Todos en familia jodiendo entre si

Todos en familia jodiendo entre si
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Julia looked around the darkened basement seeing that everything was ready for her to begin the ritual.


She had spent the last three days working on the multiple pentagrams that covered the wall making sure each line was perfect as it was directed in the spell book. And today she had spent all afternoon working on the five sided star she now stood in at the direct center of the room. Her breathing was heavy as she thought about what she was about to do, true she'd been casting spells for over a year but this was the first time she would try anything like this.

Opening the spell book to the page she needed Julia took a deep breath and began to chant, she knew the signs to look for if it was working. The rush of cold air, the lights going out and the unlit candles on the floor lighting on their own, and then the demon would appear to her and he would be at her disposal. However after almost ten minutes of chanting Julia was getting frustrated as nothing was happening. After another ten minutes she sighed and tossed the useless book away realizing that it had been a fix and that she couldn't really summon.

The next thought Julia had was a dull pain in the back of her head as she woke up on the floor of the basement still laying in the pentagram she'd so carefully drawn. Pulling herself up to her hands and knees Julia screamed and jumped out of the circle as she felt something slap against her ass.

She jumped out of the circle and turned around as she backed up against the wall, across the room from her as a boy about the same age as her but his eyes were pitch black as he watched her. The black eyes gave him away for what he really was and Julia almost screamed when she realized what it meant, he spell had worked She had her own demon slave Getting to her feet she went over to him which seemed to confuse him somewhat as he looked at her.

"You're here " She yelled excitedly looking at him, the human form was obviously for her benefit so not to horrify her with his real form.

She had done it and now she had an all powerful demon slave 'Slap' Julia gasped as the demon slapped her across the face sending her down onto her ass, looking up at him stunned tears formed in her eyes. The demon shouldn't be able to hit her. Oh no, she thought as realization hit her, she'd messed something up. She'd summoned him but she wasn't in control.

Looking up at the demon in fear Julia couldn't begin to imagine what he was going to do. Getting up she tried to run for the stairs but as her feet touched the first stair his hand grabbed the back of her shirt pulling her back and ripping it off of her causing her to fall to the floor again her b cup breasts exposed her nipples hardening in the cold air.

Julia hadn't noticed her shirt was missing as she lay on her back her hands on the back of her head. The demon smiled reaching down his fingers pinching her nipples hard causing her to gasp and moan as he pinched and twisted them.

Her hands reached for his wrists trying to pull him off of her but she may as well have been trying to pull a tree from the ground for all the good she did herself. As she tried to push his hands away he twisted her nipples harder making her cry out in pain and pleasure. The demon grabbed her hair and lifted her up til her feet were off the ground and they were eye to eye.

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"I've been trapped in hell for longer then I can remember, if you want to fight go ahead, it wont change anything." He said laughing as she struggled in his hold as he let go of her hair and let her drop to her feet for a second before his hand caught her neck and he pinned her to the wall smirking at her.

"Please, don't " She gasped tears running from her eyes as she looked at him but he just smiled wider and pushed his free hand into her pants and panties. She'd gotten a little wet when he'd played with her nipples but not very much. That changed quickly as the demon's finger pressed down into her clit and began rubbing roughly.

Moaning and shaking her head hating and loving the pleasure that he was giving her Julia's hands grabbed at his arm trying to pull his hands from her pants.

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Stopping what he was doing the demon grabbed the waistband of her pants and panties and pulled ripping the front half off as the back half dropped down behind her. Julia was crying hard now gasping sobs coming from her mouth as tears poured down her face as she felt the cold air hit her now burning hot pussy as it dripped juices. Julia's nipples were rock hard as her pussy was gushing juices from what he'd done to her clit, she hated it but he'd left her so close to cumming. Smirking the demon pushed two fingers into her sopping pussy, the pain was momentary but the pleasure was over whelming as his fingers pumped into her tight wet cunt and she ground her hips against his hand.

