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The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5: The Vault's Treasure Chapter Four: Halfling's Nubile Harem By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Xerathalasia Road to Yevix, Magery of Thosi I crested the hill and smiled at the thick, blue river widening across the broad, flat plain. It was far thicker than the Ichir River we had ridden past for the last five days since leaving the village of Lor-Khev. Where the Ichir flowed into the broader Royton, a large city, Yevix, marred the plain.

Ships sailed north on the Royton for Lake Esh and the grand city of Esh-Esh, or they went south towards Raratha upon the great Nimborgoth. I had trouble imagining the size of the Nimborgoth. Lake Esh was so big you could not see its far bank, and it was a puddle compared to the large sea.

It took days of sailing to cross it to the deserts of Halani. We would have to sail the Nimborgoth to find all the pieces of the High King's sword, taking me farther from my wife and daughter. She must have been born by now. I pictured a gorgeous infant in my wife's arms. How old would she be when I returned?

A year? My thoughts drifted again. I had to keep focused though it had been nine days since the Erinyes attacked us. I had failed the party that day. I should have spotted the ambush. My senses were the keenest. "I remember sailing from Yevix to Raratha as a girl," Sophia said.

She perched on Purity, her mare, her face beaded with sweat. "The breeze blowing across the river was so cool. I look forward to being cool again." Angela nodded her head.

Sweat matted the knight's fiery hair to her temples. "You've been to Raratha?" "Yes." Sophia fanned her face. "Mother, my sister, and I stayed a month in the Saltspray Palace as guests of the Doge. We had such lovely apartments. The sea breeze kept them cool." Sophia sighed. "Faoril, you command the elements, conjure a breeze and keep us cool." "And drain poor Thrak and Chaun dry?" Faoril laughed. "It would be fun, but we'll need my magic ready to be used if Incessae shows up." "Yes, yes." Sophia shook her head.

"Did you see the vault?" Angela asked. "I did. The Doge's very possessive of his treasures but he loves to show them off, for a price.

He wanted my maiden head. I declined and his response was.less thank diplomatic. But I guarantee that even if he shows you the vault, he won't hand over the piece of the sword." "So we must steal it," I said.

"I assume that is why the Oracle mentioned the silent thief." I gave Angela a look. "Does that violate your knight's oath?" "I'm not happy about it. But." Angela took a deep breath. "The sword will be more valuable to the world by killing Dominari. I would prefer he gave it to me." "He won't," Sophia said with certainty.

"He's greedy.


Besides, Angela, you're the High King's descendant. The sword belongs to you." "Why not to my mom? Or my cousins?" Angela sighed and wiped at her forehead.

"I understand what you mean. I just wished there was a better way. The more I think about it, the less I like it." "Yes, it is a tricky, moral problem," Faoril added. "The right of the individual versus the collective right of the public good." "But it will make a great story," Chaun said. He strummed the lyre. "Stealing from the greedy Doge to recover the artifact. A few hiccups in the heist, a dash of excitement, a pinch of intrigue and it will have the crowds loving you." "Xera, what do you think?" I smiled at Angela.

"You need it. He's not using it. I have trouble understanding why he wouldn't relinquish it." "Because it's valuable," Sophia said like it was the most obvious fact.

Thrak snorted. "Value is a relative term, Sophia. That piece of the sword is more valuable to us than him." "Why do you think that?" Sophia frowned. "Because he won't be willing to die to keep it." Thrak hefted his ax. "But we've faced death already. We have wagered our lives to claim the sword." "We are not storming the palace, Thrak." Angela's words were firm. "No, of course not." The orc gave an evil grin. "But we are motivated to get the sword piece.

It is valuable to us. And the Doge will not be able to stop us." "Only put a bounty on our heads if we're caught." Angela slumped in her saddle.

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"Maybe we can buy it?" "We just have to not get caught." "You make it sound easy, Thrak." "The thief," Sophia said.

"She'll do it and we'll.umm." "Create the diversion," Chaun finished. "The stakes will be high. At any moment our deception could be unmasked." "You sound too eager," groaned Angela. "We have our cover. A knight on her quest, her acolyte, a mage lending a hand, and the bard tagging along to record their deeds for posterity." "You seem to have left me and Thrak out," I noted.

"Hmm, you two will be harder to explain. Better to have you two work with the thief." Chaun plucked his lyre. "While you enjoy the comforts of the palace?" asked Thrak. "A sacrifice on our part," admitted Chaun. "But we shall be in the palace, helping to create the conditions to get the thief into the Great Vault." He plucked one last time on his lyre. "Well, I need to assume my disguise.

We are nearing the city." Chaun's skin rippled into pale Thosian flesh. His features did not change much, only growing rougher as he became a handsome human instead of his true form as a changeling. His pointed ears shrank and grew round while his silver hair became light brown. He had to change whenever we entered the city. Changelings had a poor reputation, seen as seducers of married women. And they were. A changeling could look at a married woman and transform himself into her husband or lover.

