Legal age teenager girl bawdy cleft porn

Legal age teenager girl bawdy cleft porn
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(It's Saturday afternoon and my family is having a reunion at the park. Fried chicken and bbq all around! My girlfriend and I show up and mingle with some of the family and take our seat. You sit down right next to me on the other side of me. I give you a hug and ask you how things have been) hey Amanda, how have things been?? Eh they're alright. Same old same old ya know?

How are things with you and the girl? (I smirk as I hug you back. I look over at your girlfriend and give a small wave and smile. I've never really been fond of her but I put up with it because you're my step brother) Oh we're really good actually.

I'm planning on asking her to marry me pretty soon, what do you think? (I whisper to you, as to not let her hear me) Ugh seriously!?! I mean totally love you bro but I can't STAND her.(I have to be honest with you because I can't stand seeing you with her and do NOT want her in my family) cmon man. I mean, you could totally do much better. (I wink at you cutely and turn back to start eating my food.

Everyone is gathered around now saying hello to each other) (I begin eating my food and start thinking about what you meant. I look at my girlfriend) hey, how are you doing?


I know my family can get a little rowdy sometimes (I chuckle. She responds and tells me that she's having a blast) (I peer over to you giggling with her and I start to feel something.


Something like jealousy. It's a weird feeling that overcomes me, I mean, you're my step brother!.but I just can't shake the feeling. Before I know what I'm doing my hand shoots to your thigh. You kind of jump and give me a weird look, but you don't say anything. I look at you with my "just please be quiet" eyes and you somehow understand. My hand moves up your thigh more and more until it's resting right on top of the bulge in your pants) (I'm caught off guard and drop my silverware off my plate and onto the table) honey?

Are you okay? (My girlfriend asks as I nod my head, trying to swallow my food) I'm f-fine. just keep talking and eating (she turns back to one of my family members and resumes her conversation.


I try to slap your hand away to remove it) (I slightly giggle to myself as you try and push me away, but we both know that what's going on excites you.

So much that when I put my hand back your bulge has grown. I start to caress it over your pants, letting it grow bigger and bigger. I continue making conversation with people around us while you struggle to contain yourself. I slowly unbutton your pants) Blake! How is work going? (One of my cousins asks me. I blink a couple times first and answer) oh. work has been. ummm. really good.?

(I respond kind of hesitant) is that a question?? Lol (my cousin asks me. I'm trying to keep my composure, but once you've unbuttoned my pants, I start to go crazy. I always imagined what you looked like naked, and what it would be like to have sex with you. But the fact that I'm about to have you touch me in front of everyone at a family party turns me on even more) (I pull down your zipper as I watch you conversate with our cousin.

I pretend to listen in intently, nodding my head at the appropriate times, while I pull out your throbbing hard cock. It's so big in my hand that I'm shocked myself. I gasp a little as i wrap my hand around it. Your body shivers with pleasure, unknowing to everyone else around you. I start to stroke up and down. You grow weak as I play with you, giving in to the pleasure that you're feeling. I lean over and whisper in your ear) you sure you want to marry her.? (Before I pull away I look around me and as no one watches, I nibble on your earlobe for a second before turning back to the table) (My mind goes blank as I stare at you for a second, watching you nod your head at my cousin.

All that's going on in my mind is imagining what it would be like seeing you in just your panties and bra) Blake, your family is really great! (My girlfriend says to me.

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I chuckle and close my eyes) y-yeah. they're. they're really great.

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(I smile, then open my eyes. She smiles and keeps talking with everyone. I look at your chest and you're wearing a low-cut top and I can see your breasts popping out a bit. I can't help but wonder what it would be like to squeeze them and hold them. You look at me for a second and smile really big, then return to conversation.

I look down and your hand looks amazing wrapped around my cock. I'm actually starting to rethink marrying my girlfriend) (I continue to stroke you up and down as you try so hard to not let moans out. You take a bite of food and as you taste you moan at "how good the food is" but you and I both know it's because you love feeling me play with your stick under the table.

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I start to stroke faster now, catching you a bit off guard and not being able to fully control yourself. All the noises around you are blurring as you feel your juices start to rise. You lean in to me and whisper that you're about to cum and I smirk even more, not letting up on my speed or grip. Just casually carrying conversation as I feel your shaft tense up and cum starts to pour over my fingers. Your silent orgasm was strong because your breathing gets short and fast.