She was moaning and panting and crying all at the same time as he fingered her his dark eyes looking right into her when he suddenly stopped his smile growing to a sickening smirk. "You're a virgin." He said softly as his fingers felt the hymen in her pussy, her hips were still grinding wanting the orgasm that was so close but fear was starting to take over Julia's mind as she saw that smirk.

The demon's smirk didn't fade as his fingers began twisting lightly inside of her again and within moments Julia cried out her pussy clenching down on his fingers as hot cum poured from her clenching and unclenching lips.

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Taking his hand away he let Julia fall to the floor panting and moaning as her orgasm began to fade, and as the pleasure faded all that was left was the fear.

Looking up at him she could see now what she'd failed to notice before that the demon was nude and his dick was very hard. Her eyes widened, his dick was at least nine inches long and two thick, seeing his size Julia whimpered and tried to back away but she was already against the wall and there was nowhere for her to run. She looked up at him just in time to scream as his hand came reaching down and grabbing her hair pulling her to her knees as his other hand slapped her across the face again and again until once more she was sobbing uncontrollably.

It was then he grabbed her head and started trying to push his dick into her mouth. Turning her head away she cried out again. "No No Stop" She gagged as he managed to push several inches into her mouth and throat, her throat clenched as she gagged and he let out a loud moan as her throat squeezed him.

Letting her off his dick to breath Julia was crying badly looking up at him.

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"Please don't I'll suck it I will. Just don't shove it down my throat again." Julia begged him still gasping for breath. The demon sighed rolling his eyes and grabbing her head again "If I wanted you to suck it I'd have told you to suck it" He said shoving his dick back into her mouth this time starting to thrust into her getting deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Julia sobbed and beat at his stomach with her hands as he inched his dick down her throat with each thrust until he was completely down he throat his balls slapping against her chin with each thrust.

He pulled out of her mouth all at once and she gasped trying to get as much air as she could and as he stepped away she tried to run off and managed to get half way up the stairs before he grabbed her hair causing her to fall onto her back laying upside down on the stairs as he kneeled in front of her and again shoved himself into her mouth thrusting completely in and out of her mouth moaning as she gagged and her throat clenched massaging every inch of his dick as it went in and out of her mouth.

Tears ran from Julia's eyes down her forehead and into her hair, it was useless to fight she knew as her arms remained limp at her sides. Minutes passed as he relentlessly mouth fucked her before grunting and moaning out pulling out until only the head was in her mouth as several strings of cum shot right onto Julia's tongue forcing her to taste and soon swallow his cum as it filled her mouth.

She hated the taste of the demons cum but there was no way she could not taste it the way things were.

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After what seemed like an hour he pulled his dick out of Julia's mouth and she began spitting and coughing trying to get the taste from her mouth. Getting on her hands and knees Julia got up slowly afraid that the demon may smack her again but to her surprise she was on her feet without being struck.

Turning to see the demon a whimper escaped her lips as she saw that there were now two demons, they were both the same but now there was another. And what was worse for Julia was that she cold see they were both hard and staring at her lustfully. Julia's eyes were wide as tears leaked down her cheeks, she knew what was coming and by now she knew there was no escaping it.

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One of them reached for her grabbing her by the hair and pulled her towards him as she screamed out in pain. He stepped away forcing her to hit the wall chest first before one of them grabbed her hips pulling her back so that she was bent over and thrust into her virgin pussy quickly burying his dick to the root and pushing not only through her virginity but the head also forced it's way into her womb.

The pain it caused made Julia's eyes roll back as she screamed out but only a second of sound came out as the other forced his dick into her mouth gagging her, her screams vibrating his dick and drawing a loud moan from the demon.

Once she was done screaming the demon pulled out his dick and watched her. Julia was in hell, her pussy and womb were squeezing the demon's dick like a vice causing her sanative walls to feel every inch and vein of it's cock as it slowly pulled out of her until only his head remained in her.

Julia gasped and panted and sobbed, her pussy clenched trying in vain to keep him from thrusting back into her. She didn't know what to do, if she fought they'd beat her but if she didn't she was in for torture anyway.