He would know how to mimic the man to seduce and impregnate her with a new changeling son. "There," he nodded, flashing a roguish smile. Even as a human, Chaun had an almost beautiful face. He was the first male that had ever attracted my lusts. "Let us find a ship so we can plot our escapade in more detail on the trip south." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak Aboard the Halfling's Harem, Royton River, The Magery of Thosi I lounged in the bow of the Halfling's Harem, the river boat we hired in Yevix yesterday to carry us south on the Royton to Raratha.

The ship had left the docks of Yevix with the rising sun this morning, the human crew using the ships sweeps to row the Harem out of the harbor and into the rivers main channel. Captain Natan, a slim, and short, halfling owned the boat. He ran the boat with his seven wives, who scampered about the ship in loose, sleeveless shirts and linen britches.


Seven women. A lot of work for one man to keep happy. And they seemed happy. The wives sang songs as they worked on the ship, their soprano voices ringing out. Chaun joined them, still maintaining his disguise as a Thosian human. While the ship sailed south on the current, I studied the farmland sliding past as we flowed towards the Kingdom of Valya.

The ship moved faster than a horse. And that was with the sails furled and oars stowed. The Harem could travel even faster down the broad river. The day warmed as the sun rose, painting the ripples of the river with bright highlights. A cool breeze flowed over the ship, laden with the river's cool spray. The boat rocked in the current, swaying back and forth. The motion did not agree with Angela's stomach.


The knight hung her head over the railing and lost her breakfast to the river. The ever-doting Sophia rushed to her mistress's side and offered a small breast for Angela to suckle from.

Faoril joined me at noon with lunch held in her hands. It consisted of thin bread wrapped around a mix of grilled meat and vegetables. "Hungry?" she asked, handing over one. "Taral calls it a pita." "Thanks," I said, taking the pita. I wasn't sure which halfling female was Taral.

Faoril perched on my right knee and took a small bite of hers, tearing through the thin bread, meat, and leafy vegetable. She smiled and, though her mouth was half-full, said, "It's good." My first bite took a quarter of the pita. The leafy vegetable crunched in my mouth, mixing with the roasted pork and bland bread. The meat was spiced with pepper and something I didn't recognize.

"Good," I agreed and took a second, larger bite. My third swallowed the rest. "Very good." Faoril giggled and took her second bite. We talked as she ate, discussing the philosophies of individual rights and where they intersected upon the common good of the community. Orc philosophy in the matter was simple: "It's mine unless you can take it from me." Humans had a more complex belief about it. We were in the midst of a spirited debate on the writings of Carlly Merks, and his theory of collectivism, when the captain of the Halfling's Harem approached us, one of his wives in tow.

The captain was a slim man, no taller than a boy. If Faoril was standing, the captain's bronze face would stare at her midriff and no one in our group was shorter than her. His wife had golden, metallic hair and a brighter sheen of bronze skin. For a halfling, her breasts appeared large and round, filling out her shirt. "Good afternoon, Captain Natan," Faoril nodded. "Captain," I rumbled. The captain performed a sweeping bow, his short, silver hair flashing in the sunlight. "Master Thrak," he said as he straightened, "I do not know the custom of your kind, so please understand what I suggest is not meant to offend." "Offend?" I asked, arching a pierced eyebrow.

The halfling wife gave me an arched smile and shifted her hips. Interest danced in her eyes. "Among my race, when a halfling finds another's wife attractive, he proposes a swap.

Your Faoril is a ravishing woman. Short and with a most delicate face that her short hair frames to perfection. I would love to give you the companionship of my wife, Noami, in exchange for your woman's affections." I shrugged.

"Faoril fucks whom she likes." "Of course, human women are always forward," smiled Natan. "But, I was unsure about how orcs viewed such matters." Faoril leaned back and whispered in my ear, "Imagine that little thing squealing on your cock.

She's so tiny." My dick throbbed as Faoril squirmed on my lap. "I take it my proposal meets with your woman's agreement?" Natan asked with a smile. "I know my Noami is quite eager to experience the brutal passion of your orc. She has a letch for big men." "That I do," purred Noami. "My good husband is always kind enough to provide." "I think your proposal does meet with our agreement, Captain," Faoril smiled and slipped off my lap. "Provided you let me exam your cock for my notes.

I have sampled more than a few halfling sailors and captains. I am always surprised by their size compared to their body mass." "Well, Slata wanted to ensure we could please all her daughters," laughed the Captain.

"And our wives are lusty women." "Not as lusty as our men," giggled Noami. "My Natan has fucked all seven of us twice in a single night." "Yes, halfling men do have an astoundingly short refractory period," Faoril agreed. "Shall we retire to your cabin, or would you prefer to fuck in the open?" "You are a lecherous woman." The captain grinned at her. "My cabin. The rest of my wives need to perform their duties. While the ship is moving, they can't all shirk their duties like wicked Noami." Noami giggled, making her breasts jiggle beneath her blouse.

