said she knew." That took the fire out of Mom. She went from scowling, thinking I had ruined one of the most important days in Cindy's life, to smiling. She giggled and said, "She told you that?" I nodded. Mom giggled again and leaned towards me, cupping my face and cooing.

"Aw, my baby has met his match, hasn't he? Yes he has." She started rubbing my legs. "Was that what you wanted to talk to me about?" "No, it's something else." Mom arranged the pillows again and laid down.

My cock had softened so she told me to let her get it wet and opened her mouth. Watching Mom looking at me while my cock went in and out of her mouth got it hard in about 30 seconds. I pulled out, went to the valley and eased myself in. "This is what I need to talk about, Mom. What do I do about Cindy and you?

I wasn't worried with Alice. I just planned on coming over once a week. But it would bother me if I did that to Cindy." "It would worry me if you weren't bothered." Her legs were over my thighs and she rubbed what was showing of them. "Well, the simplest solution would be for us to stop." "I thought about that but it's a no-go." I looked at my cock going in and out of her pussy. "In the two and a half years since the first time you let me fuck you my cock has gone in while I've been tired, angry, frustrated, depressed.

And somehow, a few minutes in your pussy and all is well." I leaned over her on straight arms. "You have a magic pussy Mom. It's become my friend and lover. And, like right now, it's become my psychiatrist." Mom laughed and her eyes got misty. She pulled me down so that I was laying on her. We laid like that for a while, cock and pussy moving to meet each other while her hands went up and down my back. "Well then," she said and pushed me up on my elbows, "here is what I think will happen.

Cindy isn't in school yet so she and Rachel will be up here a lot while we plan things. Rachel will stay with me, Cindy will stay with you. That way," she pushed her pussy up, "your cock will get all it wants.


And if she is gone to long and you get desperate," she put her hands on my cheeks, pushed me in, "you can use your Mother for your animal needs and consider it a medical treatment." And so it began. Mom was right, I only needed her twice during the two months leading up to the wedding. Both times were during a week and a half that Cindy and Rachel stayed at home, packing the things Cindy was going to bring to my - our - house. One Monday I called Mom and she came over. Taking her blouse off, she sat on her heels in front of me and said to hold her head.

I dropped my pants and held her head while fucking her mouth, telling her what a good Mother she was, taking care of her son's animal needs with her mouth After swallowing the main course she put her hands on the floor, her face looking up, and nursed from my limp, hanging cock.

Then she put her blouse back on, kissed me on the cheek, told me she loved me and went home. And on Friday, after dinner, we went to her house. Doggy style with her head on the pillow she was hugging. Mom told me to let her know when I was going to cum. When I told her she did a smooth, ballerina-like move and took my cum in her mouth. Having seen movies of harried women planing weddings, I tried to participate and be helpful. For about an hour. The three of them were working by rules and regulations that I knew nothing about.

Cindy wanted only one bridesmaid, a woman from the Zambian government that she had worked with. Here name is Kupela, a gorgeous woman. Uncle Mark was my best man. He and Trish, his wife, came with both kids, the first time I had seen my niece and nephew.

The women stayed with Mom, which she was really happy about, and Mark stayed with me. Then, twas the night before marriage and all through our house the wedding party was having a great time after the wedding rehearsal. Mark and I sat outside drinking beer, telling each other lies about our sexual conquests and bemoaning that those days were over for us.

The women were inside, laughing and dancing with glasses of wine in their hands. About 10:30 Cindy came out to tell us that they were leaving and ask if we needed anything. Mark opened the lid of a cooler between us and said, "No, we're fine." Cindy put her hands on the arm rests of my chair and kissed me.

Mom stayed to help us straiten up. When we finished Mark and I sat on the couch and Mom sat on a chair facing us. I turned to Mark and asked him if he remember that look on his sister's face. "I do. She's about to surprise us." he said. Mom smiled and waved a finger back and forth "You two know about each other and me." Mark and I looked at each other and he stuck out his hand.

We shook and I said, "We are in a very exclusive club." He agreed. Mom stood up and walked towards me. "This is your last night as a single man." I knew what that meant and so did Mark. He started clapping and said, "Bravo, Sis!" Mom told me to follow her and we went to the master bedroom. I was naked in seconds, Mom took her time, enjoying me looking at her. When she was finished she got next to the bed.

She ran a finger up and down my cock while I ran my fingers through her curls. "Has Cindy given you a blowjob on this bed?" I nodded. "May your Mother give you a blowjob on it?" I nodded again, faster. She leaned over with arms on either side of me and traced her nipples on my face and chest.

"You like this, don't you?" This time I nodded slowly. After a minute of that, Mom knelt next to the bed and told me to get close to her. She put an arm under my head and lifted a tit for me to suck. A deep sigh escaped her and she started to run a hand over my body. "I love you, Ronny." The hand she was using to rub me came up to my face. "This is going to be our last time together, baby. After tonight I'm locking up my slut for good." I stopped sucking and looked up at Mom.


I may have know that was coming, I think did. I accepted the wisdom in what she said but had to fight to keep sadness off my face. I nodded slowly. Mom smiled down, relieved that I was OK with it and her eyes got misty. She started kissing me. "OH, if you only know how wonderful these last few years have been for me." She kissed me one more time and looked at my cock.

"And now, for my favorite family tradition." As she started to lean down I said, "Mom.?" She stopped and looked at me. "Before you lock up your slut let her have a grand night." and I lifted my head towards the door. She looked there, back at me for a few seconds and then realized what I meant. The bone melting lust that I first saw in the kitchen, so long ago, came into her eyes.