The demon in front of her smacked her face with his dick and she felt as though she'd been slapped with a bat. "Suck it." He ordered her and Julia obeyed though as she did her tears flowed faster from her eyes. Slowly she reached up grabbing the base to keep it steady as she opened her mouth and slowly began dragging her tongue from where her hand was up to the tip drawing more and more moans from the demon as she went soon slipping the head into her mouth and sucking it tenderly as she swirled her tongue around it.

She sucked the demons dick for several minutes before she yelled feeling two fingers push into her still aching pussy and a tongue licking her asshole. Looking back she saw the demon on his knees his fingers pumping in and out of her bleeding cunt as his mouth was on her asshole licking it causing unwanted moans from Julia. A whack to the side of the head brought her back to what she was supposed to be doing as she began to bob her head up and down trying to take as much as she could but once it hit her throat she would start to gag.

Soon the demon grew annoyed and grabbed a handful of hair shoving his dick down her throat while at the same time she felt the demon's tongue shoot into her ass growing longer and longer inside her as he pushed his entire hand into her pussy. The suddenness of what the demon did made Julia scream in shock as she began to cum from the pain and pleasure of his tongue and hand.

As she screamed the demon's dick vibrated in her mouth and he let out a loud moan cumming a gigantic load into Julia though because of how deep he was she didn't have to taste it this time. As her second orgasm of the night faded her legs and arms failed and she dropped onto the cold stone floor. The two demons looked at the little human and smirked one reaching down and grabbing her by the neck lifting her up to face him, again her feet left the ground but this time the demon let go of her neck instead grabbing her hips and forcing her legs to wrap around his waist.

Julia assumed they were going to take turns fucking her but as the second demon pressed against her back the realization hit her and she screamed trying to wiggle out of their grasp but she felt the one demon's dick against her pussy rubbing her clit as she tried to wiggle away and moaned hating herself for it.

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Then her worst fear happened, the demon thrust into her pussy burying himself and forcing the head into her womb, the pain hit her and she almost blacked out. Unfortunately for Julia she didn't black out and what she felt next made her eyes go wide as the demon behind her pressed the head of his dick against her asshole and then shoved it into her completely. Julia screamed out the pain in her asshole felt like someone lit her on fire as his dick went in until she could feel her ass pressing against his body.

Blood was running out of her pussy and ass as drool and tears ran down her face, she was completely filled with the demon's dicks even her womb had dick inside of it and she knew this was only the beginning. Only a second had passed when both demons pulled out and thrust in to her in unison making Julia cry out in pain as she was raped from both ends. Their thrusts were relentless and after what felt like an hour of being pounded from both sides the pain had disappeared, her pussy was drooling with juices as her asshole clenched down on her rapists dick.

She was collapsed against the demon in front of her, her tongue hanging out as she drooled onto the demon who's dick she was cumming all over, at some point a nub had grown out over it's dick and was striking her clit everytime he thrust into her.

Julia was in heaven and hell at the same time, the walls of her pussy and ass had grown so sensitive she felt as though she was cumming with every stroke of them. But her mind was still screaming in fear and rage at being raped and loving it so damn much.

Suddenly both demons thrust into her as deeply as she was able to take them pressing against either side of her Julia felt like she was begin crushed when she felt their dicks throb and cum shoot out into her. The two demons cum was thick and it was completely filled her up within seconds, Julia whimpered as she felt their cum starting to pour out of her asshole and pussy moaning from the warm feeling on her thighs and ass.

Groaning out she felt both dicks sliding out of her and as they did Julia collapsed onto the ground in a small puddle of her and the demon's cum.


Her mind was swimming from the orgasms she'd been forced to have, her ass was throbbing and she twitched everytime it clenched closed. Looking up at the two demons one of them disappeared leaving her alone with the one she'd foolishly summoned she took in a large breath and closed her eyes realizing she'd become his toy instead of the other way around as it should have been.