Faoril pulled me up and slipped her arm in mine. She seemed so tiny compared to me. Noami moved up on my other side and took my hand with her tiny grip. She was smaller than the dwarf queen. My dick ached to slide into her small body and hear the halfling woman gasp and howl beneath me.

"You don't have to worry about hurting me," Noami said as we crossed the deck. "I have taken cocks as big as yours.

Halani men are hung, and they enjoy halfling cunt." She giggled. "And we enjoy big, black Halani dick." "Yes, yes, halfling women are such lusty creatures," laughed her husband. He held open the door that led to the cabins.

Though the ship was built by halflings and mostly crewed by them, they built their ships to accommodate the taller humans. I did have to duck. The captain's cabin occupied the ship's stern. Windows set high in the wall let in daylight onto a rather large bed.

I could see Natan and his seven women sleeping with comfort on the bed. Faoril broke from me and went to Natan. She led him to the bed and she knelt before him. Now their faces were at the same level. Natan didn't hesitate to kiss her hard.

He may look like a human boy, but he wasn't. Faoril unlaced his shirt, revealing a compact and muscular body. Natan kissed her with passion, claiming her lips with his while his hands opened her robes and found her pale breasts.

Noami led me to the other side of the bed. She peeled off her linen shirt, exposing her round, bronzed breasts topped by fat nipples. If she were the size of Faoril, her breasts would be large and pillowy. I cupped them both, my large hands engulfing her tits and squeezing her plump mounds. "Ooh, you have a rough touch, barbarian," moaned Noami. "I love calloused hands." My thumbs tweaked her nipples and she let out a gasp.

Her hands shot to my kilt. She fumbled with the belt, then the cloth dropped to the floor, my dick popping out and brushing her lips. Her tongue ran out and batted the piercing. "That looks painful," she giggled before snagging it with her teeth and jerking. "Right of malehood," I groaned as the pleasure shot down my cock.

She released the ring and licked at the slit, gathering a drop of precum. "The pain was necessary to prove I was a true orc, and now it brings me such pleasure." "Mmm, I bet it does." Her small hands pressed on my swarthy stomach, pushing me down onto the bed.

It creaked beneath my bulk. Her hands tried to wrap about my girth, but they were too small to close around my shaft.

She pumped her hands as her small lips licked and sucked at the tip of my cock. "Ooh, yes," Faoril purred. She lay back on the bed, the halfling captain sucking hard at her nipples. He squeezed her breasts. She had a nice, round pair but in his hands they seemed large.

His small fingers dug in as he sucked back and forth between her pink nipples. "Delicious tits," the captain praised. "Yes, they are," I growled. Faoril smiled at me. She reached out and brushed my hand with hers. Our fingers entwined, and then she gasped and squeezed her eyes shut. Natan sucked harder on her right breast. His teeth nipped her nipple and stretched out her breast. Then he released and watched her tit bounce and jiggle.

"You naughty halfling," groaned Faoril. "That hurt." "You loved it slut." Natan gave her tit a soft smack, making it jiggle more. "I did," she purred then gasped as he sucked hard on her left breast. My dick ached in Noami's grip. Her small hands stroked my dick faster and faster as her tongue swirled about the crown of my cock and batted my piercing.

She tugged on it, shooting stabs of pleasure. Then her tongue probed my slit, digging out the precum leaking out and sending new delight down my urethra. "Have you ever been with a halfling woman, orc?" Noami asked, her right hand sliding up to the top of my crown.

Her pinky finger circled the edge of my cock, shooting more pleasure down my shaft to my balls. "No," I groaned. "Been with a dwarf queen.

She was about as small as you." "Did she do this?" A wicked grin crossed the halfling's mouth as she brought her pinky finger up to my slit. She probed into it. Her small finger stretched out my urethra and slid down my cock. My eyes shot wide open and my balls ached. Her finger probed deeper and deeper. I let out a groan through my clenched teeth as she pumped her finger in and out of my urethra.

"The men of Halani insert long, metal rods into their urethras. They call them sounding rods. They produce such exquisite pleasure. Their women love to screw them in and drive their men wild with passion." "I can see that," I groaned, my hips shifting on the bed. Faoril gasped beside me. Natan had his face pressed between her thighs, devouring her pussy.

My hand tightened on Faoril's as Noami kept sounding my cock, probing her pinky finger as deep as it would go while her tongue licked and sucked at the edge of my crown.

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"Gewin's mighty cock," I groaned. "Slata's hairy cunt," moaned Faoril. "Oh, yes, slide your hole hand into me. Oh, wow, he's fisting me, Thrak." "She's shoved her pinky down my urethra." "Wild," gasped Faoril. "Like the sounding rods of Halani." My answer became a groan as the pleasure increased.

Her finger sent bliss shooting down my cock. My urethra burned with rapture. Her other hand kept stroking my shaft while her small tongue fluttered across the sensitive head of my cock, bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm.