I take my hand away and wipe off on the napkin I had sitting on my lap. You look at me, shocked at what just happened but also in love with the feeling it gave you. After you've settled down a bit you go to grab another piece of food, but I stop your hands from reaching above the table. I grab the hand closest to me and slide it up my own thigh.

I push my skirt back a little and you feel my cotton panties. You shiver again. You love the cotton feeling. I start to move your fingers along the sides of them and you feel the hairs from my bush poking out on the sides.

Your mind is going nuts and all you want to do is explore more. I use my own hand and I pull my panties to the side and let you slide your finger up and down my slit.

It's so wet for you. And getting wetter by the second. Your cock starts to grow hard again but you know we can't have our arms interlaced underneath the table. People would get suspicious) (I let my fingers roam over your wet slit and up to your clit. Once I rub your clit gently, I can see you close your eyes) Amanda, why don't you tell us what you're up to? (Our aunt asks you. I smile and rub your clit faster, while sticking one of my other fingers in your hole) I uh.

I'm really not doing much (I stumble between words as your fingers go in and out of me. I've never felt like this before, this pleasure that you're giving me is mind blowing) I uh, and working and.and trying to go to school too so its been very, (you tickle my clit a little bit and I jump up slightly) very time consuming, excuse me, I had to change my position a bit (I fake laugh as I continue to try and talk about what is going on in my life.

I feel as if I start to babble because I can't help but feel like a slave to you. I spread my legs open a little farther and let you in more. My mind is screaming for you! Oh god how I need you so bad! How I wish your cock was pumping in and out of me instead. I stop your hands as I have an idea. I slowly pull them out of me and turn towards you) oh my god Blake, I just remembered.

I was having this issue with my car and have been meaning for you to take a look at it, do you think you could right now? (I look at you and you know what I'm talking about.

You clear your throat and agree and we ask everyone to excuse us for a moment. We fast walk over to where my car is parked, in the semi deserted parking lot a good 50 feet away from our crowd. I have a tall, suv like car and you push me up against it on the side facing away from our family as soon as we get there. You passionately kiss me, both of us moaning and rubbing our hands all over each other.

You take your fingers and shove them inside me again and I moan out for you. It feels so damn good to have you inside me) I want more I need more (I say in between kisses.

You look at me and you know what I mean.

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You flip me over aggressively and pull your cock out. You bend me over a bit and slowly rub the head of your dick over my clit, teasing me) I want you so bad please please fuck me (I start begging you and whimpering. You laugh to yourself as you insert inside of me, filling up my hole with your hard cock) I knew you always had a thing for me. (I reach my hand around a start tickling your clit while I go in and out of you) and to answer your question. (I push into you all the way, you begin to moan and I reach around with my other hand and stick my fingers in your mouth to keep you quiet) .

I don't think I want to marry her anymore. (I keep thrusting into you, while you're licking all over my fingers, loving the way you're getting pinned to your own car by my hard, throbbing dick) (You pump in and out of me harder, letting your fingers slip out of my mouth and down to my tits, massaging and grabbing at them as much as you can.

The sound of our body's colliding is turning both of us on so much) oh fuck Blake you're going to make me cum so hard, please keep going! (I say to you as you start going faster and harder now) don't marry her! Don't do it!

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Please just play with me more! We can do this more often please! (You laugh to yourself again and being pounding into me, harder than before. You feel yourself about to cum and don't think twice about where it's going. You look at me and tell me that you're going to cum inside me when I cum.

I don't think about it either, because all I'm thinking about is your hot load shooting out inside of me. You pound faster and my orgasm starts to build up) oh god I'm about to.I'm gonna.I'm gonna cum! Blake you're going to make me cum! (I say to you as my insides squeeze around your cock and I orgasm, cumming and squirting a bit myself.

This sends you over the edge as you orgasm too, shooting your load inside of me. We both stay there for a moment, breathing heavily at What just happened. We eventually stand back up, wipe ourselves off and straighten our clothes) I guess we should head back now. (I wink at you and start to walk away. You follow me back to the table where the family has no clue as to what just happened.

Your girlfriend says hello to you and kisses you on the cheek. I smirk because I know it's going to be the last time she ever does. We continue to eat our food and hold conversations with everyone. As the day grows darker everyone starts to pack up and leave. We say our goodbyes and I head back to my car. I sit in the drivers seat and let out a sigh. Reflecting back on how amazing everything felt.

I turn the key in the ignition and hear my phone beep, an incoming text. I look down and it's from you. All it says is "Tonight. My place" and not a second later I pull out the parking lot and head for your house.