Brünette Blüte behaarte Muschi

Brünette Blüte behaarte Muschi
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Chapter 6 I woke a few hours later still laying on top of the sheets with a thick hardon wondering if the girls had came in my room to see my cock or not. With the urge to pee I used the bathroom and laid back on the bed.

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As I laid trying to go back to sleep I saw the hall light come on. I heard whispers from the hall, it was the girls sneaking in.


Knowing they were on their way my dick started to swell again so I rolled onto my back so they could get a good view. With my eyes closed I could hear them getting closer, I heard Amber tell her it was hard.

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The two girls were standing by my bed staring as my dick shook from the instant turn on. I listened to them talk about how big it was, how they couldn't wait till their birthday and how much it would hurt going in them. My dick wasn't the only thing swelling, it really made me proud to know two hot teenage girls were looking at my dick and liked what they saw.

I thought I would give them a show so I rolled on my side and spread my legs. "Look how big his balls are." I heard Emily say.

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They watched for a while. They were leaving the room when I heard Amber "See I told you, he sits in here and jacks off looking at teen porn and cums on his underwear, see there lays his underwear." Once I saw the hall light go off I had to do something about the major hardon I had so I jerked off right then cumming on my stomach and laid there to go to sleep.

Waking up as the sun came through the window I heard the girls getting ready for school so I grabbed a pair of shorts, pulled them on and headed to see them before they left. They were already dressed, Emily was sitting on the bed wearing a pair of Ambers shorts and the shirt the coach had given them. Amber was at the computer, I could tell she was in her email but she closed it quickly when I entered her room and spun around in the chair.

She was wearing a white skirt, long enough for school so it hid everything nicely with a pink button up shirt.


As I stood and talked to them I noticed both of them looking at my crotch every chance they got, I noticed Amber wiggling around in the chair as she said "I hate this skirt, its so long it feels like a dress!" as she squirmed around it slid up enough to see that she wasn't wearing any panties. "I'm going to change, I cant wear this thing." She stood up and went to her dresser and started going through her shorts till she found a pair she liked and went to the bathroom to change.

I told them bye as I headed to the shower. After my shower I went to work as normal, trying not to think about what I had started with my daughter. Curiosity was getting to me, I found myself checking my email often hoping for a new picture. It was after lunch when I couldn't stand it anymore so I checked opened my email to look at some of the pictures I already had, but I had a new one from her.

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I could feel my dick start to swell as I opened the email, sure enough she had sent three new pictures. They were all of her, clearly taken by someone. They were of her in a bathroom stall. The first one she was sitting on the toilet with her shorts around her ankles, the next she was slid to the end of the seat with her legs spread wide showing her beautiful pussy and the last she was bent over spreading her cheeks with her shorts still around her ankles.

My dick was throbbing, my little girl was turning me on more than any woman has in years. I stared at he pictures until work got busy again, not able to check my email the rest of the day. I had just got home and sat down to the computer hoping to find some new pictures in my email when my phone rang, it was Amber telling me I didn't need to pick her up one of the other girl's mom was bringing her home. I opened my email, disappointed to find she had not sent anymore pictures.

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I went to the kitchen to start getting dinner ready. I was almost done when Amber got home, going strait to her room to drop her bags and coming back to the kitchen still wearing her gym shorts and tanktop.

She immediately came over to me and gave me a hug and asked what she could do to help, I told her I had it she could go clean up and get ready for dinner.

I watched her bubble butt in her gym shorts as she made her way to her room causing light swelling in my shorts thinking about the pictures. I finished the meal and called her in to eat.

As she came in I noticed she had removed her bra letting her thin shirt lay against her firm B cup breasts, her nipples pushing at the thin cotton. We ate and talked as normal, trying to hold back the thoughts of her naked and catching myself staring at her breasts every chance I got.

Dinner was almost over when she caught me looking at her breasts and smiled at me. When we finished eating she got up ant took our plates, noticeably shaking her thick butt and pushing it out for me to see. Watching her walk around the kitchen bare footed in her short shorts and shirt kept the swelling going.

As she bent over to put the dishes in the washer I had a clear view of her butt, her shorts rolled over at the top I could see the top of her butt crack so I knew she wasn't wearing panties either. It was clear to me that she was taking the advice of the stranger telling her to tease her daddy but how far would she take it?

I shoved my stiff dick over to one side and joined her in cleaning up. As we finished she made her way back to her room, I sat back at the computer to find she had sent me two emails. "Hey honey, sorry I don't have any pics.

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I just wanted to tell you I have been thinking about what you said about your daughter teasing you and how much you enjoy it. I think I will try it some more, would you tell me the things she does that you enjoy?