My balls boiled at the new sensations. I groaned through grit teeth. I growled as the pleasure swept through me. Her finger pumped faster and faster, lubed by my precum leaking out around her finger.

I spasmed every time she shoved her finger into my cock's depths. "Are you about to cum, mighty warrior?" asked Noami, her eyes dancing with lust. "Are you?" "Gewin's cock, yes." "Good," she moaned and ripped her finger out of my urethra. Her lips sealed over the top of my crown. She sucked hard while her finger played with the opening. I groaned. My balls tightened. My cum burst out of my cock into her hungry mouth. The blasts of cum sent powerful pulses of pleasure through my body. She swallowed load after load of the cum.

It spurted out around her mouth as the pleasure bathed my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut and bellowed my pleasure. "Gewin's mighty cock!" My body heaved a final time as the last squirt of my cum flooded her mouth. Noami lifted her mouth, opening wide to show my cum bathing her tongue. She swept it around and then swallowed it. "Now, let's see how long it takes you to recover," she smiled and lowered her face, nuzzling beneath my balls.

Her small fingers pried my muscular asscheeks apart and then her small tongue licked at my asshole. "Gewin's cock," I groaned. "She's insatiable." "Halfling females are so lusty," Natan moaned, his face sticky with Faoril's juices.

"Don't you dare stop licking," Faoril hissed. "I'm so close. Keep fisting me. Make me explode!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Mage Faoril Natan's fist reamed deep into my pussy as his mouth latched onto my clit again. As Thrak moaned nearby, I shuddered on the halfling's hungry mouth. His teeth nipped and nibbled on my clit as his fist fucked in and out of my pussy like a cock with a hard tip. "Yes, yes, yes," I gasped as my pussy clenched down on his arm and fist.

I bucked against him as my orgasm burst through me. "Keep fisting me. Oh, you know how to please a woman." He looked up at me, his face sticky with my juices. "I have seven wives. It's a necessity." "Uh-huh," Noami answered, her voice muffled. "Gewin's cock," groaned Thrak.

"What are you doing to me?" "Massaging your prostate," giggled Noami. "Gewin's mighty cock," Thrak groaned again. My body bucked and heaved on the bed.

I squeezed Thrak's hand hard as my orgasm washed through my mind. I didn't care what Noami did to Thrak. I drank in the pleasure bursting through my body while the captain's small fist kept pumping my cunt, sending new ripples to crash into the last.

"Oh, yes," I panted. "Slata's hairy cunt, yes, that's wonderful." "I love human cunt," agreed Natan as he withdrew his arm.

My pussy juices stained almost all the way to his elbow. My eyes fluttered as I stared at him. "Get your cock out," I purred. "Let me examine it." "Gladly." I fished my notebook, quill, and measuring cord out of the pockets of my red robe.

Natan's sticky fingers unlaced his britches. He thrust down his pants and his cock popped out. It seemed huge on his small stature.

"That cock is bigger than an average human?" I asked. "And definitely above average for a halfling." "He's a gifted male," Noami moaned. My hands grasped his hard, bronze dick.

Like the rest of his skin, his cock had a metallic sheen about it. I stroked it as I measured his length and girth. He groaned as my fingers moved deftly, wrapping his dick with my cord. "You are above average for a human and a halfling," I grinned as I recorded my measurements. "About Chaun's size." "Excellent," the halfling grinned. My pussy clenched as my fingers stroked him.

My juices poured out. I glanced at Thrak. Noami stroked his hard cock as she straddled him. She had breathed life back into his dick. Thrak had a swift recovery.

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Orcs were superior to human males in many ways. But I wanted to sample Natan's cock now. "Fuck me," I moaned. "Let me feel this cock in me." "You love cock, huh?" Natan grinned. "All you mages are such sluts." "We are," I sighed as I stretched back on the bed. I kept a firm grip, pulling him to me.

"And this slut needs your halfling's dick in her. Fucking her." Natan mounted me, dick bobbing before him. His head didn't even reach my tits as he hugged my body and rubbed his thick cock against my pussy.

He stroked his silver hair. It shimmered like a precious metal in the sunlight streaming through the cabin windows. Natan thrust. "Oh, yes," I groaned. He was as thick as his fist. His dick slammed into my pussy. I could stare down his back as he hugged my stomach. His small, muscular ass clenched as he fucked me. My thighs wrapped about his hips, pulling him in as his dick hammered hard and fast in me. He fucked me with vigor.

Hard, fast, his hips almost a blur as they pumped his dick in and out of me. Halflings were always such energetic lovers. They could fuck a woman with faster strokes than any other male. His cock sawed in and out of my cunt. The fast, hot friction sent pleasure bursting through my body.