She walked to the bedroom door and called out. "Mark?" "Yea?" Mom looked at me, smiled, and said the same thing she told me the first time I fucked her. "Would you like to join us?" There was a thud from the living room and then fast, heavy footsteps.

Mom laid down on the bed, knees up. When Mark came into the room he stared at Mom with big eyes. "Remember how, every time mom and dad were gone, you kept asking to fuck me?" He nodded. Mom held her arms up to him. "This is your one and only chance." His clothes went flying and when he got on the bed he knelt there staring at Mom's pussy. As I've said, it's a beautiful pussy.

I was kneeling by Mom's head and she reached up, held my cock from underneath and pointed to Mark's. "See why I just had to suck you?" There was a hell of a resemblance. Length, width, curve, they could have been twins. Mom pushed her pussy up and Mark slid his cock in. They repeated four or five times and Mom looked up at me. "I'm taking care of family cocks again, baby." she said and had her first orgasm.

She didn't waste any time on afterglow, she went right back to the sex. They fucked each other wildly for a few minutes. "Keep fucking me, little brother, keep fucking your sister while she sucks her son's cock." Mom ravaged my cock and when I shot cum in her mouth she had her second orgasm.

Mark followed her, both of them slowly flowing on the bed till they lay still. I was still on my knees over Mom's face. A drop of cum fell on her cheek. She lifted her mouth and took me in, tightened her lips at the root and squeezed the shaft as he laid her head back on the pillow. The next morning was managed chaos. Not at our house, at Mom's. The wedding was at one, Cindy called me around 8:30.

"Hi, almost husband." "Hi. almost wife. Where are you? Your voice sounds funny." "Kupela and I are in the closet in your room with the doors closed." I started laughing.

"Oh, no! My wife is in the closet with her best friend. Is there something I should know before we get married?" "Ha, ha, very funny. I think I've given you plenty of evidence that I'm not a lesbian." I heard Kupela laughing. "Trish told us to take our coffee and hide somewhere. The Mothers have gone crazy, especially mine.

Every time we try to take a sip she comes up and says I have to do this and I have to do that." A pause for a second. "Plus I got to see the dorky clothes you wore once. I'm going to send all of them to a circus." I laughed again and in the background I heard Rachel. "Cindy! Cindy, where are you!" Cindy whispered in the phone. "I've got to go. Pray for me." I hung up the phone and stood there for a minute, laughing and loving her.

We got a taste of Rachel a little later. The doorbell rang, two seconds later it rang and rang. When I opened it Rachel flew by me and went to the bedroom. She came out carrying something made of lace and stared at Mark and me. "Why aren't you two getting ready?" I looked at the clock.

"Rachel, there are three hours before the wedding." She made an exasperated sound and left. Mark and I looked at each other. "Damn!" I said.

"And here we are reading the newspaper." We both laughed. He put his down and said, "I better call Trish." As he talked to her I heard him say, "Oh no, I'm not going into that house. Rachel just left. Put the kids clothes together. I'll come to get them and and I'll dress them here." Eventually everything was done. Mark dressed the kids and had gone to the church to make sure things were in order there. Half an hour before I was going to leave, Mom called.

"I'm glad your still there. You need to bring the (don't remember what she said) to the church." "I don't know what that is." "It's lace and it's under the (something French) in the bedroom." "Are you talking about parts of the dress?" "Never mind. I'll stop by and get it." As soon as I hung up the phone my cock started to get hard.

I looked down and thought, "What the hell?" It was still hard when Mom walked in. She saw it right away and asked, "How did you know?" "Know what." As she went to sit on the couch she said. "I'm going to let the slut have a gloryhole in her cage.

I want to be at my son's wedding with his cum in my belly." I went to her taking my cock out.

"It wasn't a compliment when I said you create a boner field. Its a fact and here is the evidence." I said, shaking it. Her eyes were happy and she said "I have the pearl necklace on." She was sitting on the couch, feet crossed, knees together off to the side, hands clasped in her lap.

She could have been posing for a picture in a business magazine except that her lips made a small, perfect ring. She kept the pose as I slid my cock into her mouth. I looked down at her, a professional getting her mouth fucked. She kept the pose while I came in her mouth and even after, nursing on my cock. When she was finished it stayed in her mouth as she took a delicate hanky from her purse. It was a memorable sight. A prim and proper suburban Mother, professionally dressed, hair done up, a limp cock in her mouth, looking through her purse.

She wrapped the hanky around my cock and said, "Leave it there till I put lipstick on." Then her eyes twinkled, (I should have known,) and before I could move she garbed my face and gave me a hard kiss on the lips. My arms flew up, she let go and laughed all the way to the bathroom. When she came out she stopped, acted surprised and said "Oh, you're still alive?" Unwrapping my cock she made sure all the cum was out and there wouldn't be a wet spot on my pants. She pulled one side of my zipper aside and gave my cock a last kiss.

"Goodby, my joy. Thank you so much." and she zipped me up. The hanky went into her purse, a souvenir. The wedding and reception went fine. What I remember the most was Mom and Rachel. It was towards the end of the reception, only a few people left. Cindy was sitting on my lap while we talked. I looked at the other end of the hall and saw Mom and Rachel. They were sitting at a table alone, talking and laughing every so often, sipping champagne.

Two long time, good friends. Their life's work finished and happy with the results. The next day Cindy and I left for the meadow.

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