Busty chubby milfs first interracial fetish lesson

Busty chubby milfs first interracial fetish lesson
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The Doctor visit There was a health campaign in our part of town for free checkups, wanting men and women to have prostate and mammogram checks. They were offering exams free so more people would go. They had a traveling mammogram machine in this big medical truck, provided by a hospital, and a few of those construction type trailers with small rooms for doctors doing prostate exams for men.

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The idea was you and your wife could get the medical attention free. All you had to do was show up. It was wonderful preventative medicine.

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My wife Mary and I had planned to go together but I got called into work to check an order that I had botched up and said I would go later. My boss was always a jerk taking advantage of me and it kind of rattled me when he did.

But there wasn't much I could do about it. I need the job and am reluctant to argue with him. Mary went on ahead.

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After her consultation, she called me to make sure I would go and not just come home. I promised her I would. When I got there I filled out the forms at a small table staffed by a pretty nurse.

I saw an older doctor at one of the trailer doors watching us. He looked fatherly and I hoped he would be the one to examine me. I was sent into one of the trailer rooms to wait my turn, which came very quickly. And the same doctor took me into a room, shut the door and read the forms over. His voice was very reassuring as he told me to remove my pants and underwear.

He said, "You looked hesitant out there, I was watching you." "Well a little, I guess. Never had this before." "Are you aware of what the procedure entails?" "Not at all, really." "Ok, then, take your shirt off too," the doctor said with a warm smile, "It won't hurt.

It'll take a bit of time though if you've never done one before. Even for a free exam we'll be very thorough." He then took my blood pressure, checked my heart and lungs, and wrote it all down. I was now glad I was here. He looked over my whole body, my skin, stooped in front of me and took a long time looking for spots or whatever, including my balls and penis.

A little too long touching my penis as I felt a pulse in there and was glad he stopped when he did. I think my face got a little red. He told me he hadn't seen anything to worry about sop far. Then he had me stand at the cushioned table and I heard him putting on rubber gloves, all the while telling me that he would make sure I was very healthy. He slowly rubbed some lotion onto my rear then inserted a slippery finger into me, moving it around quite a bit before taking it out. He assured me that everything seemed pretty normal but he needed to do the complete check-over.

The reputation of the doctors was that even if free, the exams must be complete. "Now," he said, "The complete exam requires a bit of massaging the prostate, to look for reactions to stimulus. Everyone responds differently, but nothing will hurt, it may be uncomfortable for a moment but the movement will change that quickly. Stay there and be relaxed. Spread your legs more. I'll be checking the health of your scrotum and testicles as well." He showed me a rubber bullet shaped thing that he said he would use in several sizes.

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And would use condoms over them for health safety. It looked like a kind of dildo thing to me. But he said he needed to agitate in the area of my prostate to get reliable reactions. The doctor had me lie closer on the table, put a pillow under my chest, head over the other side.

I couldn't tell what he was doing as I heard rubber stretching and drawers opening.

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Then he was behind me again, a finger inserted a second time. This time it seemed to slide in easily. "Are you okay so fa?" "Yes, but I do feel kinda dumb like this though, Doctor." "Try not to be embarrassed. I'll be moving the probe in and out for awhile, then checking your prostate again.

I might have to do it several times. Okay with that." "Gee, I didn't think it took all this." "Your health is important. Men don't do this often enough. Prevention is even very important. Relax, it might become even pleasurable. And that's a normal reaction" Then the doctor slowly slid in the probe, pressuring a bit at a time to get it inside me, then holding it in there for a long moment before moving it slowly in and out of my ass. It wasn't that bad as he was being very gentle.

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I was wondering what the poor women go through with a mammogram, as they always said it hurt a lot. He pulled it out and I heard him again doing something behind me. I was starting to get worried now because it HAD been quite pleasurable and my cock had started to swell a bit.

But I thought he couldn't see that though from back there.

Then I felt his finger go in again, while his hand went around to my heart with the stethoscope as he listened while moving his hand.

"Okay so far. Next thing." he said in that reassuring voice. Now I felt a larger rubbery probe going in. It was kind of hard and yet soft on the outer side. He moved it in and out for a few minutes, then left it in there and moved around beside me saying, "This one will take a bit longer, I'll stroke you in there, taking it in and out several times, so just relax totally.


Close your eyes if you like. Open your legs wider if you can, thanks." He moved back behind me and pushed the larger probe into my rear, holding a warm hand on my hip and pulling me into it. It WAS getting to feel better and I had no pain at all. Just a kind of plugged feeling. I was glad I couldn't see a thing or else I would really have been embarrassed. Then he slowly pulled it out. I waited a minute while I heard him doing something else then he pressed it back into me, very slowly.

He must have been warming it because it now felt a lot warmer. He held it in again and I felt it there. He said, "That pulsing you feel is normal, it's your muscles not the probe. I will lubricate again through the probe. So relax." "Okay." I said meekly. Now I was really afraid he might see my erection. And he did. "An erection is normal and it shows good healthy reaction to the prostate stimulation process.

We'll do a little longer then it'll be over." He withdrew the probe again, then in again.

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I think he was now using two different probes and said so. "Yes, alternating probes helps to judge reaction." My erection was really hard and pulsing now. And he was very close behind me, telling me he needed to feel my neck pulse as he probed, his hand went to my shoulder and he stepped close behind, between my outspread legs.

I could now feel his own warmth as he inserted the warm probe again. It was softer than the other one yet still hard within it seemed. He stroked again, now with a steady rhythm. I just relaxed on the table cushion and let him fuck me with those probes. I came while my cock was hanging beneath the table! There was nothing I could do about it. He was holding me tight at the shoulder and now not saying anything while he pressed it into me.

Then he sort of gasped and stopped. I could feel something happening inside. Slowly withdrawing the probe again he said, "That was the lubrication. It'll prevent any tenderness. We'll get results to these samples.

But everything seems just fine." I heard him cleaning up and he said I could now turn and dress again. The Doctor saw how flushed I was and said my orgasm was a normal thing and not to worry about it. He filled out a chart on me and gave me his card to his clinic office, saying he couldn't see me during regular office hours but needed to do follow up with more examinations and tests which would be free as well.

I was to call him in three days. It was completely normal and nothing to worry about but he often saw patients several times for repeats.

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I said I would come to his clinic office on Thursday after 6 pm. He smiled ttat reassuring smile and shook my hand warmly. I walked out of there intent on telling my wife that it hurt like hell even if it only felt great!

I knew I couldn't wait the three days for another session of health 'probes'. I felt healthier already. I heartily now recommend getting your prostate checked regularly.