I humped and moaned. My head lolled, watching Noami's small form bounced on Thrak's cock, her breasts jiggling, her stomach bulging every time she slammed down Thrak's dick. It was hot seeing his shaft outlined in her flesh as he stretched the small halfling's cunt open. "Fuck my man," I moaned at Noami as I savored Natan's cock.

"Ride him. Make him cum in that small cunt." "I will," Noami promised, her head tossed back. "Vedr's fierce winds, yes. Thank you goddess of storms for sending me this cock." Her slim hips pumped against Thrak as fast as Natan pounded my cunt. My pussy clenched on his dick. His arms tightened about my stomach while his small balls smacked over and over into my flesh, a rapid, staccato beat.

"Faoril," groaned Natan. "Vedr's fierce winds, yes." His cum boiled into my pussy. Hot spurts filled me. My body drank it in and reserves of magic flooded through me. And he never stopped thrusting. Human and orc males would have to stop once they came, but not a halfling. I groaned as his dick slipped through my sloppy depths. He gasped and moaned, kissing and sucking on my flesh below my jiggling breasts.

He had cum once, and that wasn't enough for the halfling. "Keep fucking me," I moaned. "Pater's cock, yes. Keep fucking me. Keep giving me cum. Oh, gods, yes." Thrak groaned and growled as Noami rode his dick hard. The bed creaked as we savored our lovers. My hand found his again. I twisted my head.

Our faces were close. Our lips met in a kiss as pleasure shuddered through our bodies. Our halfling lovers fucked us hard. My pussy clenched and relaxed on Natan's thrusting dick. He groaned again and bucked on me. A second flood of cum spurted into my depths. The mixed juices leaked out around his thrusting cock, rolling down to my ass.

"Vedr's storm, you're so hot and tight," Natan groaned. "Yes, yes. I love your cunt, Faoril." "And your cock is magnificent," I gasped. "Keep cumming in me. Oh, yes." My face twisted as my orgasm burst in my depths. My pussy milked and massaged his dick. He spurted a third time in me as the pleasure hammered through my body. He rose and threw my legs over his shoulders, his dick thrusting deeper into my orgasming cunt.

I squirmed on the bed as the pleasure washed through my mind. "Gewin's mighty cock," grunted Thrak. His hands wrapped entirely about Noami's waist. He slammed her up and down his cock. The halfling moaned and gasped, her face twisted in orgasmic pleasure. Her tiny pussy must be spasming so hard about Thrak's dick, massaging him, eager for his cum. "It's hot," Natan moaned, "watching her writhe on his massive dick." "Yes," I gasped another orgasm shuddering through me.

My pussy burned. "Watch me, husband," groaned Noami. "I'm cumming again. His dick is so thick.

He's invading my cunt. Oh, yes." "Cum in her, Thrak," I moaned as the bliss burned through my mind. Natan sucked and nibbled at my thigh as he thrust his dick into me and came again. I had lost track of how many times he fucked me.

My pussy sloshed with his jizz. It filled me up. I groaned and clamped my pussy down on his cock, massaging it, eager for more of his cum to flood my cunt. "Keep fucking me," I begged as a third orgasm brewed. "Vedr's mighty winds, he's cumming in me," screamed Noami. The halfling thrashed on my lover's cock.

Thrak grunted and thrust up into her body as his seed spilled into her. She bounced on his dick then collapsed across his torso, her body so tiny on his. He stroked her with swarthy hands as his hips bucked a final time. "Pater's cock," I moaned. The sight was so sexy. My pussy spasmed again. My pleasure burst through me. The rapture slammed into my mind. Stars danced before my eyes as my halfling lover squirted another load into my pussy. He grunted and then fell across my stomach, his hair tickling the bottoms of my tits as I squirmed and writhed beneath him, my pussy milking out every drop of his cum.

"Pater's cock," I panted, gasping for breath in the stuffy cabin. "Uh-huh," groaned Thrak, his hand tightening on mine. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun As I strummed my lyre, my dick ached. Changelings loved married women. They were candles burning in the night and we were the helpless moths that had to get close.

We could only reproduce by taking on the appearance of a woman's husband and fucking her. And there were seven married women on the Halfling's Harem. My eyes followed them all as they scampered about the ship. Each was a flower that I had to pluck. Golden-haired Noami and Amma, silver-haired Lili and Taral and Beri, metallic-red-haired Marian and Sevi. I had to enjoy them all before we reached Raratha.

The captain had taken Noami, Thrak, and Faoril into his cabin. Xera lounged at the top of the ship's mast, her green hair flowing behind her while Angela and Sophia had retired to their cabin, no doubt engaged in passionate, sapphic love.

Nubile Lili headed down into the hold, a song on her lips, her bronze skin flashing in the sun. My dick ached. Married and ripe and beckoning. I slipped off the railing and strolled to the cabin I shared with Xera. I stowed my lyre in its case and opened my trunk. A twinborn witched had enhanced it to contain far more space than it normally could hold.