Thankx be back later." "I think you are right I showed up for dinner wearing my cheering shorts without panties and my sweaty tank top without a bra, he couldn't keep his eyes off me. He had a BIG hardon when he stood up. This is fun I wonder if would like to see more?" I had to e-mail her back, I wanted to see how much she would listen to this strange man telling her to tease her daddy. "So you want to tease your daddy, I know he will enjoy it as much as I do. So how are you going to tease him next, I'm sure he will be looking now.

Is it turning you on to tease him?" "Yes it turns me on to know I can make him hard. I am getting in the shower I think I may forget my towel on accident or leave the door open when I go in there.

Do you think he would like that? Got to go!" "Let me know how it goes". I had just closed my emails when she came through my room to the bathroom, noticing she wasn't carrying any clothes or towel but I didn't say anything. I watched as she went in the bathroom not shutting the door. Knowing she left it open hoping to tease me it was all I could do not to get up and try to sneak a peak at her sexy body but I didn't. I heard the shower running so I knew she was in the shower so I got up and made my way to the bathroom, to my surprise she was still standing naked in front of the mirror so I stopped hoping she hadn't seen me yet.

I stood and watched as she played with her hair and made poses in the mirror until she turned and stepped in the shower. By now I was about to blow my load in my pants, her teasing was definitely working. I sat anxious as she showered knowing she didn't have a towel or any clothes with her, wondering if she would come out naked and get one or put her clothes back on. My mind raced with all kinds of scenarios as I pictured her naked body in the shower.

As my mind raced with high hopes of her showing me her naked self I heard the shower water cut off, the shower curtain slid open.

"Daddy, you out there?" she asked. "Yeah, what's wrong?" I replied. "I forgot a towel, will you bring me one?" I told her I would and went to the laundry room and got a towel, positioned my throbbing hardon the best I could and went to the bathroom. I entered the bathroom to find my best wishes had been granted, she was standing in front of the shower water dripping from her tight body.

I found myself staring at her freshly shaved mound as I reached the towel out for her to take, she took it from my hand and I turned to leave when I heard her say thank you with a soft giggle.

I made my way to the couch a sat down, waiting to see if she would come out naked or put her clothes back on. I saw the light turn off seconds before she came through the door completely naked holding her dirty clothes over her breasts and stopped in front of me "Sorry, I forgot my clothes too. I didn't want to bother you again." said Amber. "That's ok, there is no reason for you to be ashamed you are a big girl now and don't have to hide anything from me." I answered.

Her arms fell exposing her firm breasts "I guess you're right, it not like you haven't seen me naked before." she said as she walked to her room with my eyes stuck to her thick butt. By now my heart was racing, my little girl just stood completely naked and was comfortable doing it and it was all because a man she don't know told her too.

I knew she would want to tell him what she had done so I went to check my emails, she had already sent him a message.

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"OMG! I can't believe what I just did I let my daddy see me naked twice. I can't believe he didn't fuss at me he seemed to like it. I could see his dick hard in his pants. What can I do next?" "Wow, you are a naughty little girl! I bet he loved seeing your sexy body, I sure love seeing it. As far as what you do next, that is up to you. My daughter seemed real comfortable showing herself to me so it wasn't long before she would walk around naked every time my wife wasn't home.

I will never forget the first time I caught her playing with herself, I think she done it on purpose cause I knew she did it but she left her door open and I could hear her moaning. I watched her a few times before she ever let me know she saw me. Just have fun and don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable." "I want to be naughtier!!!!!!

I like being naked and I liked him seeing me naked. My mom doesn't live with us so I could be naked almost all the time, I wonder if I could get him naked in front of me.

I would love to see him walking around naked. Im gonna take you some pics maybe he will catch me. LOL" I couldn't believe she wanted to see me naked, It seemed that she was going to quit wearing clothes around the house.

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I don't know if I can handle that, I would be walking around with a boner all the time. I knew she was in her room taking me some pictures so I walked toward her room to find she had left her door cracked, she really wanted me to catch her.

I stood and stared at her door but couldn't bring myself to opening her door so I went back to my computer and waited for her pictures. By now I had my pants around my ankles stroking the boner she had given me, looking through her pictures when her email came. "I left my door open but he didn't catch me, maybe next time!" She had sent a few pictures too, the first was her standing in front of her open door naked with her the handle of her hairbrush deep in her pussy.

The rest varied from close-ups of her fingers in her wet pussy to the last one of her sucking the handle of the brush. With the last picture still on my screen I leaned back in my chair and released my well deserved load across my stomach and milked the rest out. With a cum covered hand I reached and closed the screen and stood up to get cleaned up, pulled my cum covered shirt over my head. When the shirt crossed my eyes I saw Amber standing in the doorway.

There she stood still naked staring at me, my cum covered dick still standing at full attention with my pants around my ankles.