Inside it contained a vast wardrobe. I had clothes to fit almost any sized man of a variety of races. I had clothes of a Zeutchian Prince and a Hazian mandragora farmer. I could be a Halanian pirate, a Thosian Mage, or a halfling sailor. I stripped naked as my body changed and rippled. The cabin grew larger and bigger as my height shrunk. My body slimmed, but my cock remained the same, thrusting girth. A bronze sheen entered my skin and my hair became a brilliant silver. The captains playful, commanding demeanors slipped over me as I stroked my hard dick.

I dressed swiftly in linen britches and a sleeveless shirt, not unlike the captain's outfit. It should suffice. I rubbed at my dick and slipped out of my cabin. From the captain's cabin came the gasps and moans of sex.


Thrak and Faoril would keep the captain occupied long enough for me to cuckold him with sweet Lili. It was the sweetest pleasure to slip into a man's wife without her ever knowing she cheated on him. Only years later, when the son born from our union hit puberty and discovered what he truly was would anyone realize it had happened.

And I would be long gone by then. I stepped out onto the deck, nodding to Amma. She frowned but didn't say anything as she carried a coil of rope across the decking. I slipped down into the hold. It was dark and cool. Beads of moisture dripped down the planks of the hull.

Every ship leaked a little no matter how well caulked. The ship had bellows to pump the bilges for that reason. Lili worked the bellows, grunting as she lifted them up and down, her slim ass shaking. I was her height now. Before, the halflings had looked almost childish, now she seemed a full-grown woman, perfectly proportioned and lovely. I padded to her on bare feet, my dick tenting the front of my trousers. She jumped when I pressed behind her and rubbed my hard cock into her ass.

My arms slipped around her body as my lips nuzzled at her neck. "Husband," Lili gasped. "Vedr's stormy winds, you almost made my bones leap from my body." "I couldn't resist." I licked up to her ear and nibbled on it. "I thought you were fucking the mage," she panted.

"Did you tire of her human cunt." "I did," I groaned, grinding on her. "I needed a taste of halfling cunt now." "You wicked husband." She shuddered. "I have my duties to perform." Her ass wiggled back into my cock. "I'm the captain and your husband. I think I can decide which duties have the highest priority." I slipped a hand down her body to the lacing of her trousers. I tugged and they came undone. I thrust my hand inside and found her married cunt dripping.

My dick throbbed. I couldn't wait to slip into her and cuckold the captain. "Oh, yes," she panted. "It is a pleasanter duty than pumping the billows." She rubbed her ass again as her trousers slipped off her hips.

"You are my captain and husband. And I love being an obedient wife and crewmember." "Good." I spun her around and pressed her against a crate. She sank her naked ass on it, kicking her slim legs to throw off her britches. They fell in a puddle on the floor. Her thighs spread wide, revealing a down of sparkling, silvery hair covering a tight pussy. I kissed her, savoring her lips and passion.

I stole her passion from Natan. My dick ached as my hands slid up her shirt and threw it to the floor. Her breasts were small cones topped by coppery nipples. I leaned over and sucked on one, nipping it with my teeth. Instinctively, I stretched her nipple out just like her husband would.

"Oh, yes, Natan," she moaned. My deception shuddered through me. I rubbed at her wet cunt with my hand, slipping a pair of fingers into her hot hole as I suckled at her nipple. She undulated and writhed, clenching her hot flesh on my fingers as I kept stretching her nipple. Her hot cunt clenched every time. "Vedr's stormy wind," I groaned when her hand grasped my cock and stroked the tip. "You're lusty today, wife." "Who came down here and rubbed his cock on my ass?" giggled Lili.

"Did watching Noami enjoy her letch for big cock make you hard?" "So hard," I groaned. "Can't you tell?" "Yes. My Natan's big and hard for me. But am I wet enough? Do my seas contain enough juices to float your big cock." "Only one way to find out." I fell to my knees and buried my face into her silvery curls. She gasped and bucked. Her thighs tightened about my cheeks. Her small breasts jiggled as she humped against my hungry mouth. I licked and sucked every drop of her juices, savoring them, enjoying them.

My tongue probed into her depths while my fingers pinched and rolled her pink clit. Her tart pussy juices poured into my mouth. They tasted like a human's, only not as intense.

Her flavor was muted, subdued, but still delicious. She bucked as I pinched her clit and fucked my tongue in and out of her pussy. "Yes, yes, yes," she groaned.

"Oh, that's so good. Mmm, yes. Oh, keep licking me. Oh, you are going to make me explode, Natan. Vedr's stormy winds, yes." "Good," I groaned.

"Flood me with your juices. I want you wet enough to float my cock." "Yes." Her thighs clenched about my face, holding me tight as she humped against me. Her moans became higher-pitched, almost squeaking like a mouse as her pleasure built. Her fingers dug into my short hair, gripping the silver curls. Her other hand pinched and pulled her small, coppery nipples. "Natan," she gasped. "Drink my flood. See how wet I am? Yes, yes. So wet." "Uh-huh," I panted as her cunt tried to drown me.

What a wonderful way to go. I drank them all down as her orgasm shuddered through her. My dick ached, eager to cuckold her husband and hopefully breed a changeling into her belly. I waited for her to buck one more time before I rose and slammed my dick into her depths. "Lili," I gasped. "Vedr's stormy winds, you're so wet." My hips hammered away. I had never been a halfling before. I had the clothes just to be ready.

My hips moved so fast. I didn't know I could fuck so fast. My balls smacked against her over and over, almost making a continuous, slapping drumroll. Her juicy cunt gripped me, spasming about me as she bucked and shuddered. My balls tightened. I hadn't been in her long and already my orgasm tensed my balls. I didn't cum this quickly. But I struggled to keep from erupting, but it was such a powerful urge. I had a desperate ache to cum into her married cunt.

I couldn't fight it. My balls boiled over. I came. Jizz pumped out of my cock into her pussy. My hips kept humping as I erupted blast after blast.

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I shuddered atop her, the pleasure washing through my mind. I cried out her name as she bucked beneath me, my fertile seed flooding her married pussy. I had cuckolded the captain. And my hips kept fucking. My dick didn't softened. I groaned, the tip of my cock grown sensitive after my first orgasm.

The pleasure grew even more exquisite. I gasped and moaned, eager for another cum. I could have another one. I was a halfling right now. "Vedr's stormy winds," I gasped. "You're so wet now." "You flooded me with so much jizz, husband." Her hands clawed at my back. "But I need more." "Yes, yes, Yes." My hands slipped down her back, reaching for her ass. I couldn't grab it. The crate blocked me. So I held her lower back as I slammed my dick and erupted as second time.

The pleasure burst through me. My hips never stopped fucking as the pleasure knifed through my brain. My eyes squeezed shut as I let the bliss consume me. My dick kept fucking through her juicy, hot depths, keeping the pleasure alive. My balls emptied, my dick ached. Her pussy spasmed about me. She bucked and thrust against me, screaming her moans.

They echoed through the hold. Her fingernails clawed at my shirt as her cunt ached for another load of my cum. I wanted to give it to her. But not in her cunt. I had flooded her. I hoped I bred her, but now I wanted a different hole. She had such a delicious asshole. I ripped out of her cunt. "Husband," she panted. I grabbed her and flipped her over. Her bronze, curvy ass jiggled. "Oh, yes, fuck my ass." I slammed my dick into her hot, tight bowels, my dick lubed by her dripping cunt and my past loads of jizz.

The velvety grip of her asshole sent pleasure shooting right to my balls. I came again. My hips hammered her ass as my jizz flooded her bowels. She grew wet and hot. My cum bubbled out around my dick as I fucked her harder and harder. "Keep cumming in me," screamed Lili.

"ram that dick in me, Natan. Vedr's storms, yes. I'm cumming again." She shook and clenched down on my dick. I was lost to the pleasure. My hips moved on their own. The hot friction made my cock cum over and over. My halfling balls kept a continuous flood of cum pumping into her hot depths. My mind drowned in pleasure. I savored every moment. I had six other wives to enjoy before we reached Raratha. Six more times to experience the rush of cumming over and over.

No rest. No recharge. Just one orgasm crashing on the other until the pair of us collapsed in sweaty exhaustion, my cum leaking out of asshole and cunt. "Vedr's storming winds," I groaned as the final blast of my cum flooded her asshole. I shuddered then collapsed on her back.

"I needed that sweet wife." "Uh-huh," she panted. I pulled my cock out of her, admiring my white jizz flooding out of her cunt and asshole. I smacked her ass. I hoped I bred her. I hoped I bred all seven of Natan's wives.

As I pulled up my britches, I wondered which one I should fuck next. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia The Free-City of Raratha I perched on Angela's lap as she sat on a crate in the bow of the Halfling's Harem.

The grand city of Raratha drew closer and closer. The river bisected the huge city. Surrounding it were large orchards of olive trees worked by bluish-skinned Valyan peasants. They gathered the green fruits to make cooking and lamp oil. The endless groves of trees held Raratha's fortune. The Saltspray Palace on a bluff on the western side of the city, overlooking the grand harbor and the city.

It's foamy white walls shone in the midday sun as we drew closer and closer. The olive groves gave way to outskirts of the cities, great estates of the wealthy merchants that divided up the olive groves.

"We are really going to steal the piece of the sword," Angela sighed, resigned to the plan. "And we'll do it without getting caught," I giggled. We had our story worked out. Well, Chaun had worked it out. Thrak and Xera would find an inn to stay out. They would work with the thief who, we hoped, we would find quickly.

If need be, I could cast my divination spell and find her—I hoped the thief was a her—the same way I had located Faoril. The rest of us would head up to the palace and present ourselves to the Doge. Angela would say her quest is to go to the Isle of the Birds to deal with a nuisance population of imps marauding out of Mount Peritito.

While we wait for a ship, we would avail ourselves of the Doge's hospitality. Then, we would figure out how to get the thief into the palace, break into the vault, steal the piece of the sword, and slip out of the city hopefully without the Doge even knowing he was robbed. We would sail to Baraconia on the Isle of Birds where the next piece of the sword was found, kept in a shrine by the avians on Mount Peritito. Chaun's story mixed truth and lies nicely.

"Do you think we'll be successful?" Angela asked. "Why wouldn't we be?" I twisted around. "What can't we do?" "True." Angela glanced up at the sky. There had been no sign of Incessae during the six days we sailed down the Royton. We didn't see her lurking in the farmland or when we sailed through the large Ten-it Forest. Though we did see elves watching us in the tree. Xera had been excited, and she sang songs with the elves while they scampered through the trees keeping pace with our boat.

It took us four days to sail through the forest, and we were serenaded by elves the entire way. When we stopped for the night, the elves boarded us and embraced Xera as a long lost sister. "Incessae won't mess with us," I told Angela. "We defeated her twice. And last time she had help. So relax." The manor houses gave way to the more crowded tenements of the city. Bustling marketplaces slid by as the mostly human citizens of Raratha went about their business.

Smaller boats plied up and down the river using long poles to push the crafts along. Arching bridges had spans high enough to allow the Harem's masts, and other ships, to sail beneath. "I bet Purity is eager to be out of the hold and walk," I said, stretching as I slipped off Angela's lap. The docks approached. "Is my hair fine?" "You look lovely," Angela smiled. "Eager to make a good impression." I nodded and gave her hair a critical look.

I pulled a comb out of my pocket and ran it through her fiery hair. Angela frowned at me but didn't say a word as I combed out a few snarls and tamed her mane.

I took a step back. The sun shone on her burnished armor. The summer sun had tanned her exposed skin, making her seem strong and feminine all at the same time. "Perfect," I nodded. "You are the epitome of a female knight-errant." "That's good, because I am one," smiled Angela. The halfling crew scamped across the deck. I had licked all their pussies on the voyage while Angela enjoyed the captain's cock. She and Faoril both giggled about his stamina.

What was so amazing about cumming over and over? I did it all the time. The boat turned towards an empty pier. I glanced up at the Saltspray Palace and trembled. We had ventured through the giganraneae-infested trees to find the Lesbius Oracle, crossed the savage orc lands, and descended into the haunted mines on this quest. But up there, we wouldn't face obstacles that could be overcome by might of arms and skill at magic.

I hoped the silent thief was up for the task. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx "There they are," Adel—my redheaded, elvish partner—said, pointing at the halfling-crewed ship docking. A knight and an acolyte stood at the bow, one shining in silver, the other pristine in white. "Why are they so important?" I asked as I stood on the crates to see over the taller human longshoremen working the docks. "Because of her quest," Adel answered. "She's reforging the High King's sword.

That's what she needs out of the Great Vault. You can take whatever you like, just engender yourself into the group. Become their trusted companion." "So I can steal the sword once it's forged?" A grin spread across my mouth. "Yes. The keenest and strongest blade ever forged by the god Krab. Made of adamantium. Nothing is rarer or more precious in the world." A greedy lust shuddered through me.

"And what do you get out of this? I'll be doing all the hard work." Adel smiled. "And you shall get the lion-share of the reward. All I ask is a referral fee. 10%." "Fair," I nodded. Angela and her companions led their horses down the gangplank. "Well, I better introduce myself." I paused.

"And this will work?" Adel nodded, a smile on her lips. "I have studied them all. I know them. This will work. You shall see.

They are looking for a thief. For you." "Then I better make my introduction." My fingers twitched as I scampered off the wooden cask and darted into the crowd. Excitement shuddered through me. I would steal from the Great Vault and leave Raratha behind in the impeachable company of a Knight Deute. I pictured the High King's sword in my mind. The sword that had united the human kingdoms into one empire. I would be the richest halfling in Baraconia once I fenced that sword. I would get a king's ransom in gold for it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Incessae I stood in the bustling crowds, a heavy cloak over my body and wings. They were wrapped tight about my figure, the feathers tickling my pierced nipples every time I breathed. Angela had arrived. Anger surged through me. My fingers itched to summon my spear and ram it through her chest. But I would fail. It galled me to admit, but Angela had assembled a fearsome group.

If I had both Ultionae and Injuriae with me, I could kill her in the open. But I didn't. Both my sisters had made Angela cum. Their anger and desire to deliver Mother's retribution had vanished. I was on my own. But I had one advantage. I knew why Angela had come to Raratha. I turned around, looking away before Xera's keen eyes spotted me, and cast my gaze up at the Saltspray Palace. My opportunity would come in there. I just had to be ready to seize it.

As a smile crossed my lips, a street urchin brushed past me. I ignored the child and fought the urge to flap my wings. I had plans to make. To be continued.